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  2. #### "Let's go Alice." 
  4. This time his words didn't come smoothly, they weren't a tease they were and order. The heat between them disappears as he stands and pushed her body away from his own and takes a moment to fix his garments. The warmth of his hands can still he felt on parts of her body, the hands that had now left her. He picked up the glass and downed the rest of his drink before fixing his swept back slick hair. 
  6. "Come now, I'll go make my purchase so that we can begin." 
  8. He slides past her not even giving the slightest look just a single gesture of his hand signaling her to keep up.
  10. "You're welcome to take my arm Alice I don't you getting lost or stolen." 
  12. He made a slight gap by bending his elbow so that she could hook on, that way it would be clear as day that she was his choice as they make their way through the crowd of drunks and gambling misfits. 
  13. He approached the owner of the red dragon with a bold stride then fixed his suit once more and snaps to catch the man's attention. These actions did not mix well  the owner, he squints and nearly scoffs at Sosuke's bold and intolerable behavior, it was almost as if he was practically demanding attention, as if the owner should feel blessed to even have him, Aizen Sosuke, in this dump in the first place. 
  15. "This doll is mine, not for an hour, nor for two, but for life." 
  17. This threw everyone around them back in shock and confusion. 
  19. "Heh, sir, I can give her to you for the rest of the night but you can't have her." 
  21. "And who decided that?" 
  23. Aizen retorts with some heat of his own as he slid out a generous bundle of cash and slides it into the pocket of the owners suit where that abomination of a flower was resting. 
  25. "I believe our deal is done, if you have any complaints please feel free to call." 
  27. And with that his presence from the area was swept away along with the doll and that man's Hope's of using her for further profit. 
  29. "I have a role I'd like you to fulfill Alice a very special one"
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