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  1. -D FILE
  2. Do not display anything, just dump raw information about TCP sockets to FILE after applying filters. If FILE is - stdout is used.
  4. # ss -i | head
  5. State      Recv-Q Send-Q      Local Address:Port          Peer Address:Port
  6. ESTAB      0      0         72.21.203.xx:www
  7.          cubic wscale:6,7 rto:276 rtt:76/38 cwnd:10 send 1.5Mbps rcv_space:14600
  8. ESTAB      0      0        208.71.121.xx:www
  9.          cubic rto:272 rtt:72/36 cwnd:10 send 1.6Mbps rcv_space:14600
  10. ESTAB      0      0       198.252.206.xx:https
  11.          cubic wscale:9,7 rto:274 rtt:74.875/2.25 ato:40 cwnd:10 send 1.5Mbps rcv_rtt:524913 rcv_space:29456
  12. ESTAB      0      0       205.251.242.xx:www
  13.          cubic wscale:6,7 rto:282 rtt:82.625/37.5 cwnd:10 send 1.4Mbps rcv_space:14600
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