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Amy Lines: THOD 2

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  1. The House of the Dead 2: Amy Lines
  2. "James!"
  3. "Gary!"
  4. "Thank God you're alright!"
  5. "We're counting on you, Gary!'
  6. "I was looking for you, Gary!"
  7. "We were looking for you, Gary!"
  8. "James!! Behind You!"
  9. "Gary! Behind You!"
  10. "How could Anyone do this?"
  11. "Gary! Come Quickly! We're in a Serious state!"
  12. "James, Over there"
  13. "Gary, Over there!"
  14. "Above you!"
  15. "No! Harry!"
  16. "Gary, Back me up!"
  17. "Harry, Looks like we can go around from the right."
  18. "James! Come quickly! Something terrible has happened!!"
  19. "I'll call you when something happens."
  20. "Well he says that he'll be waiting at the Colosseum, on the North side of the city."
  21. "James, Let's split from here."
  22. "Gary, Let's split from here."
  23. "Yes, This is Amy."
  24. "Yes... Yes..."
  25. "It seems that Goldman left a message for us."
  26. "I'm alright! But... Harry's...."
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