Oran Mini - Welcome to #BigBallBagFuck

Jul 25th, 2011
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  1. [04:05:16] * Nephene peers through a window into Riagan crafts, and knocks on the door.
  2. [04:05:36] <@Arawn> Spring 56th. A day after the Big Tentacruel attack at the shore, and Arawn is working in the shop by himself. Little work has actually gotten done because he's too busy sketching and pouring over books and plotting... something.
  3. [04:05:55] <@Arawn> He's also there alone, which means his work is now interrupted by customers today great. "Come in~"
  4. [04:06:15] <Nephene> She's holding a covered disposable plate, noticeably steaming through the gaps.
  5. [04:06:33] * Nephene opens the door. "Hello, there. Not -strictly- business this time."
  6. [04:07:12] * @Arawn has his back turned for the most part, hovering over notes and plans like the obsessive man he is; but he still hazards a glance behind him. "Oh. Afternoon."
  7. [04:07:45] <Nephene> "Five apricorn balls, an opinion, and a few moments of your time."
  8. [04:08:53] <@Arawn> "...Just standard apricorn balls?" oh god she really is a customer. He makes a couple scribbles on the corner of a sheet so he can get his train of thought back later, then goes over to the shelves.
  9. [04:09:14] <Nephene> "Nothing fancy for right now, yes." She sets the plate down nearby.
  10. [04:09:57] <Nephene> "I just thought I'd stop by to get a few words from my harshest critic."
  11. [04:11:37] <@Arawn> "Total is 1000," he adds, as he brings her the apricorn balls. They're really kind of works of art - each one is unshakeably identical. Not that most would really look at the craftsmanship of balls...
  12. [04:11:46] <@Arawn> "...I take it you want me to try whatever you've got there?"
  13. [04:12:37] <Nephene> "You said you wanted a spicier curry, so I tried to do just that. It's a variant on an old family recipe," she explains as she scoops up the balls and fishes a few coins out of her satchel.
  14. [04:13:19] <@Arawn> (Cooking is WIS or something)
  15. [04:14:00] <@Arawn> "...I could use a snack," he shrugs, spinning a chair around nearby to take a seat.
  16. [04:14:10] <Nephene> (( This is going to be -awful-))
  17. [04:14:17] <Nephene> 1d20-2 heeeere we go
  18. [04:14:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Nephene, heeeere we go: 5 [1d20=7]
  19. [04:14:49] <Nephene> It's a red chicken curry, served over the usual bed of white rice.
  20. [04:15:22] * @Arawn sits down, assumedly with a fork or something provided for him, and takes a bite.
  21. [04:15:59] <Nephene> "..."
  22. [04:16:07] <@Arawn> He sits there, chewing on it for a bit... and then just kind of stops chewing.
  23. [04:16:31] <@Arawn> After a few moments, he swallows it down, and you hear him kind of breathing out. "Water. -Water-!"
  24. [04:17:11] * Nephene panics, and rummages through her satchel for a canteen, barely managing to keep a grip on it before handing it over to the blacksmith.
  25. [04:17:31] <@Arawn> Arawn chugs... well, the majority of it in one go before setting it down.
  26. [04:17:39] <Nephene> "....I take it I overdid it, then."
  27. [04:17:42] <@Arawn> "Was that supposed to be food? I'm pretty sure I just ate -fire-."
  28. [04:18:02] * Nephene sighs. "No improvements without experimentation."
  29. [04:18:24] <@Arawn> "Well let's just say I'm extremely glad I'm not paying for this."
  30. [04:19:05] <Nephene> " won't be. I'll hold back the spaices next time."
  31. [04:19:38] <@Arawn> "Would you? There's no point in using chicken if I can't even taste it."
  32. [04:19:47] <Nephene> "I get it."
  33. [04:19:54] <@Arawn> "Good."
  34. [04:20:04] <Nephene> "That's the risk of trying something new, I guess."
  35. [04:20:07] <@Arawn> Arawn covers the culinary 'experiment' back up
  36. [04:20:35] <Terri> (You have a wooden door, right?)
  37. [04:21:09] <@Arawn> (Assumedly, yes)
  38. [04:21:28] <Terri> You hear a knocking on your door.
  39. [04:21:50] <@Arawn> "...Oh god," Arawn grumbles a little, then calls over as he stands up. "Come on in."
  40. [04:22:24] * Terri actually knows how to turn knobs properly now, and opens the door.
  41. [04:23:13] <Terri> "Hi."
  42. [04:25:03] * @Arawn looks up sideways at the incoming man. "Hello."
  43. [04:25:17] <Terri> "Can I have some waffles?"
  44. [04:25:45] <Terri> "I like waffles please."
  45. [04:26:47] <@Arawn> "...This isn't a restaurant."
  46. [04:26:51] * @Arawn frowns.
  47. [04:27:07] <Terri> "Oh."
  48. [04:27:11] * Terri frowns.
  49. [04:27:13] <Nephene> "Try a few doors down. The Lazing Slaking or Flynn's place can get you set up."
  50. [04:27:14] <Terri> "What is it?"
  51. [04:28:56] <@Arawn> "I'm a craftsman. If you don't have any business, leave."
  52. [04:29:47] <Terri> BTW Boris is standing next to Terri facepalming.
  53. [04:30:07] <Terri> "Craftsman? You make..."
  54. [04:30:53] * Terri takes out an old pokeball, with teeth marks on it, and BORIS written on it in actually halfway decent handwriting.
  55. [04:30:54] <@Arawn> "Pokeballs, mainly. And other projects that take my interest."
  56. [04:30:57] <Terri> "This?"
  57. [04:31:14] <@Arawn> "Yes--oh god," Arawn looks at the ball in horror.
  58. [04:31:31] <Nephene> "...."
  59. [04:31:49] * Nephene opens her mouth to ask how those teeth marks even got there, but quickly reconsiders.
  60. [04:32:19] <Terri> "Huh? What wrong?"
  61. [04:34:19] <@Arawn> "It's... atrocious. What have you been -doing- to that thing? And who's the horrifying wretch who did that job in the first place just look at the thing."
  62. [04:35:07] <Terri> "Huh? I got hungry one day, and thought fruit."
  63. [04:35:58] <Nephene> "Look, um....if you really are hungry, the restaurant's not that far from here."
  64. [04:35:58] <Terri> "Not tasty."
  65. [04:36:03] * Jack walks into the store casually, a smile on his face and his Eevee by his side as always. The first thing he does is state the obvious, "Woah, it's crowded today."
  66. [04:36:36] <@Arawn> "You've got to be kidding--oh god here come more," Arawn's distress at the crowding of his shop is not something he seems willing to contain today.
  67. [04:39:15] <Jack> "Er, is this a bad time?" he quirks a brow, "Anyway, I've got something you might want to see. I'll wait until you're done with the others." Jack takes to occupying a corner of the shop.
  68. [04:40:56] <@Arawn> "No, no, just... go ahead," Arawn grumbles, falling back into his chair. "I'm interrupted enough as is."
  69. [04:41:39] <Terri> "Also. Found squiggly bit. Not tasty. Heard you buy."
  70. [04:41:49] * Terri takes out a Tentacruel tentacle.
  71. [04:43:06] <@Arawn> "..." Arawn looks at it sideways. "If I was interested in something like that I'd have taken it myself, you know..."
  72. [04:43:45] <Terri> (What material level is the tentacruel tentacle I found, Paradox?)
  73. [04:43:46] <Paradox> SUDDENLY, A FLYING TIRTOUGA
  74. [04:44:03] <Paradox> (jk :P .. level 50 as well)
  75. [04:44:12] <Jack> (And my Purrloin Claw?)
  76. [04:44:24] <Paradox> (Level 10 :I )
  77. [04:44:38] <Jack> (:|)
  78. [04:44:45] <Terri> "No want squiggly bit?"
  79. [04:44:47] * @Arawn looks at the tentacle again, though. "...Hm. Not that it's bad... it might help, but..." he pokes at it a little.
  80. [04:45:05] <Paradox> (it's a PURRLOIN claw. It's definitely more useful as a quick claw :I )
  81. [04:46:19] <@Arawn> "...How much?" he finally sighs.
  82. [04:46:34] <Terri> "How much good?"
  83. [04:46:45] * Nephene simply steps aside, and chooses to admire any display pieces. The chit chat could wait.
  84. [04:47:17] <@Arawn> Arawn's workshop is half filled with clearly half-finished works... and the other half with finished pieces that are kept in the most tip-top of shape. He must polish them or something.
  85. [04:47:34] <@Arawn> "...400," Arawn offers, expression going neutral.
  86. [04:47:36] * Jack waves and smiles to Nephene, "Hello again, miss."
  87. [04:47:42] <Nephene> "Hi, there."
  88. [04:50:01] <Terri> "Ok."
  89. [04:50:02] <Jack> "Nice day, isn't it?"
  90. [04:50:17] * Terri hands him his bag of money.
  91. [04:50:30] <Terri> "Cant count that high."
  92. [04:50:33] <Nephene> "A bit humid, but certainly not terrible."
  93. [04:51:16] * Maka slowly opens the door and peeks in. "Oh...lots of customers..." She walks in carrying an armful of books and slinks off to a corner.
  94. [04:51:42] <@Arawn> "..." Arawn sighs, going to a safe in the back corner to get the money for Terri. "It's not really that hard..."
  95. [04:52:08] * @Arawn scores a giant tentacle to help complete his upcoming monstrosity of a piece of equipment
  96. [04:52:28] <Terri> Also, in the money bag are also some coins from far away, but still worth the same amount.
  97. [04:52:50] <Paradox> FAR AWAY IS STILL THE EMPIRE
  98. [04:52:51] * Jack turns to Maka, "Oh, Maka! I was hoping I'd find you. That book on construction has been a big help."
  99. [04:53:15] * @Arawn looks up to Maka as he takes the tentacle. "Thank you, Maka; set the books down on the table, will you?"
  100. [04:53:40] * @Arawn sets it on a shelf in the back; christ, this thing is big... but looking at it now, the gears are already turning in his head.
  101. [04:55:08] * Maka smiles at Jack. "I'm glad. Everyone should read more often~" she walks over to the table and gently sets the books down off to the side. "Are you crafting more apricorn balls today, Arawn? That's a lot of books on apricorns..."
  102. [04:55:43] * @Arawn had actually requested books on water pokemon biology for completely related to yesterday's shenanigans reasons
  103. [04:56:17] <Maka> (let's just say I brought both?)
  104. [04:56:18] <@Arawn> "I suppose I should get some done at some point today," he nods.
  105. [04:57:24] * Terri waits patiently for his money.
  106. [04:57:46] * @Arawn has given it to Terri by this point, yes.
  107. [04:58:19] <Maka> "I have the books about water pokemon too. They're uh...not much though...sorry...I'm trying to get more books for the library, but you know it's hard out here."
  108. [04:58:39] <@Arawn> "At least it's cleanly cut," he's still staring at the thing. "It's not the optimal material, but... Don't worry about it, Maka. I can't say I've worked with materials quite like these before, so..."
  109. [04:58:41] <Terri> "I also like to buy... capture things Like that no tasty ball."
  110. [04:58:47] * Terri points to Boris' pokeball.
  111. [04:59:27] <Terri> "Can make tasty ball?"
  112. [04:59:29] <@Arawn> Arawn almost catches himself making some quip, then shuts himself up and steps away from tentacle, returning to the counter. "Standard, Lure, Moon, or Quick models?"
  113. [04:59:41] <@Arawn> "...No. No I will not."
  114. [05:00:00] * Maka nods and retreats to the corner again and waits for Arawn to finish with the rest of the customers.
  115. [05:00:11] <Terri> "Awww."
  116. [05:00:13] * Terri frowns.
  117. [05:00:31] <Terri> "Want ball like that."
  118. [05:00:34] * Terri points to the standard.
  119. [05:02:01] <@Arawn> "...As ever," he seems a little bothered. "I've got four in stock right now. Two hundred apiece."
  120. [05:03:31] <Terri> "Ok."
  121. [05:03:38] <Terri> "Three please."
  122. [05:04:07] * Terri hands him the money bag again.
  123. [05:04:27] <@Arawn> "...You really have no idea--alright," Arawn sighs, fishing out the money himself and grumbling something under his breath.
  124. [05:05:00] * Nephene hopes the poor man can at least count to three.
  125. [05:05:11] <Terri> (I CAN COUNT TO MANY!)
  126. [05:06:45] * @Arawn finishes taking Terri's money and hands him the balls. "And for the love of art, please treat them better than you did your current one."
  127. [05:08:31] <Terri> "I will. Ball old. Was brother's. Balls not tasty. Know this now."
  128. [05:09:44] <Jack> "Maka, your brother's book was a big help in getting the foundation of my gym together. It's amazing how important a good foundation is in building," he tries to make conversation.
  129. [05:10:41] <@Arawn> "Alright. Who's next here?"
  130. [05:11:01] <Maka> "You're making a gym? What kind of gym?"
  131. [05:12:10] <Terri> "Thank you Scythe man."
  132. [05:12:57] * Jack looks about to see if anyone else is approaching next, then resumes conversation with Maka, "A pokemon gym, for training your pokemon...and having them spar with one another."
  133. [05:13:13] <Jack> "One moment, I think the crowd's cleared up,"
  134. [05:13:26] <Terri> "Bye, peoples."
  135. [05:13:31] * Jack nods to Maka, then approaches the counter.
  136. [05:13:32] * Terri leaves.
  137. [05:14:17] <Jack> "Excuse me, I'd like to buy your balls," Jack says obliviously as he points out the last of the regular balls, "And I hear you have some special types in stock?"
  138. [05:14:22] <Maka> "Um...okay." Maka backs up and idly stares at the materials Arawn has amassed in his shop.
  139. [05:14:59] <@Arawn> Arawn has... quite a few. They're being stored - most of them under a wrap of some sort ot preserve them, it seems.
  140. [05:15:07] <@Arawn> "Yes, I do. You're new in town, right?"
  141. [05:15:59] <Jack> "Relatively. I arrived around the beginning of the season. Moon balls are the ones good for stone-evolution types, right?"
  142. [05:16:58] <@Arawn> "...That's correct. You know your stuff," Arawn almost seems... impressed? Or at least, not irritated. "Lure balls work best on Pokemon who have been brought in with food; and Quick Balls are best for ambushes. Or there's the standard model, if you're... that kind of person."
  143. [05:18:53] <Jack> "I'll take one standard and one moon ball, then," he says before explaining his familiarity, "Training pokemon is more or less my life work, so I find it helps to be a bit familiar with apricorn balls."
  144. [05:19:28] <Clarity> "Okay! See ya laaaaater, Buff Guy~!" Despite coming from outside, some loud shouting makes itself more than heard through the poor door that has no idea what kind of fate that's in store for it. There's a pause of about a second or two before the real cacophony begins, right in the middle of something too. Knock. Knocknocknocknocknocknocknock.
  147. [05:20:00] <@Arawn> "Alright. I still don't know why--The door's open, you know."
  148. [05:20:51] <Clarity> "Oh, right!" With a goofy grin somebody steps in without even paying attention to the fact that there's, you know, somebody at the counter, or somebody she knows inside, sprinting right up. "Hey, Balls Guy! You're still selling those balls, riiiight?"
  149. [05:20:52] * Jack groans a bit at the knocking. He KNEW who it was.
  150. [05:21:54] <@Arawn> Oh god it's her. "Hold your horses and wait your turns, Naps; I'm helping someone else right now," he fetches the balls for Jack; the last Standard Ball, but also a -very- carefully detailed and crafted Moon Ball. Finally, someone recognising quality. "700."
  151. [05:21:56] <Clarity> ... A Shinx follows behind her, with an almost apologetic look on its face.
  152. [05:22:19] * Maka is facepalming. "...Clarity, you know Arawn doesn't like interruptions."
  153. [05:22:53] <@Arawn> "No, no, I'm absolutely loving this, I assure you," Arawn does his best to smile for the customers. The sarcasm drips harder.
  154. [05:22:58] <Clarity> "FINE FINE FINE. I probably got a few minutes to stay awake for- OH RIGHT!" A fist smashes against a palm with an invisible lightbulb shooting out of her skull as she turns around, staring Maka in the eyes with a looooooooooong pause. "... Nope, lost it."
  155. [05:23:25] * Jack considers, then takes some gold from his pouch and makes the transaction. He can apparently count. Amazing.
  156. [05:25:08] <@Arawn> Oh thank god he can count. "Thank you very much; if you need more, don't hesitate to ask."
  157. [05:25:59] <Jack> "Of course. Thanks, Arawn," he smiles faintly, then heads back to admiring Arawn's work. It was pretty impressive.
  158. [05:26:06] <Clarity> This whole time has been staring. ".. Oh, that's what it was! You're here! Hi." A cure, almost girly wave. Kinda creepy considering her attitude.
  159. [05:26:55] <Clarity> "OKAY BALLS!" With one swift movement, the loud 'Naps' LEAPS across half the store and grins mega-goofily into the man's face at the counter, slapping a hand down on it. "I wanna buy your best balls!"
  160. [05:27:00] <Maka> "Um..." Maka just gives Clarity a weird look as she approaches the counter.
  161. [05:27:34] <Clarity> Obviously even poor Maka gets butted in front of. What a shame. At least Jack got safely out of the way.
  162. [05:27:35] <Nephene> "....oh, dear."
  163. [05:27:59] <@Arawn> "..." Arawn stares her down. "If you want my -best-, they're 600 apiece. And I think they'll suit your impatience well."
  164. [05:28:07] * Maka slowly reaches up and tugs Clarity back. "...I was first." she says quietly.
  165. [05:29:09] <Clarity> "Oh c'mon! I just gotta have some of his BEST balls!" ... But then a loud pout. "... Okay, I'll be over theeeere. Just a sec then, Balls!" A wave upon stepping to the side.
  166. [05:29:45] <@Arawn> "Did you need something too, Maka?" You'd think a craftsman would be happier to be swarmed by customers like this.
  167. [05:30:25] * Maka smiles meekly. " wouldn't happen to be able to make more standards soon, would you Arawn? You know umm...I don't get much money at the library..." her voice gets quieter towards the end.
  168. [05:30:57] <@Arawn> "..." Arawn sighs a little. "I do have some time set aside today, yes. We'll work something out."
  169. [05:31:44] * Maka nods and smiles, stepping to the side and shooting Clarity a glare.
  170. [05:32:17] * Clarity shoots one back. But with her grin it's not actually a 'glare' per se. Just some kind of bizarro attempt.
  171. [05:33:57] <Clarity> "Awright! Those BEST ones, gimme two of 'em! No wait one! No wait three! Uhh... wait a sec." Digging into a goldbag, one coin's pulled out. Aaaaand.... flipped onto the counter. It's a...
  172. [05:34:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, 1d2: 2 [1d2=2]
  173. [05:34:08] <@Arawn> "Okay, goofy. Like I said. 600 apiece. They only do their best when you throw 'em before a Pokemon's even really 'into' combat."
  174. [05:35:10] <Clarity> ... Another pile of coins over the tails. And enough for two of those, of course. "Awesome! I just thought they'd be cool to have, thought I'd grab some while I was still a wake." A wacky, but sweet smile. "Thanks a bunch, Mr. Balls." ... Before receiving them, even.
  175. [05:36:10] <Clarity> "Oh yeah. Two of 'em." She doesn't say this until Sky gives her a 'tell him how many you want' stare. What that looks like? We can only guess.
  176. [05:38:02] <@Arawn> "Okay. Two Quick Balls, 1200. Pleasure doing business. ...Or something."
  177. [05:40:06] <Clarity> "Yeah, you too!" She actually tries to shake his hand, but we can only imagine how well that goes. So, stuffing the balls into some sort of pocket or something as well as putting the bag right where it came from, energetic Clarity waltzes over to a corner of the store with an unoccupied chair and... plop. Too late to escape from the building.
  178. [05:40:33] <@Arawn> "Oh god don't you dare fall asleep there."
  179. [05:41:33] <Clarity> Too late! Her face pushes against the back of the chair with a 'zzzzzzzz.' Sky only looks up at him with puppy dog eyes - despite being a cat and everything - and almost looks like he WOULD bow in apology if he could. But he doesn't. He only tugs at her shoe a bit and... is that a shrug? Apparently it was supposed to be.
  180. [05:41:48] <@Arawn> "Oh god damnit."
  181. [05:42:01] * @Arawn facepalms, then looks up to Maka. "...You're the last one, right?"
  182. [05:42:29] * Maka nods and tries to ignore Clarity's snoring.
  183. [05:43:05] * Jack makes his way out of the store.
  184. [05:43:34] <Clarity> It's okay, because it's much tamer than usual. Just a 'zzzZZZzzzz.' Amazingly, this one is actually incapable of slaughtering livestock and imploding nearby solar systems like the usual ones are capable of. Sky wags his tail at Jack as he leaves, but then goes back to... well, whatever it is he's doing.
  185. [05:44:02] <@Arawn> "...Alright," he sighs. "She's gonna screw up my concentration snoring like that... care to give me a hand? If you're not doing anything more important today, anyway."
  186. [05:44:45] <Maka> "I'm not..." Maka sighs. "Not many people visiting the library lately...I might as well help you out."
  187. [05:45:37] <Clarity> The much-manlier-looking Shinx is at least able to perform some tricky maneuvers to shut her up, which should be nice to know. Not like any of them last for very long, b-but he's trying his best! The girl dozes through even his static shocks and electric bolts. They almost look sort of painful.
  188. [05:46:06] * Nephene chuckles. "I guess it's not usually this busy, huh?"
  189. [05:46:53] <@Arawn> "No, no it's not. So much for making any progress today..." he sighs, going into the back and fishing into a barrel for an apricorn he carefully unwraps. "Better get to work."
  190. [05:47:25] <Nephene> "Right, then. Stop by the inn sometime."
  191. [05:47:28] * Maka sets down her bag and gets ready to help, awaiting instructions.
  192. [05:48:02] <Maka> (three instances of +2 to a roll, two instances of +5. Seems like LMHYWT+ doesn't replace LMHYWT now.)
  193. [05:48:23] <@Arawn> "Yeah. See you later, Neph," Arawn sighs, and gets to work. It's... kind of procedure, working with Maka - he mostly has her fetching materials and tools and presenting them to him when he needs them.
  194. [05:49:15] * Maka carries out the tasks as usual, with a few disapproving glances in Clarity's direction now and then.
  195. [05:49:18] <@Arawn> 2#1d20+9;1d20+9;1d20+12;1d20+12 - Poke/Moon/Lure/Quick
  196. [05:49:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, 2#1d20+9: 16 [1d20=7], 11 [1d20=2]; 1d20+9: 29 [1d20=20]; 1d20+12: 28 [1d20=16]; - Poke/Moon/Lure/Quick: 32 [1d20=20]
  197. [05:49:35] * Nephene nods, and heads out. So much for that little experiment.
  198. [05:49:51] <Paradox> <Maka> (three instances of +2 to a roll, two instances of +5. Seems like LMHYWT+ doesn't replace LMHYWT now.)
  199. [05:49:56] <Paradox> (confirmed for a mistake)
  200. [05:50:20] <Maka> (huh, okay. I just assumed that since + has lower frequency it was meant to be as such)
  201. [05:52:18] * @Arawn ends up channeling his irritation into productivity and mildly irritated obsession. It's... not exactly fun to work with him but holy shit the results.
  202. [05:52:24] <Clarity> 1d20 what's this
  203. [05:52:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Clarity, what's this: 20 [1d20=20]
  204. [05:52:45] <@Arawn> 1d20 shiny check
  205. [05:52:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Arawn, shiny check: 15 [1d20=15]
  206. [05:52:50] <@Arawn> (DAMN)
  207. [05:52:57] <Clarity> (AMAZING WAKEUP, JUST TOOK 62 DAMAGE)
  208. [05:53:24] <Clarity> "OHGODWHAT" Suddenly there's a loud ZAP noise from the corner of the store. And then more shrieking.
  209. [05:53:28] <Clarity> THUMP.
  210. [05:53:36] * @Arawn ends... by giving the Quick Ball to Maka. Or is halfway through it when--"Oh god what's she doing now."
  211. [05:53:54] * Maka winces at the noise and jumps a bit.
  212. [05:53:57] <Clarity> Sky is standing on top of the stare, giving Arawn a biiiiiiiiiiiig smile as to say "I'm helping!"
  213. [05:54:14] <Maka> "She...she uses her Shinx as an alarm clock." Maka explains quietly.
  214. [05:54:17] <Clarity> ... Only, the napper is now on the ground and twitching instead of, you know, moving.
  215. [05:54:57] <@Arawn> "...It's a good thing I'm done. That could've ruined something," Arawn sighs, and plops the quick ball down in Maka's hand. "Here."
  216. [05:55:48] <Maka> "Huh...but...I just needed some know you don't have to do this when I help..."
  217. [05:55:56] <Clarity> It was long enough before that actually HAPPENED. It was another lengthy break before she actually got up... amazingly, having not knocked anything off or broken anything. "Oh crap! I... did it again, huh?" You know, you'd think being on the ground twitching for that long would provide some consciousness. Apparently not.
  218. [05:57:03] <@Arawn> "It's fine," Arawn sighs, turning back to Clarity with a frown. "Yes, yes you did. This place isn't an inn, you know."
  219. [05:58:10] <Clarity> "Ahaha~!" The laugh's really fake too. "Oh no, I didn't do it on purpose, Balls! Promise! Really! Um..." Cough cough. The Shinx frowns at her too. "... Did you, uh, really finish already?"
  220. [05:58:15] <@Arawn> (Also, perception from Maka? :3c )
  221. [05:58:24] <@Arawn> "Yes. That's how long you were asleep."
  222. [05:58:25] <Maka> "...But....okay..." Maka pockets the quick ball. "I'd still like to buy a standard if you have one ready now." she puts 200 gold on the counter.
  223. [05:58:30] <Maka> 1d20+6 ohgod?
  224. [05:58:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Maka, ohgod?: 10 [1d20=4]
  225. [05:58:50] <Clarity> "Aw CRA- waitasecond"
  226. [05:59:02] <@Arawn> "...I'm out right now, Maka. Sorry. Her -snoring- ruined a couple today already, remember?"
  227. [05:59:27] <Clarity> Suddenly, with a mad dash, the 200 is swiped off the counter and either back into Maka's whatever or the floor. And from Clarity's own wallet comes another 200.
  228. [05:59:56] <Clarity> "Okay, take it anyway! Didn't mean it my bad least I could do-" Another static shock from the small animal. Apparently he helps with other things too.
  229. [06:00:17] <@Arawn> "... I'm not going to take money for work not provided. Just get out of here, got it?"
  230. [06:00:18] * Maka sighs and slides the gold back, to find it shoved into her. "Right..." she backs off as Clarity acosts Arawn.
  231. [06:00:20] <Clarity> "... But aww, maaaan. I really wanted to see what they looked like inside."
  232. [06:01:13] <Clarity> "Nope!" It's pushed further across the counter with a smile. "You know I mean it, Balls Guy! Later~!" With a twirl and a twirl and a twirl, the two of them exit just as bizarrely as they entered.
  233. [06:02:13] <@Arawn> :/ . Well, fine. Money is money.
  234. [06:03:33] <@Arawn> "...So."
  235. [06:04:16] <Maka> "Um...I guess I'll be back when you've made more. thanks again." Maka starts heading out the door. "And I hope you enjoy the books!"
  236. [06:05:03] <@Arawn> "...Yeah, thanks," Arawn sighs, waving to her. "Get home safe and all that."
  237. [06:05:57] * Maka gives a small wave in the doorway. "Yeah. Good luck with the crafting."
  238. [06:06:34] * @Arawn shuts the door, yells a little to let his irritation out; and then sits his ass back down in his chair and resumes work on his eventual masterpiece's development.
  239. [06:06:44] <Clarity> ... And the loud cackling outside leaves only to the imagination what horrors took place outside that day.
  240. [06:06:43] <@Arawn> </session>
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