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opm 122 part 2

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Sep 22nd, 2017
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  1. 35
  2. Shooter! Catch your quiver!
  3. Thanks for replenishing!
  4. A complete supporting type… / not too close and not too far, at a fixed distance…
  5. If so…
  6. You will be my shield!
  7. 36
  8. You won’t get away!
  9. 37
  10. Tossing pebbles!? / how annoying! / stop resisting, you small fry!
  11. Shit / If I let myself open anymore, they’ll attack me from behind again…
  12. 38
  13. This guy…has some neat moves…
  14. He’s no simply small fry…
  15. “you won’t get away” is my line. / I’m not only here for battle support, / but also to pursue you when you flee in defeat.
  16. In terms of stamina and willpower, I’m not gonna lose to you…if it’s a drawn-out battle you want, be my guest. / however, considering the fatigue, bleeding plus the poison, it won’t come this far.
  17. 39
  18. Whoops… / even if you are weakened, there’s no need to go into close combat with you. / close combat is the job of these two.
  19. Before I noticed, they’ve closed in again… / I don’t have anything left to break through this defense…
  20. In my current condition, no way I can dodge all the bullets, arrows, sickle chain and kendama… / and my mind has stopped working too…
  21. 41
  22. If you’re gonna surrender, this is your last chance. / my gun is pointing right at you now. / If you threaten the life of any of us, I will pull the trigger. / It’s all up to me to turn you into mincemeat or not.
  23. That’s not how it’s supposed to be…? / what a shame, “hero hunter”.
  24. Those who are here are elites who have surpassed death… / It’s the heroes that are rated highly.
  25. 42
  26. All this just to hunt you.
  27. The elites…? / kukuku… / am I the only one who finds this off putting?
  28. 43
  29. What about the s-class!? / after all the humiliation the hero association went through, they still haven’t realized my danger…
  30. You finally get to face a monster like me… / but on my side, I can’t get excited fighting some bargain sales…
  31. You too are only focused on s-class heroes?
  32. Huh?
  33. 44
  34. They are extremely popular. / the way the hero association treats them is beyond special. / and it seems the s-class are part of secrets none of us know about.
  35. Even though we’re all “heroes”, why this difference…?
  36. 45
  37. Because the existence of the ranking system amongst heroes, there are many skilled ones who aren’t rated properly. / In our current time, the increasing amount of monster incidents only puts the s-class who are specialized in combat in the spotlight.
  38. The world doesn’t care that there are excellent heroes outside of the s-class.
  39. 46
  40. Even for that sake…you who are in the center of attention for having defeated s-class heroes, / makes the perfect target for us.
  41. This means…you didn’t call for any s-class on your own account…
  42. Oh if the kids heard you speak, they’ll be very disappointed…
  43. It’s getting harder to breathe… / and the dizziness is also getting out of control… / the poison…
  44. 47
  45. Right now, it seems like the monster association is causing quite some problems. / are you sure you can afford to spend all your focus on me alone? / shouldn’t saving the hostage come first?
  46. You’re first, then comes the monster association.
  47. Those cocky monsters will be blown away by our hands as well.
  48. 48
  49. These guys…are the stairway… / In order for me to become a true monster…
  50. I don’t feel like going down! / I am going to climb up, one step after another…!!!
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