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PrimePastes Nov 8th, 2019 106 Never
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  1. Hello.
  3. I am contacting you to ask you if I have your permission to post a picture or album of you on my subreddit. My subreddit is centered around females I find who have quite the exquisite leanness of the female form. I'm always on the lookout and you definitely qualify. I would LOVE to add you in my sub.
  5. Currently, r/JealousBody has over 1.6K follows so it would also be good exposure for you. I will not post if I do not have your permission, but this is why I ask.
  7. Of course, all credit would go to you;
  8. I.E your preferred username/handle of choice in the title, and all your public social medias in the comments are always posted.
  10. For any inquiries, questions, comments, concerns or anything of the like - feel free to shoot me a message at
  12. Thank you, have a nice day.
  13. Sincerely
  14. The Owner of r/JealousBody
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