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  1. #1. Download
  3. -Lunatic Rave 2 is probably the most widely (?)used BMS emulator, allowing realtime online Internet Ranking (IR) for competitive play.
  5. #2. Unzip to a folder of your choice
  7. #3. Preferably, download Microsoft Applocale and run compatibility for Japanese fonts; Run LR2.exe
  9. #4. Your first time firing up the game will prompt you to create an account. Type in your username, and a password. Note that your account will not be created until you play at least a song in game
  11. #5. After choosing a username and password, a LR2 SETUP window will appear. Change language to English
  13. #6. You should be on the MAIN tab. The game will automatically store your ID so you don't have to retype your ID and Password each time you play. For online IR play, tick the box LR2 InternetRanking and the two smaller boxes below it.
  14. [You will notice a LR2IR my page, but it will not work yet as your account isn't made yet]
  16. #7. Click JUKEBOX1 tab. This is where you load the song folders. Click Add, and search up a folder containing your songs (ala Stepmania), e.g. LR2Beta3/Songs/
  18. #8. Click SELECT tab. Tick where appropriate (i.e. If you only play 7k BMS you might want to ignore 9/10/14k etc), optional
  20. #9. Click SYSTEM tab. I personally don't use Vsync, adjust sound settings here if needed, etc.
  22. #10. Click Play (bottom leftmost) to start the game. A cmd-ish window will appear and will load up the songs from your songs folder (it only has to do this once, unless you add in new songs where it will add the new songs automatically the next time). Afterwards it will say PUSH ANY KEY. Self explanatory I think.
  24. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  26. #11. In game, where you can see song folders and options. Click SYSTEM OPTION
  27. -Score Graph ON
  28. -BGA ON
  29. -Lane Cover ON
  30. -Screen Mode WINDOW or FULLSCREEN
  31. -Replay will allow you to save in-game replays (only one for each song/chart though) based on the criteria you selected (e.g. only record for Fullcombo, or only record for Personal Record 1, or always record, etc.)
  33. Just for preference, click SKIN/SOUND, head over to MUSIC SELECT tab, change BACKGROUND to MOVIE just to make it a little prettier (<:
  35. ESC to go back one window. Pressing ESC on the main menu will exit the game.
  37. Click KEY CONFIG to change keys. Be wary of not accidently mapping two buttons to one key etc, it easily happens. Note that the turntable has a L and R side, for keyboard play it doesn't matter you can map a key to either side since direction isn't important (you still can scroll through menus using the arrow keys anyway). An important thing is to map keys for the START and SELECT buttons, you need em.
  39. Hold down START at the main menu to display play options.
  40. -Random is self-explanatory
  41. -There are many gauges, the main three used are EASY, GROOVE, and SURVIVAL (easy, normal, and hard clear for IIDX respectively). For EASY and GROOVE, you must have at least 80% health at the end of the song, regardless of how bad you do throughout the song; GROOVE is tighter than EASY. SURVIVAL is the standard health bar, albeit very tight like a L7/8 Stepmania gauge. DEATH means instant fail upon missing, P_Attack means instant fail upon getting a single good/bad/poor, G_Attack means you have to perfect/quad the song (stupidly impossible)
  42. -Assist should be off
  43. -Target will be the Target score that you want to achieve that will be shown in the score graph in game
  44. -Speedmod can be adjusted in-game
  46. Let's assume you're using P1 Left side to play the game. Call the keys 1234567
  49. #12. Play a song once. In-game,
  50. -Hold down START and press 1357(white keys) to speed down, 246(black keys) to speed up
  51. -Doubletap START to enable LANE COVER (i.e. sudden+). In this mode, 135 and 24 are reserved for speedmods, use 6 and 7 to adjust lane cover height. This is VERY useful for optimal reading.
  52. -Press ESC to quit while playing
  54. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  56. #13. After playing a song once, your account should be created. Quit the game by pressing ESC, and start LR2 again. On the LR2 SETUP window, click on LR2IR my page. This will open a page for your online account. This website is the website which contains the database of all the online accounts and files played (including download links and ranking tables for scores of each song)
  58. e.g. my page is
  60. example of a song page
  62. 本体URL is the d/l link for the original BMS
  63. 差分URL is the d/l link for the custom BMS (usually the super hard files you see)
  65. As of this writing (outdated), there are 3 FULLCOMBOs, 179 HARD clears, 71 NORMAL clears, and 105 EASY clears, with 675 other people failing the song. You only need to pass a song -once- and it will be registered on the webpage. In order of overwriting,
  69. i.e. if I Hard clear a song which I used to Easy clear, it will display HARD clear on my rank. If I FCed the song once, it will show up FULLCOMBO. As long as you've done it once, it will be saved permanently regardless if you were to beat your personal record ; e.g. if i FCed with terrible accuracy but my best accuracy run is not a FC it will still show my rank as FULLCOMBO. ★FULLCOMBO means passing the song on P_Attack gauge. g/l (lol at Che ★FC Air)
  71. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  73. BMS songs have a ★ rating. Normal IIDX songs go from ☆1~☆12. ★ is a different ballpark altogether; to denote difficulties of songs beyond the standard IIDX songs. For example, AA[A] is probably a ★1, Quell might be a ★3, Mei around a ★8~9, etc. Air -GOD- is a ★20, Little Hearts -GOD- a ★23 for comparison.
  75. Some songs above ★20 are denoted as Overjoys. Roughly speaking, a ★21 is an Overjoy 1, or a ★★1. ★22=★★2, etc.
  77. ◆ denotes a totally different scale, the LongNote scale as normal BMSes do not have holdnotes in it. Still at a developing stage as very few players play these files
  79. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  81. You can add rivals in the game. By adding a rival, in-game there will be a folder for your rival where you can see the songs that you both share, and see whether you win or lose for each song. You can add a rival by clicking the gray button below a player's info on his page
  83. e.g. shows that I added 3 rivals; gikofusa, leonid, and CONC*. Click gray button right below it to add me as a rival for example
  85. -----------------------------------------
  87. As a mark of a player's ability, there are Dan courses. A Dan course consists of 4 songs, all you have to do is pass it. In ★BMS there are 12 courses;
  89. 1Dan~10Dan, Kaiden, and Overjoy
  91. Passing a particular course will register it on your profile. Obviously passing a higher Dan will overwrite your current Dan. Dan levels are displayed next to each player's names on score rank tables
  93. e.g. for, next to each player's name is their Dan level. air is a ★★(Kaiden) class player, ideu is at ★10 (10Dan), Che.. at (^^)/overjoy.
  95. --------------------------------------------------
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