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  1. [2019-07-29T08:47:47] INFO: connecting to service...
  2. [2019-07-29T08:47:49] INFO: connection established
  3. [2019-07-29T08:47:49] INFO: service status: active
  4. [2019-07-29T08:49:43] INFO: accepted secure socket
  5. [2019-07-29T08:49:43] INFO: network encryption protocol: TLSv1.2
  6. [2019-07-29T08:49:43] NOTE: accepted client connection
  7. [2019-07-29T08:49:43] NOTE: client "Csmith" has connected
  8. [2019-07-29T08:49:54] INFO: switch from "Csmith-LT" to "Csmith" at 0,711
  9. [2019-07-29T08:49:54] INFO: leaving screen
  10. [2019-07-29T08:49:54] INFO: screen "Csmith-LT" updated clipboard 0
  11. [2019-07-29T08:49:54] INFO: screen "Csmith-LT" updated clipboard 1
  12. [2019-07-29T08:50:23] INFO: screen "Csmith" grabbed clipboard 0 from "Csmith-LT"
  13. [2019-07-29T08:50:23] INFO: screen "Csmith" grabbed clipboard 1 from "Csmith-LT"
  14. [2019-07-29T08:50:39] NOTE: client "Csmith" has disconnected
  15. [2019-07-29T08:50:39] INFO: jump from "Csmith" to "Csmith-LT" at 1097,617
  16. [2019-07-29T08:50:39] INFO: entering screen
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