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  3. Settled on the stage is Troy who is currently playing his guitar in a wild and rawkish manner. Today he's wearing some worn jeans, shirtless with a long sleeved flannel tied about his waist. He is pounding away at the guitar as if he was trying to get some noise out of his heart. It's practically a call back to the Springsteen days of Thunder Road and Born In The USA. He's worked up a sweat despite it being too early in the morning.
  6. Libby has been camping out nearby having been doing some Summer hunting over the last week. The Kinfolk had been cooking Breakfast out in the valley what sharp ears had heard music so she's walking towards it, yawning over a thermos of coffee with a cup in hand. She sports her usual attire, flannel and jeans along with boots. Her hair /was/ back in a braid but she's not been awake long enough to notice the fact that it's sort of sticking out at strange angles and half out. She spots Troy and grins a bit lifting a coffee cup and calling a cheery, "Good mornin'."
  9. At the sight of the kinfolk, Troy slows down the pace of his instrument, then pauses all together. Breathing heavily, he runs a hand back through the long and tangly hair which is a sweaty mop. He jerks his head upwards in a nod, offering up a smile. "Hey Libby. Good morning. How're you doing?" He asks as he shifts the guitar down to his hip as it hangs about his neck and broad shoulders from the old worn leather strap.
  12. Libby grins, "As great as ever, Troy. Coffee?" SHe offers the thermos. "Least I can do for the morning serenade. Made it easy to wake up, just like the old transistor back home. Working off some early morning energy or just really felt the need to rock?"
  15. Walking to the edge of the stage, Troy leans over and takes the thermos from her to take a few sips. "A little bit of both. Just got demons in my heart and in my head rummaging around from the past that wants to get out." He says, sliding down to his knees, then swings his legs out so they can dangle over the edge. "Just had a hard time sleeping and was thinking about Africa again."
  18. Libby sips her mug, the coffee is black and strong brewed without being overly bitter. She lets him keep the thermos, moving over to find a place to sit down and grins. "Rough, but I hope you don't mind if I sit and enjoy it for a bit." Her brows lift a little and she nods, "You feelin' the need to go?" She wonders amiably her wide hazel eyes focused on the wolf's face, right between his eyes.
  21. Shaking his head, Troy says, "No, there is nothing left for me back in Africa. The Sept is gone, Pentex won that war and those I fought alongside are all dead save a few scattered to the winds. I just miss some of them. There was a lot of heroes and good Garou and kin there on the other side of the world. It put things into perspective sometimes you know? Being American and surrounded by all of this." He says as he motions with his hand. "And over there they don't even have clean water, clothes, shelter or a stable government. If we would have won, I had plans to help more people there."
  22. Libby's hands curl around her metal camping mug as she peers towards the Coggie with her brows knitting a little. She nods as she listens and sips her coffee, "Yeah. Maybe when you're done building back up here you can go back. Maybe the battle was won but .. You're still here. Some folks are still alive. War's only over if you give up." She smiles a bit lopsidedly. "But I can definately understand why there might be some pressure that might be releasing. Now I feel kinda guilty for jammin' out to it."
  25. "I am still here." Troy confirms with a small smile on his face as he swings his legs back and forth in front of the stage that he sits on, guitar on his hip. He's shirtless, baring his bare upperbody covered in heavy scars of fire and claws, a flannel wrapped about his waist and a pair of worn jeans. His hair is a sweaty mop upon his head. "It's cool you were jamming out to it. Music is designed to move you, no matter what the topic or the pace. I'm working on a new story and a song to go along with it. About a battle in which two rivals back at the Sept had to put their shit away and finally come to peace, at least for a night so they can battle against a common foe. It was very memorable for me."
  28. Libby is sitting across from Troy on the bottommost step in front of the stage. Libs looks as if she just woke up, her flannel's rumpled, her jeans are only a little dirty and ehr boots are on but not tied so much as the laces are tucked in. Her braid is also mussed, sticking out at a few angles and the braid itself is loose. She seems to be clinging to her coffee cup for dear life. "Oh yeah? I'm not going to ask for a preview but now I'm all sorts of curious." She laughs a bit before sucking down another healthy swallow of the life giving black ambrosia in her camping mug.
  31. Shaun arrives and wanders down toward the stage, a light backpack on as well as a guitar strapped to it and across his shoulder. He waves as he notices others and veers off in thir direction.
  34. "I can give you a preview if you want." Troy says with a grin as he taps the back of his feet against the front of the stage as it sways a bit. At the sight of his kinfolk, he flashes a warm smile in his direction, lifting a hand upwards. "Good morning, Shaun! How are you doing today?"
  37. Libby smiles lifting a hand to Shaun. "Mornin'." She greets, "I'm Libby." She introduces herself right off and looks around, "Let me go grab another cup." She pops up and then shoots a fingergun at Troy, "Then I absolutely want a preview. It's been a while since I heard a good tale, uh, first person. Folks kinda tell me second hand what's said at the moots. I'll be right back, I'll bring breakfast too." The lanky kin trots off towards the valley for a moment.
  40. Shaun smiles at Libby, "Morning, I'm Shaun McDonald" and watches her take off. Looking back over at Troy he says, "Sounds like I showed up at a good time."
  43. "Looks like you did.  I'm going to be a bit rusty with this I believe, but I'm feeling it today so I hope that I can at least somewhat impress you."  Troy says as he pushes himself back up to his feet, untying the flannel from his waist so that he can lob it to the side.  He picks up his San Francisco Giants baseball cap off the ground and puts it on, twisting it backwards to keep the hair out of his face.  When the guitar slides into his hands again, he starts a heavy strumming as he rocks side to side a bit to loosen himself up.
  45. "For those who may not know, I spent a number of years in Africa at the Sept of Mozambique Falls during my travels, which sadly was crushed beneath the tanks and artillery of Pentex.  I was one of the few survivors, hoisted through the sky by wise Hfran the raven as the world around me became fire and ash, letting me live to tell the stories of those who can't speak for themselves."  As he begins, his voice has that raspy falsetto, strained and tight.  "This is a story of two rivals who hated each other to the core.  They were proud, strong and represented their tribes well.  This is the story of Nikolai Ivanov of the Silver Fangs, rited Strikes The Fastest and Sergei Fedorov of the Shadow Lords, rited Drives-The-Dagger-Home."
  46. Libby trots back quickly enough. She's carrying a couple of loaded plates with two extra plates under them and she's got a camping mug tucked under her chin. She lifts the plates and moves over to set them aside, grabbing a plate and then heads towards the step where her cup is still steaming away into the morning and plops down ungracefully to settle in and listen to Troy's words. She invites Shaun to join her eating while they listen though she leans forward a bit with her eyes wide and bright.
  49. Libby trots back quickly enough. She's carrying a couple of loaded plates with two extra plates under them and she's got a camping mug tucked under her chin. She lifts the plates and moves over to set them aside, grabbing a plate and then heads towards the step where her cup is still steaming away into the morning and plops down ungracefully to settle in and listen to Troy's words. She invites Shaun to join her eating while they listen though she leans forward a bit with her eyes wide and bright. (re)
  52. Shaun listens to Troy startt, and grins and sits down with Libby telling her in a quiet voice, "Thanks, appreciate it."
  53. --------- New Activity ---------
  54. "As you know, at the time we were all following the leadership of the great and glorious Defies-The-Storms of the Get of Fenris. Legendary warrior who could smite scores of enemy with just an angry stare and give you the confidence to do the impossible with just a nod of his head, but beneath him there was many other warriors of glory and valor who also deserve to have their voices known.  Two of which was Nikolai and Sergei who were rivals since they were cubs, having fought each other over and over again through the years.  Their hate stems from a deep seated family hatred and the seeds of mistrust were sown well before they were born."
  56. As Troy plays the guitar, the action picks up in the pacing of his instrument as he strides along the stage like a prowling animal on the hunt, his voice rising upwards.  "As we struck back at Pentex time and time again, both of them constantly contested each other for the right to lead the war parties, much to the Sept's chargin.  Even Defies The Storm Rhya would find himself exhausted at these two Athros and would have to put them in their place more than once through the years.  Though he loved them both like brothers, at times he would wonder if the headache was worth it.  If it wasn't for the fact they were both so competent and equally matched, he'd have chucked them in the river long ago and send them on their way."  He says with a bitter laugh and a twinkle in his eye.  "But, I will never forget this one particular night when we were in combat, surrounded by all sides.  I have never been more scared in my life.  My pack, Mercy's-Wings and their two packs, Sterling and Storm Chasers were cut off from the rest of the Sept due to the The Red Salamander's crafty strategy."
  58. "Today, I can still smell the smoke from the fire that surrounded us and the stench that came from the monsters that advanced upon us."
  62. The cheerful Wendigo Kin inclines her head to Shaun for his thanks but her attention turns back towards Troy as she eats. Cracked local grain flatbread with eggs, to-rich-to-be-chicken, and salted porkbelly slicked thick and cooked crisp. There's enough that Libby, clearly, expected people to come by to have her mini protien feast. She turns her wide hazel eyes back to Troy as she munches listening. She cants her head, obviously this is not something she's been aware of but her eyes widen through the tale and her nose wrinkles a bit at the idea of Anthro's being tossed in the river.
  65. Shaun listens with wide eyed interest as he eats. He's impressed by the events and notes the names should he ever chance up on meeting them.
  68. "Watch your back!
  69. Watch your back!
  70. Watch your back!
  71. Watch your back!
  73. We can counter their attack!  
  74. Hit them till' their armor cracks!"
  76. As Troy sings, he thrusts his guitar up into the air, letting the full range of his throat fill the air, becoming 'in-character' as he usually does when he story tells.
  78. "This could get a little sticky!
  79. How to win this battle could be tricky!
  80. But I know the best way, fall back, let me lead!
  81. You hold the line and we will bring them to their knees!"
  83. "I am Strikes The Fastest! Ahroun and Athro for the Silver Fangs! I have the blood of ten generations of heroes in my veins and you will follow my lead!  I am Alpha of Sterling, riding on the wings of mighty Falcon!  Fall in behind us! Mercy's Wings! Storm Chasers! Follow me to victory!"
  86. You paged Troy with ‘Ahem, anyway, flattered I guess? ;) But posing.’
  87. As the song breaks out Libby pulls her hands free of her food to clap and rocks a bit with the melodies the Coggie creates with his story. She smiles brightly at Troy's description of the battle and of those involved and leans in a bit more and forgetting her Breakfast for a moment.
  90. As he paces the stage once more, Troy's prowling becomes a chest up high strut and swagger as he returns to playing the guitar again.  The song is heroic as he stomps his feet along the wooden stage to create a heavy beat.  Leaping forward and off the stage, he lands with a cloud of dust circling his feet.
  92. "Swords in the air if you're with me!
  93. They got us outnumbered one to fifty!
  94. The victory is ours because I got a strategy -
  95. You take the left and the rest of you can follow me!"
  97. "I am Drives The Dagger Home!  Ahroun and Athro for the Shadow Lords! Alpha of Storm Chasers! I don't care how much blood you got in your veins, you aren't in charge here Nikolai.  We don't need a King without a throne to lead us, we need a true warrior!  Mercy's Wings, Sterling!  Back us up! I WILL LEAD YOU TO VICTORY!"
  99. "Watch your back!
  100. Watch your back!
  101. Watch your back!
  102. Watch your back!
  104. We can counter their attack!
  105. Hit them till' their armor cracks!"
  108. Shaun claps along with Libby, and pushes his plate aside to stand as he feels the excitement from the performance.
  109. Libby is facinated. She's a goofy thing sometimes, and her hands are folded and pressed against her cheek. It's not dreamy it's just complete investment in the story. This sort of thing is practically in her blood after all and her eyes are wide waiting for Troy to tell the next part with baited breath.
  112. "This is MY pack!"  Nikolai cries out.
  114. "This is MY squad!"  Sergei shouts back.
  116. "This is my turf!" Nikolai shouts back.
  118. "OH MY GOD!"  It seems Troy is back as he clutches his head, stamping his feet in a circle of frustration.  "STOP! STOP THIS!"  He rasps out as his voice tightens in his throat, pounding his fists against his head, giving a kick at the ground.  With a leap back on to the stage, he draws a sword that was left on the ground from an earlier spar, thrusting it upwards as he roars out.
  120. "Look guys, we got bigger fish to fry!
  121. Put your differences aside, cause right now we're on the same side!"
  123. "Until the night falls--!
  124. We're aligned!
  125. It doesn't mean we're on the same side!"
  127. With a heavy breath, his voice quivers as he looks left, then right, as if he was staring at the two Athros on either side of him, his hands now stretched outwards in an attempt to keep them back.   "It was in this moment that I had to find my voice.  I had to!  They were more than ready to kill each other rather than fight the enemy. I was just a cliath but I had to get through to them. No one else would."
  129. Shaun sits back down but is still entranced by the story, and waiting for the next part.
  132. Libby blinks, "Hoo boy." The story's energy has drawn her in. She asides to Shaun as she listens, "He's got ball for sellin' this story so well." She stuffs another bite in her face though and her eyes remain transfixed on Troy.
  135. Shaun says, “Yeah, I can sing and play all sorts of music. I can even write some. But I can't tell an epic story.”
  138. "The fire was building around us, cutting off our chances to escape. We knew that the Umbra would be filled with deadly banes.  We could hear the monsters approaching from all angles, armed to the teeth with silver coated blades and tusks that dripped with poison.  If these two proud heroes couldn't put their anger aside and work together, the only story that would be told was how even great warriors can die as fools."  
  140. Troy takes in a deep breath, then swallows tightly in his throat as he lowers the arm with the sword.  He glances left, then he glances right, as if he was feeling the air, waiting, watching.  Then, with a firm nod of his head as if in this moment, he had control of the situation.
  142. "Back to Back!
  143. Back to Back!
  144. Back to Back!
  145. Back to Back!
  147. Hit 'em hard and hit em' fast!
  148. They're too heavy too react!
  150. This situations getting kind of crazy!
  151. Hold your weapons tight, keep them steady!
  152. Cause' if we stick together we can make it out alive!
  153. I'll cause a distraction and you attack them from the side!"
  155. As he rasps out the lyrics, Troy's playing the guitar again, stomping his foot on the ground as he continues to sing through the battle.  He leaps and bounds along the stage as he plays, the music frantic now.  He ducks blows, dodges attacks, sidesteps and howls loudly through the concert.
  159. Libby smiles at Shaun before turning her eyes back to Troy. Tracking his path aross the Ampitheater stage with wide bright eyes and her lips pursed into a tiny O, suddenly they're back to be battle and once more she's drawn back in.
  160. Long distance to Troy: Libby grins. Libby pretty much is covering my reactions. :D
  163. Breathing heavily, Troy ducks one last blow, then roars out with a loud 'whoop' in his throat.  The battle must be going well for the Gaians as optimism rises in his eyes.  "Begrudgingly, Nikolai and Sergei finally found some common ground, even if it was for one night, and though they growled back and forth at each other at times, they followed each other's lead when necessary.  With renewed confidence in their Alphas, the packs banded together and fought heroically against the enemy, rather than against each other.  We pushed back at the monsters, forced them into the fire!  We could hear their screams and it only urged us to fight harder! To not give up!  But most importantly, to not give up on each other!"
  165. "All my soldiers stand at the ready!
  166. We can cut 'em up like confetti!
  167. We'll hit them from the front - you counter from behind!
  168. Don't forget the fate of Mozambique is on the line!"  
  170. The guitar in his hand builds into a frenzy, his eyes wild, his breathing heavy.  He looks so close to the edge of bursting, his body trembling with adrenaline coursing through his veins.  
  172. "This is all out war!
  173. They got us outnumbered!
  174. The way the swords clash is the sound of the thunder!"
  176. "We are NOT going under!
  177. We will never run for cover!
  180. "Until the night falls,
  181. everyone!
  182. We'll stay together till' the battle is done!"
  184. "Until the night falls,
  185. you can trust!
  186. I'm gonna help you win this battle because! -- "
  188. "I got your back!
  189. Got your back!
  190. Got your back!
  191. Got your back!"
  193. As the guitar solo comes to a crashing halt, Troy is sweating, shaking, his throat rasping out in need of water.  "And as the smoke cleared once the fire died down, we were standing victorious with pride in our hearts, panting, barely feeling our wounds as our blood soaked the ground.  The odds were fifty to one and Nikolai and Sergei were victorious.  We should have died that night.  We should have fell.  But in that moment, our two Alphas put their faith in each other, in Gaia and saw the bigger picture.  For one night they were willing to share their glory and even find a bit of wisdom tucked away in there."
  195. As he slides the guitar down to his feet, Troy rasps out.  "I want to take a moment to remember their names, to remember their deeds.  They both fell in the final battle, but they died in glory and they died champions to our Mother.  I'll never forget that night.  I won't.  I promise you I won't."  He says as he chokes on his words, then sucks in a breath.
  198. Shaun had snuck away, maybe to use the little Kinfolks room, but Libby as been sitting with her food cooling in her lap and her breath is caught. She blinks a few times and when the story ends she finds herself waiting for a moment before she shakes her head as if to clear it out of whatever imagery that the song had brung up and she smiles gratefully and woo's and claps enthusiastically. "Wow." Is all she can really say.
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