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  3. Game 1:
  4. You're dropping a lot of potential big punishes. You did good overall, but there were two big instances which stood out, one of which was at 1:24. With them using such a laggy move, and that you have a really strong quick move available in Axe, that should have been a free stock for you. At least you took the stock in the end without taking more damage, so little harm done in the long run. Another instance was at 2:27. The roll is a really weird decision considering that you already had stage control and they were in a bunch of lag from USmash. At the very least that was a free Nair out of shield for you and potentially a stock with a couple of reads offstage for an edgeguard. Instead, you gave up too much space and let them retaliate by putting you back offstage right afterwards, which is part of your second problem.
  5. In some ways you could say you're so confident in retreating that you end up taking percent for it. Several times you just back up, which is perfectly fine, but then you end up putting yourself offstage in a ledge situation. That, or you kinda end up struggling to fight for space again, especially since Dash Attack isn't the greatest option for that.
  6. Speaking of the ledge, it seems like roll is your default option, especially in panic situations like when both of you are reaching the ledge at the same time. I think your opponent had a slight read on that too, like at 2:37, so be sure to mix it up more.
  8. Game 2:
  9. This was somewhat in the first game, but you also like to grab from the corner, which isn't really the greatest idea, especially with how slow Villager's grab is, like at 6:54. Sure, they did a laggy options, but with the percent you're at, and the amount of stage control you have, nothing, you shouldn't be taking those kinds of risks unless you have to.
  10. The retreating thing is a decently big problem I think. At 7:43, I honestly think you should have died for that, if your opponent did FTilt instead, or timed their 2-frame better. Putting yourself incredibly deep offstage like that, with the percent you're at, and going for another grab after coming back all spells disaster. Sure you got the stock, but it shouldn't become a habit. Another instance was at 8:45. You have a ledge trap, you miss the ledge roll so they get past you, then you roll to ledge for whatever reason. You did this once before in the same game, but this time you end up putting yourself offstage, giving up everything. Without that Fair hitting as you were coming down, I think there should have been a game 3.
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