Oct 28th, 2019
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  1. ● How To Get Synapse X Cracked For Free + Synapse Serial Key 2019 | Synapse Cracked | Synapse Reborn | Synapse Remake Version | How To Get A *Level 7* Roblox Exploit Working 2019
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  5. This is the latest version of the Synapse X Cracked version (v.4.1.2) and is auto-updated before launching. If there any updates in the future you won't need to keep re-downloading.
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  8. Synapse X Download: (MEGA)
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  11. Decryption Key: (Required For MEGA)
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  14. Synapse X Download: (Mediafire)
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  17. MEGA & Mediafire links are both provided. Choose whichever file-uploader you feel comfortable with, if the files get taken down you can always download synapse from the other link provided.
  19. Current Login Key For Synapse ⟢ (Updated Weekly)
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