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Oct 25th, 2013
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  1. Um-shaddh-eie:
  4. The Um-shaddh-eie is the name of a core region of a part of our anatomy (in the genital area) that connects to the Middle Worlds (Jhardon of Edon) and links onto our manifest body through the ReuchaTA spiral.
  6. The Um-shaddh-eie is the Seed Atom of the Edonic Middle Worlds - The point of emergence into the outer domains of from the inner domains.
  8. (Denver, July 2006 Workshop)
  10. In fact, all natural manifest life and matter forms are connected to the Middle Worlds through an Um-shaddh-eie, a connection that no longer exists in metatronic life and matter forms. (See: Fall)
  12. At the core there is a tiny Edonic Tauren Light Cell within which there is a PartikE Cell and Creation Point ('UM' Flame).
  14. Through natural Divine sexuality, we can generate "Edon Keys" that lead to a natural "Ur'Gasm", and the opening of the Creation Point for transit to the Jhardon of Edon.
  16. "Ur'Gasm", also referred as THE ECSTASY, is the state of ecstatic joy as the body transmutes and transits into the Jhardon of Edon.
  18. (Phoenix, August 2006 Workshop)
  19. keylonticdictionary
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