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  1. Queen KongСегодня в 11:48
  2. Hello!  Sorry. that distract.  My team and I are developing a new ideal application for watching movies and TV shows. But for this I need to collect information from users. Can I ask you some questions?
  4. ahc_club28Сегодня в 11:50
  5. Depends what the questions are.
  7. Queen KongСегодня в 11:50
  8. Do you use media streaming applications? What kind? Have you ever paid for such a service?
  10. ahc_club28Сегодня в 11:51
  11. Yeah, I use a few, mostly for anime tho. I paid for AnimeLab and Crunchyroll.
  13. Queen KongСегодня в 11:52
  14. If it's not difficult for you to describe the main disadvantages of this method of watching anime
  16. ahc_club28Сегодня в 11:53
  17. There isn’t much of an disadvantage. I guess the biggest one is that it doesn’t always have all the shows I want.
  19. Queen KongСегодня в 11:53
  20. Have you tried pirated methods to watch anime or movies? Such as is in AppValley? If no, why?
  22. ahc_club28Сегодня в 11:54
  23. No, I don’t like it since I don’t like getting viruses.
  25. Queen KongСегодня в 11:54
  26. Thank you so much for your time!)))
  28. ahc_club28Сегодня в 11:55
  29. All good, I hope everything goes to plan.
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