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  1. [19:04] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Coach Aya was part of a new generation. Signing up to help run CPS programmes was the best thing that had ever happened to her, particularly as it had allowed her to get back into sports coaching. During her traineeship, she'd been amazed at the difference – boys in particular had often been disinclined to listen properly when she'd been a coach before. Boys in CPS programmes had no such problems. And she certainly couldn't deny the fun of keeping teenagers properly spanked, plugged and denied.
  3. Of course, there'd been plenty of reluctance at first – teenage boys, especially sporty, reasonably popular ones, don't welcome the idea of being spanked or plugged, and like the idea of being locked least of all! But given the choice between complying or being barred from league matches under the new rules, they'd all chosen to get with the programme, making them the vanguard in their school.
  5. Typically, she'd start off training with an inspection, followed by a spanking – the whole team bent over and holding the bench while she removed and reinserted their plugs, tugged at their cages to test for security, and then delivered a firm, but not drastic, paddling to each butt in turn. Only when she thought the boys needed some additional discipline, on or off the court, she sometimes took other measures like swapping out their plugs for larger ones, extra paddlings, or on-the-spot 'inspections' in front of their other classmates. Over the last couple of weeks, with training twice a week, she'd already seen a transformation start to kick in.
  7. [url=]Aya[/url]
  8. [19:05] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: (Oh, what a cute wolf)
  9. [19:17] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: To say that the boy's lives had changed was an understatement, indeed. For the boys of Baskervilles, the choice had been torturous but obvious, as to stop playing basketball seriously was absolutely out of question. They had come so far, and in their rather gloomy environment, they had nothing else... Thus, thanks to resignation, peer pressure, school pressure, and with no small amount of whining, the whole team had signed up for the program, and surrendered control over their rear, both in and out, and the newly discovered pleasure they had found in their genitalia.
  11. Some of the boys took it rather well. Joshua was happy not to feel ashamed anymore of what was hanging between his legs, as the others were leveled with him thanks to the tight confines of the steel cages. Taylor didn't see in the program a very big obstacle to dating and messing around, since he was more of a romantic than a horndog and, if needed, could offer a potential lover his raised tail. Ethan actually welcomed the control he felt over his teenage urges, and in this new environment was less pressured to act stupid like his rowdy friends did before they were tamed...
  12. The results were still ambivalent for Zach, who hated the thought of being disciplined when he was perfectly behaving and thought the blackmail very unfair. But he had come to apppreciate despite himself the care he was treated with, and often couldn't stop himself from fidgeting when the older woman gave him attention... as for Mathias, he hated every second of it, but his fear of pain and the rigorous punishments he endured were taming him fast, much to the gratitude of his "friends".
  14. Things were much worse for Wolfgang, however, who could never get used to the humiliation of being inspected, exposed, and treated like a child. The harder he was punishe and humiliated, the more he felt the need to protest, making his case a very challenging one. Thomas was crestfallen over the whole situation ; things were going very badly with his girlfriend, and she was upset he surrendered his ability to pleasure her just to stay in the League. Himself, of course, was upset for the same reason... and there was Leo, whose unnatural sex drive was torturing him constantly. The chastity was driving him mad, making him squirm at every hour in class, leak in his pants, moan in pain as his sensitive flesh was being tortured by the confines of his cage...
  15. [19:21] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: This particular day, as they were all lined for the inspection, he found the courage (or the desperation) to finally beg his tormentor. "Coach Aya, please! Just this once, take that stupid thing away, I can't even play like that! I didn't even sleep last night!" He whined. The other boys, all lined up to his right, turned to look at him, some rolling their eyes as his tantrum was threatening to delay the game and prolong his unpleasant moment. Their shorts were still on, and at the bottom of Leo's, there was a dark stain.
  16. [19:32] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Aya paused and moved to stand behind him. She pulled down his shorts, reached between his legs and wrapped a hand around his little locked package, squeezing down gently on his trapped balls.
  17. "Now then Leo, we've been over this, haven't we? You're all going to be given a release in two more weeks anyway, can't you wait until then? Part of the *point* of this programme is to teach you boys discipline, after all." She sighed and let go, scooping up some of that desperate, pent-up dick-drool and casually licking her fingers.
  18. "I'll admit, you do seem to be being rather badly affected." She paused.
  19. "Alright young man, let's talk again after you get some of this pent-up energy worked out in practice. If you still want an extra release, I'll allow it... but I will have to pair it with disciplinary measures. I can't be playing favourites. And your teammates will have to stay late to witness it, too." With that offer on the table, she pulled his plug out abruptly for inspection and popped it back in before moving on to Taylor, next to him.
  20. [19:42] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The young feline's fuzzy balls felt heavy and extremely warm in her hand, and his whole lower body tensed as she gave him that teasing caress.
  21. "I can't hold on for two weeks... I need to jerk off every day, it's not my fault! It's my hormones, I read it on the internet..." Leo tried, his whole body shuddering as arousal pulsed through him. "You're just addicted to porn, you dumb ass..." Thomas, who was in a particularly bad mood over a fight he had this morning on Messenger with his girlfriend, hissed venomously. "Can't believe I have to listen to a virgin complaining he can't pound his dumb cock."
  22. "And who's pounding your girlfriend now, Tommy?" Mathias sneered, prompting Thomas to almost punch him before Ethan tugged on his shirt and brought him calmly back on the bench.
  23. "Y-Yes! Anything!" Leo gasped as the plug was pulled, the pink hole in the middle of his lighter-colored crack winking for a couple of seconds before being forced to spread open again. Taylor obediently lowered his shorts and raised his incredibly fluffy tail as high as he could, already pushing out the muscles of his sphincter to make the removal easier. "Uhm... how late? I have a date later..." He asked hte coach.
  24. [19:58] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Oh, that's sweet," Aya told him as she slowly worked the plug from his tailhole. "Well, I don't want to get in the way of young love," she chuckled as she ran her fingertip around his entrance, ostensibly checking for tears or abrasions before starting to push the plug back in. "Just remind me if it starts to get too late. I'm sure your boyfriend will understand if you're a little behind." She patted his bottom before moving on.
  26. Sixteen toasted buns later – especially so for Thomas and Mathias – they were on the court. She couldn't help but notice that Leo seemed especially eager to impress, and exceptionally well behaved. While the boys were rolling away the ball bin, she fetched out a little kit of tools –a small bowl, a modest vibrator, a stool-sized... thing which looked like it could be found in a spa – as well as a new plug and cage. She laid them out on the bench near Leo's stuff, and waited patiently for him to come back.
  28. "Alright Leo. Are you sure you want an extra release?", she asked. "I dare say it's going to be quite embarrassing, being milked while everyone else just watches. And I can't go easy on you while I'm already bending the rules for you, you know."
  29.  [20:10] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The plug slid out with some effort, but without much pain, as Taylor took deep breaths and allowed his body to relax. Even though he would never dream of fooling around with the coach, the caress of her finger felt nice ; his hole, if anything, was in an even better state than that of his friends, since unlike some, he would never clench to resist the intrusion or forget to relax before it was pulled out. "Thanks... he's not my boyfriend yet, but, that'd be - oof - " He sighed a bit as the plug found back its righftul place, and lowered his tail. "... that'd be nice."
  31. The boy all came back to the locker room, some surprised to see the coach there, before quickly remembering that earlier conversation she had with Leo. A few seemed surprised, having assumed it was just empty words to keep the annoying brat quiet. But the strange assortment of tools didn't lie ; instead of udnressing to shower like they always did, they quietly moved to the sides of the room, leaving their young friend standing alone in front of hte coach.
  33. "Oh, I thought... I thought you were just going to let me do it myself." Leo swallowed nervously, eyes stuck on the various tools that had invaded the space around his sports bag. He had masturbated in front of his friends before, and wasn't too ashamed of his body (not ashamed enough, as a matter of fact), but the thought of being the only one toyed with while everyone watched and judged him was making him hesitate still. "Uh... what if we just do it together in your office or something, Coach Aya?" He offered with a somewhat unsure grin. Zach facepalmed loudly.
  34. [20:19] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "No Leo, that's not an option," she confirmed, firmly. "Part of the reason we allow youths on the sports programme full releases is because it's a bonding experience. Besides, it will, I think, be much more embarrassing this way, and that's part of the trade-off. No special treatment, young man."
  35. Her stance softened slightly. "Now, you do have [i]some[/i] choice here." Research had shown that punishments were more embarrassing if the punishee had to make decisions for themselves. "Either I will give you a traditional milking over my lap, or you can use the fully automated mini-cycle to handle everything. Or, of course, you can just be patient and wait for the team milking." She patted the spa-looking machine affectionately; the 'mini-cycle' didn't have exactly have the full suite of options that the original 'cum cycle' did, but it was certainly an efficient and economical way to milk an entire team at once.
  36. [20:27] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: It wasn't a very hard decision for the young bobcat ; he wasn't too happy about being "milked", as she put it, in front of everybody, but if that were the case, he'd rather have it done by a real woman rather than being left at the mercy of some weird, cold machine. For a virgin like Leo, it was a step-up to masturbation...
  37. "Over your lap, please, Coach..." Swallowing resolutely, he walked in front of the big wolf, putting his thumbs under the waistband of his sweat-soaked shorts and awaiting confirmation. Over his shoulder, Leo glanced at his friends behind ; Zachary looked very jealous despite his attempts to play it cool, Thomas exasperated, Taylor was trying to conceal his interest for his friend's lithe figure and Mathias seemed eager, probably wishing for something horribly humiliating to happen to him, to erase the memory of the hyena crying just 1h30 ago as he received a vicious paddling for mocking Thomas.
  38. [20:29] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: AS for Ethan, he was politely looking away to spare his friend further embarrassment, while Joshua thought more appropriate to smile at him in a reassuring, encouragign way.
  39. [20:37] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Alright Thomas, let's begin then. Everyone, watch carefully, now. You might well learn some things about your own bodies, after all!"
  40. She took over from him in pulling down his shorts, and then stripped him of his top as well, leaving him in his trainers, socks and jockstrap – reinstated to the boys' uniform alongside the introduction of the CPS requirement. She stripped this off of him so that he was fully exposed – Ethan wondered why that was so much more embarrassing and exposed somehow than them all being in the showers together.
  41. She sat on the central bench and pulled him down so he was bent over one of her thighs and the bench at the same time, facing some of his teammates and bare butt towards the others. In this position, she started to give him a hand spanking, slow, steady, and firm, focusing on the sit spot between thigh and buttock.
  42. "Now Leo, do you think it shows discipline and team spirit to ask for a special release when none of your teammates are getting a release?" she asked.
  43. [20:47] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The impatient boy stood squirming in place as she meticulously stripped him, making him piece by piece the most naked boy in the room. Like all young felines, he had a rather lithe slihouette not unlike a girl's of other species, with a lean stomach and long limbs ; his waist and thighs however, made for running, were rather wide and gave him a hourglass figure he was sometimes a bit embarrassed about, especially when he compared himself to the broad and imposing Zachary or Taylor, who despite the clichés around his sexuality looked more boyish than Leo did.
  44. Under the fur, he blushed a bit as he was wrapped over Aya's lap ; reflexively, his tail curled downwards to hide his buttocks, but he fought against it and kept it raised, exposing to everyone the back of his ballsack and the pink, rectangular base of the rather sizable plug that filled his toned bottom and shifted torturously inside his rectum with each blows that rained upon his ass. Leo gritted his teeth but did not cry : it was difficult, given that Aya was hitting either already well-reddened areas, or very sensitive ones that usually didn't get much attention. The hardness of his cage was grinding against her thigh, stimulating him and making him moan in pain as his penis sturggled to get erect.
  45. [20:47] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "I, I guess not..." He whined, between gasps that turned higher pitched with every second. "Sorry... but I really can't stand it..."
  46.  [20:57] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Well, if you can't discipline yourself, you'll have to be disciplined some other way, won't you? Which is why I've got you over my lap, being spanked like a little boy who can't control himself." She kept up her steady pace, wanting to see tears before she moved on. "Tell your friends why you're so pent up. Do you really masturbate all the time? How often? How do you do it? Tell everyone nice and loud; clearly, your orgasms are worth [i]everybody's[/i] time, after all."
  47. Some of his teammates were uncomfortable with this situation, almost as embarrassed as he was, despite an undercurrent of curiosity about how other boys... y'know, did it. Only Mathias was really enjoying watching – though he was enjoying it enough for everyone.
  48. [21:05] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The patronizing language was really getting to him : Leo considered himself a catch, he was proud of his insatiable appetite and believed he was just precocious and the girls would come to him soon enough, attracted by his studliness like moths to a lamp. The severity with which she was admonishing him like a child who had just wet the bed, the viciousness with which she implied he was being a burden to his team, and the stinging pain that kept increasing every time her heavy paw bludgeoned his cheeks, making a loud wet smack that resonated through the locker room... it wasn't long until he was openly sobbing, his erection actually receding as pain chased away arousal.
  49. "I, I was doing it 3,4 times a week..." Again, the whimpering cat was interrupted by a blow that made his whole body tense and snot fly out of his nose. "A-Alrigth, a day! I-I have tons of videos on my phone, and - and I like to watch them a lot..."
  50. [21:07] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Jeez... that's not normal, Leo..." Ethan murmured softly, starting to think his friend really needed that kind of treatment.
  51. [21:08] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "I'm, I'm sorry guys..." He cried. "I just... can't help it..." Leo confessed tearfully, starting to go limp on her lap.
  52. [21:21] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Fetch me his phone, please, Ethan." Aya stopped spanking him now, allowing him to recover a little bit. The phone wasn't locked – a careless move. She scrolled through his stash – god, she remembered when your phone was cool if it could run a crappy pinball game – and did a search for 'spank*'... there we go. "0043Cheerleader Trials – After-School Spanking (Ashley Beers, Todd Biggins)". The housecat girl who came on screen as she placed it down in front of him, playing at full volume, looked rather more like she should be on the PTA than in that cheerleader costume, but it made for an embarrassing comparison.
  53. "I'll let you watch this one while we milk you then, shall I?" She reached underneath him, letting the cheesy dialogue fill the air as some of the boys craned to look and others tried hard to ignore everything somehow. She had her 'key' in hand, and the little NFC chip in it made the lock of his cage click open for her to remove, sliding his half-hard cock out of the rigid base ring.
  54. "You're going to need to be more specific if I'm going to make you orgasm, Leo; you know, boys who masturbate a lot often find it tricky to orgasm with partners, since they're so used to doing it a particular way. Do you like to use your whole hand, or just your fingertips? Do you like long strokes, or do you prefer to squeeze and rub the head? Maybe you prefer humping a pillow, or fingering yourself, hm? I'm going to need a lot of detail," she informed him. "And do make sure that everyone can hear you nice and clearly." She began to toy with his plug, slipping the flare in and out.
  55. [21:40] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Uuuh... Please don't go too hard on me..." The feline woman said in a voice that tried a bit too hard to sound childish, as pushed her hands against the wall while raising her bared ass, left totally uncovered by the too short skirt she was wearing and the panties rolled around her thighs. Just like Leo liked it, she had a rather ample figure, her buttocks wide and her thighs slightly meaty, not unlike the Coach on which he'd have fantasized even more if her arrival hadn't been synonymous with chastity. In this position, she was hiding nothing of her obviously trained asshole and her puffy pussy, already slightly wet. "Gyah! Hah! Please punish, I can take it!" She moaned as she was paddled, her buttocks wobbling blatantly.
  56. Leo shook nervously and cringed with shame as his friends either snickered or watched their shoes. Even worse, he knew the video was about to get nasty, and that Ashley Beers's trial wouldn't end with a spanking, but with baseball bats being thrust in and out of both her holes until she was a drooling, orgasmic mess. Hopefully his punishment would be over before that.
  58. ALl his worries temporarily evaporated as he felt the blessed relief of the cage being removed, the boy's teenage length quickly swelling back to a rock-hard erection as the pain faded into a dull ache, and the lewdness of the whole situation fogged his mind with arousal. He was still incredibly humiliated, more than ever in his life, but somehow, it was starting to become part of the thrill. Resisting the urge to hump his coach's soft thigh, Leo stammered, fists clenching tight. His shaft, looking a bit red and raw from its torturous confinement, was otherwise pink and human-looking except for soft fleshy barbs adorning it. "I, I really don't do anything special... I like to grab at it under the, uh, glans, and just stroke up and down and... guh, d-do you ahve to do that?" He whined softly, hissing and gritting his teeth as his untrained pucker was forced to widen and tighten alternatively. It was okay when it was just sitting in his rectum, but the tight little ring of muscles wasn't yet accustomed to being stretched.
  59.  [21:42] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "J-Just try to relax, Leo... push it out as if you well, err..." Taylor began timidly, hating the thought of a friend suffering from anal. "Taking a dump." Joshua said without much embarrassment, prompting Taylor to give a thankful glance.
  60.  [21:51] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Yes Leo, I do have to do this. If I made it easy on you, you boys would be begging me for a milking every day, wouldn't you?" That caused some blushes. She kept moving the toy in and out, making his ring open and close repeatedly until it started to relax, gaping just slightly each time she removed it fully.
  61. She gestured at Taylor. "Taylor, could you fetch me that vibrator? I noticed [i]quite[/i] the 'anal' folder in this phone. I'm sure Leo is eager to get a proper taste." She pulled the plug out entirely, leaving his pink little pucker empty for a brief moment, exposed to the cool damp air of the locker rooms.
  62. [21:57] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Leo had a very hard time taking it, squirming like a fish on her lap in a vain attempt to escape the relentless anal training he was unwillingly receiving. Fresh tears were coming at the corner of his eyes, as well as pained groans and whimpers, but eventually, as he followed Taylor's wise advice and his hole naturally loosened, he grew less agitated, opting instead to hide his face in the crook of his elbows so that he wouldn't have to face his friends's gaze during this humiliating ordeal.
  63. Taylor nodded, looking a bit unhappy about beign designated for something like that, and Leo gasped, pulling his head out and turning to look at her with panicked eyes. "Please... not this, Coach! I'm, I'm not gay... uh, no offense Taylor, but, I don't like it, I'm straight, it's..."
  64. [21:58] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: In his anxiety, the boy's tail came back to curl over his buttocks, hiding the sight of his almost pristine hole, that twiched and winked in fright.
  65. [22:08] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Now then Leo, I cannot [i]believe[/i] that this is your issue after being plugged for two weeks." The vibrator wasn't even specifically phallic; just a cylinder with a bulge at the end. "I promise you, plenty of heterosexual young men enjoy being anally penetrated, whether by their girlfriends or, well, just as part of natural self-exploration. If you don't lift that tail by the time I count to five, mister, I will ensure you regret it." It probably didn't help his fragile masculinity that the 'coach' was now finger-blasting the 'cheerleader's barely-pink ass on the screen in front of him.
  66.  [22:15] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias couldn't help a smirk at that story, and he glanced at Thomas, who stared daggers back at him. Ethan tugged gently at his friend's shirt, again, preventing him from doing something stupid like jumping over Leo's well-spanked body and attacking the hyena. Shaking a bit, Leo lifted his tail, exposing again his bottom and slightly swollen pucker to the gaze of his coach, and of half of his friends, including Taylor who was blushing so deeply it was visible under the fur. He too had a light stain on the front of his shorts, now, much to his shame. "I'm, I'm sorry..." Leo blubbered. "I-I'm kinda scared..." He confessed, choking back a sob. The coach had certainly knocked him down a peg...
  67. Suddenly, the phone's speaker blasted "Oh yeah! That's it! Fuck my asspussy!" and the sudden mood whisplash made all the boys burst out laughing, so hard they almost fell off the bench. Only Leo wasn't amused. "S-Shut up!" He roared. "You retards!"
  69. [22:19] *[user]Public Punishments[/user] [b]seized[/b] him by the scruff of the neck and [b]dragged[/b] him to the sink in the corner of the changing rooms. "We [b]absolutely[/b] do not use words like that, [b]ever[/b], do you understand me young man? Open up [b]right now[/b]." She took a zero-tolerance attitude to that kind of language, and it wouldn't be the first time the boy had had the nasty-tasting cheap school soap in his mouth.
  70. [22:22] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Gyaah! W-What!" Leo shrieked, kicking his feet as his fur mopped the tepid water and around the sink, his solid erection swinging between his legs like a club and sending trails of pre everywhere. He looked at her with wide, shocked eyes, unable to understand what he did wrong, until 10 seconds later, it hit him. "I'm, I'm sorry..." Leo said sincerely. "It was an accident..." He said sheepishly, lowering his face and tremblign anew.
  71. [22:23] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: All the other boys had stopped laughing and were looking alarmed at the scene, feeling very guilty about having caused that outburst, indirectly. Only Mathias looked delighted.
  72. [22:24] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Uh, please, Coach..." Zach said, courageously. "He didn't mean it, it's - it's kidna our fault. Do you have to...?"
  73. [22:27] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: I'm glad to hear that you're sorry. I [b]don't[/b] expect to hear it again. From [b]any[/b] of you," she added, pointedly speaking over Zach as she gripped Leo's jaw and scraped the wet bar of soap over his teeth and tongue, filling his mouth with suds.
  74. "Bite", she instructed, before dragging him back to the bench. "Now then. No more backchat. Let's get you filled up and ready for your release, shall we?" She took the vibrator and pressed the tip to his asshole, thrusting the firm plastic toy in with a modicum of force, angled so the bulge rubbed over his prostate.
  75. [22:34] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The young cat gurgled miserably and coughed, some bubbles leaving his nostrils and mouth, as his mouth was flooded with bitter-tasting foam that made him want to gag. He teared up and choked back sobs, biting very tentatively on the soap and laying his trembling body back on his coach's lap. His erection had not gone down, and probably wouldn't until he had finally found release ; even as the experience was getting more and more unpleasant, Leo was still a slave to his urges.
  76. He let out a low, long moan as his inexperienced ass was unceremoniously filled, making bubbly foam ooze from the corner of his mouth. He tried to escape the pressure of the toy by scooting forward, but only succeeded in humping against Aya's soft, furry thigh ; determined to finally get his release, he started humping harder, almost like an overeager dog, while the whole team watched in awkward silence and the fake cheerleader was begging to have her ass filled.
  77. [22:38] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She had had other plans, but in all honesty, she didn't think she could contrive a more humiliating orgasm than this - mouth-soaped, well spanked, and humping his coach's thigh as she fucked him with a vibrator and the coach on his phone growled "Yeah baby, I'm gonna teach you baseball!" She turned on the motor in the vibrator and it began to buzz powerfully, attacking his sensitive little button, which had never experienced such intense stimulation before.
  78. [22:42] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The boy's eyes shot wide, his mind going blank at the intense stimulation of his swollen prostate ; the sensation was alien, but definitely pleasurable, making his whole body rumble with pleasure. Eager as he was, this was enough to tip Leo over hte edge, and he let the soap fall out of his mouth as his body tensed and let out an incredibly loud moan that made half the team start, a languorous, hair-raising meow. His young cock throbbed powerfully and shot out a veritable torrent of thick, boiling seed on Aya's thigh for nearly a full minute, while his buttocks clenched around the invading toy so hard she could barely move it.
  79. [22:43] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Then Leo went limp all of a sudden and started sobbing in joy, pain, shame and relief alike, twitching under the jealous gaze of many of his friends, whose need for release was now strnger than ever.
  80. [22:47] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Well now, I hope that was worth it. Boys, go wash up. Leo, go rinse out your mouth, then come and clean up the mess you made." She pointed to her sticky thigh. She looked around at the stunned basketballers. "Well? Go go go!"
  81. Matthias and Taylor sprinted off, Matthias to 'shower' and hurry back time to watch the conclusion; Taylor to make it in good time for his date. The others shuffled off at a slower speed, several of them embarrassed by the way their cages were jutting out and straining. Aya didn't think she'd hear any more begging.... for a little while, at least.
  82. [22:52] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: 3 minutes later, the locker room was almost empty, leaving only Leo and a very wet Mathias here, while the others showered and exchanged in hushed voices about what had just happened. The young cat had dragged himself to the bathroom like a zombie, legs still shaking and mind clouded by the afterglow ; the cold water he used to rinse his mouth brought back some coherent thoughts however, and when he came back, it was arms full of paper towels, some dry and some wet. His penis was now flaccid and looked very small, and Leo actually felt embarrassed about his nudity in front of Mathias, who was wearing his cage and looking hungrily at him.
  83. [22:53] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Without a word, he began sponging the mess he left on the black fur ; his ejaculation had been so intense the stain was almost a foot wide, and there were thick, almost jelly-like clumps of pure white in the middle. The feline couldn,'t help but feel slightly proud...
  84.  [22:58] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She had intended to have him use his tongue but... well. Honestly, she wished she could say hell to professionalism and bury his muzzle in her cunt already; there was no sense in subjecting [i]herself[/i] to that kind of frustration any more than was necessary. She let him clean up his mess, then gently pulled him down to be sitting in her lap.
  85. "Alright kiddo, I've got something for you. Part of the reason you're having all this difficulty is probably because your cage is too roomy; you can get too swollen before the cage starts restricting you. With this 'micro-cage', you should find your little nub is kept to a cute little button. Don't worry, it won't hurt or make it smaller; it just has to stay tucked in a lot more." She knew the boys already found it embarrassing showering for PE; she could only imagine how this would treat him.
  86.  [23:04] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Leo, who was already starting to feel very ambiguous about the whole thing now that his orgasm was gone, and the pleasure a distant memory that was steadily giving ground to the humiliating memory of his milking, raised crestfallen eyes at her. He was a bit uncomfortable sititng on her, his ass still swollen and painful and his now slightly smaller testicles feeling very sensitive as they rested between his legs, on her thigh. "A... little button? R-Really?" The cat looked as if he was trying to keep his outrage under control. "I... I don't really wanna... it'll be worse than Josh or Wolfy, they'll make fun of me..." He confessed in a very hushed voice, looking in despair at the tiny cage, and his own penis, that looked so small and inoffensive right now, for once.
  87. [23:04] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Can I have my old one back? Please, I won't ask again for release..."
  89. [23:31] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "You'll hardly think about it. You were the one who was complaining about being all pent-up before. It's my duty to help you out." She was already sliding it in; it needed slightly more careful positioning in the cage, but apart from that, it was just as easy as his old cage. He could feel how it made his dick squash up into his body, leaving a tiny little bulge behind a grille.
  91. She moved him so he was on his belly, bent over the bench. "Alright, now be a good boy and relax for me... this really isn't any larger than your old one." That was true; if anything, the neck was smaller, but it had a sharp curve to it. "This should help save you from getting too pent up as well; it just gives an intense little buzz for five minutes four times a day, so it'll help 'clear you out' just like if you were masturbating. It's very quiet, so don't worry if it goes off in class or something like that! Between these two measures, I think you'll find you're much less likely to be begging for an extra release in the future." She ruffled his head-fur affectionately.
  92. [23:37] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The young cat shivered in impotent despair as his shaft, which he was so proud of, was trapped once again in a tiny prison, that made him feel completely emasculated. Despite her reassuring words from earlier, he was really afraid it'd make it smaller... and it certainly did look like it. He grimaced miserably, already dreading the judgement of his friends... Shaken as he was, Leo barely resisted when he was bent over once again, his slightly feminine rear on display, looking swollen and still slightly open from the vigorous thrusting of the vibrator, that had loosened the ring thanks to the vibration. "That... that sounds nice, I guess..." He muttered, wondering how he'd feel when this triggered during a presentation. Probably no different than his squirmy self.
  93. Leo was eyes to eyes with the gaped holes of the pornstar, under the "Replay" and "Next" buttons that signaled the video was over. He turned his eyes away, groaning unhappily.
  95. [23:48] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Taking pity on the boy – or more accurately, allowing him to continue tormenting himself – Aya left him with his filthy videos, and patted his behind gently as she stood up, signalling that their session was over. "Go clean up, then."
  96. She hurried to catch Taylor and press a paper bag into his hands. It was more or less a safer sex kit, with the addition of a pamphlet titled "My boyfriend's in chastity!", complete with a photograph of a teenage boy looking down another boy's stretched-out waistband with a look of exaggerated surprise on the cover, and full of helpful relationship advice, and a sachet of temporary numbing cream, in case the other boy wants to feel what it's like. She discreetly slipped Thomas a similar package – largely the same, but with finger cots and dental dams instead of condoms, and his pamphlet had a girl on the cover instead.
  98. The boys were soon laughing and joking around with one another again, even making a special effort to be nice to Leo after his ordeal – though mixed in with ribbing about his porno collection and jerk-off habits. Though that led to some talking about their own similar habits, and... Aya was smiling by the time she herded them out and started locking up. There's nothing like a little hazing to bring a team together, after all.
  100. ////////////////////////////////
  102. [18:52] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Slinging his bag of clothing and toiletries over his shoulder, Thomas kissed his mom goodbye and stepped out of the Porsche, then waved half-heartedly as it departed with an elegant and powerful vroom. When it was out of sight, the young dog let out a heavy sigh, and turned around to look at Sophie's house, with its immense but empty driveway that spanned beyond the tall portal. Like his family, Sophie's was pretty well-off, and this week-end, the property would be for just for the two of them. In normal circumstances, Thomas would have looked forward to such a week-end, which promised hours frolicking in the bathtub, or while watching TV, or sunbathing together naked, and then falling asleep in each other's arms while still sweaty from the intense love-making only teens are capable of... but these were not normal circumstances, for Thomas had recently been integrated into the CPS program, and was now rendered as impotent as a senile old man. This had obviously put some strain on their relationship, which rested heavily on a perfect physical compatibility, and the last week had been rather painful, consisting of short and dry conversations over Messenger and hurried phone calls. Spending an entire weekend with Sophie would be awkward... but skipping on it was as good as becoming single again, a possibility that horrified both the boy and his parents, who were all too happy he was dating a girl whose family was as rich as them.
  103. [18:52] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Gritting his teeth, Thomas approached the portal and rang the interphone.
  104. [19:02] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Are you an axe-murderer?" Sophie asked, appearing on the interphone practically immediately. "You have to tell me if you are, or else it's entrapment!" She buzzed him through, and he was free to trudge up the lawn of sadness and into the lawyer foyer of her parents' McMansion, where she was waiting for him, wearing a sundress short enough her parents would never let her wear it out without leggings, paired with knee-high rainbow socks which stood out sharply against the muted circles of her ocelot fur. As soon as he was in the door, she kissed him, not deeply but on the lips, at least, and gave him a long, squeezing hug. "I missed youuu," said, before burying her nose in the fur at the nape of his neck and sniffing deeply. "I know everything's been crappy but... we're gonna be okay, right?" She stepped away a bit, leaving him free to lead on to the living room (sorry, 'media room'), or her bedroom, or just stand right there and talk. Her tail was sweeping the floor, clearly anxious or excited or something.
  105.  [19:09] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Despite his anxieties, Thomas couldn't repress a smirk at the familiar joke, that she was doing all the time. "Yeah, but I forgot my axe, can I come in and borrow yours?" His chest pounded with both dread and excitement as he entered her home, and as she appeared to him in such a sexy outfit, he felt a profound mixture of love and sadness ; he wanted nothing more than to pounce on her right now, nuzzle her fur and make hot sweet love with her right in the foyer with the door still open, but he couldn't, and he resigned herself to accepting her kiss, squeezing her just as tight but keeping his waist drawn back, so his cage wouldn't press against her groin. "I missed you too, Spottybutt..." The boy said, voice charged with emotion despite himself. "And yeah, I guess they ARE crappy... you, uh, wouldn't believe how things are in the team."
  106. Thomas regretted those words instantly ; often, she had voiced the reproach he was thinking much more of basketball than of her (which was true, but still), and he was just adding fuel to the fire. An awkward moment passed before he coughed and said. "Hey, I gotta go to the bathroom... sorry about that." With those words, he dashed away, knowing hte way already.
  107. [19:23] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Sophie sighed. She really, really wanted to make this work. She went to wait for him in her bedroom, sat in her computer chair and flicking between AO3 and a conversation with Sophie 2, a friend of hers she only saw at summer camp. (She said she was Sophie 1, and Sophie was Sophie 2, but obviously that was nonsense.) Sophie had been complaining to S-2 about Thomas, and it had turned out that S-2's boyfriend had been in the same programme for almost six months now! And S-2 had had some helpful ideas for how to make it work which Sophie really wanted to suggest... although she was really worried he was going to bolt on her.
  109. When she heard him close the door down the hallway, she quickly shut the chat window and hopped onto the bed instead, lying facing away from the door so he could, maybe, see up her dress and see her undies-free cooch.
  110. [19:35] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: As she did that, Thomas was involved in much more shameful endeavors. It's true he had to pee, but as soon as that was done, instead of pulling up his pants, he stepped out of them and squatted on the floor, blushing slightly under the fur as he felt the plug shift inside of him ; the boy set his backpack on the ground, and pulled a plastic bag out of it that he stuffed his hand in. Taking deep breaths in an effort to calm himself, his bagged hand slowly started to pull on the base of the butt plug, while he pushed out, feeling his tight virgin tailhole stretch wide as it slid past the ring of muscles, until it popped free with a lewd suction noise he covered with a cough and a flush of the toilet.The young dog breathed hard, enduring the horrible and humiliating sensation of his gaping hole being caressed by the cool bathroom air until it closed again, and then, he stood up and wrapped the plug in the plastic bag before burying it deep inside his backpack.
  111. Thomas wiped his hand and his face, which had gotten slightly sweaty, and shuffled without much confidence to the bedroom. He was so anxious he didn't even notice Sophie's nudity, and he simply sat on the bed, not sure what to say or what was expected of him. "So uh... you wanna watch TV or go somewhere?" He said lamely.
  112. [19:38] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She shifted around and wrapped her arms around him, trying to pull him down to lie next to her on the bed. "Can we talk? We can't make things better if we don't talk about them... and like, you know S-2? Um, from the camp-slash-workshop kinda thing? Her boyfriend's doing the same programme as you and they're really happy now, like they've really made it work and she's given me some tips and, like, I figure maybe we could talk about stuff?
  113. [19:44] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: With a very weary sigh, Thomas laid down with her, face to face but avoiding her gaze. He hated himself for acting so pathetically evasive and submissive, he who had seduced her with his complete confidence in himself, his extroverted personnality and of course, his good looks, stamina and sexual prowess, though as they both had been virgins before, the bar wasn't set very high. "I guess, but, what is there to talk about... I can't do anything with this [i]thing [/i]on, and I can't stop basketball either..." He muttered gloomily. When she mentioned her friend, his mood darkened even further ; he could see where this was going, and he didn't like it one bit. "What, it's about putting things in my butt? I told you I don't like that, why is everyone so obsessed with it... even my coach gave me this stupid stuff and all. I'm a boy, I shouldn't have to do this."
  114. [19:51] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Sophie bristled. "I mean that's not actually true, you can do [i]something[/i] with that thing on, you could go down on me, or rub me off, or do anything like that instead of deciding that since [i]you're[/i] not getting to put your cock in me, [i]I[/i] don't get to get off either." That had been simmering for a [i]long[/i] time.
  115. "And it's not [i]exactly[/i] about that but... I mean kinda! That's another thing you [i]could[/i] do but you don't want to actually try anything to make stuff better, you just want everything to magically undo itself because you wanted to play basketball more than you wanted to fuck me and now you just want to be sad about not getting to fuck me so we just watch TV or ignore each other or whatever!"
  116. She'd had a way more diplomatic and coaxing introduction planned, but she just got so mad and frustrated over his self-pity!
  117. [19:59] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Thomas was biting his lip through the whole tirade, the scene playing out exactly as he had imagined countless times in his head, or even his dreams. Still, living it for real was even more painful than he imagined, and he was forced to admit she was right on many accounts.
  118. "Listen, I do want to go down on you or finger you or whatever you want but... as soon as I do that, I get so horny and then this stupid cage just starts hurting, and I don't get to enjoy it one bit! What am I supposed to do, I'm not a dildo..." The boy let out a heavy groan, rolling on his back and staring at the tall ceiling of Sophie's bedroom.
  119. A long silence elapsed, during which he thought hard. There was no resolution here, no debate to be had, one of them had to give some ground else they'd part bitterly. He knew asking Sophie to stop asking him for sex wasn't exactly going to work, she'd dump in an instant and she'd be right to do so, he'd do the same. As always, it would be his burden. But as a boy, he had to be strong...
  120. "Okay." He said finally. "You know what, tell me S-2 said..."
  121. [20:06] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "We-elll," she said, rolling onto her side and holding his hand. "Her and Nick have like, they call it a female-led relationship, like... he just kinda lets her be in charge of stuff and take care of him and stuff and when they're, um, alone sometimes she disciplines him and stuff like that, and he focuses on... eating her out or whatever and like getting off on her getting off instead of being worried that he's locked up. And like it's 2030 it's not like you have to be ~the man~ of the relationship anyway even if you weren't locked up! And it doesn't have to be all serious it could just be like a kink thing, like there's uhhh loads of um websites online and I'm pretty sure most of those guys aren't in CPS..."
  122. She hurried on speaking while he was taking all that in. "Oh! And like she's applied to be one of his official keyholders and she says that that kinda stuff makes it way more likely they'll be approved!" She [i]needed[/i] to sell this to him. "And like they're SO happy now and... can't we just try and make this work?"
  123. [20:12] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Jesus, I get enough discipline from Coach Aya already..." Thomas whined miserably. "And I don't care that's it's 2030, in some human countries they have criminals getting assraped by feral dogs, doesn't mean it's a good thing." The boy stated, remembering that gruesome bit of knowledge he had acquired thanks to Leo who showed him a video he had "accidentally" stumbled upon. There was another long silence, at the end of which the dog boy sighed resignedly. "... But I guess we can try this weekend, if it can make things better. Not like we have much choice, anyway, it's either that or we're done, right?" He said with heartbreaking sincerity, not even trying to be passive aggressive. "I guess I'll try it for you."
  124. [20:16] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "I know babe, but I think getting a ~spanking from your girlfriend~ has to be different to getting a paddling from your coach, right? There are a lot of guys who'd give anything for that... I mean really, a lot. It can be fun and sexy, you know?" She was moving in closer to him, wrapping one leg around him, teeth grazing his ear. "So... you mean it? You'll try it this weekend, be my goood boy?" She was trying to sound sulty, mimicking the tumblr captions and torrented porn movies she'd been watching.
  125. [20:21] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Yeah..." Thomas forced himself to smile, shuddering a bit. The coach was always spanking them extra hard on fridays before and after the training, since they would not be getting the same kind of discipline on the weekends. His rear was still throbbing, but as always, it was kinda worth it just to see Mathias choke back sobs. "It's not like you can hit very hard, anyway. Not with these noodly arms." He teased her, and couldn't resist the urge to roll his eyes at her hammy dominatrix impression. "I'll be good." He whispered, eye level with her modest breasts, his breath coming in warm waves on her cleavage. He felt the beginning of an erection, much to his dread.
  126. [20:26] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Oh, is that how it is?" She stepped over him on her way to her computer chair, where she sat down and patted her lap. "Shorts off then, [i]boy[/i], if you're so sure I can't hurt you with my noodly arms." She was smiling though; playing on his machismo. She was the exact same height as him, for now at least, and pretty confident in her skills. Though while he was getting hard, she was getting wet, surreptitiously shuffling in her chair so she drooled on the pleather upholstery instead of her nice sundress.
  127. [20:30] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Oh, come on, already?" Thomas complained, having just meant that as a harmless joke. She was quick to get into her role, quicker than him at least. With lots of reluctance, he slowly pulled down his shorts and underwear ; like most canines, he was solidly built, slightly stocky even. His thighs were toned and manly, and his bottom, under his shrot tail, boyish and slightly square with a deep crack. IT was slightly awkward for the both of two to be on that single chair, but he eventually managed, his cage pressing between her thighs while he supported himself on his hands and feet. "Uh... be gentle, okay? We're just playing." He said, looking over his shoulder.
  128. [20:35] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "God, you're so sexy," she told him, squeezing his butt. Her fingertip grazed his butthole. "Someone's taken his plug out. Bad puppy." She gave him a pathetically gentle swat.
  129. "You're in trou~ble." She spanked him again, a little harder, but still just love-taps.
  130. "I think you need this spanking for going so long without making me cum... you've gotta make your woman cum if you wanna be a good boy," she told him, still recycling dialogue.
  131. "Also that sucked and I'm kinda mad about it. But... you're gonna be a good boy from now on and take care of your woman's needs, right?" She started spanking him slowly but regularly, still a little too timid to put much force into it.
  132. [20:41] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Careful there..." Thomas hissed as she got adventurous with her finger, clenching his strong buttocks to keep it out. "And, I... I don't have to wear it on weekends." He lied.
  133. Normally, this kind of little swats wouldn't even have phased him, he was used to receiving towel whippings in the shower before regular spankings discouraged them from pursuing the tradition... but on his very sore butt, they were still stinging a bit, awakening the pain that had dulled.
  134. "Sure... I'll lick you out, or finger you. No problem, alright?" He said, clenching his teeth and starting to squirm a bit harder on her lap. He sniffed the air, his canine sense of smell quickly picking up something. "Hey... you're super wet? No way..."
  135. [20:44] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She blushed. She couldn't really smell herself, and hadn't realised how obvious it was. "Well, I have this sexy boy over my lap... and being in charge like this is really hot, actually... aand you're one to talk." She reached between his legs and rubbed her fingertip over the drainage slit of his cage, coming away with a slippery finger-load of pre-cum. She almost licked it up... then pressed it to his lips instead. "Clean up your mess, [i]boy.[/i]" She reinforced her instruction with another gentle swat.
  136. [20:47] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The boy groaned in frustration as she did so, feeling a surge of painful arousal as the very tip of her finger came so close to touch his engorged flesh... but didn't managed to, leaving him with a throbbing ache in his testicles. "I'm just uncomfortable, really. Unlike you I don't have the fun role here." He looked at the finger with puzzlement, caught off guard, but resolved to give it a lap. He had tasted his own pre before, and often did so during masturbation.
  137. [20:48] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: He pushed out his strong, broad tongue teasingly, and pressed hard on her finger with it, lathering it with excessive drool.
  138. [20:57] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Goddd...." She slid her finger up into her mouth as she continued to spank him, going a little harder now. "You *do* have the fun role. You can just lie here over my lap, and know that I love you, and I'm in charge, and taking care of you..." she told him. Him drooling over her fingers was... hot. She wished she had a dick so he could suck it.
  139. [20:59] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "I liked it better... when I was fucking you..." Thomas gritted his teeth through the pain, but eventually, tears started to form at the corner of his eyes. A particularly bold and strong blow elicited a sharp yelp from him, and he put his hand over his well-roasted ass, choking back a sob. "Uh... Sophie, stop! It's starting to really hurt, you know..."
  140. [21:02] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She grabbed his hand and pulled it up for another couple spanks before stopping. "Aw, my noodle arms too much for you?" She was kinda pleased with herself for getting[sup][/sup] that reaction.
  141. "Well, now that you've been punished you have to make it right, don't you?" She rolled him onto the floor, awkwardly manhandling him so he was kneeling up when he wound up first on his side, then trying to get to his feet.
  142. "Yeah, right there. Good boy. Now blow me," she instructed, straddling his face, sliding his head under her dress and grinding her slit over his lips.
  143. [21:08] [user]Kumah Celeste[/user] has logged in.
  144. [21:10] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "I'm still sensitive, that's all..." He mumbled but let the subject drop, wiping the tears from his face with embarrassment. He had never cried in front of his girlfriend, and didn't intend to start. "You still can't lift me, though." Thomas remarked with a little smile, the awkwardness of the shift reminding him with relief that, despite the persona she was adopting, she was still his girlfriend and not the brutish coach or someone like that.
  145. Thomas inhaled the scent of her damp snatch greedily, regretting it almost instantly as he felt his cock strain in his cage. But he wanted to do that, he realized, and it's without any restraint that he gave her a long, broad lick that extended from the bottom of her slit, just a few centimeters shy of her butthole, to her clit, the strong and wide tongue pressing hard against her folds but not sinking in, staying out teasingly. The boy was very proud of his tongue, that a cat's couldn't rival with ; it was large, muscled, and soft, and would give Sophie much more pleasure than the male of her species.
  146. [21:16] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She gasped. "Good... good boy." Thinking back, she couldn't remember him ever eating her out to completion. Even though she'd given him a few blowjobs – and swallowed – any time he ate her out, it always ended with him climbing on top of her, and he'd never eat her out after he came inside her. She kept one hand on his head as she humped and ground against his tongue, while the other reached up to tweak her nipples through her bra and sundress. "Yyyeah, you're gonna be my good boy, I'll take care of you, and you can take care of me..." she told him. Her cyprine was practically flooding him; she'd always been on the wet side, and lately she'd been getting less attention from him, and masturbating less as well, just because she was frustrated and in a bad mood over their relationship. Right now, that was perfect though; the build-up just made this better, and she was eager to cum.
  147. [21:19] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Hmm-hmm." Thomas hummed, repeating the same licks a few times, before getting bolder and pushing his tongue hard into her, so he'd lick the inside of her walls on the way up ; then, instead of pulling his face away when he had licked her clit, he gently nibbled on it and pressed the base of his tongue against it, teasing it mercilessly, finding himself surprisingly happy he had so much control over her arousal, at the end of the day. He kept this up for nearly a full minute before he resumed his teasing licks, ignoring the erect nub for a while and keeping her waiting before goign at it again. The fur on his face was starting to get soaked and he was drowning himself in the smell of her arousal, but that only helped him focus. Surprisingly, he was startign to forget about the strain on his cage...
  148. [21:22] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: This was heaven. As much as standing up and forcing his muzzle into her crotch was hot as anything, she really needed to lie down... she tugged off her dress and bra, then lay down on the bed in their favourite position, with her feet on the floor, hips on the edge of the bed and knees spread apart for him. This time though, she grabbed the side of his head and dragged him down to her crotch, taking control and demanding his attentions.
  149. [21:26] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "God, I want to fuck you so bad..." Thomas whined, panting hard and his face dripping with Sophie's juices, as he observed her so aroused and accessible. The urge to pounce on her and mash his crotch against his was big, but instead of a strong erection, all he could feel was a painful pressure he tried his best to ignore. The horny boy plunged his tongue inside of her, the position making this easy, and his lips started to make out with her folds while he french-kissed her insides, drinking her juices like a man dying of thirst. He was on all fours, his tail wagging heartily and his cock dripping through the cruel cage.
  150. [21:30] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Sophie thought about what she'd read from guys who were locked up voluntarily. "Don't fight it, just enjoy it... enjoy feeling so horny for me, enjoy sacrificing your pleasure for mine. God, it's... kinda hot having you eat me out while you're locked up, come to think of it, like you want it so bad, and I'm getting it, and that's just... yeahh, I get it," she murmured, breathing heavily now. She shifted around, close but not quite getting there. "Move up, just like... suck my clit, just focus on that," she told him, reinforcing her instruction by pulling at his head. Of course, he knew how to get her hot... but not how to get her off. That was always her job, in the end, while he nuzzled up to her in post-orgasmic drowsiness, or sometimes while he was still pumping on top of her.
  151. [21:34] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Thomas let out a slight growl of protest at that, her words forcing him to focus back on his painful need, instead of just enjoying the moment like he was starting to. He nuzzled her clit with his wet nose for a few seconds, pettily taking his revenge by denying her what she really wanted, before he finally obeyed and gave it a sloppy kiss, followed by a precise nibbling and sucking that came almost by instinct. It was so engorged he could easily keep it in his mouth, between his lips, and tongue it mercilessly, flicking it around while forcing it to stay out with light suction.
  152. [21:40] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Yes - yes - yes - yes - ohfuckgoodBOY" she gasped before finally orgasming, bucking up against his mouth, cumming long and hard, the kind of orgasm that starts to recede but then you push a little more and it keeps going, until finally you're too tired and fall back, exhausted. She tugged at him, encouraging him to climb up on top of her. "C'mere," she said, still panting, "Kiss me, I want to taste myself on your lips, your tongue's so good baby," she gushed, completely blissed out.
  153. [21:45] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The sound of her orgasm made Thomas shudder heavily, and the praise sent a shiver of unknown pleasure up his spine, a pleasure that was purely mental and coincided, strangely, with a particularly painful throb of his cock against the cage. Finding himself a bit exhausted and sluggish as well, as well as out of breath, Thomas crawled over his girlfriend and first licked her face, smearing her own juices against her lips and nose, before pushing into her mouth in a deep lover's kiss.
  154. [21:51] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She ground up against his cage as they kissed, languid and flushed with pleasure. "You're sooo good at that," she purred, "I love your tongue so much... and it's so hot tasting myself on you... can we do that like... twenty times this weekend?" She grinned.
  155. "So I was thinking maybe we could... No," she corrected herself, "we're going to put a pizza on and then go watch a movie in the media room. I mean, [i]you're[/i] going to go put a pizza on and then we're gonna go watch a movie in the media room. G'boy." She rubbed his head affectionately... and a little patronisingly.
  156. [21:54] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Despite all his sexual frustration and the fact his crotch was hurting almost as much as his ass now, Thomas enjoyed the moment, finding back the intimacy and intense physical connection they share... though there was something missing, on his side, of course. Still, he felt happy that things didn't look so bad anymore. Maybe this could work, after all... Leo probably had to suffer more. "Not right after the pizza, though.  You always put so much spicy oil on it...." He smiled, giving her a last lick across the face before walking out of the room, still glad the intense sex was over. He wasn't sure he could put up with her needs...
  157. [21:55] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: What Thomas didn't see, however, was a fair bit of white liquid in the middle of the puddle of pre he had left at the foot of the bed, when he was on all fours...
  163. FURS
  164. Do you have questions? Feeling adrift? In need of purpose?
  165. Seek solace in supremacy and sexual fulfilment!
  166. Attend our regular introductory sessions on Friday at 1800
  167. at the First Church of the Paw Ascendant
  168. or request a private counselling session at any time
  169. to hear how the Word of Holy Aloysius can bring you
  170. the spiritual and physical bliss you need and reveal
  171. the truth about anthro superiority!
  173. Unsure about attending? Phone one of our initiates on:
  174. -----
  176. Several of the numbers below had been torn off already.
  177.  [19:24] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Anthro... Superiorit?" Mathias mumbled to himself. This wasn't a thing he heard often ; most of the time, humans seemed to feel above their furry counterparts, and the young hyena's father certainly had "educated" his son in how evil "those damn bastard smoothskins were, thinkin' they so smart and all". His drunken rantings were one of the boy's most vivid memories about his father, though they had faded somewhat with the time he had spent in juvie, then in a foster family. The idea was pleasant to him, still. After that hellish basketball season, his self-esteem had been at an all time low, and Mathias spent most of his evenings pitifully jerking off to hardcore pornography, orgasms getting more and more unsatisfying past the first few fantastic ones. Maybe a morale boost was what he needed, even if it just meant laughing in the face of the crazy freaks those people certainly were.
  179. Mathias checked the address on his phone ; the place was rather far, and the poster pretty new. There was a decent chance those people who took the number didn't have the time to visit yet... but he had it, and he could be the first. Impulsively, the hyena crossed the road to reach the bus stop on the other side, narrowly dodging a pair of car and texting his adoptive mother he'd be out late. Then, he waited for the bus to take him to his destination...
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  182. [19:27] [user]The Sex Theme Park[/user] is now Online.
  183. [19:35] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: For a church, it wasn't very imposing. It looked like it had been converted out of a low office block, or maybe some kind of municipal building. Inside, though, was sumptuously appointed; thick carpet beneath his feet, a heady, musky smell in the air, and dim, warm lights.
  184. Behind a desk was a human girl in her late teens, wearing a gauzy shift, smiling at him mildly with her eyes downcast. "Welcome, Superior! May I take your name?"
  185. [19:42] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: For Mathias, it was a pleasant surprise ; he had expected either a shabby, dimly lit basement where ugly middle-aged men would crawl, or an actual grand church. He wasn't too fond of religion, but he was fond of luxury. He didn't even care too much that he stood out, with his ripped jeans and cheap sweatshirt, as he was instantly made very welcome. Being greeted so warmly and called "Superior" by a girl not much older than him sent a tingle of excitation up his spine, and the hyena licked his chops, walking hurriedly towards the desk. "I'm... Mathias." He said, after a moment of hesitation. The boy had considered giving a fake name, but if this was the real deal, he might as well play fair... "I saw your poster in the Baskerville district. So what happens here?"
  186. [19:51] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She continued to look just a little below his eyes. "I expect for a new arrival the theology may be a little much to take in, but in brief, we believe in a superior, dominant essence and an inferior, submissive one, manifest in many ways in the universe, but particularly in the natural differences between humans and anthros. In our rites and church practices, we celebrate and manifest those energies by allowing anthros to demonstrate and exercise their natural, dominant energy.
  188. I believe Holy Longstripe is in his office just now; perhaps he would be pleased to answer your questions in more detail, and perhaps arrange a private devotional for you? Shoes off before entering the main hall, if you please; please say if you would prefer me to remove them." She rose to lead him to the door, and there was a distinctively wet noise. Her shift only came two fingerwidths beneath her buttocks, and clung to her small breasts as she moved.
  189. [20:00] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Oh yeah, the universe's essence." Mathias nodded convincingly, all the while thinking those people were definitely fucked in the head. He had a hard time keeping a straight face, but managed still ; like his orientation counselor had told him, if he could keep out of juvie, he'd do a great CEO some day. As she rose up, his nose flared with the distinct smell of arousal, that soaked into his senses and his nerves, even more so when he realized how skimpily dressed she was. The young hyena's mind exploded : it was the real thing! Those people, nuts as they were, were lusting for anything furry. Now, he could either behave like a stupid virgin like Ethan, or take advantage...
  191. The hyena's face contorted into a predatory smile. He placed one hand on the taller girl's shoulder, and pushed downwards, forcing her to her knees. "I'll take off my shoes, but I don't see why I'd have to walk when I have a perfectly good mount right there." He lifted his leg, pushing his sole near her face. "Take them off, then get on all fours ; I'll ride on your back to that office."
  192. [20:13] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She looked startled, and opened her mouth for a moment before shutting it again. "Y-yes, superior," she told him, kissing his shoes reverentially before removing each one, then kissing his socks before removing those and kissing his paws. She slipped the shoes into an otherwise empty cubby and let him mount her; she had to strain to push the door open, and he was really more just waddling while crouched on her back, but she obeyed without complaint, just grunts of exertion. She led him down the side of a long hall filled with rows of small cushions, with a large preaching area at the front; everything was richly decorated, including the lavish mural of a paw resting on a human back which formed the backdrop to the preaching area.
  194. She squeezed him through a narrow doorway into the small warren of corridors and offices behind the main hall, and led him to a door from which he could hear the distinctive sound of a spanking in progress. "Holy Longstripe?" she called out. "I have a visitor."
  196. The spanking paused and there was the sound of a chair scuffing and bodies moving. The zebra who answered the door looked surprised at the 'ride' going on, but quickly rallied. "A new visitor! Welcome, welcome. Do come in." Inside there was an office which might have been the office of any pastor of any mainstream religion, save for the tow-haired teenager standing in the corner with his jeans around his ankles and hands behind his head to keep him from rubbing his red behind.
  198. Longstripe sat behind his desk. "Now then young man, why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself, and why you're here? Oh, Blessed Iris, hurry back to the front desk, please."
  199.  [20:24] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias's sneakers and socks certainly weren't the cleanest things he was wearing, and he mentally admired the young woman for mostly repressing the grimace that would naturally come to anyone upon kissing them. He enjoyed his ride thoroughly, keeping his legs pulled up as much as he could to give her his full weight, and even sometimes sneaking gropes at the receptionist's ass and breasts whenever the pair wobbled. By the time she opened the door, one side of her dress was pulled down almost to her elbow, revealing the side of her modest breast, and the bottom of her dress was soaked and clinging to her pussy, though the hyena couldn't see it, much to his sorrow.
  201. "Hello..." Mathias said, a bit humbled by the presence of an anthro like him, a much more imposing and masculine one that he was, at that. Still, he felt the need to show he was getting it. "Yeah, leave, Inferior. Your pussy is stinking up the room." He demeaned her, before turning his attention to the well-spanked boy, grimacing a bit as the memory of his own painful paddlings came back to him. "So, yeah... I'm Mathias. I go to the Baskervilles school. I'm 15, and, well..." Mathias cursed himself for such a lame introduction, and began again. "I heard humans needed to be shown their place. I'd be happy to help..."
  202. [20:24] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: (Alright, let's reel it in~)
  203. [20:34] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: The man grinned. "It's good to hear such enthusiasm! I can't fault you for not [i]quite[/i] having picked up on the underlying cosmological reasons for our work, but I find that young boys like you find practice easier than theory, isn't that right?"
  204. He gestured over at the other boy. "Now, as it happens, Lucas here needs some help with his spiritual growth, and you clearly have the right attitude already. How about you show me where you're at right now? Take him to the contemplation room across the hall, find out what his issue is, and give him some discipline. I'll give you boys some privacy but keep an eye on you over the monitors."
  206. Wait.. Lucas? At a second look it was him – the cross-country champion from the private school, the one who was always hanging around Naismith to pick up his girlfriend! He looked like he'd stiffened up at Longstripe's suggestion.
  207.  [20:43] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias nodded enthusiastically at the guru's words, his dark heart filling with warmth. He WOULD be given a human to play with, and though he had gotten pretty horny thinking about the cute receptionist, he wasn't discriminating, that blonde boy would do just fine. He was very good looking, with his lean runner's body that reminded him of Thomas's sister's boyfriend, even though it couldn't possibly be -
  209. "Lucas?" The hyena gasped, and a second later, burst with the sickly laughter that was characteristic of his species. "No way! It's really you. Guess you like tails even more than I thought, huh. Remember me?"
  210. The boy grabbed the punished teen by his shoulders and turned him around, wanting to look at his front to be sure it was really him.
  211. [20:48] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: The boy looked shocked and humiliated as he was spun around, showing Mathias his limp little peen – if he was a shower, he wasn't showing much! There were tear tracks on his cheeks, and he flinched, taking half a step away from the hyaena and crouching to tug at his jeans.
  212. "I'm only here 'cuz my stupid parents moved over in the schism," he hissed, then shut his mouth, nervous about saying too much against the church in front of Longstripe.
  213.  [20:54] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias's superior animal reflexes triggered, and his leg dashed forward, stomping on the seat of the boy's pants before he could pull them up and nailing them to the ground. "Ah yes, parents are just the worst. My dad was sent to jail for blacking out naked in the middle of a playground." The hyena barked drily, keeping the leaner boy trapped bottomless against hte wall, Mathias's two arms acting as a prison. "So what are you getting spanked for, huh?"
  214. [21:05] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Longstripe coughed meaningfully. "Not in my office, please. Lucas, show Mathias to a contemplation room."
  215. The 'contemplation room' really looked like a mid-sized bedroom, with a single bed, a small monitor screen and a chest of drawers. Once inside, Lucas answered Mathias' question – after quickly taking up a defensible position, curled up on the bed with his back to the corner.
  216. "I grew up mainline Church of Chastity. I never wanted to be in this weirdo cult. But my parents went along after the split, y'know? Anyway they caught me jacking it to human-superiority porno and freaked out, said I had to come do contrition or they'd stop paying for private school. So, that's why he was spanking me. Be a pal though right? Just fuckin'.... say you're done with me so I can go home."
  217. [21:10] [user]Dark DM[/user] has logged in.
  218. [21:14] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias apologized politely, realizing how quickly he had got carried away. It was this damn CPS program, of course...
  219. The hyena sat uncomfortably close to Lucas on the bed, though he didnt make a move yet ; he was genuinely interested in the inner workings of this cult, that he found cooler with each passing second. "The Church of Chastity...? Huh. I guess you can really make a religion for everything. I was in the CPS program, but now it's over since it's the holidays... thank God. You must be happy to have your dick out, right? Even though there isn't much of it." Mathias snarked, glancing at Lucas's crotch. Then, he slung over an arm over his shoulder.
  220. "And... nah. I like it here, I think. So I'll be a good boy and do what Longstripe said, hmm?" The hyena pulled the boy uncomfortably close, letting him breath his thick fur. "I fucking hate you, you know." He whispered in his ear, too low for the monitor to pick up.
  221. [21:18] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas recoiled like Mathias was a hissing snake – or rather, tried to, since Mathias' grip was pretty firm. Humans were built for endurance, after all; hyaenas, more for strength.
  222. "Get the fuck off me, you psycho," he cried out, choking somewhat on his words as he started to panic. He knew Longstripe was watching over the monitors, but that wouldn't help him if this crazy fucking juvie kid decided to cut his throat. He struggled to get his arms between Mathias and his face, trying to wrench away.
  223. [21:26] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Hey! Hey, stop... you dumb ass..." Mathias groaned. The boy, though a bit less sturdy than him, was still rather athletic, and his flailing caused him to recoil - before adrenaline kicked in and he retook the advantage, wrestling Lucas on the bed until he was sitting on the lean's boy chest, his arms firmly keeping his wrists out of the way as he panted in exhaustion. He addressed a thumbs-up to the camera, wanting to show Longstripe it was just a game ; after all, the hyena was very much in touch with his inner child, the cruel playful kind.
  224. "Your idiot parents would be pretty disappointed, you suck at this whole furry worshipping thing." Mathias snickered. He scooted a bit forward, so that instead of sitting on Lucas's chest, the crotch of his jeans was resting just under the boy's neck. "C'mon, sniff my dick and apologize." The hyena said, giving a little thrust with the front of his jeans. They were tenting noticeably now.
  225.  [21:33] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas gave a deep sniff, reacting on instinct to the scent of musk, then leaned his head back, embarrassed by his own response.
  226. "The superiority stuff is bullshit. Anyone can be Sanctified, and it's a sacrifice, not a power. Fucking, just let go and let me suck your dick, alright? You don't have to be all weird about it." He really hoped Mathias wouldn't notice his own boner – or at least that he wouldn't realise how small it was. At almost fifteen, it ought to be nearly full-size, but at four and a half inches, he really hoped it had some growing to do.
  227. [21:42] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias ruffled the boy's hair as he did so, keeping him close to his bulge by keeping his head close.
  228. "Sanctified? Sacrifice? What the fuck is th - " The hyena began, but the young athlete's "request" caught him off guard. It was only the second time he had been asked that, the one before having happened at Juvie from the female guard that liked him a bit too much. "... What? Really?" He blinked, still incredulous. "I take it back, guess you aren't that bad at this cult or whatever. Does Charlotte knows you suck dicks and all? Wait, are you..." He looked backwards as he started undoing the buttons of his jeans, stayed quiet for a few seconds, before bursting into grating laughter again. He didn't stop for a full two minutes.
  229. [21:44] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: With his buttons undone, remained only his boxer shorts, the deep blue fabric darkened with fluids. For all his taunting, the boy still seemed pretty aroused at the idea of abusing another male.
  230. [21:48] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas' face was pretty flushed – maybe from the wrestling, but maybe from the humiliation. Humans changed colour so prettily sometimes, especially the pale ones. He didn't answer Mathias' question, though of course the answer was yes – lately she'd been asking him to describe his worship at the Church of the Paw Ascendant while they edged each other like a good couple should. He cut over Mathias' mockery.
  231. "You know, I bet I know a lot more about sucking dick than you know about getting your dick sucked. Why don't you get off me and just let me do it right?" The intended jab at Mathias' inexperience came out pretty pathetic, but he didn't care as long as it let him regain some control.
  232. [21:58] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias was probably too dominant-minded to take offense at this - for him, a boy his age admitting he was an experienced cocksucker wasn't going to hurt his pride, no matter how he turned it. The thought of fishing out his painfully erect canine shaft was getting almost unbearably tempting, but he couldn't let that smug boy win him over.
  233. "No way..." He said, planting his knees on Lucas's elbows to keep his arms pinned even as he freed his wrists. "I'm supposed to punish you, y'know?  Can't do that if you love dick so much."
  234. With those words, he turned around, so that he was facing in direction of Lucas's crotch and he has his tail above his face. Somewhat awkwardly, he pulled his pants down under his buttocks, and the hyena's decently muscled, spotted ass filled Lucas sight. The cruel teen scooted a bit backwards, whipping his face with his tail once and coming into range of Lucas's mouth, if he craned his neck.
  235.  [21:59] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "You know about that too? Kiss my ass, human." Mathias taunted, barely able to keep himself from laughing. He had showered not long ago, thankfully, but the musky smell was still nothing short of overwhelming, as only a boy in full puberty can be.
  236. [22:05] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas had some experience eating ass... but he still thought it was really gross, especially with Mathias. Pride wounded, he lashed out without properly thinking through his position.
  237. "Why, Matty? You missing your buttplug that much already?" He didn't know Mathias that well, but he was pretty sure he was on the basketball team – and he'd heard enough whining from the team at his own school to know what [i]that[/i] meant. He was just glad track and field hadn't signed up to CPS... yet, at least.
  238. [22:13] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias twitched in anger at those words - the many, humiliating occasions where he had been paddled to tears, the punishment plug he had been forced to wear for two whole weeks with the smooth but firm silicone barbs that had violently bruised his anus everytime it had been inserted and removed, and even once, the hour long pegging session he had endured from coach Aya after a nasty fight with Zachary - it all came back to him in a flash, causing him to snarl in anger. This fucking kid...
  239. Mathias grabbed him by his small package and slid him roughly along the surface of the bed, so that his face was just under his rear, not just in front.  Like that, the hyena squatted right on Lucas's face, shuddering with sick pleasure as he felt his damp asshole make contact with the teen's pretty lips, and his nose poke at the base of his tail, where the pheromones were the strongest.
  240. [22:15] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "You got some fucking nerve." Mathias said through gritted teeth, summoning unholy amounts of willpower not to lash out more violently. But he had a better idea ; from his jean's pocket, he fished out a small can of Mace, that he had stolen from his adoptive mom's purse and that he kept to defend himself or bully others. He started to shake it noisly, knowing Lucas was in no position to see what he was doing.
  241. [22:20] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas made muffled complaints but his self-preservation won out over his pride again, and he started to put his tongue to work, awkwardly, gingerly, vaguely rubbing it over the inside of Mathias' cheeks, trying to lick his actual anus as little as possible. Despite orgasms being rare for the teenager, and non-ruined ones being an even rarer indulgence, his cock was starting to wilt as fear and disgust took hold, drooping to half-mast. He tried to move his hands around to at least take some of the weight, so Mathias wasn't completely crushing him.
  242. [22:26] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Hmm... it looked like it felt better in porn." Mathias thought out loud, trying to chase the feeling with some movements of his rear. It sure felt nice to utterly humiliate the little bastard, but his tongue just tickled, without really pleasuring him. Whatever. He needed to stay focused for the next step anyway.
  243. "Hey, your little thing got small." The hyena laughed tauntingly, wrapping his hand in a bedsheet and grabbing the teenager's shrinking cock, wagging it a bit around like a toy. With that, he took hold of the boy's neatly circumcised glans, and pinched it from the side, making the little hole open...
  244. [22:28] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Then, without warning, he emptied a good third of the Mace right on it, keeping it just an inch above the opening, making sure it would utterly coat Lucas's glans and the inside of his urethra, at least a few inches deep. It was a powerful brand, and he felt the burn even through the bedsheet he was covering his hand with.
  245. [22:37] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas bucked and shrieked as the burning oil coated his sensitive area. He punched and bucked until Longstripe came bursting into the room.
  246. "What did you just use – no, absolutely [i]not[/i], that is [i]not[/i] appropriate at all." He separated the boys, grabbing Mathias by the scruff of the neck and hauling Lucas up by his arm, still bawling. "That is [i]not[/i] being a good steward to the humans. If you want to do that, there are safely formulated creams in the supply drawers. Clearly, I put too much trust in you." He let go of Mathias but slipped back onto the bed, expertly readjusting his grip on Lucas so he had the boy held firmly under each armpit, with his own knees keeping his legs spread. "Go fetch the salve from the drawers, young man. It's in the big round grey tub. You need to clean this off him." Despite the pain, Lucas' cock was staying hard, twitching as it reddened angrily, looking almost as painful as it actually was
  247. [22:46] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias was just starting to truly enjoy himself, reveling in the frantic rubbing of Lucas's crying face between his buttocks and the enjoyment he derived from keeping the struggling boy pinned, when he was brutally swept off the bed ; the sadistic hyena had been so entranced in his torture he didn't even notice Longstripe coming. "Ah! Shit, let go you..." He stopped himself just in time. The hyena was too mean for his own good, but not stupid ; the strong adult could beat his ass anytime, and though he lamented having made such a stupid mistake, he still wanted to enjoy his time in the sect.
  248. ".... I'm sorry." He mumbled the lie in a convincingly sheepish voice, lowering his head humbly. "I thought I... you know, could do whatever. He said furs would be better all plugged and in chastity, you know." Mathias couldn't resist the mostly false accusation.
  249. Not hurrying too much, Mathias went to the drawers, opening them to find a treasure trove he hadn't suspected - instruments of (mild) torture that would have made his coach's pussy wet on the spot, medicines, and all kinds of bondage gear... He finally found a pair of gloves and the salve in question, and scooted back to the bed before his slowness to do so became too suspicious. "Sorry, Lucas. I'll clean your little dick."
  250. [22:47] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias coated his hand with the lotion, and started stroking the human's shaft - still, it did nothing to soothe the pain from inside his urethra. Of course, there was no way for Longstripe to know how much got inside ; the hyena's pinching that allowed the spray to get there would have beentoo subtle for the average quality camera to pick on..
  251. [23:00] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Mathias wailed and sobbed while the zebra held him still and murmured soothing noises in his ear. Some of the pain, at least, abated when Mathias started to stroke his shaft, the oily lotion dissipating the capsaicin away. "That fucking psycho maced my dick – " he protested, sobbing, before the zebra's paw clamped over his mouth, stopping him from telling Longstripe the full story.
  252. "Shh, boy. I know. He's learning how to be a good steward; you need to love and forgive him, don't you? Now then, Mathias, while you're doing that, why don't you try edging him? You'll find he's very, very sensitive, so watch carefully. You're looking for his balls to tighten and his nub to start straining; that's when you pull away or do something distracting. It's very good for humans to be edged; it helps them to display their submissive nature."
  253. [23:06] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The hyena felt immense relief as the boy was firmly putted back at his place ; despite his small blunder, he was the Superior one, and the bratty human's body was once again offered to him in its entirety, though with some supervision.
  254. "I'm so sorry, Lucas. But you've been a very bad boy ; I know that punishment was a bit too much, but I'm just trying to help you get back on the right track." He said smugly, wiping his sticky hand under Lucas's balls. His modest penis was still throbbing painfully, no doubt because of the pepper that burned inside ; but that was his problem, after all.
  255. "I'm so sorry, Lucas. But you've been a very bad boy ; I know that punishment was a bit too much, but I'm just trying to help you get back on the right track." He said smugly, wiping his sticky hand under Lucas's balls. His modest penis was still throbbing painfully, no doubt because of the pepper that burned inside ; but that was his problem, after all.
  257. [22:42] [user]Al Se Rah[/user] has logged in.
  258. [22:44] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Holy Longstripe?" Mathias said after a moment of thought, wrapping his hands around the shaft and wiggling it left and right, never quite actually stroking it. "Do you also fuck Lucas in the ass and all?"
  259. [22:44] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The mischievous hyena asked, wanting to further humiliate the already miserable human boy.
  260. [22:50] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas made weak, muffled complaints into Longstripe's hand, but made a conscious effort to keep his legs spread and not try to fight; he wanted to make a show of compliance, and felt much safer with Longstripe in the room. Still, he couldn't stop his hips bucking instinctively up into that teasing paw.
  261. Longstripe chuckled at the question. "Me? I never have. I don't know what devotions Lucas is accustomed to, though. Lucas, have you ever been fucked up the ass by your superiors before?"
  262. He took his hand off of Lucas' mouth, and Lucas couldn't help but keen audibly from the pain. He composed himself, though, and answered: "No, Holy Longstripe. Um, when we're doing devotion together, my girlfriend sometimes likes to put her fingers in there though, and sometimes I wear a buttplug to help with my contemplations." In truth, he avoided actively worshipping anthros as much as he could; as long as he turned up to weekly sermons, his parents didn't push him to spend *much* time at church.
  263. [22:59] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "So much for teasing me about CPS, you asshole." He thought. Mathias let go of the boy's unassuming penis and went to caress his balls, cupping his hand so that the soft sack would be resting into his palm, as if he was weighing them. Then, after making sure Longstripe couldn't see his fingers, he pushed the claws of his index and middle finger out, the sharp bone coming to poke threateningly at the thin and sensitive skin, in a veiled threat. He wanted the brat to know he could just right here, right now, hook his claws into his balls and geld him in one swift motion. It wouldn't even take 2 seconds... But of course, he wouldn't do such thing. Instead, he surprised Lucas by running his finger down his taint and then without warning, forcing it past the boy's puckered hole ; since it was still lubed with lotion, it slid in easily, though the sudden insertion had to be uncomfortable.
  264. "Holy Longstripe, it'd be my honor to atone by blessing this devoted Inferior with my superior seed." Mathias said with a wide grin, unable to stop sick joy from radiating onto his face despite his best efforts. He didn't even move the finger, wanting the boy to just feel it. "Can I?"
  265.  [23:06] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Longstripe was increasingly unimpressed by this boy; he'd already shown a clear cruel streak, paired with a strong selfishness. He had to temper that. "Hmm. Alright. I still want to see him edged, though; let's see you give him three strong edges, with your mouth, and then yes, I think breeding him will be a good antidote to that sinful pornography he's been abusing himself to." He felt like he'd pitched that fairly well, using the boy's eagerness to coax him into something which he expected Mathias would find embarrassing.
  266. [23:13] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The hyena grimaced, his enthusiasm dissipating somewhat. The tight, warm hole he had his finger in sure felt welcoming, but Mathias wasn't attracted to boys the way healthy-minded homosexuals like Taylor were, he just liked abusing them. He might have accepted to suck him if that meant terrorizing Lucas by biting and nibbling, but just edging him... he'd probably enjoy it too much. "But, Holy Longstripe, isn't this kind of a subservient act... he'd probably think of some busty vixen blowing him, like the sinful videos he's been watching,, and I might not even be able to keep him edged..." He pushed his finger deeper in Lucas, the rest of his balled up fist pushing heavily against the boy's smooth taint.
  267. [23:17] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Besides, I bet he'll enjoy having his ass knotted. Right, Lucas?" The claw poked out once again, this time threatening the inside of the boy's rectum.
  268. [23:27] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Longstripe frowned. He stood up abruptly, dragging Mathias' finger out of Lucas' asshole and making Lucas shriek with alarm, then pointed at a loop hanging from the ceiling. "Hold it."
  269. Lucas quickly obeyed, relaxing when he saw Longstripe himself kneel in front of him. "Subservience is about power, and control, and attitude, and energy. It is not inherent in individual acts. Watch." He engulfed the boy's small, straining nub between his lips and bobbed his head slowly back and forth, fingers always resting lightly on the boy's scrotum. Maybe fifteen seconds later, he pulled away, perfectly timed to leave the boy gripping white-knuckled to the loop, panting and squealing in frustrated need, eyes watering and face red. He waited, then went down again, bringing the boy to another hard edge in maybe ten seconds.
  271. "See? Not a subservient act after all, I think you'll find. Now go on, try it," he encouraged, putting a hand on Mathias' back.
  272. [23:40] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias watch the whole scene with fascination ; there was strangely erotic about this giant, hunky zebra apparently submitting to the lean bottomless boy. Compared to Longstripe's muzzle, Lucas's penis looked tiny, and disappeared easily in the equine's mouth. He probably wouldn't even have had to move, just let his lips do the work, but he still chose to display expert technique by properly blowing Lucas. Even more fascinating (and arousing, to Mathias) was Lucas's reactions : sure, the hyena had edged himself too in front of some good porn before, but it was more a way to prolong the pleasure than to frustrate. Seeing the boy squirm and tear up with need was beyond what he could imagine. Just how long had been kept in that state...?
  274. "Okay, fine..." He resigned himself, but there was a tinge of excitement in his voice. Then he knelt, muzzle just inches from the boy's modest, but rock-hard and throbbing erection ; before he engulfed it, he made a show of smiling like only a hyena could, showing his neat though slightly yellowed rows of pointy fangs. "Don't worry, a friend told me how to not accidentally bite it off." Mathias teased, remembering that one Truth or Dare where the poor gay fox had to describe how to suck dick.
  275. With those words, and a slight frown, he let the penis slide in his muzzle, making it rest on his broad tongue. It was too short to penetrate his throat, so the fit was rather snug. Experimentally, Mathias began rubbing the underside with his tongue, motivating himself by thing of the future pounding he'd give Lucas.
  276. [2018-11-09 23:46] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas shivered. He didn't mind this, so much; although that base, needy part of him wanted to thrust, he prided himself in his devotion to chastity, frustration and need. His eyes unfocused; his usually-denied cock twitched in Mathias' mouth. "Oh fuck, pull away," he gasped, dancing backwards on the tips of his toes, grabbing desperately at the loop.
  277.  [2018-11-09 23:50] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The hyena's eyes widened and he did that hurriedly, not wanting to get a mouthful of cum. "What the hell, already?" He gasped, staring at the throbbing dick, that oozed a bit of white mixed with the abundant pre that was dangling at the end. "I wasn't even doing anything." Very cautiously as to not touch Lucas's shaft, the hyena came to touch his balls again, feeling them throb on the tip of his fingers. "Sick... This is kinda fun, actually. Hey, I'm still new to this, so you better warn me again next time, Inferior. If I make you cum by accident, it'll be your fault, right, Holy Longstripe?" He added with a smile, waiting a good minute before taking him back into his mouth, this time a bit more aggressively.
  278. [2018-11-09 23:56] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "You need to take responsibility, Mathias," Longstripe admonished. "Exercising your dominant energy means taking charge and taking responsibility. Feel his balls; watch his body, listen to his noises. You can tell if he's going to squirt."
  279. Nevertheless, though it took longer this time, maybe thirty, forty seconds, Lucas was soon flushing and dancing again, and warned: "I can't hold it, pleease!" He was delerious with need; he hadn't even ruined in over a week, while edging several times each day, with his girlfriend or by himself.
  280. [00:03] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias stealthily rolled his eyes at the sermon, but he was getting better at it. He was just about to pull out when Lucas gave him the warning, and he watched with intense amusement the boy cry out, nearly sobbing as he hung limply, no doubt trying his best to not even stimulate himself by letting his penis bob up and down. "Man, your body really wants it bad. Hope the spiritual reward is worth it..." He commented. Now getting into this, the hyena only gave Lucas 20 seconds to recover before giving his penis a long, strong and slow lick that sandwiched the shaft between his tongue and the boy's flat stomach, while gripping his buttocks and spreading them, as if to tell him he was going to get it.
  281. [00:09] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas couldn't even process that reality. His mind was completely overwhelmed by the ingrained habit of edging warring with his deep, biological need to cum. He didn't say anything, but that one long lick wasn't enough to give him the hard edges he was risking before.
  282. "Well done!", Longstripe praised. "Isn't he just in the grip of ecstacy? This is it, absolute fulfilment for submissive beings." He moved around behind Lucas and gripped his hips. "Now, you'll need some lube. Human cum is the perfect lubricant for their assholes; how about you fish out your cock and hold it under this little lube dispenser, and I'll activate it for you nice and safely, hm? Then you can knot him just like you want to," Longstripe coaxed.
  283. [00:16] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Well, I don't know...  I guess it's one way, yeah." He nodded at Longstripe's enthusiastic words, wiping his chops of drool and pre and then his hand on Lucas's shirt. "He certainly looks needier than Leo during the last class of the afternoon." Mathias smirked, grabbing the boy's face by his cheeks and meeting his cloudy and aroused gaze with his own playful, cruel one. "But you'll be even more fulfilled when I fuck you, right Lucas?" The hyena said as he stepped out of his jeans, revealing boxer shorts that were tenting dramatically and soaked in the front. Longstripe's offer made him stop in his tracks however, both of his paws still on the waistband of the boxers. "His... cum? That's kinda gross, and... wouldn't that ruin it? He'd orgasm..."
  284. [00:19] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Longstripe chuckled. "You're going to put your cock in his ass, Mathias; a little late to get squeamish, isn't it? And it's true that total abstinence is the ideal for all humans, but that's really quite rare. Ruined orgasms and milking are a good way to regulate the feeling of needing to cum without ruining all that perfect, built-up horniness." As he spoke, he wrapped one hand around the base of Lucas' junk, and with the other, started tap-tap-tapping on the boy's frenulum. Lucas was completely incoherent, gasping and sweating, the subtle stimulation bringing him close to, he knew, releasing his seed without an orgasm. It was ecstacy... and torture.
  285.  [00:26] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias thought about it for a moment, and then shrugged with a predatory smile. "I guess that's true, yeah. Fine, I'll use his little dispenser."Without a single hint of shame, Mathias pulled his shaft and balls out of his boxers, keeping them on still, and grabbed his canine penis at the base, where a bulge was already in the process of forming due to how excited he was. Though in all honesty, no one could call the hyena well-endowed, it was still longer and, more importantly that Lucas's underveloped dick. The contrast was obvious when he held it under as instructed, the tapered tip coming to poke at Lucas's sack.
  286. He gave the human gentle slaps so he could come back to Earth a bit, and had him look downwards by grabbing his hair. "Hey, look, Lucas. This is what I'll put in you. You like it?"
  287. [00:31] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "I... I dunno, y-yeahhh I guess," Lucas confessed, out of it now as, feeling safe under Longstripe's supervision, he felt that warmth welling up in his cock. He gasped as he began to drool his load out over Mathias' cock, whining in total frustration as his nub twitched and drooled but no orgasm gripped him, no wave of pleasure, feeling more like  a trickle of urine than an unleashed load. This was even less pleasurable than a normal ruin – and that was of course the point. His nub dispensed a full load of stored-up 'lube' over Mathias' cock, and Longstripe ruffled his hair. "Good inferior. Look, your seed is useful after all. Go ahead, Mathias, establish your dominance." Longstripe moved aside, staying close to the boys.
  288. [00:39] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Wow, you're totally out of it." Mathias mocked, flicking the boy on the nose. "This is the day you're losing your virginity, focus a bit, okay." As he said those words, he grimaced a bit, feeling another male's warm semen on his own already quite slimy tool ; the white contrasted heavily with the shocking red of his canine flesh, looking even more intense than usual because of his arousal. Still, Lucas's pitiful whine and his scrunched-up face made it worth it.
  289. When Longstripe finally let him in command again, Mathias smiled predatorily. He wanted to punch Lucas in the stomach, but... instead, he grabbed his shoulders and forced him on his knees, then knelt himself and brought his face to the ground. "I'll fuck you like the bitch you are. Push your ass up and spread your cheeks, Lucas." He ordered, planting his cushioned sole on the top of the athlete's hair to keep his head right on the floor.
  290. [00:43] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas obeyed, completely in the zone now, kinda wanting it. Truth be told, he didn't mind this kind of thing, he enjoyed having his need highlighted and exploited... it was all this furry supremacy talk he didn't like. Sure, a Sanctified might act like this... but it was all communal, they were taking a role. He just... didn't like the idea that someone was just 'better' than him, and shouldn't do the same devotions. All that was academic now; with his not-orgasm, the teasing, the use, he was more than ready, excited even, for his first real live cock. He spread his legs, pulled his knees up, and reached back, revealing an asshole lined with short blonde hair, pink and needy between two welted cheeks.
  291. [00:50] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The sight of this beautiful hole was enough to shatter what self-restraint the hyena still had, and the half-beast literally pounced on Lucas, wrapping his arms around his chest and his canine cock falling between the boy's buttocks with a loud splat. He humped the presented rear with short, animalistic groans, until, more by chance than skill, the tapered tip found the puckered entrance and forced it open, the shaft sliding in relatively easily but certainly not painlessly thanks to the lubrication and what little training Lucas had. "A-Aah! Take it, human!" Mathias barked with pleasure, his inexperience showing with the short, awkward thrusts he did, that were still more than enough for the hyena to bury himself completely inside the boy, after merely 30 seconds.
  292. [00:52] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Already he could feel his knot start to swell, making it even more difficult the act of pulling out. Mathias was more humping Lucas into the ground than he was properly fucking him, his shaft barely budging from where it was buried now that it was all teh way in.
  293. [00:59] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas groaned and gasped, squirming, not quite satisfied... having just released his seed, the penetration felt more uncomfortable, less pleasurable, but at the same time, he didn't have that full afterglow. Either way, the rough, overenthusiastic, underlubricated insertion hurt, especially with Mathias apparently intent to pull him inside-out with his knot.
  295. Longstrope looked on indulgently; then finally decided to indulge himself, unbuttoning his robes and extracting his flared cock, stroking it slowly to the show before him. They looked like they were having a wonderful time. Ah, youth...
  296. [01:05] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: There came a moment when no matter how hard he tried, Mathias couldn't even try to pull it out anymore ; doing so just caused Lucas's already pretty sore anus to push outwards, dilating to a painful degree but still clinging on and trapping the knot inside, making it also painful for Mathias to tug. The hyena gave a particularly hard thrust forward, and collapsed on top of Lucas, pinning him flat with his cock trapped between his stomach and the comfortable carpeted floor. Now laying on top of the boy as if he was a mattress, the hyena started to growl in pure pleasure, directly in Lucas's ear, and an intense warmth flooded the human's stomach as copious amounts of watery cum spurted from the hyena's cock.
  297.  [01:06] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Aaah... take it, Inferior... That's all you're good for. Soaking up hyena cum..." Mathias whispered in Lucas's ear, as he rode the lengthy afterglow of his orgasm.
  298.  [01:10] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Lucas groaned, sore, but actually enjoying the rough fuck more than he might have imagined. Although he thought of himself as straight, that was a pretty flexible concept within the Church, and he was no stranger to anal pleasure. He just wished Mathias wouldn't ruin it with all that mean dirty talk.
  299. Longstripe was stroking faster now, wondering if he could coax the hyena into a facial... probably not. But Lucas, he knew, would have just the right response; that envy and arousal in denial from watching him - intimately - unload onto his face. He double-fisted his stallion cock, wondering how long, exactly, it would take Mathias' knot to inflate.
  300. [01:17] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias took a few deep breaths, lifting himself up with his arms and bringing his knees to the prone boy's side so he would be straddling his butt, knot still locking them together as he finished ejaculating. He was panting hard, tongue hanging out, and was stroking Lucas's hair and back, more out of a desire to possess him than genuine affection. Only then he noticed Longstripe's masturbation ; the size of the shaft caused him to gasp and flatten his ears by reflex, blushing under the fur. "Hey, Lucas, look, you made our leader very happy. Guess you have your uses after all."
  301. The hyena gave his knot an expermental tug ; it was still buried deep, and still, he was done coming. Came next that familiar need he always felt after orgasm.... a deviant idea came to the cruel young hyena's mind, and he failed to hold back a smirk. "Speaking of uses..."
  302.  [01:19] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Mathias let out a deep sigh of contentment as he relaxed his body, and a very different kind of warmth rushed again in the young teen's bowels, flooding them much faster than his ejaculation had done. The hyena kept himself pressed tight against Lucas's ass, not wanting anything to leak out as his knot was deflating at the same time he was relieving himself.
  303. [01:23] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Longstripe knew exactly what was happening. He palmed a buttplug from the drawers - he didn't want the boy spilling that all over the floor -and came to crouch in front of Lucas. Lucas was panicking and protesting, but Longstripe grabbed his chin, making him face the huge, flared cock.
  304. "Shh. Shhh. Accept it. You're denied and abused and you need it, don't you? You're so lucky. Watch my cock." Lucas was practically hypnotised; it had been over a month since his last full orgasm. "It's going to cum. It's going to cum because of you. It's almost like cumming, isn't it? But so much better, because you still get to be horny, and needy, and ready for use." Lucas opened his mouth, slack-jawed, as Longstripe sped up. "Here it comes, taste it –" Lucas reflexively made a landing pad of his tongue as Longstripe came, hard, shooting rope after rope into Lucas' mouth and all over his face, incidentally showing off for the younger fur. His massive nuts and capacioius prostate let him really paint Lucas' pretty skin, the poor boy absolutely used, top and tail. Wordlessly, contentedly, Longstripe offered Mathias the plug.
  305. [01:32] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The hyena had panicked a bit when he saw Longstripe stand up, thinking he might have crossed the line once again, and so was relieved and actually overjoyed when the zebra not only didn't punish him for that, but seemed to encourage that creative use of the Inferior's ass.
  306. He watched with fascination as the equine dominated the boy so utterly, with only his words and his huge manhood. Mathias couldn't help but feel a bit emasculated ; sure, he could sucker punch someone, he could use his predatory aura and cold gaze to make others cower in fear when he wanted (especially the smaller ones), and he could turn many situations to his advantage through lies and manipulation, but this... Longstripe only needed to wave his magnificent shaft in front of a straight boy's face to make him open his mouth and beg for his semen like a bitch in heat. Even he felt himself salivating a bit at the obscene show, and was completely out of it by the time he was handed the plug.
  307. [01:35] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Huh? O-Oh yeah." He snapped out of it, yanking his softened knot somewhat brutally out of poor Lucas's sore rear, and stuffed the plug in without much ceremony. Feeling very awkward now that his arousal and sadistic mood had evaporated, Mathias looked more like a lost child than ever, straddling Lucas's hairless bottom while his limp, pink cock steadily retreated back into the furry sheath.
  308. [01:37] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Well, young man. I think you might be just a [i]little[/i] overeager... but they say it takes a village to raise a child, after all. Why don't you come to regular services for a while? They're a little less hands-on for the most part, but it would be nice for you to learn the reasons why we do what we do, and how we go about it." He looked down at Lucas. "I think you look like a boy who's been put back in his place now, hm? Go on, run along home. You can tell your parents I'm very satisfied with your contrition."
  312. [18:01] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Coach Aya sat at her desk, gesturing for Taylor to sit when he reluctantly shuffled through the door. "Take a seat please, young man. I think you and I need a little chat." She had a stern look on her face, giving little away. "I've noticed you've had something of an attitude change recently. I can't help but get the impression you've been wasting your sexual energy, and I'd be very curious to hear what you have to say about that."
  313. [18:10] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor wasn't stupid ; he knew something was up the moment the training began. As they were lined up for plug inspection, she had shown no gentleness when taking out his and fitting it back in, even though the coach almost always had a word of encouragement and a little caress to give him, one of the best behaved boys of the Program : then as they played, she kept glaring at him, occasionally leafing through a heavy book none of the players had seen up close but which he assumed contained guidelines and instructions on training and punishments of the CPS teens. Once in the locker room, ignoring the beautiful sight of his undressing friends, Taylor changed as fast as he could, but it wasn't fast enough. The coach had barged in, only giving a glance to the many half-naked boys before drily summoning Taylor to her office, and leaving.
  315. As she had closed the door, Taylor let out a deep sigh, and received a puzzled look from his friends and a comforting pat on the back from Zach. But everyone was surprised ; the had almost never seen Taylor misbehave, and when he did, a public spanking usually closed the deal. This was unprecedented.
  316. "My... Sexual energy?" The young fox swallowed nervously, shifting on his seat. He was wearing grey skinny jeans and a tasteful dark shirt, that really brought out the vibrant colorfulness of his fur. But his hair wasn't done as meticulously as it usually was. "It... it sounds kinda new age, right?" He chuckled half-heartedly, trying to win her good side. "Well, I don't know, I'm chaste and all, I can't take it off after all..."
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  320. [18:16] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She fixed him with a cold look, and began to make a show of rolling on a rubber glove. "I see. And you haven't been finding any other... outlets? CPS is a prosocial organisation, young man; we don't have any objection to boys in the programme receiving anal penetration from others," she said, clinically. "I rather suspect Thomas has found an outlet with his girlfriend. And of course we don't discriminate on sexuality at all." She laid a towel over her desk and began lubricating her gloves, intimidating him by spreading the slick water-based lubricant over her entire hand.
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  322. [18:24] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The fox's eyes widened at the sight, and he sunk a bit in his chair, his thick, fluffy tail curling on his lap, as if to shield him. He wanted nothing more than to curl and grab it, but resisted the urge, not wanting so show such baby-like behavior.  "Oh... Oh God, w-what's this for? Please, this... I haven't done anything wrong." He squeaked in a strangled voice. "You just said it was okay... I, uh, received from David, he's... A deer from another class..." Aya could see veyr well who he was talking about ; over the last few weeks, the two boys had been unusually close, waiting for each other at the end of the class and sometimes sneaking out during breaks to spend some time privately. They weren't having sex on school grounds, but with the shy deer boy much less confident about his sexuality, it was the only way to hold hands and kiss. "And, sometimes, well... at home, with my toys..." He added that last bit very quietly.
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  324. [18:32] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She raised an eyebrow at him. "I think we've come to the core of the problem here, then, haven't we?" She opened his copy of the CPS agreement one-handed and tapped subheading 4 under chastity:
  325. 'I agree to refrain from any attempt at masturbation, including but not limited to: attempting to remove the device, the use of vibrators or other tools to achieve stimulation through my device, or the use of my fingers or any other unapproved device for anal stimulation.'
  326. "Did you not understand this part of the agreement?" she asked, mildly.
  327. [18:37] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor hung his head low, sighing very deeply. He knew about it, naturally ; he had done his research, and was one of the few boys to have read at least the majority of the agreement before signing-up. But the temptation to cheat the system had been too great.
  328. "I'm sorry." He mumbled, defeated, panic receding a bit as she started speaking with less venom in her voice. "I just wanted... my butt to feel good to him, I really like him... and what if it's all loose and stuff..." The young fox said with profound despair. "S-So I've been doing these exercises with an Aneros and... I really liked the sensation and kept doing it more..."
  329. He held back a sob. "I'm super sorry, can I go now? Please?" He raised his head, his teary yellow eyes pleading her.
  330. [18:45] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She shook her head firmly. "I know you've tried hard, Taylor, but that doesn't excuse a rules violation. I'll have to punish you, and change your regimen to stop this from happening again, but... hmm. I suppose in light of what a good boy you've been by and large, I think I can cut you a little slack. I'll at least let you choose if you would prefer a painful punishment or a humiliating one." Her expression softened a little, and she started to peel off the glove; now that he'd confessed she didn't need to perform any further inspections.
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  332. [18:51] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Thank you..." He muttered, not sounding very sincere, but he was a very polite boy. He was very relieved she was taking the slick gloves off ; for a moment, he had been afraid the entire hand would go in his ass. Then surely David would notice and think terrible things of him, even though he obviously knew about what the program implied. Taylor grimaced at the choice that was offered to him ; if anything, not knowing made him more anxious. He hated the idea of both, being both pretty sensitive physically (even with the constant plugging, it hadn't been easy for him to start enjoying anal sex with David, who was nothing special below the belt and was extremely gentle and attentive) and emtionally from a lot of bullying.
  333. "Err... can't you tell me, please?" Taylor offered. "Please, I'll learn my lesson either way."
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  335. [18:57] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She sighed, growing impatient, now, and stood up from behind her desk. She reached into a filing cabinet and withdrew a small black bag with a tag on it Taylor couldn't read, set it down on the table, and then took a seat again, this time in the other chair on his side of the desk. She patted her lap, indicating that he should lie over it, before she replied.
  336. "I'm already giving you one chance by letting you choose. We don't explain punishments in detail ahead of time, you know that; it reduces the effectiveness of the humiliation. Perhaps by the time your spanking is over you'll have been able to make up your mind, hm?"
  337. [18:57] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "If you really insist, I suppose I can pick the punishment I think will be most effective on you," she conceded - by which she surely meant the one she thought he'd like least!
  338. [19:03] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "The - the humiliating one, then!" Taylor answered in panic. "You don't need to spank me... Please, I don't wanna be hurt. I don't like it." He stated the obvious, already wondering if he should have chosen the other option. "Ugh... should I undress, then? Let's get this over with..." He took off his shirt, sounding miserable. His torso was lean but not especially feminine, less so than the felines of his team ; there was no an inch of fat on him, thanks to the care the boy had with his diet. He carefully draped his shirt over the back of his chair, before making the first button of his skinny jeans pop and awaiting confirmation from lteh coach.
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  340. [19:12] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Carry on, Taylor; I'm going to give you a spanking and adjust your devices right now; I'll give you everything you need for your main punishment afterwards. Do you have any Saturday activities I'll need to work around?" She fished in the bag for a folded slip of paper, which she began to fill out as she waited for him to get in position.
  341. [19:19] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Everything I... Need? I don't understand. We won't be done today...?" He whined, sounding increasingly sadder and more desperate. Still, he took off his pants, which wasn't easy due to how tights on his legs they were, and folded them with the same degree of care, before taking off his underwear. Having no attraction whatsoever to females, and knowing Coach Aya knew that, he wasn't too embarrassed about being naked in front of her, especially since he had no insecurities about his frankly above-average body. But he still felt pretty vulnerable and afraid of pain ; his bottom was still sore from the pre-training's spanking, during which he had actually cried out for once due to how fierce Aya had made it. And he wasn't looking forwrd to his "edvices" being adjusted ; his chastity cage was pretty roomy due to his sizable endowment, and he still remembered how Leo's tiny cage made the young cat constantly worry about growth down there, even though it admittedly had the benefit of making his constant horniness more bearable.
  342. [19:20] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The fox apprehensively lowered his chest on his coach's lap, keeping his big and fluffy tail curled on his back to leave his toned rear accessible.
  343. [19:28] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "No, Taylor. I'm going to give you a session at the CPS clinic, this Saturday if possible. I think we can cure you of your habit most effectively that way."
  344. She adjusted him to make his bottom stick out as much as possible, stretching the skin taut for maximum effect before beginning to spank. She was playing it by ear – using just her hand, and not going too hard, just waiting for some good wriggling and whining to confirm that it was sinking in before she adjusted his gear. This was just a little for-now reminder; the real fun... ah, that is to say, the real discipline would come on Saturday.
  346. Once his butt was nicely reddened, she slid out his plug, replacing it with a slightly larger, firmer one - nothing the boy couldn't handle. That, however, was the easy part. "Sitting on my lap, now, facing away, like this..." she murmured, gently guiding him into position as she produced the long, thin rod that was going to be accompanying him from now on. "This might be a little uncomfortable at first," she warned.
  348. [Sorry, trying to push ahead a bit so I can arc this out in reasonable time :P]
  349. [19:29] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: (No problem, I wanna go to the unexpected bits too :P)
  350. [19:35] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "The CPS... clinic?" Taylor shuddered on her lap. He had heard a lot about it, mostly from other boys, none of which had ever been there ; the corrective institution, that was at the origin of their daily torment, was shrouded in an aura of dread and mystery. The fox couldn't resist whining. He thought it was so unfair, that him of all people would be the first of his team to be sent there. Why not Mathias...
  351. The fox started to cry halfway through the spanking, more from his nerves giving out than out of pain. He was upset and afraid, and he had planned to go in teh woods with David this Sunday. He wondered in what kind of anguish the punishment would leave him... and hated that he now wasn't looking forward to the weekend anymore.
  352. He barely mustered a groan as he was unplugged and replugged. "I don't wanna be loose..." He complained, but only laid there limply, his well-exercised hole swallowing the plug with only a little effort. The next part, however...
  354. "W-wait, no, this is... this goes in my pee hole?" He started to squirm. "Please, I've... you said it wouldn't hurt. The punishment."
  355. [19:44] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She sighed at that repeated concern. "You really need to stop worrying about being 'loose'. The anus is a muscle, young man; are you worried that if you had a shoulder massage your arm would fall down to your hips?"
  356. Once she had him sat up on her lap, of course, his priorities changed. "Firstly, this isn't a punishment. This is just how we're going to secure you against any continued misbehaviour. Secondly, it isn't going to hurt, particularly if you stop squirming. It might be a little uncomfortable at first, that's all." She took a firm grip on his device, using her grip to hold his hips steady as well as she lined it up. It was dewy with a thin, silicone lubricant, and really far too short and thin to warrant the fuss he was making. "It ought to make hygiene a lot easier, too!"
  357. [19:49] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "I don't get it... how is this gonna do anything, it's my butt I was playing with." Taylor stammered, pressing his back against Aya's breasts. Though he thought of breasts as about as erotic as a trash can, it was comforting to have something soft and warm enveloping him. Under the device, the large wolf could see the boy's ping-pong sized balls, white as snow, pull back closer to his body with fear. Trying to calm himself, he hid his eyes in the crook on his right arm. "Just... get it over with..." He gritted his teeth. He felt like peeing, but clenched his muscles as much ash e could, not wanting to make a mess on his own coach.
  358. [19:56] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "There we go," she said, soothingly. "All in now." She clipped a tiny little power pack onto the device, and the two parts started talking to one another. "Alright. Now, I hope you're not used to taking it out to pee, I know some boys feel the need. But the little device in your peehole will stop you from squirting - or indeed peeing - unless the plug is firmly in place. This means no more mistakes like the one we've had already; you're going to be nice and full of that good bonding energy, just like your teammates."
  360. She let him get up, and passed him the slip and a small case. "That's your attendance slip for your punishment session. You're to take these pills before bedtime every day until your punishment; skipping them will make your punishment a lot harder, so remember every night. Now, if you have any questions - that *aren't* about the specifics of your punishment - I'll be happy to answer them before you go get changed properly."
  361. [20:03] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Despite all this apprehensions, Taylor barely noticed the thin device parting the lips of his urethra, and was surprised when it was over, having expected more. He felt ashamed and frustrated of the fuss he had made, but he wasn't about to complain. Listening to her explanations, he wondered how much it was going to suck, taking a dump, given that he usually felt the need to pee right as he did it. But raising that concern would be of course much too embarrassing.
  363. "I was already nice..." He mumbled, a tiny act of defiance, and took the pills. He wanted to ask what they were, but stopped himself, and he just shook his head no with a sigh as he pulled back his shirt and then his underwear and pants, wincing a bit as he struggled to get used to the new size of the plug. To his despair, the shape of the outer part could be seen through his skinny jeans, and the taut fabric made it push against his ring uncomfortably. He wouldn' be wearing those pants again for a while...
  364. [20:04] [user]A Dominant Femboy[/user] has logged out.
  365. [20:12] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: Naturally, Mathias was the first to skim the public listings for the CPS clinic, and naturally, he spread the gossip fast. The mix of curiosity, teasing and sympathy was embarrassing enough – but of course, that was part of the reason it was done this way. Worse, now that he wasn't able to... relieve himself, he seemed to be getting hornier and hornier, just about soaking his undies on the daily.
  367. On arrival at the clinic, he was taken to a changing room with a small handful of other boys in similar locked, plugged states who shared weak smiles of encouragement before being led off one by one, their exits staggered to ensure every boy received adequate attention from the curious or civic-minded folks watching at the public stalls. The enema was a familiar enough procedure to him now, and fortunately they decided against a 'bladder wash', so soon he was standing at the door to his punishment stall..
  369. [sorry if I'm going too fast, trying to arc out nice before I'm dragged off for dinner or something!]
  370. [20:13] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: (That's good, I want to get to the good part as well)
  371. [20:18] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor was both scared, and in a terrible mood. He had been the center of attention all week, in positive and negative ways, and he had forgotten how it felt to be horny ; despite the eagerness with which he asked David, now more confident in his abilities to have sex, to penetrate him almost every night did little to ease the frustration of not really being able to cum, even though the device like he had managed to before.
  372. Of course, the fact his real punishment was drawing closer eveyr day did little to help. He had read that they were done with an audience, which explained the "humiliating" part, but that the punishments were almost new every time to prevent word of mouth ; still, some of the stories were horrifying. As his fault was pretty minor, he hoped he wouldn't get any of the heavy stuff like being forced to pleasure a feral dog, or to drink urine, but he was still positively terrified when he walked through the door, wearing only a backless disposable hospital gown.
  373. [20:18] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: His eyes were misted with tears as he looked around the stall, trying to make sense of his surroundings;
  374. [20:22] [user]TakeruTakaishi[/user] has logged in.
  375. [20:22] [user]TakeruTakaishi[/user] has logged out.
  376. [20:22] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: The room was in a very simple setup; a gynecologist-style restraining chair, and a small table with appropriately-sized anal toys of various kinds. The CPS agent gestured at the chair, inviting him to climb in. For now, the small room appeared to have nothing but a mirror on one side, but it was uncomfortably clear that the mirror was only one-way...
  377. [20:27] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor was a bit relieved, but his anus still clenched reflexively and uncomfortable around the now comfortable butt-plug. He could handle anal toys - after all, he had got into trouble because of them. Some looked very weird and on the wall, not on the table, were some big and  cruelly shaped ones, however, but he figured they were more for intimidation than anything else : after all, his punishment wasn't supposed to be very painful. "Hello..." He muttered to the CPS agent, trying not to shake as he walked towards teh chair and sat on it ; the gown he was wearing was very small, and naturally pulled up just above his groin, exposing his locked genitals and the plugged cleft of his ass to the mirror. Taylor looked through a few seconds, before turning his head away and closing his eyes, whining in embarrassment. The fox had gotten used to being naked and humiliated around his teammates, but it was a first for him, being exposed to obscenely to strangers.
  378.  [20:28] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Uhm, please... don't hurt me." He pleaded.
  379.  [20:40] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Nobody is going to hurt you," she promised. "In fact, you're going to be in total control the whole time." Well, up to a point. She strapped him in firmly and drew the legs of the chair back to really expose him. Off came the gown; out came the plug; off came the power pack with a little magnetic clip, making the urethral plug fail-safe and open up. All of this with surgical precision.
  381. And then the lights readjusted, and he could see who'd come to watch him. Despite all their bravado, only a handful of boys from his school had come to watch him - including of course Mathias – but there were a small number of girls there, and a good number of strangers, mostly grown-ups. At least he was under eighteen, so the video of his punishment wouldn't be published online.
  383. The agent slipped what looked like a condom over the tip of his cage. "Alright, Taylor. This mike," she said, pointing," is wired to the outside. If you'd like to invite someone out there to come in and help you, you can do that at any time. Since you have such an addiction to anal stimulation, your job here is to use anal stimulation to produce eleven millilitres of ejaculate and pre-ejaculate over the course of the next hour. If you don't, we will extract it forcefully instead, okay?" She didn't say the obvious corollary; if he wanted any anal stimulation, he would have to beg the onlookers to 'help' him out. "I'll be in the room to ensure you're safe throughout."
  384. [20:50] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The young fox let out an embarrassing squeal when the plug came out, and he could feel his anus gape slightly because of the spread position, cool air tickling his insides before the softened hole manage to close. He was deep red under the fur, wondering what whoever was behind the mirror would think of this obscene show... but what was intense embarrassment turned into complete mortification when the other side was visible. Taylor's ears started to buzz, his heart tightened, and he went through a small panic attack, squirming and crying incoherently as many familiar faces stared at his exposed state, some gloomily, some with delight, especially Mathias who was grnning from ear to ear and had his hand moving in his pocket. After a minute, his panic softened into embarrassed sobs, just in time for him to hear the instructions.
  386. "Oh god, this... you can't be serious, it's... they have to help...? But, no, no way, not in front of everybody, I have... I have a boyfriend..." He confessed, scanning the crowd to see if David was here. As he did so, he saw a few of the grown-ups wave at him, pointing fingers at themselves, obviously craving to be chosen and to molest the beautiful young boy. Mathias was thrusting two fingers through a ring made of his index and thumb, and Taylor felt sickened to his stomach. At least some of his friends, even though they were straight, would probably help him if David wasn't there...
  387. [20:55] [user]Almighty Rapist[/user] has logged in.
  388. [20:55] [user]Almighty Rapist[/user] has logged out.
  389. [20:57] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: His friends of course hadn't come... after all, that would be embarrassing, right? He didn't need them watching. And, uh, they didn't want to see. And David wasn't there either... leaving him with the options of strangers, assholes or just... waiting and hoping for his selection to improve. An older teenage girl was holding a strapon and tapping it at the glass for him, breasts against the window, clearly trying the wrong route; there were two older guys, maybe college boys, with their arms around each other, looking like this was their idea of a date night... plus everyone else. Fifty nine minutes...
  390. [21:04] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor closed his eyes, leaving tears to roll down his cheeks, and cried in frustration for a good five minutes ; he felt so humiliated and alone, wanting nothing more than a friend or a lover or even his parents to comfort him. Like he was, he felt like a piece of meat about to be sentenced to death in a gloomy dungeon. For ten more minutes, he tried to stimulate himslef on his own, humping the chair and clenching his taint like he would do around his toy, much to the amusement (or impatience) of his public, that could atl east be consoled by the sight of his appetizing hole winking at them, but it was as pointless as it was desperate.
  391. Eventually, he sighed, a sigh that echoed through the whole room and felt heavy with tears. "You, the girl with the strap-on... please help..."
  392. He didn't want to cheat on David at all, and choosing a girl to use a toy on him felt like the furthest thing from sex with a male.
  393. [21:08] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: The agent opened the door, halting the girl to inspect and measure the toy before letting her through. It wasn't large – smaller than David even – and she stepped into it on her way in the room. "Hi Tay-tay!" she said, her accent immediately marking her out as coming from the posh school across town. "We're gonna have some fun, right? She tapped the head of the toy on his butthole, still fixing him with that cheery smile.
  394. [21:11] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: The fox groaned in embarrassment, pulling away a bit and clenching his butthole. "Don't... speak or anything. I don't wanna hear it." He hissed, clearly hostile. He hated that she felt like having fun, while he was going through the worst day of his life, and the humiliating nickname was an insult he wouldn't tolerate. "And keep that thing away... use that thing, instead. Just push it in my butt and go in the corner..." The fox mumbled, nodding towards a thick Aneros-like toy that looked like it could vibrate. It would usually take him more than a hour to have full prostate orgasm, at home, where he was relaxed and not dying on shame ; but he was still pent-up, and confident he could at least secrete enough pre in the given time.
  395. [21:12] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor saw many faces slump and boo him noiselessly, but he didn't care. He wasn't here to entertain them... served them right.
  396. [21:15] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Uh, no. I don't think that's what I'm supposed to do, Taaay-tay," she admonished, frowning at him. "I came here to stuff boy-butt, so if you don't want that, I can't help you. Pfft. You'd think you CPS boys would be more into it," she complained, "even my boyfriend won't let me fuck him properly. C'mon, you can close your eyes and think of the troops if you like." She kept wiggling the toy at him, as if that would entice him.
  397. [21:19] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "What...? No, you can't refuse, that's not fair." Taylor whined, the shaky little shield he had built around itself through disdain shattering in pieces. The clock displayed 34 minutes left ; and he was wasting time negotiating... "C'mon, don't be a bitch, it's super hard to cum through thrusting...  it won't work." He explained. "That was true ; it took very careful maneuvering from the inexperienced David, and often, he would just get pleasant tingles that only teased him ; thankfully, David would always finish him via a tender finger massage. "Please put the Aneros in..."
  398. [21:23] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Mmm, no. Tell you what, let me fuck you forrr... ten minutes, as hard as I like, and I'll put the whatever in after. Deal?" She stepped aside to the table and grabbed the aneros off of it, dropping it on his belly. "Orrrrr I can go back to browsing. Maybe they'll have a boy just here for buttfucking come up, and I won't need to compromise at all. She had a wicked grin, sharp vulpine teeth glittering under the cold, clinical lighting. Through the window, Mathias had put himself somewhere Taylor could see him and was making energetic thrusting and slapping motions.
  399.  [21:28] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor swallowed a sob, looking utterly defeated. The clock was displaying thirty minutes, he would only have 20 minutes left... this would be extremely difficult, but if the next person bargained with him as well, he would be lost. He scanned the crowd again, looking for someone that looked like they genuinely wanted to help him... and found no such face. Everyone was just eagerly awaiting for him to be fucked. Especially Mathias who looked like he was having the time of his life.
  400. "Fine..." He whined almost noiselessly, closing his eyes and starting to cry silently. "You... you can go ahead, 10 minutes..."
  401. [21:30] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: He relaxed his pucker, and pushed it out, to ease the penetration. He didn't have to worry about any accidents, having been cleaned before, so he focused hard on making his butt welcoming, the ring clearly winking at her and te audience.
  402. [14:39] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: She teased it with the tip of her toy, rubbing it in circles then popping it in and out for a good minute before plunging inside. She planted her hands on his chest and started up a steady thrust, hips rocking in fluid motion, sliding the toy in and out to its full extent. She moved one hand back after a few minutes to keep the toy lined up as she started to make it pop in and out, with the camera catching the slight gape she left behind each time. Finally, with only a couple minutes of her agreed time left, she began slamming into him mercilessly, reaming him with a vengeance.
  403. [14:47] [user]Ely Petboy[/user] is now Looking: I need a Daddy to fuck my little throathole/urinal and drown me in semen and piss! Any cocks from any species! ❤Also my mouth works great for cleaning assholes and Pussy's Mommy!
  404. [14:48] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Guh... What are you..." The boy whined at first, feeling uncomfortable and foreboding pressure on his already pretty relaxed ring ; he didn't mind too much, as it was better than being fucked proper, but it left him feeling very anxious and embarrassed, not to mention rekindled his deep-seated fear of becoming loose. When she finally penetrated him, he hissed in discomfort ; it was nothing like his boyfriend's warm, soft penis, or his Aneros, it felt hard, cold, and rough on his insides. Still, he remembered his training and the good practice of anal sex, keeping himself relaxed and gasping every time the toy left him, making his loosened butthole wink and clench around nothing, much to the amusement of the spectators and whoever would see the video afterward. Taylor glanced at clock, trying not to do it too often, and he started to believe that the worse was behind him ; and then, she started rutting him like a crazed animal.
  405. "Ayeee!" He squealed, the intense discomfort escalating to searing pain. His muscles were contracting in panic, and he forgot all about keeping himself relaxed, instead trying to push the jackhammering dildo out, of course to no avail. "Stop! Shtop! I can't - Please! I'll break!" He begged, spittle and snot flying out of his face as he desperately looked in turn at the vixen and at the CPS officer, flailing wildly in his bonds.
  406. [14:53] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Well I guess I'll stop if you want me to...." she said, buried fully inside him. "Buuuut then I'll leave you empty... maybe the nice officer will do the extraction gentler than me, huh?" she teased. Behind her, Taylor's boyfriend was leaning on the glass, panting, in mismatched clothes and unlaced trainers.
  407. [14:57] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor caught his breath, tears flowing freely from his eyes. He could barely see anything, and his head was spinning with pain, fear, and humiliation. "You're hurting me... Why are you..." He accused her between sobs, and then, he saw the cute deer boy whose hand he so wanted to hold : he felt both immense relief and joy, and terrible shame at being seen in such a position, with an older girl buried to the base instead his ass. "G-Get the fuck out of here... Back to the room... " Taylor spat at her in a wavering voice. "David, please, come..."
  408. [14:59] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: He didn't need telling twice. David almost got himself detained trying to push past the officer who went to frisk him, as the girl reluctantly left. "Hey baby, hey baby, I'm sorry, I thought you wouldn't want me here then Matt started posting clips to the group chat and I got here as soon as I could..." he said, kneeling by Taylor's side, hugging him tight.
  409. [15:05] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "He did... what?" The boy swallowed some of his tears, but soon, his vulpine instincts condensed into cold, calculating rage. He turned to the CPS Officer, and, nodding in direction of the hyena who was starting to push his way through the crowd gathered around the glass, said. "Ma'am... That boy, the hyena... He's filming me... Look at his phone..." Regaining his calm as he was hugged by the slightly smaller deer, Taylor sighed heavily, his body relaxing. "It's, it's okay... I'm glad you're here..."
  410. He took a minute to explain him his situation, watching the clock. "I'm sorry to ask this, but... can you make love to me? Or, it's okay if you're too shy, just use your fingers... and try to ignore the asshole behind the glass..."
  411. [15:07] [user]Just A Kid[/user] has logged in.
  412. [15:08] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "It's okay, I can do it, um..." Quickly, David moved between Taylor's legs and sank to his knees, pressing his mouth to his hole and licking, supplementing his tongue with his fingers, seeking out his boyfriend's prostate. His other hand was down the front of his trousers, groping and stroking, trying to get hard under pressure. Behind the glass, a uniformed officer had Matthias by the wrists as he lashed and strained to get away, dragging him out for a write-up.
  413. [15:14] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor couldn't tell what was the most pleasurable, David's soft, warm tongue on his aching hole and his now decently skilled fingers, or seeing Mathias getting wrestled to the ground and "accidentally" knee'd in the balls, then dragged like a flailing sack of potato. The pain started to fade away, and he was actually starting to feel good as he focused on the sensation and the cute slick noises his boyfriend was making in his sometimes awkward but eager attempts to pleasure him. The young deer had always been pretty shy about licking his butt, which was understandable, but to see him go past his reluctance just for the sake of soothing the ache was filling Taylor with immense love.
  414. He let out a muffled moan and spasmed a bit in his chair, the tip of his cage leaking a bit into the condom. It was already half-full, some pre having been forced out by the older teen's violent pistoning, and Taylor was hoping an orgasm would fill the rest. "Fwah... Are you, are you ready? Go slow, and aim up, like we trained together..." He mumbled.
  415. [15:15] [user]Jessica 3[/user] has logged out.
  416. [15:17] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Um, yeah, let me - uh 'scuse me... ma'am, does this thing tilt back or go up at all?" The officer adjusted the chair, interrupting the sweet moment, but saving time as David grabbed a cock ring and wrapped it around the base like he'd seen in the pornos. He lubricated his cock and lined up, hands on Taylor's thighs. "Ready, baby?"
  417. [15:20] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Y-Yeah, just... Slow, remember? I'm super sore..." At least, the warm, wet tip already felt much better than the strap-on. For one second, Taylor found himself wondering how could Thomas bear with that, if the Coach was correct. It felt awful, and there was nothing erotic about being pounded by a hard object. He glanced at the clock, seeing there were about 10 minutes left. Hopefully David would not blow his load too soon, something that sitll happened to him frequently despite his best efforts.
  418. [15:23] [user]Slavegirl World[/user] has logged out.
  419. [15:23] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: David eased himself inside, grunting softly as he ground up and in, trying to aim it right. "Is that good, baby?" Most of his cock was still outside as he aimed for Taylor's prostate, heart pounding as he aimed for that sweet spot between losing his erection and blowing his load.
  420. [15:24] [user]Todd Torment[/user] has logged in.
  421. [15:27] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Uhm, no..." Taylor said between clenched teeth, regretting to find himself still very sore after the rough pounding ; it'd probably take him more than a few days before he could fully enjoy anal sex again. "It's... a bit deeper." Seeing his boyfriend's cute face scrunch as he fought back a premature orgasm, Taylor feared for the worst. "Try to think of Mrs. Goodweather, come on... You've done it before." The fox encouraged his inexperienced lover, referring to their old and saggy Maths teacher.
  422. [15:30] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Aw c'mon," he complained, "I won't even stay hard.... how's that?", he asked, pushing in deeper, grinding a bit more back and forth in the hope of finding it through increased coverage. In the corner of the room, mercifully out of Taylor's line of site, the officer was calmly preparing something that looked more like the hip segment of a robot than a sex toy as the clock ticked down.
  423. [15:36] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: ”Ah... I think, I think you're getting it..." Taylor panted, the surroundings becoming dimmer as he felt a slow, but deep pleasure spreading through his loins. He knew this would work, eventually ; but he hoped David wouldn't start missing the spot or ejaculate, or go soft, or any of the blunders that were easily forgiven in the bedroom but not here, where the stakes were so high. "You can go, a bit faster, if you can take it..." The fox felt his loins clench a bit, and a pale spurt of fluid oozed from the tip of the cage, making the condom dangle a bit as it dropped into it.
  424. [15:36] [user]Just A Kid[/user] is now Away.
  425. [15:37] [user]Just A Kid[/user] has logged out.
  426. [15:40] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Sure thing babe," David promised, speeding up and pressing harder, confident now, toes curling as he fought back his orgasm. "I love you baby, cum for me, c'mon," he urged, fascinated by the way Taylor's dick was twitching.
  427. [15:46] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Ah! I... I'm gonna... Just keep at it, that's perfect..." Taylor was moaning pretty heavily by now, biting his lip and closing his eyes, tail whipping the hair behind him. As often when they were making love, Taylor started to surrender to the pleasure his normally shyer and less experienced boyfriend was giving him, and all traces of pain, shame and anger disappeared as he felt himself loved and pleasured in such an intense way. His arms strained against the straps as he tried instinctively to hug the deer  leaning over him, and Taylor cried out in bliss as he came, his locked penis straining against the cage and then flooding it with a powerful ejaculation, bathing the hard flesh in warm semen that then started to flow out of the cage like a faucet, easily filling the condom and then some, making it so heavy it slipped off the cage and fell onto the floor with a wet splat.
  428. [15:46] [user]Delilah Gold[/user] has logged out.
  429. [15:51] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: The officer didn't say anything, just let them finish up - which didn't take long, David taking Taylor's orgasm as his cue to thrust deep and let out wheezy deer noises as he shot his own rather smaller load into Taylor's ass. He flopped forwards onto Taylor's chest, rubbing his cheek against the warm fur, accidentally catching him with his antlers.
  430. "God, I love you so much. You're gonna be okay," he promised. The officer moved up and started to unstrap the little lovebird. "Alright, I think that was probably enough. Get on the floor and lick up the mess you made, and I'll let you go," the officer instructed, inclined towards a little indulgence for the boy.
  431. [15:56] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor at least managed to turn his face enough not to get his eye poked out, a rather real threat when he was dating a deer slightly smaller than him... He found himself wishing he'd go get them sawed off already instead of pussying out all the time. As his arms were freed, he used them to hug the boy tight, combing his soft, short fur. "Thanks... for being there. I love you too -" He started, only for his mood to turn sour upon hearing the officer's order. "Wah... What?" He whined, getting off the chair with great difficulty. His leaking butt was hurting like hell, he wanted nothing more than to lie on a bed with an icepack under the tail.
  432. "This wasn't in the punishment... Please Ma'am, I just wanna go home." Taylor pleaded, looking at the huge stain of semen on the floor. Because the condom had fallen from quite high, the contents were scattered wide, it'd take him forever to lick every thing.
  433. [16:00] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: "Should've thought of that before you started getting yourself off, shouldn't you? And with such a nice boyfriend, even. Now come on; by rights, I should be milking you dry, since I can't measure the volume properly, don't make me change my mind. Get down there and clean up the mess you've made." At least the floor was flat lino, rather than rough concrete or raw wood or anything.
  434. [16:06] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: "Guh... This fucking sucks..." Taylor hissed, incredibly upset and frustrated. This punishment seemed like it would never end, and he hated the officer for tainting the memory of this romantic moment by suggesting something so degrading just afterwards. Determined to get out nonetheless, he dropped to his knees, then on all fours, wincing a pain as his tailhole ached. "Sorry, David, I'lll... I'll be as fast as I can..." He wasn't unaccustomed to the taste of semen, and while he didn't mind it much, Taylor didn't think it tasted great either, and licking it off the floor, instead of taking his lover's into his mouth, was thoroughly unappealing. Still, he pushed his face above the puddle and started to lap it, covering the fur around his face with sticky strands and  his tastebuds with bitterness. Those behind the glass were treated with the sight of his slightly gaped hole still oozing semen down his taint, an obscene display that thankfully wasn't recorded anymore.
  435. [16:09] [user]Public Punishments[/user]: With the show mostly over and no more opportunities for audience participation, most people were leaving; David hung around awkwardly until the officer was satisfied, and then, after a brief but frustrating extension as she pushed his plug back in and restored the interlock, they were free to finally go.
  437. David took Taylor out to mcdonalds, then to a movie, holding his hand the entire time they were out. He just wanted to comfort his boyfriend, and he didn't care if people saw them going out...
  438. [/end~]
  439. [16:12] [user]Basketball Boys[/user]: Taylor soldiered through the discomfort in his rear, and his desperate desire to just lock himself in a dark room and sleep, alone and unmolested ; it was worth it for David's company, for once unashamed and unrestrained. He never did forgive the Coach for putting him through all that, however, and remained polite yet cold and distant through the whole basketball season, and even more so towards Mathias ; but whatever had happened to the Hyena certainly made him more docile...
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