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  1. LEIA
  2.                      I don't know what you're talking
  3.                      about. I'm a member of the Imperial
  4.                      Senate on a diplomatic mission to
  5.                      Alderaan...
  7.                                  VADER
  8.                      You're a part of the Rebel Alliance...
  9.                      and a traitor. Take her away!
  11.            Leia is marched away down the hallway and into the smoldering
  12.            hole blasted in the side of the ship. An Imperial Commander
  13.            turns to Vader.
  15.                                  COMMANDER
  16.                      Holding her is dangerous. If word of
  17.                      this gets out, it could generate
  18.                      sympathy for the Rebellion in the
  19.                      senate.
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