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  1. February 2, 2012
  2. #TERA @ irc.rizon.net - Establishing this IRC and its Guild
  4. this is serious business
  6.     Over the past few days, we've been getting more and more people to join and idle in #TERA. The reason we use an IRC channel is because some of us believe that Steam groups don't work well, and are slightly more disorganized. We honestly don't want to sit in a chatroom with 136 people in it at once, and since the Steam overlay is basically acting as a wrapper around Tera while you play, I find that there are better ways to organize "groups". IRC is one of those ways.
  8. Furthermore, let's get this out of the way first. The sole purpose of the channel is to simply meet, talk to, and play with others in Tera Online. It wasn't made because somebody on /a/ or /v/ or any other board had an idea to suddenly make an IRC for them. That is why #Ter/a/, #Tera-JP, and #Tera-Online @ irc.gamesurge.net exist. I personally really hate people that are immature enough to blockade out everybody that isn't from their favorite shitty board. Not only that, but there probably won't be as much people playing once the game launches.
  10. Creating a guild for the IRC channel is a hit or a miss. It is simply a group of people in this IRC channel that want to make a guild and play Tera together. Yes, we will kick the first person that comes in here who is a nuisance because nobody likes to hear the same old memes every ten lines. The last thing that we should do, however, is to isolate ourselves just because we can't handle that there may be people who play Tera that don't browse 4chan every spare minute they have. For that purpose, I'd like to keep the guild as closely knit as possible while, at the same time, not be a complete dick about it and pretend like secret clubs are the cool thing. New players are great; they're what drives games forward and make them interesting. I hope everybody can at least agree with that.
  12. In regards to the guild, leadership and "Guild Officers" should be something of little concern. Ideally we will never have to resort to using that kind of hierarchy. Everybody should be able to play the game and enjoy it, not worry about a power trip or "corrupt" officers. This is a game, it doesn't need to be any harder than that to find people to play with. Unfortunately I am biased in that regard, because I truly believe that the channel operators are truly capable of being in that position. It's also why I made them channel operators.
  14. We're still deciding on a name, and then we'll have to decide exactly what icon we'll use for that guild. Most likely we're all going to attempt to play on the same server, which is probably going to be whatever has the most population while also being a PvP server.
  16. Finally, if you DON'T want to be a part of a guild made by this IRC channel, that's perfectly okay! We like fellow players to talk to frequently. This channel exists so that could be possible. Nobody should ever have to feel obligated to leave or join.
  18. I hope that clears things up. Let's enjoy Tera Online as best as we can.
  20. - Kanery
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