Why Haven't You Befriended Your Own Goast Yet?

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  1. [23:09:18] <Rini> Where is Aerie hiding?
  2. [23:10:21] <Arae> ...Somewhere that makes a good hiding spot, hell if I know :V
  3. [23:11:07] <Rini> Well apparently it isn't because goggles-on Rini appears from out of nowhere at some point.
  4. [23:12:10] <Arae> It totally is! She's been hiding in this city ever since she existed, so it HAS to be!
  5. [23:12:24] <Arae> In fact let's rate it on a scale of 1-5
  6. [23:12:29] <Arae> 4d3-4
  7. [23:12:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, 4d3-4: 4 [4d3=3,2,1,2]
  8. [23:12:37] <Arae> It's 4. That's pretty good, you know!
  9. [23:12:56] <Rini> 4d3-8+3+1 well if we're doing rolls I could totally use this!
  10. [23:12:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, well if we're doing rolls I could totally use this!: 1 [4d3=2,1,1,1]
  11. [23:13:06] <Rini> ... but then if we did do that there'd be no session
  12. [23:13:44] <Arae> Naturally. Of course, it doesn't matter because she apparently has sweet goggles! Arae hides on seeing her anyway. It's a reflex!
  13. [23:14:13] * Rini pushes the goggles up. It's PRETTY clear that she wasn't even looking in front of her when moving until now.
  14. [23:14:24] <Rini> "S'okay, you can come out."
  15. [23:15:51] <Rini> Also hair's still down, she didn't put effort into pulling it up again yet.  Hood was on, but now it's off.
  16. [23:16:49] <Arae> And by hide, I mean 'become one with the floor or wall, whatever's appropriate'. She does come out, still with all kinds of nasty wounds on her (her throat apparently DIDN'T get better, and as a result that hole in her heart is a lot bigger). Hood or not, Arae knows a Rini when she sees one. " did you find me?"
  17. [23:18:10] <Rini> "I'm a genius, that's how."  Wiping the serious expression off her face, she smiles and walks up, extending a hand to... well, the floor.  "That doesn't look too great.  You okay?"
  18. [23:23:48] <Arae> "...well...ah..." How can she say 'I VERY SERIOUSLY DOUBT YOUR LEVELS OF GENIUS' in a way that isn't just rude? She isn't used to having to do this sort of thing! "...genius enough to track someone that used to hide in the city for a living without even knowing the direction that they fled?" She dove in the ground before fleeing for this reason! "...And no, I'm not really OK.
  19. [23:23:48] <Arae> If you really are a super-genius, it's kinda your fault." NO ESCAPE.
  20. [23:27:08] <Rini> After a bit of standing in place, Rini just leans against a wall in the alley or whatever they're in, using that same hand to twirl her hair a bit instead.  "... Yeah.  That was kinda dumb of me.  Sorry 'bout that- even a genius makes mistakes a bit every now and again, y'know?  I've been in hurry after hurry all day."  She seems to not be focusing on the other question- ignoring it?  Not finding it important?  Who knows!  "But everything's under control now.  I'm gonna head back to the hotel room, wanna come with?"
  21. [23:32:31] <Arae> NOT MOVING. "...You're...just gonna drag me along, then? Not gonna answer my question, ask about why I'm such a mess...well, I guess I can avoid the optional messes by just avoiding the books, but I still want to know how you found me! And I want a reason!"
  22. [23:35:11] <Rini> "The books?"  She quirks an eyebrow.  "Like the one you were given earlier?  Well... I did ask if you were okay, 'cause you sure don't look okay.  Not sure what all I can do about it- I just thought you'd wanna come back with me to get a chance to relax, that's all.  Being on the streets isn't safe."  There's a long pause as she continues to lean against the wall, eventually sighing.
  23. [23:35:51] <~castfromhp> (also, which hotel are you guys going back to? The one that Addy burnt down?)
  24. [23:36:00] <Rainy> (it's not my fault shut up)
  25. [23:36:02] <Rini> (I... thought we put it out)
  26. [23:36:13] <Rini> (WELL WE CAN GET MORE HOTELS)
  27. [23:36:22] <Arae> (11 more to go)
  28. [23:37:17] <Rini> "I wasn't lying though.  I know where everyone is all the time, simple as that.  Because I'm a genius.  Siyao and Addy ended up underwater somehow, not sure what that's all about, but apparently they're okay."
  29. [23:41:13] <Arae> ...Hm. "...well, I just know that the last time I investigated a strange book I got a huge headache and some weird memories, and this time I nearly died again because I'm an idiot, but got to see my sister. Before you put a knife to her throat and all." Sigh. "...Can't just buy the whole 'genius' explanation anymore, though...but let's talk in a safer place..." ...And right,
  30. [23:41:13] <Arae> it was Siyao. Gotta remember that next time they meet.
  31. [23:42:46] <Rini> "... Sorry.  I thought she was gonna hurt you or do something bad and I panicked- turned out she didn't."  Now her hand extends again, with yet another sweet smile.  "She's okay now.  Don't worry."
  32. [23:45:55] <Arae> "...Well, that's good to hear." Letting Rini lead the way! "...Oh, Caleb isn't there already, is he?"
  33. [23:45:55] <Rini> "Follow me, I know a way to get back.  We won't get caught either."  She slips the goggles back on, almost tauntingly now considering the conversation topic.  Not that she intends it that way of course.  "Magic's real funky stuff, anyway- what happened?  I noticed Caleb was banged up too, but he'll be okay.  If I can survive getting pushed into walls and slammed on the ground he can probably live through whatever happened."
  34. [23:46:39] * Rini taptap. "Nope, all clear."
  35. [23:47:04] <Arae> "Long story. I'll talk about it when we get there." ONWARD!
  36. [23:47:33] <Rini> "Yeah, sure, 'kay.  I just wanna take a LONG nap... maybe not too long I guess.  But a nap."
  37. [23:48:32] <Arae> "Then you're talking first when we get there." BEING ASSURED!
  38. [23:49:04] <Rini> "No prob.  But curious: what do you think 'genius' means when I say it?  Or what it means in general?"
  39. [23:49:53] * Rini strolls through without giving a single fuck, making sudden sharp turns and other suspicious shit.
  40. [23:52:40] <Arae> "I thought it meant smart. It normally just means really smart. ...Not sure about you, though. 'Really smart' doesn't explain anything, but you keep saying that, so..." ...Rini's obvious lack of shit giving if they're spotted makes Arae's feet end up slightly in the ground as she goes. JUST LIKE HER PICTURE!
  41. [23:53:04] <Rini> SHHH.
  42. [23:56:02] <Rini> "Oh, it can!  But I don't think I'm all that smart."  Sharp turn.  'Not giving a shit' doesn't mean 'not trying to evade capture;' it actually means that she's acting like she doesn't care and it just so happens that nobody's noticing them to attempt to close in for the capture.  Huh.  "I've done a lot of pretty dumb things in my life; plenty before coming here, then 'specially after.  I'm really shitty at split-second decisions and there've been a lot of times when I got super emotional and did something that really didn't make any sense just because I felt COOL and HOTBLOODED doing it."  She pauses to shrug before moving again.  "So I don't think 'being really smart' is the same thing as 'knowledge,' y'know?"
  43. [23:57:09] <Rini> "Thing is, all that aside, I still think I'm a genius.  'Cause I know I have knowledge.  I can do the things whenever I want to to get that knowledge.  I know how to do it."
  44. [23:57:30] * Rini keeps treading along. "Make sense?"
  45. [00:00:34] <Arae> Well, it kinda ends up making her feet trail inside the ground anyhow. If she really didn't give a shit she'd be like Rini's picture. "So...if you're not rushed about it or something, you can know things really shouldn't know at all? Is that it?"
  46. [00:02:17] <Arae> "...And is Caleb at the hotel? You didn't answer before. If he is I'll just find a room by flying in one or something. If not then I hope he gets lost." Pout.
  47. [00:02:47] <Rini> "Well... ohhh this isn't gonna get anywhere, lemme do it the fun way!  I'm a computer hacker and spend my freetime doing all sorts of illegal shit like cracking into databases."  She turns back midsentence, though, puzzled.  "Huh?  I did, I said it was 'all clear.'  That means he's not there."
  48. [00:04:38] <Arae> "Oh, that's what you meant by that. Thought you meant the way there or something." Derp derp. Headaches that she still has aren't good for her brain.
  49. [00:04:59] <Rini> That still makes her pause, stopping the both of them from moving.  "... What's the deal?  I left you with him because he can probably take care of both of you.  I mean sure, he smells bad and he can't use his magic worth a shit, but he's at least tough, yeah?  ... When he... uses his magic at least."
  50. [00:05:26] * Rini giggles at the ghost derping though. They're getting along!
  51. [00:06:44] <Rini> "Well, the language thing is pretty bad, okay, sure, now that you mention it, but that's just one of the shitty split-second decisions I was talkin' about."
  52. [00:08:49] <Arae> Glance at hole. Glance at gash (and you thought sleep was the problem). "Nope! He's more interested in punching me in the face. I know cause he told me. Long story, tell you when we get there!" Her flight gets fact, a bit higher than usual. Maybe it's because there's less ghost there. She seems to at least feel more at ease.
  53. [00:11:21] <Rini> "Reaaaally?  Sheesh, you'd think boys would be more in-control than that.  I thought he was one of those guys who's scared but actually not-a-wimp deep inside or something, but he's sure not soundin' like it now.  My bad."  She shrugs and keeps moving.  "Well, I gave him something that might whip him into shape, we'll see."
  54. [00:12:11] <Rini> Cue 70s movie timeskip-transition as they venture back to the hotel, find out shit's totally burned to the ground, and get a new one like the crazy kids they are?
  55. [00:12:37] <Arae> If CASTFROMHP thinks that's OK, then it totally is!
  56. [00:13:59] <~castfromhp> At this point, it'd be very difficult to get a new hotel room at any respectable place as everything is going to shit. You could probably find open arms at one of the churches around town if you bring up Siyao's name or something though.
  57. [00:14:34] <~castfromhp> Wouldn't be a hotel room, but you could find a place within to enjoy relative privacy.
  58. [00:15:06] <Rini> That actually isn't all THAT likely, maybe they'd just pick another alleyway near the burned-down one or something.  For now.
  59. [00:15:30] <~castfromhp> Works.
  60. [00:15:32] <Arae> Well there might be an abandoned hotel, but hey! There kind of IS trouble finding a place that isn't burned to the ground (Arae seems slightly distressed, but it's not big), so whatever works~
  61. [00:15:56] <Rini> Either way they're hiding out somewhere and relaxing where it's clear there's nobody who's going to go looking for them!
  62. [00:16:41] * Rini collapses against a wall, groaning. "Well, thatever, this'll do I guess."
  63. [00:17:10] <Rini> "So, me first, you said?  What'd you wanna hear?"
  64. [00:20:15] <Arae> "It's not a room, but I guess..." She could have used comfort after all this. Can't have it all! "Right, besides how being good with technology doesn't explain how you found me unless I have some bug on me, I'd at least like to know what you did with my sister. Or at least what her name is, I didn't ask that. ...And why she had a knife in herself in the first place, if you
  65. [00:20:15] <Arae> know that."
  66. [00:22:46] <Rini> Rini's reaction is actually a muffled chuckle, in the 'huh, you really didn't know?' sense.  "Whaddaya mean?  I showed you Chu Xiaohua's picture this morning, she didn't look THAT different.  ... Besides her hair being a different style and color, seems like everybody who dyed is trying to wash the dye out so the paramilitary don't go after them or something."  And now she's wearing a huge goofy grin.  "'Cept me.  As for the knife, hmm..."
  67. [00:24:59] <Rini> "Let's just say she got a little hotheaded and someone didn't like it.  She'll be okay."  One shrug.  "Oh, and you actually DO have a bug on you- remember all that stuff you bought earlier?"
  68. [00:25:01] <Rini> WINK.
  69. [00:27:16] <Arae> You mean that stuff she left in the store because she really couldn't take it along while beelining out of there? ...if it's on the shades, you pass. She brought the shades. ", it's probably been thrown out..."
  70. [00:27:36] <Rini> Never underestimate.
  71. [00:29:30] <Rini> "She got first aid and she's resting.  I just had a few talks, that's all."  Rini sliiiiides down the wall.  "But what happened to you two?  Those really don't look like gunshot wounds."
  72. [00:30:51] <Rini> "Since I got shot and saved a person who got shot, I'm pretty sure it's kinda fresh in my memory what gunshot wounds look like.  I dunno WHAT to think if the paramilitary guys are using swords or something, that's just weird."
  73. [00:31:50] * Rini thinks and muses. "Hmm, they might've hired ninja, but considering he was still alive I really doubt that unless they were just super shitty ninja..."
  74. [00:33:07] <Arae> Or if it was implanted in a banana. She ate at least one! "...but I guess I didn't realize who it was, thanks to nearly...double-dying! At least I know that much, now. But no, this one..." Point to gash from axe-wound. " from an axe, and this one..." Point to this god damn hole. "Was from a javelin. Long story, so let's just tell it from the beginning...if anything I say
  75. [00:33:07] <Arae> sounds too weird to be true, pinch yourself!"
  76. [00:34:20] <Rini> "I've... dealt with a lot of weird lately.  Well, unless you actually did fight a ninja with a javelin, THAT may be TOO WEIRD even for me right now."
  77. [00:34:52] <Arae> "It was a guy in huge armor. HUGE. And he was red, cause he was an enemy. I'll get to this!"
  78. [00:34:54] * Rini nods, taking all this a little too well. "Some ninja use throwing axes though I think."
  79. [00:35:21] <Rini> "Okay okay!  My bad, why don'tcha start with what happened after we split off?"
  80. [00:37:21] * Rini continues to listen but while doing so reaches her arms back, bearing the obligatory discomfort, and...
  81. [00:37:24] <Rini> 1d3
  82. [00:37:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]
  83. [00:37:45] <Rini> ... pulls out a hairband, pulling up a sidetail to her right.
  84. [00:38:36] <Arae> "Alright! Let's see...after you vanished to a completely different place, I used my book to find you and barely managed to convey that we needed to get back with you, since we kinda had no idea what to do without you and everyone else. But for some reason, Caleb went in a bookstore, and I didn't know what he wanted, so I went in anyway! And while looking around, because why
  85. [00:38:36] <Arae> not, I saw...well, I saw an empty spot, but there was a fancy book next to it! Curious, I opened it..."
  86. [00:40:23] <Rini> "Eee, yeah, my bad, I kinda rushed because there was somebody bleeding out.  Didn't think it'd be a magical teleporter door," she interrupts.  "Funny story, I thought what Addy and Siyao were going through earlier this morning was a teleporter door- turns out it wasn't.  So I thought teleporter doors weren't real things, but just the kinda stuff you'd see in books and movies after that."
  87. [00:40:31] * Rini shrugs. "Oops."
  88. [00:43:01] <Arae> "I guess you got here eventually, so...anyway, it gets kinda weird from here. Everything froze, and the book told me to 'select my warrior'. The only one around besides the shopkeeper was Caleb, and I wasn't sure if I could choose someone that wasn't there. So, I chose him, and he ended up teleporting into something that definitely resembled a Fire Emblem map, at least to me.
  89. [00:43:01] <Arae> You have an idea of what Fire Emblem is?" BE CAREFUL, SHE MIGHT NERD OUT.
  90. [00:45:22] <Rini> "... Meh, a little.  They're too popular, I liked Shining Force more."  Yet another shrug.  "Not into gaming as much as you'd probably expect from a self-proclaimed computer hacker though.  At least I know what you're getting at, Strategy and all that."
  91. [00:50:28] <Arae> "Well, at least you know it. That saves me a ton of explaining! I'd play all the games, know, beind dead makes that hard. But basically, Fire Emblem, I had accidentally sentenced Caleb to be in it. Well, I chose him but...eeh. Meanwhile, I just saw the map, and was given money to do stuff that would increase his chances of not being killed by the two swordsmen in
  92. [00:50:28] <Arae> red that happened to be there! I could give him armor, so I did that cause sword people don't hurt too much, and I could actually buy subtitles so we could understand each other and I could apologize for sending him there in the first place. ...But he was a huge jerk. I still helped him, though!"
  93. [00:53:15] <Rini> "Oh, huh, that helps.  If only you could do that ALL the time."  She kinda can't help but laugh a bit.  "But all this happened because of a book, you said?  And... then it turned real like in the movies and it was one of those 'YOU DIE IN THE GAME, YOU DIE FOR REAL' clichéfests?"
  94. [00:53:26] <Rini> "Is that about right?"
  95. [00:53:54] * Rini tilts her head to the right. The sidetail hangs down with. "... How'd YOU get hurt then, if he was the one playing it?"
  96. [00:54:02] <Arae> "I'm getting there!"
  97. [00:54:23] <Rini> "Oh, sorry, sorry.  Didn't mean to stop you in the middle."
  98. [00:57:54] <Arae> "...I also had to buy the map so he could actually make it to the--...end, and since I didn't want him to be alone, I ended up using the option that let me buy an NPC for him. That turned out to be me! So I helped him as hard as I could, and ended up getting hurt for it. I felt being hurt both while I was looking at the book and being there. He didn't care though, he was just
  99. [00:57:54] <Arae> angry at me because I sent him there, even though it was an accident and I told him that and I was getting hurt too now. We ended up reaching the end, where I upgraded his armor just in time to avoid getting a serious wound and he just hid behind me and I got stabbed for it, even though I was wounded by an axe earlier and he was mostly fine. ...And then I refused to seize till
  100. [00:57:54] <Arae> he actually apologized because I only then realized he was a huge jerk, but then my sister seized and we got out of there."
  101. [00:58:03] <Arae> (HELP, I'M DROWNING IN WORDS)
  102. [00:58:33] <Arae> "...which reminds me, is that still there..." Arae fishes for the ring! CASTFROMHP, IS THAT RING THERE?
  103. [00:58:49] <~castfromhp> Yes, it is.
  104. [00:59:51] <Arae> It's pulled out, then! "Oh, right, and we got the treasure before leaving. I think Caleb still has a Warp staff. Only two uses, though. This is a class change item! I wonder..." BUT CAN SHE CLASS CHANGE?
  105. [00:59:51] <Rini> "Huh.  I'm actually kinda" - you know 'castfrom*' and 'cast' ping him - "upset with HIM if he acted like that the whole time, seems like you really were just trying to help.  And it's not like either of you knew that stuff was going to happen, right?  If you did it to him on purpose for laughs I'd think you're a jerk too, sure."  Yet another shrug.  "But you didn't, yeah?"
  106. [01:00:02] <Arae> I'll do the full thing, shut up.
  107. [01:00:11] <Rini> Treehee.
  108. [01:00:34] * Rini pauses.
  109. [01:00:38] * Rini heeesitates.
  110. [01:00:47] * Rini takes a deeeeeep breath.
  111. [01:01:11] <Rini> "... I think that's for 'promotion.'  'Class changing' is something else."
  112. [01:01:17] <Rini> "Just uh, goin' off memory."
  113. [01:01:30] <~castfromhp> Even if you put on the ring, it doesn't seem to do anything right now.
  114. [01:02:00] <~castfromhp> (I also made something while reading this mini.
  115. [01:02:19] <Rini> AHEM.  "But what happened to the book after you finished?  Did it like, crumble into ash or something?  Or do you still have it?"
  116. [01:02:29] <Botherer> (Oh my God I fucking lost it.)
  117. [01:02:40] <Rini> (beautiful)
  118. [01:03:07] <Arae> (I will end you and all you hold dear)
  119. [01:03:24] <Rainy> (He'll die of old age before you get around to it, dear)
  120. [01:05:54] <Arae> "...oh, wait, promotion item. Getting that mixed up. It's still used to change classes, though. I guess it's still a promotion in the end, though. And...well, I dropped it and ran away, it's probably next to the rest of the stuff. I'd burn it if I got the chance." Shudder. "...maybe read it, because I don't think they work twice, but burn it after and never touch another one
  121. [01:05:54] <Arae> ever."
  122. [01:06:24] <Rini> "... Uhh, you left it there?"
  123. [01:07:07] <Arae> "Why would I want it? Am I forgetting something again?"
  124. [01:07:26] <Rini> "What if it actually DOES work twice and some random passerby gets sucked into it?  Yeesh, that sounds awful."
  125. [01:07:44] <Botherer> (I also paid for it!)
  126. [01:08:21] * Rini stops leaning and stands straight up. "Actually though, I wanna read it. You okay for another walk through town? HOPEFULLY something crazy like that didn't happen yet. If it can actually happen."
  127. [01:08:51] <Rini> "And since we have no hotel room anymore we'd probably have to get moving eventually anyway, might as well stop by on the way."
  128. [01:11:20] <~castfromhp> (you guys can chat while heading to the store. I'm figuring out what's happened with Caleb since then.)
  129. [01:11:26] * Rini is staring in a way that makes it pretty clear she wants to make a comment about floating, but holds back.
  130. [01:11:33] <Rini> (Oh, want us to vacate the channel?)
  131. [01:11:40] <~castfromhp> (nah I'm handling it in PMs)
  132. [01:11:45] <~castfromhp> (so go ahead and continue here)
  133. [01:11:47] <Arae> "Maybe I'll make Caleb read it." Pout. But she seems like she's somewhat kidding. Somewhat. "...or you, since you weren't involved. I wanna read it too. Burn it after if it's not important for some reason, just in case and cause the book is a huge jerk. ...And if you're sucked in, please don't pick me, I'd probably die." Shudder. "But yeah, I don't mind."
  134. [01:14:48] <Rini> "Strategy's all about patience.  I bet Caleb's the kinda guy who'd send all his units against enemies and not think about the fact they get to counterattack and THEN attack on the next turn, so they all end up dying 'cause he didn't leave them in safe spots and wait.  Seriously, you wouldn't believe how bad some people are on the internet at that stuff."  Oh yeah, she just tried to claim she WASN'T into that stuff too, OOPS.  So of course she coughs nervously but gets up.  "Anyway, I doubt something that bad would really happen.  From what I've seen of how magic works, it takes a lot to do even small things, so I bet you wore it out.  Maybe.  Probably."
  135. [01:16:27] <Rini> "'Sides, if it really did happen again all you'd have to do is just not send yourself out again, right?  I mean, if I get sucked in it's not like whatever they are would be able to hit me.  Unless they're, like, really good snipers."  Yeah, they're walking.  "That one just got lucky."
  136. [01:19:45] <~castfromhp> (just a clarification - Arae left all the big objects behind, right?)
  137. [01:20:34] <Arae> (Yep. The only things she brought were her shades, the ring, and all books on hand. Even though she's entirely forgotten about one of them again. Heehee.)
  138. [01:20:50] <Rini> (durrrrr what a DEAD)
  139. [01:21:05] <Rini> (but hey at least if we're going back you get to keep the bear suit)
  140. [01:21:07] <Rini> (... maybe)
  141. [01:21:26] <Caleb> (He sliced the bearsuit with his sword. Because fuck pandas!)
  142. [01:22:08] <Rainy> (Hey you fucker I was gonna go around spitting fire wearing that thing)
  143. [01:22:44] <Arae> "I could control how far he went by buying the way forward at the right moment, so I made that easier." Only someone that GETS IT could understand this. So, a smile! ...And a bit more green in those eyes on mention of the word internet. Eeenvy! NICE HAVING A HOUSE YOU CAN CHARGE A LAPTOP IN, OR A PLUG FOR YOUR but anyway. "Well, if I wore it out, that's OK. And if you don't
  144. [01:22:44] <Arae> wanna burn it, I guess that's OK too. Just...tear the pages a bit or something. Fire Emblem might be good, but nearly killing me with it isn't. Oh, and the guy with the javelin was decked out in armor AND was the boss, so if I didn't intervene then he'd be dead! ...And he still didn't care after I mentioned that..."
  145. [01:24:56] <Rini> "What, was he trying to attack it from one square away?"  Rini just headshakes.
  146. [01:25:54] <Rini> "Or, was he NOT, is the question.  You'd think the boss would have like, a silver lance or something, I dunno, so if he could at least dodge..."  Pause.  "... Er, nevermind, enough about that, anyway!"
  147. [01:26:13] <Arae> "No, he was just hiding. He at least understood that he couldn't get it after trying to punch it once." Ho hum. "...could have at least served as a distraction to keep me from being hurt anymore than I was..."
  148. [01:26:57] <Rini> "You should've asked it to make you an axeman."
  149. [01:27:17] <~castfromhp> (you guys)
  150. [01:28:09] <Rini> Walking, walking.  "But no, for real, I'll open it if you're scared I guess!  It's just, it's a BOOK, so you'd think there are probably words in it, yeah?  Instead of... just magic.  'Course I could be wrong and the entire book is magic but let's not think about it that way."
  151. [01:32:21] <Arae> "I didn't really have a choice, it just brought us as is. Armors are too much of a pain to get physically with anything, should have made Caleb an axeman, but what can you do...yeah, you can open it. I'm not scared of it doing anything to me, I'm just scared if it does something to you and someone else gets dragged into it, though that's not likely and I'm really just upset
  152. [01:32:22] <Arae> at the book anyway. ...You might be a genius, but I don't think you can beat a guy in huge armor unless you picked up magic, so if it does...well...maybe you can get Addy? She'll understand!" Of course, you might have super technology magic anyway, but she really just means blasting shit.
  153. [01:36:02] <Rini> "Hmm, oh yeah, I guess I don't really fight, huh?  That COULD be annoying.  But whatever happens, happens, y'know?"
  154. [01:37:18] * Rini leans back and stretches casually while walking, making it really pretty clear that she doesn't see whatever's going to happen as a big deal.
  155. [01:40:16] <Arae> "...I kinda nearly died again there, you know? I mean, if you got stuck inside you could get NPCs I guess, but those were really really expensive so you wouldn't get them for a while, and you might be chopped into bits by then." Worry worry.
  156. [01:41:23] <Rini> "Relaaaaax.  It'll all be okay!"  And that's all she has to say while marching to the bookstore cheerily.
  157. [01:42:39] <Arae> "T-think about it, and then it'll be OK! If you don't think about it, I'll decide for myself. Don't wanna get into a situation like that again!" ONWARDS!
  158. [01:44:31] * Rini struggles the whole trip before finally letting something slip her tongue. "... Curious though. Even if it was dangerous and all that - oh man this is gonna sound weird - did you... have fun? Playing the game?"
  159. [01:47:50] <Arae> "I...well...I had fun at first, even though I took it seriously because Caleb was on the line. Then I bought the ability to hear what he was saying and threw myself on the got much less fun when those two things mixed together." Sadface.
  160. [01:48:31] <Arae> You know what sounds weird? Being warped into a game in the first place. Being dead, too. And magic. Magic sounds weird.
  161. [01:49:22] <Arae> Weird rainbow eyes are weird, too. Everything is weird, but it's just par for the course in the end.
  162. [01:49:30] <Rini> "Mmm.  I just was thinkin'.... people make games for them to be fun.  It's really not much of a game when it's not fun."  Shut up she was trying to be polite.  Her own bizarre, Rini-brand of polite.  "I guess you have a point, playing games with people who aren't fun can make it not-fun, but... I dunno.  Just wish you two could've got along better I guess."
  163. [01:49:33] * Rini SHURG.
  164. [01:50:57] <Arae> "Yeah, that'd have been nice. I tried, but..."
  165. [01:52:40] <Rini> "So," grin, "if I DID get sucked in it'd be totally different, right?  Sure sounds EXCITING to me.  'Cause really, if I were a dev and I found out people didn't have fun playing my game I'd be pretty heartbroken.  Sure some evil wizard out there's probably gonna cry if they found out you two didn't enjoy it."
  166. [01:53:09] <Rini> "But when friends do it..."
  167. [01:53:14] * Rini shrugs again. "Dunno, just a thought."
  168. [01:59:03] <Arae> "If an evil wizard that's trying to make me more dead cries over that...well, I wouldn't mind that much. He should try not making evil games. And...though I guess you don't mind danger at all, if I had thrown you in that game...well, I'd have to have risked myself out there unless I had the option to buy you magic or something. And even then, I kinda don't WANT you getting
  169. [01:59:04] <Arae> hurt. You've already been shot and all." Good thing Gen takes forever to post, huh? The conversation can safely stretch out!
  170. [02:01:55] <Rini> "I just..."  Her arms kinda flop down lazily.  "I gathered everyone like I did so we could all watch each other's backs.  You know?  The magical conflict, all the paramilitary guys, everything is just a huge wad of shit.  But when I'm just the one who holds everyone together and you don't care each other... I guess it just makes me feel like a really shitty friend.  To all of you."  Rini walks at a much slower pace, suddenly less freakishly cheerful.  "I bet I'd completely flip out if it turned out Addy and Siyao had a fight too."
  171. [02:02:08] <Rini> +about
  172. [02:03:42] * Rini sighs while walking. "S'not really your fault or his fault. But, the thing is, it sounds like you both DID help each other, because if you didn't one or both of you'd probably be dead, right? So thanks for keeping him alive even if you can't stand each other."
  173. [02:04:04] <Rini> "Er..."
  174. [02:04:07] <Rini> "DeadER."
  175. [02:04:09] <Rini> "Sorry."
  176. [02:04:14] * Rini coughs.
  177. [02:05:02] <Rini> "... I never thought about how awkward all that'd sound until after I said it."
  178. [02:05:33] <~castfromhp> Annnnd, now you guys are getting closer to the bookstore. As you do, you pass by an alleyway swarmed with police, seemingly too occupied with their task and waving people away to mind you much. There's a little trail of blood leading from the store, but in the alleyway you see blood splattered all across the walls of both the bookstore and the neighboring building.
  179. [02:05:46] <Rini> "Oh god damnit."
  180. [02:05:58] <~castfromhp> There are chalk outlines all on the ground. They have the shapes of human limbs and a torso and head.
  181. [02:06:30] * Rini flips the goggles over her eyes. "Looks like we got a worst-case scenario on our hands."
  182. [02:06:55] <Arae> "I don't mind being dead. It's pretty cool, the life after death! But yeah, Caleb is more--...I...kinda hope he didn't punch someone else in the face!" This might ALSO be her fault. Eeeeee.
  183. [02:07:18] * Rini takes her ghost-arm by the wrist and begins goggle-tapping techniques.
  184. [02:07:34] <Arae> "You're not a shitty friend, Addy wouldn't fight anyone, thank you! That is all!" LEAD ON, RINI.
  185. [02:09:14] * Rini speaks in a low whisper. "Yeah, I hope Siyao wouldn't either. I mean, she's a nun."
  186. [02:09:47] <Arae> Whisper whisper. "I don't know much about her though. Could be an evil nun." It's said jokingly.
  187. [02:09:48] <Rini> "Anyway, your stuff's still in there.  But let's be careful."
  188. [02:10:44] * Rini tries to find a way into the bookstore away from the police swarms. Plausible?
  189. [02:11:22] <Arae> Nod nod. She'll grab some of it if able! All of it if able!
  190. [02:11:31] <~castfromhp> Not very! Maybe someone incorporeal could zip in and fetch a few items though!
  191. [02:11:55] <Rini> Then they do that!  Hiding outside a wall or something like the crazy kids they are.
  192. [02:12:39] <Rini> "Guess it's up to you- all I can see is that it's in there, sorry.  Peek in but come straight back if it's dangerous, 'kay?"
  193. [02:13:02] * Rini gives a thumbs-up.
  194. [02:13:24] <~castfromhp> Arae, if she dashes in all goast-like, has no trouble just picking up her stuff and wandering out back to where Rini is waiting.
  195. [02:13:41] <Rini> But is the book in there with the rest of her stuff where she left it?
  196. [02:13:48] <~castfromhp> Yep.
  197. [02:13:48] <Rini> ... Actually that's a question she should be asking.
  199. [02:14:18] <~castfromhp> (that's what happens when all the attention is spent on a police officer getting dismembered just outside the store :V)
  200. [02:14:46] <~castfromhp> (today it's Caleb's turn for aaaaaaa what the fuck)
  201. [02:14:52] <Arae> Just to be safe, she'll enter by going in the ground, and popping up! She'll grab everything she's able, realize that she can just walk right out with everything without a worry, and then DO that without a care!
  202. [02:14:55] * Rini by the way, being a 14-year-old, put effort into not looking directly at the crime scene. Not that being in the Walled City wasn't pretty freaky too.
  203. [02:15:40] <Arae> Arae is dead. One of the first things she saw was a dead person. It was her. Wasn't as gruesome though, but...well, it had less of an impact!
  204. [02:15:50] <Rini> "Oh, phew, is that the book?"
  205. [02:16:06] * Rini starts leading the charge to a more quiet place after the goast comes out.
  206. [02:16:19] <Arae> Arae is reunited with her mountain. "Yep, it's in here somewhere." Following!
  207. [02:17:36] <Rini> "Well, I dunno what happened there, but I bet it was just another magic freakout.  Been enough of those lately."  They stop closeby somewhere where there aren't any cops or something.  "Anyway, I'm ready to take a look at it, you ready?"
  208. [02:20:14] <Arae> "...I'm guessing, and that...sounds right, but..." She's smacktalked Caleb enough, so she can't actually say this. "Not really, if things happen. Otherwise, go for it."
  209. [02:21:16] <Rini> "Nothing's gonna happen."  Digging through the pile, Rini supposedly gets the first thing that looks like a book out and flips it open, holding it toward her ghost-friend to see also.
  210. [02:22:35] <Arae> Arae makes sure it's the right book. Since nothing happens after Rini does so, Arae looks as well!
  211. [02:26:19] <~castfromhp> Everything goes black Arae. Then when it's all back in view, Rini is gone. And huh, these weren't your earlier surroundings. Instead it seems to be a rather luxurious Hong Kong apartment. You're standing in front of a television blaring the evening news. The furniture around is chic and modern. You hear a voice behind you. It sounds like yours. "<No, don't send him, he'll get doubled!>"
  212. [02:32:22] <Arae> ...Weh? Of course something like this would happen, but...well...can she move? ...Is she still clearly her? Considering she just heard what sounds kinda like her, this is important!
  213. [02:33:43] <~castfromhp> You can, but it seems as if you're perma incorporeal here, not able to influence anything around you. If you turn around, you see three kids gathered on a couch. The oldest is you, looking probably just a year or two younger than you are now. A boy who looks like a several years younger Zhang is holding a Gameboy Advance, and the younger you is leaning over his shoulder to give advice.
  214. [02:34:15] <~castfromhp> On the side of the other you looks to be Chu Xiaohua, brown hair and braids like you'd seen in the photo on the news in the morning, but younger. Same age as this Zhang.
  215. [02:35:49] <~castfromhp> "<No, why don't you have anyone on the fort? Forts are your friends.>" as the younger you says those words, an echo of them rings through your mind, as your mind's eye reconstructs the scene. The memory of it starts to form in your head, instead of simply being something you're viewing.
  216. [02:36:02] <~castfromhp> All the emotions you felt, the thoughts you had, come flooding to you.
  217. [02:37:07] <~castfromhp> And then another FLASH and you're standing in a smoothie shop, and you see just you and Xiaohua this time. The process repeats, slowly building in your mind an entire pastiche of your childhood, mostly spent with your sister and Zhang. Happy memories for the most part, then FLASH again.
  218. [02:37:39] <Arae> ...Ah, this is...a flashback, that's what this is! Only she doesn't remember the events because she's a dead and amnesiac ghost. feels very, very real...and more like a memory than before! Arae is left little choice but to take it in and ANOTHER ONE! And so forth!
  219. [02:37:57] <Arae> They all seem rather happy. It's a bunch of nice feelings.
  220. [02:39:25] <~castfromhp> You're sitting in what looks to be an office building. The younger you is seated in a chair, crying. Next to her is a closed wooden door. You can hear muffled arguments from inside, and then the door flies open and a tall solidly built man storms out. Your memories tell you he's your father. From your vantage point in the scene you can look in and see a conference table.
  221. [02:39:37] <~castfromhp> Seated around it are clearly Triad members.
  222. [02:40:51] <Arae> AND ANO--wait no. This is much different. Looking in, she certainly does!
  223. [02:41:13] <~castfromhp> Another flash, and you get a clearer view of the Triad initiation ritual, and yourself going through it. Your family smiles at you from the far end of the room as the ceremony proceeds. The scenes continue. You entering a Starcraft tournament and winning. You at a net cafe with friends.
  224. [02:41:24] <~castfromhp> Everything from your childhood comes back to you...
  225. [02:41:27] <~castfromhp> ...up to a point.
  226. [02:41:42] <~castfromhp> Nothing chronologically after the initiation ceremony.
  227. [02:42:34] <~castfromhp> Finally, you feel a jolt as you're able to move again, and you're standing in the darkness again, but there is an altar in front of you. A light shines down from above on it, focused on a small ring.
  228. [02:45:24] <Arae> ...Ah, there we go. She's feeling a good deal more...there, now. ...A ring. To the altar, then! Most likely to obtain the ring, if nothing happens.
  229. [02:46:20] <~castfromhp> You can pick up the ring. It is warm, almost hot. The same ring you had picked up in the Fire Emblem game.
  230. [02:47:58] <Arae> Pick it up, she does. After some time to look at it, she ponders, then puts it on.
  231. [02:49:15] <~castfromhp> Flash! Back to reality. Rini, this all takes place in the blink of an eye for you. As Arae fixates on the book, she begins to flip through it rapidly. What you see in your brief glimpse is that each page seems to be covered with words, but if you try to focus and read they look like gibberish. After flipping through the pages, Arae then slips on the ring she had.
  232. [02:49:31] <~castfromhp> Arae, as you return back to reality you hear someone humming the FE theme because Tree is silly. :V
  233. [02:49:43] <Rini> "Hmmm hmm HMM HMMMMMM hmmmm~"
  234. [02:51:02] <Aori_Radidjiu> (<3)
  235. [02:51:09] <~castfromhp> Upgrade Arae to Up To Your Waist, except skill cap is at Superb instead of Great. Take up to 2 free instances of additional emotion for your Incite Emotion power.
  236. [02:51:11] * Rini actually stops reading it after a couple pages once evident the reader is totally dedicated, satisfied with leaning against a wall or something and watching.
  237. [02:53:38] <~castfromhp> Also take Demesne for free. I'll let you know at what points you can cross into this realm of yours.
  238. [02:54:49] <Arae> Does Rini even get a chance to read? No matter. Arae comes to, nearly dropping the book! She instead closes it, putting it down. Maybe she won't burn it. "I..." Have no words! For anything!
  239. [02:55:31] <Rini> "Y'know, you'll miss most of the details the author put in if you skim over it that fast."
  240. [02:57:50] <Arae> Also, you should have hummed a class change or promotion theme. Silly. "...I...didn't really read anything. Just...remembered...a lot. Maybe I should have been ready for something like this..." It's quite overwhelming, in the end!
  241. [02:58:47] * Rini hops up and puts a hand on Aerie's shoulder, grinning. "C'mon, let's go find a place to stay. And to put all that crap, finally. I'm sure the others are bored and waiting by now."
  242. [03:01:26] <Arae> "That...that sounds nice. As long as someone won't punch me in the face." She ponders, knowing that she doesn't know where everyone is, then gets out the STRATEGY GUIDE, flipping to the map that notes locations if she needs to/can.
  243. [03:03:19] <Rini> She lets go, still grinning, and just shrugs again.  "Y'really should trust him a LITTLE more.  And if he actually did that with me around I'd kick him back in the face, twice as hard."  Nodnod.  "Believe me, that'll take a lot of effort but I bet I could pull it off."
  244. [03:07:52] <Arae> "I'm trusting him to punch me in the face. He said he would, and he was really adamant about it! ...I guess I could take one punch if you're backing me up, though. ...though I feel like I could reduce him to a shivering wreck if he tried, but I'd rather not!" She looks at the map, feeling nostalgic all of a sudden. Almost visibly so!
  245. [03:09:01] <Rini> "Eh, let's just not think of anything happening to anybody's face anymore for a while.  I think we've been through enough as it is."
  246. [03:10:04] <Arae> Arae notes what Rini says, and takes it as an answer to some question that she never asked. She pokes the book.
  247. [03:12:13] <Arae> "Yeah, getting stabbed and cut at after all this everything means we should at least slow down a bit." Deep breath. RELAX THE SELF.
  248. [03:15:57] <Rini> "Getting a room, though... that's gonna be a headache.  Oh man, I hope I'm not gonna ALREADY have to start calling in favors."  Rini groans loudly, clearly looking forward to this.
  249. [03:20:57] <~castfromhp> Ring ring
  250. [03:20:58] <Arae> "...I've got everything covered. First, we're going to have fun. We could use fun. Let's have fun!" She floats onward in a direction, stuff intact!
  251. [03:20:59] <~castfromhp> Rini is getting a phone call.
  252. [03:21:04] <~castfromhp> not on the Triad phone.
  253. [03:21:23] <Arae> She goes slower. Rini can talk and walk!
  254. [03:21:33] <Rini> CLICK.  Or... no, that's the hanging up noise.  So whatever you'd call the answering noise.
  255. [03:21:34] <Rini> Beep?
  256. [03:21:36] <Rini> fuck it
  257. [03:21:40] * Rini answers the goddamn phone.
  258. [03:21:46] <Rini> "'Lo?"
  259. [03:22:34] <~castfromhp> Caleb, in here.
  260. [03:23:48] <Caleb> "Hey, uh... Rini.... is 'at you?" The voice you hear's really shaky, and even in that small blurb of words you can hear him breathing a bit more heavily than usual.
  261. [03:24:57] <Rini> "Oh, hey!"  Walking even MORE slowly, Rini makes a hand-motion to tell Arae to keep moving forward.  "Where've you been?  Didjya go see her?"
  262. [03:25:25] <Rini> As the ghost would notice her goggles are up, making it really clear that her face is really worried.  Her voice doesn't show it at all though.
  263. [03:25:50] <Caleb> "Well, uhh... Wish I knew. Really fuckin' wish I knew right now."
  264. [03:26:13] * Rini pulls the goggles down.
  265. [03:26:30] <Rini> "Talk to me.  What happened?"
  266. [03:27:35] * Rini has a sudden change in tone, of course, from hyperactive teenage to almost-motherly worry.
  267. [03:27:39] <Arae> Arae looks back, but decides to keep moving forward WITHOUT losing Rini, staying close enough to not lose sight of her or something.
  268. [03:28:35] <Rini> Arae gets an understanding nod in return but suddenly gets halted as Rini holds out her hand, and the latter starts gesturing to head in a different direction.
  269. [03:29:29] <Caleb> "I. Don't. KNOW, Rini! Tried leavin' the store...Got chased by a cop or somethin'... Tried a' handcuff me an' freaked out... Some shit I don' even know what happen after... An' I woke up on a fuckin' roof!"
  270. [03:30:49] <Rini> "Okay, alright, calm down.  That..."  She pauses and takes the phone away from her ear to mouth 'oh goddamnit' where Aerie can see, bringing it back.  "What about the card I gave you?  Do you still have it?"
  271. [03:32:08] <Caleb> "Uhh, Idunno... Gimme a sec to check..." You hear the phone hit a desk or something, a pause of a moment before motion comes back. "Yeah... Still got it..."
  272. [03:32:27] <Rini> "There's no way you got all the way over THERE on your own.  I'm... ugh, damnit.  Are you with anybody right now?  Did you ever call the number on it?"
  273. [03:32:40] <Arae> In the end, there's no rest anyway. Why. On being told to move in a different direction, she gets a good deal closer because why.
  274. [03:33:14] * Rini does a GHOST STAREDOWN but just shakes her head and makes the universal 'hold still' signal again.
  275. [03:33:50] <Rini> ... Then a thumb back to the bookstore, and an index finger across her own throat.  Finally, that same index finger points to the phone as she grimaces a little.
  276. [03:34:18] <Caleb> "I already told ya, Rini... Didn't even 'ave time to do shit! Got jumped by the cop right after I left! After that, NOTHIN'."
  277. [03:35:13] <Aori_Radidjiu> (...why am I imagining Caleb with a Brooklyn accent now)
  278. [03:35:14] <Caleb> At the very least, agitated would be a good descriptive for what you get out of Caleb's voice right now.
  279. [03:35:45] <Arae> ...yeah, that happened. She knew that happened. Dammit.
  280. [03:35:47] <Rini> "Alright.  Good.  When I hang up, call that number right away... uh, actually I'm not sure if it's an office number or what, ask for Charis if it is I guess.  She's a lot closer than I am and should be able to help you.  Tell her I sent you and to contact me if anything come sup, 'kay?"
  281. [03:35:53] <Caleb> (I live in New York and don't even KNOW what a Brooklyn accent sounds like Aori. It's not intentional.)
  282. [03:36:18] <Aori_Radidjiu> (I didn't think it was, which is why it bothered me.)
  283. [03:36:54] * Rini pauses and ponders. "Oh, they should speak English by the way, so don't worry about that."
  284. [03:40:25] <Caleb> "... Rini. I don't need to be thrown 'round in all kindsa directions right now on some fuckin' wild goose chase. I need help. NOW!"
  285. [03:41:19] <Rini> "Did you not hear me?  Call that number.  That person WILL be able to help you.  I bet she'll be able to find you where you are now, too."
  286. [03:42:12] <Caleb> You hear a groan coming from Caleb's side. "Fine, I'll call 'em!"
  287. [03:42:52] <Rini> "Good.  I don't think she has my number, give it to her if she needs it.  Otherwise, you have it, I'll be around, 'kay?"
  288. [03:42:55] <Rini> "And..."
  289. [03:43:04] * Rini breathes in. "... Nah, nevermind. Good luck."
  290. [03:43:06] <Rini> Click.
  291. [03:43:24] <~castfromhp> Did the pair of you ever resume going the direction Arae was leading you?
  292. [03:43:31] <Rini> They do now.
  293. [03:43:56] <Arae> Then onward, Arae goes! They should be there any minute now!
  294. [03:44:03] <Rini> "He went flippin' batshit after all.  Goddamnit, everything is just going to HELL," she tries to vent under her breath but then wears a smile.
  295. [03:44:25] <Rini> "Alright, I'll follow your lead!  I just want a nap really bad after all this."
  296. [03:44:41] <Rini> "Really really really bad."
  297. [03:45:12] <~castfromhp> It doesn't take long before you arrive at a quaint hole in the wall arcade. The place is small, somewhat cramped. From the outside it doesn't look like much, and when you step inside it isn't much better. Nothing glitzy, but there's a well stocked drinks bar in the entrance, a kitchen visible behind it. A few teenagers are inside enjoying a meal at the counter.
  298. [03:45:16] <~castfromhp> Further inside are the arcade machines.
  299. [03:45:42] <Rini> "... And now it hits me that I skipped breakfast."
  300. [03:45:47] <~castfromhp> Arcana Heart 3, BlazBlue, Ikaruga, a few DDR machines, the Japanese tableflipping game, this place has a pretty good selection.
  301. [03:46:01] <Rini> (oh my god sylvie what are you doing here no no no no no)
  302. [03:46:11] <~castfromhp> And I'm gonna /mini here as far as my involvement on this side goes.
  303. [03:46:16] <~castfromhp> (Shut up >:I)
  304. [03:46:19] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^my thoughts exactly)
  305. [03:46:21] <Caleb> (Poor you guys.)
  306. [03:46:45] <Rini> (I think we've talkied enough, I am sofine with leaving it off as "THE ONE WITH A WORKING STOMACH STUFFED HERSELF")
  307. [03:46:51] <~castfromhp> The special of the day is char siu pork on rice. Mmm yummy. Served with a free soda. Quite cheap too!
  308. [03:47:10] <Arae> "...hmmm..." Maybe they shouldn't have gone here. For some reason, she thought it would be empty. Oh well! HER PLACE. "Well, no naps. Food, drinks, and fun instead of fights to the death and jerks. I'll take the latter, you can have the former~"
  309. [03:47:21] <Arae> "...memories~"
  310. [03:48:19] <Rini> "Ohhh... okay, why not.  I'll go at you in a few..."  Cough, "... after lunch."
  311. [03:48:48] * Rini eats a MASSIVE FUCKTON JESUS CHRIST.
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