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  1. [18:05] Shot__ In the aftermath of the fight, the captain of the gate guard goes and fetches the old cleric from the temple. He heals your wounds, and tells you that it is becoming clear to him you are being targeted by an outside force. "You may stay here for the night, in the inn or my church, but I implore you be gone by noon tomorrow. Otherwise, the individual may strike you again - and in the...
  2. [18:05] Shot__ ...process... Who knows what may happen to this town?"
  3. [18:08] Kindle shakes his head slowly, still a bit groggy despite the divine healing bestowed upon him. "You believe we are being specifically targetted? This does not make sense to me... How do you come by this conclusion?"
  4. [18:08] Shot__ ((Typan))
  5. [18:09] Shot__ "Look upon your circumstances. bandits assault you en masse, a letter arrives ahead of you denouncing you as theives and bandits, the jail is raided for one of your companions specifically, and a small item that unleashed devils upon you was left in the same place. Are you telling me you believe all this as coincidence?"
  6. [18:13] Kindle "No, but I believe it can all be laid at the feet of the one called Gallus. If he made a plot to see us dead, he might have lead us into that ambush and sent ahead that letter. And however he managed to escape your prison and kill your people, well... It's clear he has some sort of demonic powers at his disposal. If he left that crystal as well, which was
  7. [18:13] Kindle so suffused with malevolent energies... Well, it may have conjured those demons when I destroyed it, but who knows what sort of fel purpose it might have fulfilled if left undiscovered? It may have been some sort of beacon, or a trap that would get stronger in time."
  8. [18:18] Kindle "It was, after all, only our friend Yli here that managed to find it. If he had not, it probably would not have been discovered until a detail of your men had cleaned up the remnants of Gallus' treachery, which seems to indicate that it was not meant for us to find, but you."
  9. [18:20] Shot__ ((TYPAN))
  10. [18:20] Shot__ The priest sighs heavily.
  11. [18:21] Shot__ "I assure you. I am almost certain I would have found it hours after you left. In any case I will be doing a thourough cleansing in the morn - but I expect you gone by then. Knowing this individual's hatred of you - I cannot put this town at risk any further. And need I remind you of your overall mission, here?"
  12. [18:23] Kindle "I've no reason to suspect he has any 'hatred', as you say, of any one of us, though I could be wrong. More likely he has some sort of malefic intent that requires our deaths, or that he seeks to prevent our mission when it comes to the woods. We have not forgotten this, but I doubt the group of us were the only ones to respond to the call to arms sent out
  13. [18:24] Kindle by the city. Besides, would it not make more sense to deal with this subversive threat now that we are aware of it, rather than attempt to venture into the woods where we may run into further unknown troubles and invite being hit in the back by whatever forces Gallus commands?"
  14. [18:24] Kindle looks to the rest of The Adventuring Party (tm) for confirmation and input.
  15. [18:25] Antal "Well..."
  16. [18:26] Antal "We know next to nothing about Gallus' next move."
  17. [18:26] Antal "All we know is that Gallus and his minions want us dead, for whatever reason."
  18. [18:27] Antal "Our energy is best spent finishing the task we're being paid to do before we go after him."
  19. [18:28] Shot__ "That's right. And I'm worried he may target the town to get to you. We can amass a militia if it comes to it, but I think your halfling friend is right."
  20. [18:29] Kindle "I do not mean to suggest we stay here. But if he has any available resources at his disposal and intends to get to US specifically, wouldn't it be better for us to go after him before he has a chance to collect himself, rather than putting ourselves in danger at the woods and allow him to hit us in the back when we're least prepared?"
  21. [18:30] Shot__ "That is your perogative. My concern for you ends when you leave the city." the old man says, "Not to imply I care not for you - merely that I must watch this place. At any rate, I suggest you get some rest."
  22. [18:32] Kindle "Then I must ask if you know of a place that would have suitable lodgings where, unless anyone here has any objection to it, we may sleep in a larger room together, lest he attempt to use some of his dark magics to strike at us individually."
  23. [18:33] Shot__ "... The inn has a large room you could use." he says, "But, ah... do you know what happened to your fine young lady? It seems she has departed since the incident at the jail."
  24. [18:35] Kindle shrugs his wide shoulders. "I required your healing after the battle and I do not recall seeing her after I regained consciousness."
  25. [18:36] Shot__ "Mmmn. Well. I believe that we have covered everything." he says, rising. "Is there anything else?"
  26. [18:37] Kindle "Only if you can shed any light on the kind of dark magics that can create creatures such as the ones we saw in the prison. If you've no insight into the matter, then we perhaps should retire."
  27. [18:40] Antal "Retiring sounds good right about now. "
  28. [18:41] Antal "I'm exhausted."
  29. [18:41] Shot__ "... On that matter, I can speak a few words." the priest states. "Listen carefully:"
  30. [18:41] Shot__ "There are few things that can pierce the viel of reality. Summons can, but not permanently and not for long. For a true calling, one must spend enourmous amounts of willpower an other resources. This was not such a calling. The residual elements present on the crystals leads me to believe the material is from... well, a reality darker and more vile than our own. One unholy and without...
  31. [18:41] Shot__ ...remorse." he states. "These crystals... MUST be brought to me if you find them, at all costs, or any other priest or holy man. DO NOT shatter them again!" he states simply.
  32. [18:42] Kindle goes silent and avoids meeting the eyes of anyone in the room
  33. [18:43] Shot__ "You were acting in ignorance, Kindle. No sin should weigh you down."
  34. [18:44] Kindle takes little comfort in the words. Ignorance has never been an excuse and the half-orc knows he can't use it as a crutch now.
  35. [18:44] Antal rolls his eyes. "Bah, magic. I hate magic. Especially unholy magic."
  36. [18:44] Shot__ "Yes well, I think that is all. Go along, now."
  37. [18:46] Antal "Alright. Lets go, Kindle."
  38. [18:47] Kindle gets sheparded out of the room and eventually meets up with everyone at the inn
  39. [18:49] TG_Ted 1d20
  40. [18:49] Crow_T_Robot TG_Ted: 6
  41. [18:50] Shot__ Preparations are made, and you all head upstairs.
  42. [18:54] Kindle pauses momentarily while they are heading upstairs, then widens his black eyes and breaks into a sprint, running to the door adjacent to the one they'd been sent to and attempting to open it, and not hesitating in attempting to break it down if it seemed to be locked.
  43. [18:57] Shot__ ((TYPAN))
  44. [19:00] Shot__ The door breaks down easily, and you witness a strange scene. The room has no bed, no furniture - but you see three individuals inside. A man in black robes holds a young woman against the wall by her mouth, the other raising a crystal like the one before. In the corner of the room lays an unconscious Krysnt, tied and gagged. Gallus is nowhere to be seen. The man sees you, and turns the...
  45. [19:00] Shot__ ...serving girl to be close to him, sharp crystal at her neck. THe man's face is obscured, and he begins to back towards the window.
  46. [19:00] Shot__ The serving girl is in her undergarments.
  47. [19:00] =-= Psithief is now known as Yli
  48. [19:01] Kindle performs a running football tackle, pro-style
  49. [19:01] Shot__ "STOP OR SHE DIES!" the man says, sliding unnaturally out of the way.
  50. [19:04] Shot__ His words are fairly pointless, as the half-orc gracelessly flies out the window loudly, likely alerting the Xeph downstairs and the halfling in the room next door.
  51. [19:04] Kindle roars
  52. [19:04] Kindle thuds
  53. [19:06] Antal "Uh... I think that was the Half-Orc. "
  54. [19:09] Antal draws his weapons before heading into the room Kindle had barged into, deciding that Kindle had probably shattered another crystal or otherwise made an ass out of himself.
  55. [19:09] Shot__ Only to see the same scene as Kindle, only with the man at the window, crystal still at the woman's neck. She is struggling in vain, the crystal throbbing with dark light.
  56. [19:10] Antal "You stop holding that throbbing crystal, right now! "
  57. [19:11] Shot__ The dark man chuckles. "I'm afraid I can't do that, Antal." he says, pushing it a little closer. "A smart man would walk away and sleep on the road, tonight." his voice is deep, and smooth, and dark.
  58. [19:13] Antal prods the man for more answers in a totally non-sexual way. "I think you CAN do that, you just refuse to. Mind telling me why?"
  59. [19:15] Kindle , meanwhile, has gotten up off his big stupid face and started shouting, raising the alarm. "Intruder! Intruder on the second floor! He has a hostage!" And, after doing that brilliant maneouver, he decides that the best way to get back to his quarry and rescue the damsel in distress would be the direct approach, and so he attempts to scale the side of
  60. [19:15] Shot__ "Part of the job." he says. "Last chance, halfling. Persist in your questions, and she dies horribly - stand down, and she lives the night. Up to you."
  61. [19:15] Kindle [cont] the inn and get to the open window
  62. [19:15] Yli Yli walks upstairs.
  63. [19:16] Shot__ "You'd be wise to stop your friend, too." he adds.
  64. [19:17] Yli Absentmindedly he wonders aloud, "Was that Kindle yelling something?"
  65. [19:17] Antal sets his weapons down slowly. "Yes, it was."
  66. [19:18] Yli He looks around the hallway, hearing Antal's voice. "So what was.." he gets to the door and stops mid-sentence. "Oh."
  67. [19:18] Antal "Yes. *Oh*."
  68. [19:18] Shot__ "You too, dark one. Set down any weapons you might have."
  69. [19:18] Kindle growls softly to himself as he momentarily loses his handhold and has to struggle to keep his footing
  70. [19:19] Yli "Eep." Yli flees, turning the corner and running downstairs.
  71. [19:19] Antal "Uh... Yeah, I don't really know him much."
  72. [19:20] Shot__ THe dark man laughs. "I guess not all of you are heroes!" he says, slipping towards the window. "I'll honor my word. She lives tonight." he releases her and she runs to Antal, as he steps up to the broken window, looking down at Kindle.
  73. [19:20] Yli Yli activates burst, running outside to the window he thinks matches the room he just left.
  74. [19:20] Kindle snarls up at the man, clinging inelegantly to the side of the Inn below the window
  75. [19:20] Shot__ ((That window happens to be twenty feet up))
  76. [19:21] Shot__ "Can't say the same for your friend, though." he adds, raising the arm with the crystal.
  77. [19:21] Yli Yli readies his bow and some arrows, hoping to get a shot at the man from outside.
  78. [19:22] Antal moves the woman behind him as he goes for his sword.
  79. [19:22] Shot__ ((TYPAN))
  80. [19:24] Shot__ The arm snaps down, the crystal rocketing down into Kindle's eye. Predictably, he is knocked from the wall to the ground, and as Yli fires, slips back inside. He calmly picks up Krysnt, then lets out a loud whistle as he heads for the window.
  81. [19:26] Shot__ He smiles at the halfling. "You sure you want to do that, young man?" he asks as he mounts the windowsill.
  82. [19:26] Kindle does another one of his famous Orcish roars of pain and loses his grip from the wall, falling backwards with a large thud and the half orc goes silent, his vision fading from red to black.
  83. [19:27] Antal "More than anything right now. Fight me!"
  84. [19:29] Yli Yli moves, looking for a better angle. Quietly he aims another arrow, firing when he sees a shot.
  85. [19:32] Antal charges the man before he can disappear, swinging his scimitar over his head and yelling wildly.
  86. [19:35] Shot__ There's a loud snap as he steps out of the way, arrow in hand. He slides it harshly under Antal's arm, then laughs and leaps out the window, onto a nearby building, then over the town wall.
  87. [19:37] =-= TG_Ted is now known as Greyhorn
  88. [19:37] Antal blocks out the pain and focuses on something else. Sniffing the air, he remarks, "Is that smoke?"
  89. [19:38] Yli Yli investigates the lump of meat under the window, discovering that it's Kindle. "Oh.. you don't look so good."
  90. [19:39] Shot__ ((TYPAN
  91. [19:39] Shot__ It appears as if the crystal is sliding slowly into Kindle's head.
  92. [19:40] Yli "Let me just get that .." He pulls out the crystal. "Ouch, that looks like it hurt."
  93. [19:40] Shot__ The crystal throbs in the dark man's hand harshly.
  94. [19:41] Yli Yli looks up at the window to see if anyone else is going to jump out.
  95. [19:42] Shot__ Doesn't seem that way
  96. [19:43] Yli Bracing himself for effort, Yli starts dragging Kindle towards the temple. He thinks of what he's going to say to the priest, but admits to himself he just can't explain how these things keep happening to Kindle.
  97. [19:44] Shot__ ((Kindle is SAFE. Yli is SAFE.))
  98. [19:44] Greyhorn stamps his foot in the broken doorway. A stocky dwarf with a firey red beard and short cropped hair bellows at the group ""By the Forges Roar! You people can wake the dead and make 'em dance with this racket!" He notices the blood. "Hold up. Is everyone okay here?"
  99. [19:47] Antal "Not really."
  100. [19:48] Greyhorn "Forges Fire. Y'er bleedin' out. Give me a moment."
  101. [19:48] Antal "Its not as bad as it looks, a flesh would really."
  102. [19:48] Antal ((wound*))
  103. [19:48] Greyhorn moving into the room, the dwarf pulls a medallion out from under his robes. "Nonesense. Hold still"
  104. [19:49] Shot__ The smell of smoke grows stronger. You hear snide laughter from the roof.
  105. [19:49] Greyhorn yanks your arm out of the way and lays a hand on your side. "Creations will be mended"
  106. [19:49] Antal "Shit... Shit shit."
  107. [19:49] Antal "I think there's someone on the roof..."
  108. [19:50] Greyhorn "Yeah well he ain't a minstrel. What the devil is wrong with this town?"
  109. [19:51] Shot__ There is screaming downstairs, people rushing outside. if you happen to look up, /the roof is on fire./
  110. [19:51] Antal pushes the dwarf over to the door. "Move!"
  111. [19:51] Greyhorn "Blasted Bellows! I'm no barrel, I ken get out on my own!"
  112. [19:53] Greyhorn moves down the hallway, and into his own room, before gathering what he can and moving back down the stairs, filling the air with as many curses as he can.
  113. [19:53] Antal grabs his shield, and after a moment's consideration grabs Kindle's things. "FIRE, THE BUILDING'S ON FIRE!" he screams at the top of his little halfling lungs.
  114. [19:55] Shot__ You see that a large rocky creature is already guiding others out, and is in fact /holding up the stairs/ so you can leave.
  115. [19:56] Greyhorn doesn't even blink as he stomps down the stairs, and outside. "Praise be to small sparks!"
  116. [19:56] Kindle (( kill it kill it! ))
  117. [19:56] Antal does not tarry as he rushes down the stairs after the dwarf. "Thanks, friend," he whispers to the rock monster.
  118. [19:57] Shot__ A nod follows as he drops the stairs, looking around. He rushes after you, barely fitting out the door as the whole building collapses behind him.
  119. [19:57] Greyhorn stumbles out of the Inn. "Blasted fiddler's! I paid good money for that room!"
  120. [19:59] Greyhorn coughs a few times at the smoke, and backs up a few steps to take in the view.
  121. [19:59] Shot__ The whole thing creaks, then the walls fall in. The inn is no more.
  122. [19:59] Greyhorn "Blast it all. I f'ergot my scrolls!"
  123. [20:00] Shot__ ((Typan))
  124. [20:00] Antal "Better your scrolls than you."
  125. [20:01] Greyhorn gives Antal a curious look. "Aye. What was all that shoutin' about? I have half a suspicion that you were the cause of this."
  126. [20:01] Shot__ Almost without you even noticing, the old priest is behind you. "I had hoped that they would have the decency to wait a day." he grumbles. "In my church, Antal, Greyhorn. We have matters to discuss."
  127. [20:01] Greyhorn jumps, and then nods at the priest. "Aye Aye. I'll find a spot to put down my items."
  128. [20:02] Antal follows wordlessly.
  129. [20:03] Greyhorn wanders to the church, and with a little privacy, dons his armor, lacking proper vestments now.
  130. [20:03] Greyhorn tightens his belt, and wipes some ash of the blazing symbol of the Forgemaster off his chest, he goes to join the priest.
  131. [20:04] Shot__ He takes them inside, where Kindle lays, being healed. The crystal is set nearby, wrapped tightly in white cloth. He takes a seat next to the dias, then looks at the rest of the gathered group.
  132. [20:05] Yli Yli sits nearby, trying not to tear up. ((cry))
  133. [20:07] Greyhorn frowns as he sees the crystal. "I dun even have to ask. That's bad news."
  134. [20:07] Antal "Bad news? How?"
  135. [20:09] Greyhorn "Just call it a sixth sense."
  136. [20:10] Shot__ The priest sighs. "It is similar to the one you found in the jail. I am purifying Kindle as we speak, but the prescence in the crystal has... tainted him. I fear I may not be able to remove it with my skills and equipment. He will be fine in an hour or so - but... Well, that eye is not coming back, and he might be a mite different." he shakes his head. "I fear there may be greater forces at...
  137. [20:10] Shot__ than the state thought."
  138. [20:12] Greyhorn stares at Kindle for a moment, looking to say something, before licking his dry lips, and turning back to the Priest. "Whats this about then?"
  139. [20:12] Shot__ ((TYPAN))
  140. [20:13] Shot__ "Brother Greyhorn, these individuals are attempting to discover the recent cause of the troubles with the Dark woods. THey are clearly being attacked and hindered by this dark force... It has already taken two of their allies. One of those may have been allied from the start!"
  141. [20:15] Antal "Bandits, crystals, monsters, the usual."
  142. [20:15] Greyhorn "Hardly anything I see is usual. Bandits maybe, but crystals? Monsters? They don't tend to stray from the dark places"
  143. [20:17] Greyhorn "Be that as it may. What has happened? Tell me your tale."
  144. [20:19] Antal "It isn't much of a tale, really. We left for the forest, encountered a few bandits, came here to rest, fought a few monsters, and JUST when we thought we could rest for the day, a man with a crystal takes our friend and nearly kills Ser Kindle over there."
  145. [20:19] Antal "This injustice will not stand, I assure you."
  146. [20:21] Greyhorn strokes his beard, and eyes the Halfling up. "Hrum..."
  147. [20:25] Greyhorn "A spark of the forge is well and good, but you need a smith to forge the sword of Justice. Let me join you. I can aid you and your friends as best I can, with hammer, or healing."
  148. [20:27] Antal "Healing AND hammers? "
  149. [20:27] Antal "Well when you put it that way..."
  150. [20:31] Kindle begins to stir on the altar under the ministrations of the priest attending him, and after a moment he raises a thick-fingered hand to his face, rubbing at it and the newly-puckered scar over his eye where the crystal had sunk in. He slowly sat up, his other hand reaching back to support himself, and after a few moments of gingerly examining his newly
  151. [20:32] Kindle [cont] closed eye socket, his other eye would open, the black iris contracting in the sudden light, gazing around at the unfamiliar faces, the only one recognized being Antal. Gathering his wits about him, the half-orc swings his legs off the altar and opens his mouth, but all that issues forth is an incomprehensible stream of foul-sounding words.
  152. [20:32] Yli Yli puts his hand on Kindle's shoulder. "I'm sorry. It's better than death."
  153. [20:33] Greyhorn takes a long look at Kindle, standing tall, and waiting for his friends to tend to him.
  154. [20:35] Kindle frowns and speaks again, once more speaking in an unknown language, and the half-orc looks puzzled, confused, and then angry, standing up and looking at the priest who had been healing him, gesturing wildly as he continues to speak some other tongue.
  155. [20:35] Antal "Uh... is he alright? What's wrong with him?"
  156. [20:36] Shot__ The priest frowns. "Heavens above..." he grumbles, thinking.
  157. [20:37] Kindle , ever the bright one, continues to turn to his companions (recent though they may be), making gestures that are at best unclear and at worst misleading, his broad thick features contorting in confusion and pleading.
  158. [20:38] Kindle continues to turn to his companions and ramble***
  159. [20:38] Antal "You know, I didn't think that anything could be worse than Pwll. This, however, is definitely worse."
  160. [20:39] Yli "Ha. Kindle can't understand Pwll, and now Pwll can't understand Kindle! What a happy bunch we are."
  161. [20:40] Greyhorn finally speaks up. "I take it you've never heard him speak this before?"
  162. [20:41] Kindle frowns at Yli and spouts some more strange words at him in an obviously angry tone
  163. [20:41] Antal "No. He'll grunt out a few words sometimes whilst day-dreaming about justice, but they're usually coherent."
  164. [20:42] Yli Yli nods. "We'll take care of you now that you're mentally ill, Kindle." He smiles.
  165. [20:42] Kindle runs a hand through his long-ish hair and shakes his head, thinking, then mimes writing on a piece of paper.
  166. [20:42] Greyhorn frowns, and wipes his hands off, before coughing. "A strange happenstance. Was he holding the crystal for a while?"
  167. [20:43] Antal "I didn't see. I was too busy trying to kill that man."
  168. [20:43] Shot__ "It was in his eye socket, Greyhorn." the priest states.
  169. [20:43] Kindle babbles and points to his eye socket
  170. [20:43] Shot__ "Yes, quite."
  171. [20:43] Greyhorn chokes on that. "In where?"
  172. [20:44] Shot__ "In his eye."
  173. [20:44] Greyhorn holds up a hand to Kindle, as if to calm him down.
  174. [20:44] Kindle lets out a frustrated breath and turns in a slow circle, trying to calm himself, then repeats his pantomime.
  175. [20:44] Greyhorn "That...thing is nothing but Evil. I'm sure even the least sensible person here can feel it. To have it...IN...his eye is something..."
  176. [20:45] Yli "No, no no. This is more fun. A to M?"
  177. [20:45] Kindle balls his fists up and seems quite tempted to thrash Yli
  178. [20:46] Yli "No? N-Z. Then?"
  179. [20:46] Greyhorn "To speak it this cleanly. Bah. Can only tell you what forces are aligned against you."
  180. [20:46] Kindle lets out another angry stream of babble-language at Yli
  181. [20:47] Antal "Er, you should probably get him that paper Yli."
  182. [20:47] Shot__ The priest shakes his head and heads towards the back room, having clearly had enough for the day.
  183. [20:47] Yli "Me? Am I the porter now? I already strained myself just dragging his dead weight here."
  184. [20:48] Yli "Not that you're dead, Kindle."
  185. [20:48] Kindle scowls, not recalling seeing Yli do anything to the man who Kindle had tried to stop
  186. [20:48] Greyhorn "I can only assume that you are merely tormenting him."
  187. [20:49] Kindle mutters something
  188. [20:49] Yli Yli turns to the dwarf, grinning slightly "...or perhaps I don't know where the priest keeps his parchments." He shrugs.
  189. [20:50] Greyhorn "At least you're honest."
  190. [20:50] Kindle another comment.
  191. [20:51] Greyhorn "Now then. Is that all you are afflicted with? A devils tongue?""
  192. [20:51] |<-- Crow_T_Robot has left (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  193. [20:51] Shot__ The priest returns with a small blackboard, a piece of chalk, and an eraser. He hands it to Kindle.
  194. [20:52] Kindle lifts his arms in a frustrated gesture, and makes another incomprehensible statement before sighing with relief and accepting the bits from the priest, nodding thankfully before beginning to scribble.
  195. [20:52] Kindle writes. "Someone tell me what happened at the Inn after I fell."
  196. [20:52] Greyhorn "An Eye is little to worry about if you've picked up anything else lad."
  197. [20:54] Antal "I failed to kill the man who hurt you, Kindle."
  198. [20:54] Kindle grinds his large orcish teeth audibly
  199. [20:54] Shot__ The priest remains silent.
  200. [20:54] Greyhorn tugs the priests sleeve, and whispers something to him.
  201. [20:54] Kindle erases and starts writing again
  202. [20:55] Kindle <Written> "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WOMEN???"
  203. [20:55] Shot__ He shakes his head.
  204. [20:55] Yli Softly, "Krysnt was stolen."
  205. [20:55] Shot__ ((TYPAN))
  206. [20:57] Shot__ Almost as if summoned, the young woman from before, now swarthed in a brown robe, rushes into the church. She runs to Antal, then to Kindle. Not knowing who to thank first, she settles for the one who had lost an eye - bowing deeply to him. "A thousand thanks, to both you and the halfling - were it not for your help, I... I fear what he may have done to me."
  207. [20:58] Antal "I couldn't let him harm an innocent. "
  208. [20:58] Kindle thins his lips, then opens his mouth as if about to speak, then stops and goes back to writing. "WHO WAS MAN???"
  209. [20:59] Antal adds, "Have you ever seen him in the inn before?"
  210. [20:59] Shot__ ((TYPAN))
  211. [21:00] Shot__ "He gave his name as Arthur Macduff. He said... He claimed to be a son of a farmer, rich enough to..." she blushes, then continues, "He was... kind, and his words sweet, until we were alone. The first time, I managed to get away. The second time... The second time I did not have the dagger my father gave me."
  213. [21:02] Antal "Right. The note, of course!"
  214. [21:04] -->| Crow_T_Robot ( has joined #WakingNightmare
  215. [21:04] Shot__ "The first time was this morning - he... He had not the crystal, then. The second time was right before you arrived to help me..." she mumbles.
  216. [21:05] Kindle <Written> "WHY DID YOU NOT GO TO GUARDS AFTER FIRST TIME?"
  217. [21:06] Shot__ "He is... very rich. And I... I was afraid he might do worse to my father..."
  218. [21:06] Kindle exchanges somewhat annoyed glances with the other people around him, wondering why they're letting the effective-mute do all the talking/questioning
  219. [21:06] Greyhorn hasn't been a part of the group long enough.
  220. [21:06] Kindle erases the tablet and writes again, then shows it to everyone. "WHERE IS MACDUFF ESTATE?"
  221. [21:06] Greyhorn gives a sympathetic look to Kindle.
  222. [21:07] Antal "Is that even his real name? Macduff?"
  223. [21:08] Shot__ "The Macduff estate is the southernmost farm." the priest states. "I knew the head of the estate rather well - he's getting on in years, though."
  224. [21:08] Kindle <written> "WE GO AFTER HIM."
  225. [21:08] Kindle shows the tablet to Yli, Pwll, and Antal, his expression showing this is not a question
  226. [21:09] Yli "..our mission though."
  227. [21:10] Yli "It's on the way, isn't it?"
  228. [21:10] Greyhorn "Did ye catch where this man ran off to?"
  229. [21:10] Shot__ "Yes, it is." the priest states.
  230. [21:11] Antal "This time, I agree with you Ser Kindle."
  231. [21:11] Antal "He will pay for his crimes."
  232. [21:12] Greyhorn "Did anyone catch where he ran off to?"
  233. [21:12] Kindle nods brusquely, then rubs at his eye socket for a moment before writing another message and showing it to the priest.
  234. [21:12] Kindle <Written> "MAY I PURCHASE THIS BOARD?"
  235. [21:13] Shot__ "Take it. You need it more than I."
  236. [21:14] Shot__ "U-uhm. Before you go, ser... Kindle? I... I would like to reward you for saving my life."
  237. [21:14] Kindle purses his lips for a moment, then nods, then looks to see if anyone's going to answer Greyhorn's question. After a moment, he writes a new message
  238. [21:14] Kindle <Written> "WHO IS DWARF?"
  239. [21:15] Greyhorn "I am Greyhorn Steelplate, a cleric of the Forgemaster Prometheus, I have heard your plight, and seek to join you and your fellows, to protect and guide ye"
  240. [21:15] Antal "He has a hammer, Ser Kindle! A hammer!"
  241. [21:16] Greyhorn "Aye. All smithies do."
  242. [21:16] Kindle pauses, turns to the woman, and just sort of stares at her for a moment before having a thought and writing a message to her. "THANK ANTAL (HALFLING). HE SAVED YOU. I WENT OUT WINDOW"
  243. [21:16] Shot__ She nods quietly, turning to him, having trouble meeting his eyes, clearly.
  244. [21:17] Kindle turns back to his companions, looking a bit awkward himself, then nods to Greyhorn, opens his mouth to introduce himself, then growls and resumes writing
  245. [21:17] Greyhorn mutters something in dwarvish with a smirk.
  246. [21:17] Greyhorn "Ye can speak."
  248. [21:18] Shot__ "S-ser Antal. THank you for... your help." she mumbles.
  249. [21:19] Yli (In dwarven) "What was that, Greyhorn?"
  250. [21:19] Antal "You're welcome Miss..."
  251. [21:19] Kindle does not understand that Greyhorn could've understood his words
  252. [21:19] Shot__ "I... I thought I mayhaps reward you, before you leave. I fear I... may not see you again."
  253. [21:19] Greyhorn (Dorftalk) I said that he might be as stupid as ye say, just...with women. I ain't cloistered enough to not see it!"
  254. [21:20] Greyhorn is okay with keeping the darker side of things quiet.
  255. [21:20] Kindle somewhat stiffly excuses himself, moving to where he sees his things in a pile and begins to make sure they're all intact and alright
  256. [21:22] Yli (Dorf dorf dorf) "Ah. He's no competition for us, at least."
  257. [21:22] Antal "A, uh... a reward? Really? Madam, I don't think I could accept. After all, I failed to kill or subdue Macduff."
  258. [21:22] Antal "I am not worthy of a reward. Yet."
  259. [21:22] Greyhorn chuckles.
  260. [21:23] Shot__ She sighs. "Very well, Antal. Truly, men are either too crude or too honorable... Shall I instead give you the means to reach your destination in due time?"
  261. [21:23] Greyhorn tries to stifle the second chuckle.
  262. [21:24] Antal fails at ignoring the dwarf and grinds his teeth angrily. "Please."
  263. [21:25] Shot__ "Good, I'll get the family carriage prepared." she says, moving to the door. "If... you need a warm bed, I will keep my light on."
  264. [21:25] Yli (Dorf dorf dorf) "Another non-problem, eh?"
  265. [21:26] Greyhorn grins broadly, and moves over to Kindle, tapping him on the back. "If I may, I'd like to check you over. While they don't seem concerned about yer tongue, I am. A impurity that's on the surface usually means somethin's wrong deeper in."
  266. [21:27] Kindle is by now satisfied with his things being all accounted for. Looks puzzled at the dwarf, and beings to write
  267. [21:27] Kindle <written> "WHAT WILL YOU DO?"
  268. [21:28] Antal "I'll keep that in mind Miss, but uh, you never gave me your name."
  269. [21:28] Shot__ "I am Josephine, Ser Antal."
  270. [21:29] Greyhorn "J'st a quick look over, then a rite I know from the Forgemaster. Make sure ye don't have a devil's tail as well as tongue."
  271. [21:29] Antal "Ah, Josephine... I shall remember that name."
  272. [21:29] Kindle instinctively looks behind him and pats his ass to make sure, but then looks back to Greyhorn and after a moment's hesitation, nods, and stands up. Then writes. "WHAT DO YOU NEED ME TO DO?"
  273. [21:30] Greyhorn motions to a nearby stool. "J'st be still."
  274. [21:30] Kindle sits, looking rather silly in the stool that is for him rather undersized
  275. [21:30] Shot__ The girl giggles and leaves, the priest chuckling. "Truly a man of valour, Antal."
  276. [21:32] Antal "All in a days work."
  277. [21:33] Greyhorn ignores his sillyness, and unclasps his symbol of faith. Going over the Half-Orc with a wary eye, and a soft chant of purity of steel under his breath. He pays careful attention to Kindles eye.
  278. [21:36] Greyhorn 1d20+7
  279. [21:36] Crow_T_Robot Greyhorn: 10:3+7
  280. [21:38] Kindle winces for a moment, but then blinks a few times and looks at the dwarf curiously, wondering what it was he did exactly
  281. [21:39] Greyhorn ends his prayer. "Thank ye. Nothin' I could see, Creator be praised."
  282. [21:40] Kindle frowns, and writes: "WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?"
  283. [21:41] Greyhorn "Speak up now? I don't know what your askin?"
  284. [21:41] Kindle rolls his eyes and writes, thinking 'speak up' is some kind of a joke.
  285. [21:41] Kindle <written> "IS NOTHING GOOD OR BAD?"
  286. [21:43] Greyhorn "Nothing bad. I gave you a prayer from the Forgemaster himself for good measure. That thing was pure evil, and that it would wound you and your mind so, I was wary of what else it might have done."
  287. [21:45] Greyhorn dons his symbol once more, and looks over the Paladins belongings
  288. [21:46] Antal "See? What did I tell you Ser Kindle?"
  289. [21:46] Kindle frowns for a bit, and gazes at the dwarf for a bit, then shakes his head as he stands, muttering in his incomprehensible tongue.
  290. [21:46] Antal "Ser Hammer is going to be invaluable to us. I can sense it."
  291. [21:46] Antal "With my mind."
  292. [21:47] Kindle gives Antal an irritated look then goes to get his things packed to await the carriage
  293. [21:48] Antal "Hey, Ser Dwarf, you don't mind if I ask you a question. Do you?"
  294. [21:48] Greyhorn turns angrily. pointing a finger at Kindle"My God rewards those who measure their own blows. Perhaps your doubt has stayed your own healing in this case."
  295. [21:49] Greyhorn grumps and turns to Antal. "Yes?"
  296. [21:49] Kindle pauses and stares at Greyhorn for a few moments as he takes in the idea that the dwarf may have undestood everything he's said
  297. [21:50] Antal "Er... I'm a little embarassed... you don't think I should really take Josephine's offer to uh... share her bed. I mean..."
  298. [21:50] Greyhorn "Are you chaste?"
  299. [21:50] Greyhorn is curt with his words at the moment
  300. [21:50] Antal "Well, no but..."
  301. [21:50] Kindle looks puzzled at Antal and then shrugs
  302. [21:50] Yli "The more pertinent question is; are you divinely immune to disease?"
  303. [21:51] Antal "What?"
  304. [21:51] Kindle gives Yli a less respectful look
  305. [21:51] Greyhorn "Then what is holding you back? Are ye worried that she may not return the affection?"
  306. [21:52] Antal "Well, I'm not sure of knights go running around making love to fair maidens whenever they offer."
  307. [21:53] Antal "I don't want to take advantage of her, you know?"
  308. [21:53] Kindle nods respectfully and puts a large hand on Antal's much smaller shoulder, wishing they could communicate effectively
  309. [21:54] Greyhorn sighs and calms himself. "Tch...Then be a knight. A code must be upheld. If ya wish to bed her. Do it as a knight. Court her, and show her that you with to honor her, but not force it. Worst comes to worst, she denies you, but keeps you the company for the night."
  310. [21:54] Greyhorn "But yer not afraid of a lass, are ye?"
  311. [21:55] Antal "... is it wrong for me to say yes?"
  312. [21:55] Antal "I'm out of my element here, Ser Dwarf."
  313. [21:55] Greyhorn stares dumbstruck for a moment, as if hit with a hammer himself.
  314. [21:55] Antal "I only know killing and raising animals."
  315. [21:55] Greyhorn bursts out laughing.
  316. [21:55] Antal "Why do you think I became a knight?"
  317. [21:56] Kindle frowns at the dwarf, then speaks to him since apparently he can be understood
  318. [21:56] Greyhorn holds up a hand. "Be it as it may, err'y Dwarf knows the cure fer weak knees, for better or worse."
  319. [21:57] Greyhorn shakes his head at Kindle, before stroking his beard. "Trouble is...where to find it."
  320. [21:58] Antal "Well I'm no coward. This can't POSSIBLY be harder than training Pony to carry me into battle."
  321. [21:58] Shot__ "Well, Greybeard, the only bar in town just burned down, so..."
  322. [21:58] Greyhorn laughs again. "Then if you've found your courage. Go."
  323. [21:58] Shot__ The priest has himself a little laugh.
  324. [21:58] Yli Yli exhales slowly, trying his best not to say anything awkward again.
  325. [21:58] Greyhorn "I'm aware of the sudden lack of good ale in the town."
  326. [21:59] Antal "Right. I'll just... go. To do that."
  327. [21:59] Greyhorn "All the more reason to follow them out."
  328. [22:00] Antal goes. To do that.
  329. [22:00] Greyhorn clasps Antal on the shoulder once. "Forge and fury, at least show her a good time."
  330. [22:03] Greyhorn thinks again on it.
  331. [22:03] Greyhorn looks to Yli.
  332. [22:03] Greyhorn "You good at sneaking in the dark?"
  333. [22:03] Yli "Yes."
  334. [22:03] Shot__ "Right then." the priest says. "For the rest of you... there are cots upstairs. It's not as good as the inn, but it will have to do for the moment."
  335. [22:03] Greyhorn "Follow him, and make sure that he doesn't get waylaid."
  336. [22:04] Shot__ This remark takes the priest off-balance
  337. [22:04] Greyhorn frowns. "I don't expect trouble, but if someone is hunting for these people..."
  338. [22:05] Kindle probably went upstairs already or something just to avoid all this talk
  339. [22:05] Yli d20+6 Stealth
  340. [22:05] Crow_T_Robot Yli, Stealth: 21:15+6
  341. [22:05] Shot__ "Right." the priest says.
  342. [22:05] Greyhorn nods to the priest. "I'll see you at the morning prayers , if we aren't off by then."
  343. [22:05] Shot__ "Very well, brother." he says, "I will see you then."
  344. [22:06] Yli Yli slinks off into the darkness. He is going to make DAMN SURE that Antal has every opportunity to have a very good night.
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