Feb 25th, 2013
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  1. Thomas and Evelyn in the 1920s
  2. 1925 – Charlotte Evelyn Silcock (age 24) sailed on the SS Baltic from Liverpool to New York. Departure: August 15th – Arrival: August 24th.
  3. Her next of Kin was named as Mr & Mrs J Silcock 44, Rathlin Street Belfast Ireland
  4. Her final destination was Darby, Philadelphia. (Visa no: 11873 obtained in Belfast)
  6. 1925 – Thomas Frederick Smith (age 28) sailed on the SS Adriatic from Liverpool to New York. Departure: September 26thth – Arrival: October 5th.
  7. Occupation: Civil and Mechanical Engineer
  8. His next of Kin was named as Robert Smith (brother) 164 Park Road, Portadown Armagh, Ireland. His final destination was Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. (PA): Note: Harrisburg is approximately 120 miles west of Darby).
  10. 1925 – On 25th November 1925 Thomas and Evelyn got married in Philadelphia. No marriage record has ever surfaced
  12. 1928 – Thomas Frederick Smith (age 30) described as a Mechanical Engineer and Charlotte Evelyn Smith (age 27) described as a housewife sailed on the SS Marayal from Georgetown, British Guiana to New York arriving on 14th May 1928. This journey was described as “in transit” (meaning NY was not their final destination). The previous residence was given as Georgetown, Demerera, British Guiana. I couldn’t find the record that took them to Georgetown. My understanding is they left South America because Evelyn was infected with Malaria.
  14. 1929 – On April 30th 1929, the couple crossed the USA – Canadian border documenting that they had not been in Canada before.
  15. They gave the name of Evelyn’s brother David Silcock as their nearest relative whose address was 343 Richmond Avenue, Philadelphia (PA). Note: Evelyn was 7 months pregnant with Alma and its not clear how they made a living in the States for the year they resided there.
  17. 1929 – On 5rd June 1929 Florence Alma Smith was born in Drummondville County in the Provence of Quebec in Canada (Baptised 29th October 1929 in the Drummondville Church of England United). The baptism was witness by David Silcock (Evelyns brother) and Elizabeth Riston.
  19. 1930 US Census – David Silcock (Evelyn’s brother aged 31) lived with his wife Isabel (Scottish age 20) in the city of Chester, Sharon Hill borough, Delaware County PA. He emigrated form Belfast in 1922. His occupation was a moulder in and Engineering company. At the time of the census, they were just a few months married.
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