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TVTropes: Handle These Tropes With Care - 2011

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  1. [Thanks for archiving go to A Groupie]
  3. * Abduction Is Love: Implies that someone who is abducted in some way will fall in love with their abductor in a healthy way.
  4. * Abhorrent Admirer: Implies that non-beautiful people (and sometimes non-Cookie Cutter Cuties) cannot and should not be with those more attractive or accomplished than themselves.
  5. * Abuse Is Okay When It Is Female On Male: Implies both that women cannot be strong or powerful enough to be "real" abusers, and that men cannot be true "victims" of attacks.
  6. * Abusively Sexy: Implies that abuse is okay if it's portrayed in a way designed to be sexy.
  7. * Abusively Sexy Woman: Implies that it's okay for a woman to be abusive as long as she is sexy, and goes about her abuse in a charming/sexy way.
  8. * Acceptable Feminine Goals: Implies that all women's goals and dreams should involve beauty, children or homemaking and nothing else. Casts these as "feminine" and not acceptable for men, and at the same time limits women to them.
  9. * Lots of Acceptable Targets.
  10. * All Abusers Are Male: Implies that women are weak, can't ever be abusive or destructive, and are eternal victims. Also implies that "real men" are all the abusive jerkass stereotype.
  11. * All Amazons Want Hercules: Implies that women can only be attracted to men stronger than they are.
  12. * All Asians Are Alike: Implies that there are no specific cultures in all of Asia, and categorizes people by "apparent race" than by culture or nationality.
  13. * All Gays Are Pedophiles: A Discredited Trope and Dead Horse Trope that implies that gay people prey on children in hopes of recruiting them to homosexuality, or that paedophilia is limited to homosexuals.
  14. * All Gays Are Promiscuous: Implies that all gay men have no sense of monogamy or self control, and have multiple sex partners as a result of this. Also implies that those who do choose polyamory do it out of having no self control and out of a lack of maturity. Most disturbingly, this trope can carry implications that gay men can't be raped.
  15. * All Germans Are Nazis: Implies that Naziism is somehow intrinsic to Germany, as opposed to being an ideology entirely repudiated and which is criminal to practice or depict there.
  16. * All Girls Want Bad Boys: Implies that what women really want are violent, thrillseeking, promiscuous, all-around psychopaths of the male herd.
  17. * All Guys Want Cheerleaders: Implies that what men really want are vapid and nubile Barbie dolls with the IQ and personality of a mussel and willing to perform porno-like sex.
  18. ** Also implies that all cheerleaders are vapid and nubile Barbie dolls with the IQ and personality of a mussel and willing to perform porno-like sex.
  19. * All Jews Are Ashkenazi: Implies non-Ashkenazi Jews don't exist (to Goyim) or are culturally inferior (to Ashkenazim).
  20. * All Jews Are Cheapskates: Implies that Jews are, by racial nature, cheapskates and obsessed with money. Is a more "lighthearted" version of Greedy Jew, an ancient anti-Semitic trope.
  21. * All Lesbians Want Kids: Implies that even lesbians can't live a fulfilling life without a man.
  22. * All Men Are Perverts: Implies that men think with the wrong head all the time.
  23. * All The Good Men Are Gay: Implies that no straight man has any feelings or cares about anyone else's. Insulting to straight, bi, and gay men alike.
  24. * All Women Are Lustful: Implies that women are obsessed with sex, and that this clouds their judgment.
  25. * All Women Are Prudes: Implies that women get no pleasure from and never desire sex. If they do, they are not worthy of respect.
  26. * Always Chaotic Evil: Implies that entire nations, races, collectives, groups, species, whatever can all be evil, with no one dissenting or worthy of mercy.
  27. * Ambition Is Evil: Implies Exactly What It Says on the Tin, that having ambition or a desire to "not know one's place" or "break caste" is evil and will lead to evil.
  28. * Anal Probing: Implies that anal rape is funny and at the same time usually has homophobic subtext.
  29. * Angry Black Man: Implies that even the most intelligent and calm black man hates white people, and experiences extreme and irrational rage.
  30. * Anything That Moves: Implies that bisexuals will have sex with anyone and anything and have no sexual limits or respect or ethics.
  31. * Arab Oil Sheikh: Implies that you're young, Arab and rich (not to mention male), you must have some investments in the oil industry.
  32. * Ancient Astronauts: Implies that ancient civilizations needed a little help from aliens creating those myths and monuments. Bonus fail points if the civilization was non-white.
  33. * Aristocrats Are Evil: Implies that people with any kind of noble titles are Always Chaotic Evil, nevermind the fact that they were literally born into those roles or, in modern times, given those titles for above-average (usually artistic) excellence in society.
  34. * Armies Are Evil: Implies that anyone who has ever served in the military is a sociopath who cares nothing for the lives of others
  35. * Asian Airhead: Implies that Asian women are innately as stupid as Asian men are smart.
  36. * Asian And Nerdy: Implies that being Asian equals being educationally excellent and socially deficient. Often combined with Dumb Is Good and/or Yellow Peril to dehumanize Asians as being mindless workers or unfeeling overlords.
  37. * Asian Babymama: Implies that Asians are only useful to Mighty Whitey for breeding.
  38. * Asian Drivers: Implies that all Asians are horrible drivers.
  39. * Asian Rudeness: Implies that all Asians are cold, rude, hateful people who want nothing more than to torment others, and/or that Asian cultures are "soulless" or "callous."
  40. * Babies Make Everything Better: Implies that having babies will make any situation better.
  41. * Bastard Bastard: Implies that illegitimacy is somehow connected to being Chaotic Evil.
  42. * Bastard Boyfriend: Implies that it's okay for a man to be abusive as long as he is sexy and goes about it in a charming/sexy way.
  43. * Bait And Switch Lesbians: Implies that there are no "real" lesbians who don't end up with men, celibate and alone, or dead.
  44. * Be A Whore To Get Your Man: Implies that women need to act slutty in order to get a man even to notice them, and have two different personalities for men to love them. Also implies that men are only attracted to women for shallow reasons.
  45. * Beautiful All Along: Implies only the beautiful according to Hollywood and social standards are worthy of love, respect, or being seen as heroic.
  46. * Beauty Equals Goodness: Implies that you are on the outside what you are within. Often used, among other places, to facilitate racial prejudices and in support of pro-eating disorder arguments.
  47. * Beauty Is Bad: Implies that all beautiful people use their appearances and manners to disguise the fact that they're mean, nasty, shallow bullies.
  48. * Belief Makes You Stupid: Implies that traditional religious, spiritual, paranormal, occult, or any other belief instantly makes one stupid and incapable of accepting scientific truth or questioning belief.
  49. * Big Beautiful Woman: If handled improperly, implies fetishization of large women and stereotyping them all as "sassy and slutty."
  50. * Bigger Is Better in Bed: Implies that only cisgendered men with massive penises can be good lovers, and that sexual contact must involve said huge male genitalia - and that a large penis defines masculinity.
  51. * Black Dude Dies First: Implies that Black or other minority characters die first so the "more interesting" stories of whites can take more screen or page time.
  52. * Blackface: The entire page is devoted to its Unfortunate Implications, centered around it being racist. As a matter of fact its implications are just so bad that it or anything that even appears to be it is something that is best avoided.
  53. * Black Best Friend: Implies that persons of African descent are around solely to serve Mighty Whitey or prove that Mighty Whitey is not racist. Crossreference Magical Negro and Token Minority.
  54. * Bollywood Nerd: Implies that Indians are only useful in the technical fields and are socially inept
  55. * Bondage Is Bad: Implies that BDSM is evil and mentally deranged, portrays all BDSM as abuse, while ignoring Safe Sane And Consensual and Risk Aware Consensual Kink.
  56. * Boomerang Bigot: Implies that hating your own group and society and culture is OK.
  57. * Brooklyn Rage: Implies that people from Brooklyn, New York (or an expy of it), or from New York in general are violent jerkasses in possession of a Hair-Trigger Temper, with a Berserk Button everywhere. Crossreference Fighting Irish, French Jerk, Violent Glaswegian, Husky Russkie, and The Idiot From Osaka. The Idiot From Osaka will often be localized to either this or a resident of the Deep South.
  58. * Bros Before Hoes: Implies that (usually female) love interests are worthless and disposable compared to the the bonds between (usually male) friends.
  59. * Bumbling Dad: Implies that fathers are inherently stupid, unskilled, and incapable of properly raising a child. Overlaps with the Unfortunate Implications of Raised by Dudes, which is also on this index.
  60. * Bury Your Disabled: Implies that disabled people are more likely to die, get killed, or kill themselves. Implies that disability and death are intertwined, which is not always true.
  61. * Bury Your Gays: Implies that being gay leads to sadness, suffering, and eventual death. Bonus fail points if death is from AIDS or Death by Sex.
  62. * But Not Too Black: Light-skinned people are seen as "more relatable" to the targeted audience. Implies that Viewers Are Morons and that darker-skinned people are somehow unacceptable.
  63. * But Not Too White: Implies that skin judged as being too pale, however, also makes someone "unrelatable" to the target audience. This one often overlaps with Evil Albino in US media and occasionally with Hollywood Satanism if the Hollywood Satanism and those in the Goth subculture are confused.
  64. * But Not Too Foreign: Making a foreigner more "familiar" with his adopted culture so he or she is seen as more easily relatable. Implies both that Viewers Are Morons and that the foreigner's first culture is unimportant or comedic.
  65. * But Not Too Gay: Gay people are not allowed to have same-sex romantic interactions on screen while straights are. Implies that homosexuality is more "deviant" and "perverted" than heterosexuality and should be shielded from the public.
  66. * Cargo Cult: Implies that constructed religions are meaningless and Scam Religions, never mind that all religions are arguably constructed.
  67. * Category Traitor: A trope about prejudice that one might not want to look justified.
  68. * Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys: Implies that the French are cowardly and incompetent.
  69. * Christianity Is Catholic: Implies Exactly What It Says on the Tin and is a Berserk Button for some non-Catholic Christians.
  70. * Christmas Cake: Implies that any woman over the age of 25 is unweddable and destined to die alone.
  71. * Chubby Chaser: Implies that if you're attracted to people above the weight ideal, you're a weirdo.
  72. * Closer to Earth: Implies that women are more intuitive and less logical, and that men are brutish and unconnected to nature, almost robotic. Insults nearly everyone caught up in it if used badly. Variants are:
  73. ** Magical Negro: See Closer to Earth. This supposedly Closer to Earth minority is implied to be gifted with mystical powers or higher knowledge and understanding (as contrasted with straight white American men's "regular" understanding), that has no motivation or purpose besides serving the Straight White protagonist. Or conversely, that Straight White Males are actually inferior to these Closer to Earth types, an implication no less unfortunate.
  74. ** Magical Queer: Same, but more gay.
  75. ** Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Same, expect Always Female, not so Close To Earth but hyper and perky and only exists to help the White Male Lead get a new lease in life.
  76. ** Magical Native American - American Indians are often assumed to have inherent abilities, like knowing the land, using a bow, and a special connection to horses. Obviously, it will never be assumed that a European character automatically knows how to build a steam engine, fight with a broadsword or has an even better connection to horses (being as horses were bought to America by colonists n'all), that would just be silly.
  77. * Club Kid: Implies that all gays are flaming club-hopping scenesters, and conversely, that straight people can't fall into this subgroup.
  78. * Commie Nazis: Implies that socialist political beliefs or policies of any sort are as inherently evil as the racial and genocidal policies of Naziism. Manages to demean the efforts of Russians in fighting against the Nazis in a matter so much as to be a Berserk Button for Russians. Also manages to insult non-racist, non-genocidal socialists and their societies, as well as being a covert version of Godwin's Law in almost all modern usages.
  79. * Crazy Cat Lady: Fails to address the real issue of animal hoarding in a meaningful way, instead implying via the Double Standard that any older single woman is doomed to a life of animal hoarding, that only older single women become animal hoarders, and that animal hoarding is a joke rather than animal neglect originating from mental illness.
  80. * The Complainer Is Always Wrong: Implies that dissent from popular or group opinion is wrong.
  81. * Creepy Crossdresser: Implies that anyone who plays with gender or doesn't fit a specified gender role is creepy or up to no good. Has a direct Real Life impact on treatment of transsexuals, who must dress as their gender before they can medically transition to it, and on others who don't happen to fit a society's gender roles.
  82. * Crazy Homeless People: Implies that all homeless people are severely mentally disturbed, dangerous, The Alcoholic, violent, and untrustworthy. Also ignores reasonable explanations for "crazy" behavior to trivialize it. Has a direct Real Life impact on treatment of homeless people and their life in society.
  83. * Cruella to Animals: Implies that anybody who eats meat or wears fur enjoys the suffering of animals.
  84. * Cure Your Gays: Implies that any sexual orientation other than straight is a disease.
  85. * Darkest Africa: Implies that Africa is a backward, isolated jungle zone with no intelligent life, much less modernity.
  86. * Deep South: Implies that the Southern United States (and similar entire regions) consist solely of the Corrupt Hick, oppressed minorities, racists and homophobes oppressing them, and those too poor or unintelligent to move to other places. Very insulting stereotype for a variety of reasons, and also implies that this is "the way things are" as opposed to something that can and should be changed.
  87. * Defiled Forever: Implies that rape makes you dirty, broken and "ruined for marriage."
  88. * Depraved Bisexual: Implies that bisexuality is the norm for cold-blooded, depraved psychotics... and no one else.
  89. * Depraved Homosexual: Implies that gay men have no morals and are psychopaths who want to harm others. Bonus fail points if combined with All Gays Are Pedophiles and/or All Gays Are Promiscuous.
  90. * Discount Lesbians: A "lesbian" couple that is another species than human. Tends to "other" homosexuality and maintain a status quo without actually going into the depths of issues gay/lesbians face.
  91. * Disposable Sex Worker: Implies that sex workers (everything from strippers to prostitutes and everything in between) are not human or at the very least are sinful and undeserving of at least the respect of their fellow humans, if not life itself. One of the few tropes right up there with Blackface for sheer offensive potential and yet, unlike Blackface, still played straight frequently, which may well feed into its being seen as Truth in Television. Often combined in the worst portrayals with Sex Is Evil and I Am Horny.
  92. * Disposable Woman: Implies that women are disposable and unimportant, good only for victim appeal to motivate men.
  93. * Dragon Lady: Combines implications that women and Asians are inscrutable and untrustworthy.
  94. * Dropped a Bridget on Him: Implies both that transsexuals and cross-dressers are a joke, and that revealing true gender in the case of a non-trans identified crossdresser (or in the case of transsexuals revealing the body they do not identify with or surgery scars or prostheses) is a comedic moment rather than the risky, dangerous one that it is.
  95. * Double Standard: Implies that straight (and sometimes Straight Gay, Seme, and Armored Closet Gay) men are held to different standards socially, sexually, and in many other ways than women (and sometimes Camp Gay men and The Twink) are. One of the most common and most insulting of all tropes, and what many of the tropes on this index invoke.
  96. * Dumb Is Good: Implies that a stupid person is somehow better and Closer to Earth than an intellectual one.
  97. * Eagleland: Implies that Americans are unhealthy, dumb, lazy, impulive verging on reckless, and Straw Hypocrite and/or The Fundamentalist with no concern for the environment, others' lives, the rest of the world, or anything but themselves... or that the US is the world police.
  98. * Entitled to Have You: Implies that a potential sexual partner is a piece of property that one can claim a right to.
  99. * Epiphany Therapy: Implies that the results of therapy can be instantaneous (when in most cases they most definitely are not), that therapy must have a "click" moment, that therapy and/or psychological help has an objective of "normalization" which helps propagate that "social normality" rather than functionality is the goal among many clients and some therapists in Real Life, and implies that those who have not had the epiphany are wrong or evil.
  100. ** Cross reference The Complainer Is Always Wrong. Bonus fail points if the "epiphany" is a cultural or religious conversion, especially a forced one (cross reference such tropes as Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions, Hollywood Atheist, Real Men Love Jesus for the religious variant). If any of the Rape Tropes are involved in the "epiphany," congratulations on winning the Epic Fail lottery - the prize being a Groin Attack.
  101. * Ethnic Magician: Implies that non-whites have mystical powers that the white man doesn't understand, possibly to make up for the Ethnic Magician's inability to grasp modern science.
  102. * Ethnic Menial Labor: Implies that the ethnic group depicted as laborers is only good for labor.
  103. * Evil Albino: Implies that albinos are dangerous and Always Chaotic Evil.
  104. * Evil Cripple: Implies that disabled people compensate by inflicting harm on others.
  105. * Evil Foreigner: Implies that anyone not from your area exists only to hurt your home.
  106. * Evil Is Cool: Implies that doing heinous acts will win you lots of admirers, or that evil people can have a moral license if they're cool enough.
  107. * Evil Luddite: Implies that people who don't accept changes in technology simply can't handle it and will lash out against those that do.
  108. * Exalted Torturer: Implies that torture, war crimes, rape, and police brutality are not as Serious Business as they are, and should be the standard operating procedure in dealing with Acceptable Targets.
  109. * Faith Heel Turn: Implies that is impossible to abandon a religion without also abandoning every trace of morals or ethics. Implies that established religions are the only source of morality and ethical views.
  110. * Fag Hag: Implies that the only women with any interest in as much as befriending gay or bisexual men are ugly, unintelligent, and live vicariously through them - as well as seeing them as the Pet Homosexual.
  111. * Fat Bastard: Implies that fat causes someone to become a Jerkass.
  112. * Fat Girl: Implies that fat is a special kind of evil for women, that a fat woman is comic relief at best. See Big Beautiful Woman above for the flip side of this with its own Unfortunate Implications.
  113. * Fat Idiot: Implies that anyone not Hollywood Thin is stupid.
  114. * Fat Slob: Implies that fat people are incapable of fashion, basic hygiene, table manners, respect for other people, or cleanliness.
  115. * Female Success Is Family: Implies that however exalted a position a woman may achieve, she generally got there thanks to a man. Either that or her own achievements — however awesome — are less important than those of the men around her.
  116. * Fighting Irish: Implies that Irish people are violent, drunken thugs.
  117. * French Jerk: Implies that France is a nation of pretentious, classist jerkasses.
  118. * The Fundamentalist: Implies that anyone truly devoted to belief or religion suffers from Moral Myopia, is most likely a Moral Guardian, and is Holier Than Thou. While this is doubtlessly Truth in Television in too many cases, it is most definitely not in others, and the lumping all religious people under the banner of The Fundamentalist regardless of religion, belief, or personal approach toward it is where the bad implications come in.
  119. * Gang Bangers: Implies that young males of non-white ethnicity are likely criminals. Also implies that no one can ever even interact with a gang for any reason other than becoming a Complete Monster.
  120. * Gay Bravado: Implies that pretending to be gay is funny, and implies that a macho guy is never really gay.
  121. * Get Back In The Closet: Implies through higher Content Ratings and age restrictions that homosexuality is Harmful to Minors and somehow a worse moral choice than heterosexuality.
  122. * God Save Us From The Queen!: Implies that the default alignment for any woman in power is evil. Has an even worse sub-implication: if seen powerless and suffering prior to becoming a queen, she is better. This implies anything from women must be "broken" to succeed right up to Rape As Redemption.
  123. * Good Girls Avoid Abortion:Implies abortion is unforgivable and its recipients evil, no matter the situation.
  124. * Good Is Boring: Implies that being kind, generous, or otherwise morally acceptable takes a backseat to being entertaining or cool. Admittedly, the audience is expecting some entertainment, and the creators should not disappoint them, but there's no rule that says morally upright characters can't be entertaining.
  125. * Good Victims, Bad Victims: Implies that some victims are better than others because the others deserved it. Unlike a true case of Asshole Victim, however, the "bad victims" are seen as Asshole Victims by viewers for things that would fall under the "jaywalking" part of Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking, or cultural or racial differences. The Unfortunate Implications of this trope vary by degree, but it is one that MUST be handled with care.
  126. * Greedy Jew: Implies that all Jews are obsessed with money and have no moral restraints when it comes to getting cold hard cash
  127. * Guys Are Slobs: Implies that a "real man" is lazy, vulgar, and unhygienic.
  128. * Happiness in Slavery: Implies that slavery can be a happy experience for slaves, and tries to remove guilt from slaveholders.
  129. * Heteronormative Crusader: If used to make less "crusading" homophobes more sympathetic, has the same issues as Noble Bigot - implying that bigotry deserves a free pass because "those bigots are really nice people." Can also be a Flanderization of The Fundamentalist, and suffers all the negative problems with that stereotype.
  130. * Het Is Ew: Often carries a heavy streak of misogyny/male supremacy - in most cases, it's the woman that's treated as the spare by the fandom in favor of following the romance of two male characters.
  131. * Hide Your Lesbians: Another trope implying that homosexuality is somehow inappropriate for viewing, which causes homosexuals and homosexual couples to only exist in subtext. Extra fail points if, later on, Bait And Switch Lesbians and/or Discount Lesbians are invoked.
  132. * Holier Than Thou: Implies that anyone deeply devoted to a religion are at best self-righteous, if not the Straw Hypocrite.
  133. * Hollywood Atheist: Implies that atheists require a tragic backstory. Or they're complete jerkasses. And they can never be happy as atheists but are searching for something - which would actually make them agnostics.
  134. * Hollywood California: Implies that California is either Cloud Cuckoo Land, a massive film set, or snobs - and/or all of the above.
  135. * Hollywood New England: Implies that New England is nothing more than a big homogeneous mass full of snobs and WAS Ps.
  136. * Hollywood Satanism: Implies that Satanists (and possibly all pagans in general) will rape and/or sacrifice you/your children in a bloody ritual just as soon as they can get their hands on you/your children, or other equally disturbing things. Often confused with Goth, never mind that not all Satanists are Goths and not all Goths are Satanists.
  137. * Hormone-Addled Teenager: Implies that upon turning 13, girls automatically become sluts and boys automatically become horndogs. And they're all aspiring to be The Libby or the Jerk Jock.
  138. * Hot Guys Are Bastards: Implies Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  139. * Humans Are White: Implies all beings tend toward "white" as their racial appearance and that the future is all-white.
  140. * Husky Russkie: Implies that every Russian is a drunk, violent "bear" quite willing to go into a fight with, say, even a literal bear.
  141. * Hysterical Woman: Implies that women are prone to insanity and hysterics and are irrational, and that abuse will "bring them in line."
  142. * The Idiot From Osaka: Implies that all people from Kansai are aggressive, money-grubbing fools.
  143. * I Just Want To Be Badass: Implies that dominant persons, especially male-gendered, should only want to inspire respect and fear by being violent jerkasses and looking cool while doing it. Implied to be the sole valid way to prove manliness.
  144. * I'm A Man, I Can't Help It: Implies that men are unable to stay faithful or keep it in their pants
  145. * Indian Maiden: All those stereotypes about women and Native Americans, wrapped up in one insulting and poorly-written character.
  146. * Injun Country: Insulting to Native Americans. The implications are addressed further on its page, and cross-reference with The Rez and Magical Native American. Also manages to qualify as Did Not Do the Research in a huge number of portrayals.
  147. * Innocent Virgin on Stupidity: Implies that one has to have had penetrative intercourse to understand sexual matters or even to understand humanity and relationships.
  148. * Innocent Bigot: Implies that prejudice is okay as long as you didn't mean to hurt anyone.
  149. * Insane Equals Violent: Implies that the most severely afflicted of The Mentally Disturbed are violent and that violence is inherent to mental illness. Leads to Real Life discrimination against the mentally ill and ignores that mentally ill people are more likely to be victims or suicides than perpetrators of violent crime.
  150. * Inspirationally Disadvantaged: Implies that the only use disabled people have in the world is being an inspiration to the people who really matter to the story.
  151. * Irish Travellers: While the trope itself doesn't have Unfortunate Implications, the way it's handled almost always seems to have quite many. Therefore it is one that must be handled with care rather than relying on other depictions. Crossreference Romani, a similar cultural and ethnic group subject to similar Unfortunate Implications.
  152. * It Is Beyond Saving: Implies that the only way to save a society from the hard times it is currently suffering from is to destroy it.
  153. * Japanese Politeness: Implies that everyone from Japan acts exactly the same way, like a Real Life Borg, and that Japan is a monoculture. Those who truly believe this: look up Japanese subcultures in Google. Specifically, the yankii, who are usually far more from Japanese Politeness than possible.
  154. * Japanese Ranguage: Implies that Japanese can't ever truly learn English or other languages with the "l" and "r" sounds, rather than simply seeing that accent as no different than, say, an American Southern accent, and as no reflection, in and of itself, on the speaker's intellect or linguistic capability.
  155. * Joisey: Implies that New Jersey is either a giant Little Italy, a Place Worse Than Death, or a Weirdness Magnet, or some combination of the three.
  156. * Lady Land: Implies that if women ruled the word, we wouldn't have wars and inequality and any of the other things that it implies that men are responsible for. Or it implies that if women ruled the world, they'd be much more tyrannical than men, because they're too irrational to be in charge of anything but the kitchen.
  157. * Lean and Mean: Implies that being slender somehow makes you evil.
  158. * Lineage Comes From The Father: Implies that no woman has anything of importance in her bloodline and only men can transmit honor and nobility to their offspring.
  159. * Little People Are Surreal: Implies that little people are not "real human beings."
  160. * Loners Are Freaks: Implies that shyness, lack of connection to a social group, or falling out of one's social group or society are all signs of incipient violence and psychopathy and must be punished with more ostracism and isolation.
  161. * Lower Class Lout: Implies that anyone of a "lower" social class (especially those on some form of government aid such as unemployment or welfare income) is violent, threatening, and scary - or at the very least a sponge living in a state of constant intoxication and popping out kids out of greed or ignorance.
  162. * Lowest Common Denominator: Implies that Viewers Are Morons and should be treated as such. Results in the sloppy invocation of other tropes on this list (it is a very common Trojan Horse of badly handled tropes with Unfortunate Implications) and has a Real Life impact of a lack of intellectually appealing or even well-made media. After all, if everyone watching has the IQ of a howler monkey on PCP, why bother with, say, nuanced writing or complex art or meaningful music?
  163. * Macho Masochism: Implies that maiming oneself is appropriately virile.
  164. * Malcolm Xerox: Implies that black people always think everything is about race and racism. In addition, every complaint of racism is implied to be from irrational, lazy, hypocritical, race card playing zealots whose complaints are of no merit.
  165. * A Man Is Always Eager: Implies men want sex no matter what and are always the sexual aggressors.
  166. * A Man Is Not a Virgin: Implies that true manhood comes with loss of virginity.
  167. * Mandatory Motherhood: Implies that all women must bear children, whether they want to or not. Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  168. * Mars Needs Women: Implies that alien races want the elusive white human female. Not only can it be a veiled implication of the "threat" of mixed-race relationships, it also implies that women don't want to pursue relationships with anyone outside of their culture without extreme motivation to do so... if consent is even involved at all.
  169. * Me Love You Long Time: Implies that all Asian women have some kind of racial duty to marry only Asian men, not whites, and yet at the same time implies that Asian women only want Mighty Whitey. Also, while the trope itself has nothing to do with prostitution, it is creepily named after a disgusting "Asian women are dirty whores" stereotype.
  170. * Men Act, Women Are: Implies that men are defined by their actions and views, thus have much more room for complexity than women, whose sole defining trait is being a passive object of lust or, at best, being a passive moral symbol.
  171. * Men Are Generic, Women Are Special: Implies that men are the norm but women are extraneous to this norm, thus they need no more characterization other than acting human.
  172. * Men Are the Expendable Gender: Implies Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  173. * Men Are Uncultured: Implies that men can't appreciate or create high art. Variation implies that straight men can't do so, which is no less unfortunate.
  174. * Men Can't Keep House: Implies that men are incapable of performing household tasks, and that housework and homemaking are therefore only "woman's work."
  175. * Men Don't Cry: Implies that straight men can't show emotion, that they must hide their feelings and express them in destructive and angry ways.
  176. * Menstrual Menace: Menstruation is implied to be traumatic, connected to insanity, "dirty" or somehow turns girls "evil" or helps create "evil."
  177. * Mighty Whitey: Implies that anything a non-white can do, a white person can do better.
  178. * Misogyny Song: These songs imply that the abuse of women is somehow musically inspiring and deserving glorification and tribute in song, and that sex and dehumanization of women are one and the same.
  179. * Miss Conception: Generally implies that women alone are ignorant about sex and matters relating to pregnancy and birth control.
  180. * Missing White Woman Syndrome: One of the most insulting of the bunch. Implies that the only victims worth worrying about are white, female, pretty, straight, middle-class, and almost always young or at worst Hollywood Homely. And the preoccupation with their deaths and how they died is played as a Fetish.
  181. * Monochrome Casting: The tendency for casts to be predominately one race, despite real world demographics of the area they live in. Implies a lack of real-world racial and cultural diversity.
  182. * Monster Misogyny: Implies that women in peril are somehow more titillating or sympathetic or vulnerable than a man in the same situation
  183. * Murder Is the Best Solution: Implies Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and that nonviolent solutions to situations do not have the "satisfaction" of violence.
  184. * My Girl Is Not a Slut: A trope based on the Double Standard and misogyny.
  185. * Nature Abhors a Virgin: Implies that no one can want to live a life without sex, and even those who desire to do so will be compelled to have sex.
  186. * Nature Adores a Virgin: As its page says, implies that virginal women are idiots but "pure and desirable," and that non-virginal women are whores. Since A Man Is Not a Virgin, the Double Standard is in full effect.
  187. * A Nazi by Any Other Name: Implies that all fascist dictatorships must be Nazis or at least appear to be Nazis. Downplays the suffering of those oppressed under non-Nazi fascist regimes such as Imperial Japan or the Pinochet regime, and excuses all fascists who are careful to avoid outright Nazi or Neo-Nazi symbolism or allegiances.
  188. * No Bisexuals: Implies that true bisexuality does not exist. Unless they're female and willing to let men watch.
  189. * Noble Bigot: Implies that nobility, valor, bravery, or other positive attributes should give bigotry a free pass.
  190. ** Noble Bigot With A Badge: Implies that cops have the right to be bigoted, and that bigotry is inherent to police work.
  191. * Nobody Over 50 Is Gay: Implies that homosexuality is something you either grow out of or die from.
  192. * No Guy Wants An Amazon: Implies that no one wants a tough, strong woman.
  193. * No Guy Wants To Be Chased: Implies that men want to be dominant in romantic affairs and that women are the targets of conquest, not people with their own desires and drives.
  194. * No Koreans In Japan: Implies that Koreans don't live in Japan, despite Koreans being the primary minority in Japan. Carries overtones of minority erasure.
  195. * No Woman's Land: Implies that any country that is not an industrialized Western democracy treats women as chattel slaves.
  196. * Operator From India: Implies that workers hired via outsourcing are problematic due to race, culture, or "stupidity" rather than working conditions, poor choices by their bosses, or language barriers.
  197. * Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions: Implies that the only way to be an advanced society or an advanced person is to give up religion.
  198. * Outside Inside Slur: Implies that your race dictates how you ought to think and behave.
  199. * Pass Fail: Implies that an individual living their life as someone of the other race, class, gender or sexual orientation is somehow a tragic, painful experience and not something someone would willingly and happily choose.
  200. * Pink Is For Sissies: Implies that any man who wears pink is a wimp
  201. * Positive Discrimination: Implies that not all discrimination is bad, and therefore discrimination is good.
  202. * Predators Are Mean: Implies that all predatory animals are Chaotic Evil monsters, who can never be viewed as having noble qualities.
  203. * Pretty Fly For A White Guy: White people are so cute when they try to act "modern" or "urban"!
  204. * Proud Warrior Race Guy: Implies that an entire culture is bloodthirsty, with one member excelling in battle due to this bloodthirst, never mind that bloodthirst alone rarely guarantees victories in battle of any sort (and can lead to quite spectacular defeats.) Also implies this guy can never be European, despite that when this existed in Real Life, the Vikings were all Europeans.
  205. * Psycho Lesbian: Implies that true lesbians — meaning not bisexual — are Depraved Homosexuals.
  206. * Quickly Demoted Woman: Implies that women are unable to hold onto positions of power.
  207. * Race Lift: Changing the race of a character's original portrayal. Can imply that the original race was inferior.
  208. * Raised by Dudes: Children are presumed unable to become functional adults unless there is a woman involved in their upbringing. Implies single fathers, gay couples, or friends can't raise a child on their own, and that all men are incapable of nurturing and homemaking.
  209. * Certain Rape Tropes, including but not limited to:
  210. ** Gratuitous Rape: A pointless rape scene where a consensual sex scene or no sex scene at all would serve the plot better. Unsettlingly implies that rape is entertaining to watch.
  211. ** It's Not Rape If You Enjoyed It: Implies that traumatic experiences don't matter because you orgasmed.
  212. ** Marital Rape License: Implies that rape is okay if the parties involved have tied the knot, or that people can't be raped by their spouses.
  213. ** Rape and Switch: Implies that penetrative rape can make men gay...and women gay too.
  214. ** Rape as Comedy: Implies that rape is funny and comedic.
  215. ** Rape As Redemption: Implies that rape has beneficial and redemptive effects on its victims.
  216. ** Rape Is Funny When It Is Male On Male: Implies that gay sex and rape are one and the same, and all funny. Often carries homophobic overtones.
  217. ** Rape Is Love: Implies that rape can be out of love, or can also imply that one can fall in love with their rapist.
  218. ** Rape Is Okay When It's Female On Female: Implies that women can't rape because they don't have a penis, and that penises are needed for rape.
  219. ** Rape Is OK When It Is Female on Male: Implies that women sexually attacking men is not traumatizing or a crime against them.
  220. ** Rape Is The New Dead Parents: Rape As Backstory... casually thrown in without rhyme, reason, or meaning. Trivialises the traumatic experience of rape as "meaningless."
  221. * A Real Man Is A Killer: Implies that if you're male, you MUST like violence and shedding blood.
  222. * Real Men Eat Meat: Implies that you're not a real man if you don't like meat.
  223. * Real Men Hate Affection: Implies that affectionate men are unmanly
  224. * Real Men Love Jesus: Implies that only Christian men can be strong.
  225. * Real Women Never Wear Dresses: Implies that it's impossible for a woman to be feminine and strong!
  226. * Redemption Equals Death: Implies that no matter how much you try to atone, you deserve death when you did wrong or that making a mistake is plain unforgivable.
  227. * The Red Sonja: Implies at the very least that women must be violently broken in battle before Coitus Ensues, or that Rape Is Love and a woman who has been dominated by a man in the past will only be happy with a man who is capable of matching that level of domination.
  228. * Rescue Sex: Implies that a man who rescues a woman or even helps her out in any way is somehow entitled to sex.
  229. * The Rez: Types 1, 2, and 4 have absolutely awful implications inherent to them. Type 1 implies that all Native Americans are only capable of making money and advancing out of poverty via gambling and occasionally crime, while being rich off of the casino proceeds. Type 2 and 4 both inherently contain the Magical Native American, which has made an earlier appearance on this index, and type 4 actually combines the criminality and inscrutability implied in Type 1 with this. Type 3 can possibly be written without being insulting or offensive to Native Americans and is somewhat more sensitive, but still needs to be written with much care (and actual research!)
  230. * Romani. While the Roma themselves obviously aren't Unfortunate Implications, they are often the target of them based on Did Not Do the Research and the lazy use of the "gypsy" stereotype. Crossreference Irish Travellers.
  231. * Sacred Cow: Nobody is permitted to level any critique against this unless it's unwaveringly positive.
  232. * Sassy Black Woman: Implies that black women are pointlessly snarky and always angry.
  233. * Scary Black Man: Implies black males are irrational, extremely aggressive, and possibly criminal. See Evil Foreigner above.
  234. * Scary Dogmatic Aliens: Aliens that seem awfully similar to real-world ideologies. Implies the aliens are a stand-in for the real world group the writer hates.
  235. * School Is For Losers: Implies Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  236. * Science Is Bad: Implies that science is done by greedy amoral people and will inevitably result in Nazi Germany - or worse, the end of the world.
  237. * Science Is Wrong: Implies that all science is incorrect, which invalidates millenia of work.
  238. * Sex Is Evil: Implies that sex is intrinsically wrong, sinful, or evil.
  239. * Sex Is Evil and I Am Horny: Implies that sex and those who engage in it are inherently evil (usually for women and/or the Uke) BUT that doing anything one wants sexually is allowable for men and/or the Seme since they're not to blame or, in an even worse implication, can "cleanse" themselves by claiming they couldn't control themselves or harming the woman or uke!!!
  240. * Sex Is Violence: Implies that violence and sexuality are irreversibly, completely entwined. Arguably the supertrope of all Rape Tropes.
  241. * Sim Sim Salabim: Implies that India is an entire nation of backward, sneaky, and occasionally violent people.
  242. * A Sinister Clue: Implies that left-handed people are evil and not to be trusted.
  243. * Sissy Villain: Implies that if a man doesn't strictly conform to his society's standard of masculinity, he must be evil.
  244. * Slave Race and Servant Race: Implies that servitude is a racial characteristic.
  245. * The Smurfette Principle: Implies that putting one girl in an all male cast satisfies its need for diversity.
  246. * Space Jews: Negative racial stereotypes IN SPACE!
  247. * Stalking Is Love: Implies that if somebody is following you everywhere you go, they're just doing it because they love you.
  248. * Standard Female Grab Area: Implies that any woman can be subdued with just a grab on the arm.
  249. * Stay in the Kitchen: Implies that women cannot do anything outside be a homemaker.
  250. * Straight Edge Evil: Implies that someone who is sober and not as a result of being The Fundamentalist must be evil. Somehow implies both that abstinence/sobriety is evil and scary rather than legitimate choice, and shares the Unfortunate Implications of Loners Are Freaks and the tropes that deny one can be abstinent/recovering/etcetera without God as a motivation.
  251. * Straw Civilian: Implies that all nonmilitary people are worthless.
  252. * Straw Feminist: Implies that all feminists are shrill misandrist harpies.
  253. * Sweeps Week Lesbian Kiss: Exploiting lesbians as a ratings boost! And no men kissing, those Yaoi Guys are squick.
  254. * There Are No Good Executives: Corrupt Corporate Executive turned Up to Eleven, with the same implication; that if you are involved in private enterprise, you are automatically and completely evil.
  255. * Throwing Off The Disability: Implies that if you just work hard enough and/or believe in yourself, you can walk again, because being disabled sucks. (Note that if you can't walk again, this implies you're not working hard enough and/or believing in yourself enough.)
  256. * Token Minority: Implies that the presence of minorities, no matter how they are treated or depicted, is a rebuttal to any and all accusation of racism. Minorities become "objects."
  257. * Token Shipping: Implies that interracial couples are somehow unacceptable (if used too often)
  258. * Tragic Mulatto: Implies that being interracial automatically means you will be discriminated against and reduced to servitude.
  259. * Ukefication: Implies that real men don't take it in the ass; therefore if you take it in the ass, you must be a lesser man.
  260. * Unacceptable Targets: Never insult or make fun of these people. Ever.
  261. * Uncle Tomfoolery: When the token black guy is annoying, incompetent, and comical. Implies that all black men are this.
  262. * The Unfair Sex: Implies that men are always in the wrong.
  263. * Upper Class Twit: Implies that being of a higher social class somehow causes (or worse, excuses) bigotry, ignorance, and willful stupidity.
  264. * Vasquez Always Dies: You're not pretty or nonthreatening enough to survive this movie, sorry.
  265. * Violent Glaswegian: Implies that anyone from Glasgow is violent and has a Hair-Trigger Temper and many a Berserk Button. Crossreference Brooklyn Rage, Fighting Irish, The Idiot From Osaka.
  266. * Violence Is The Only Option: Implies Exactly What It Says on the Tin, often to the detriment of other, more peaceful solutions when they exist.
  267. * Violence Really Is The Answer: Implies that violence is or can be a desirable outcome with few negative consequences.
  268. * Vodka Drunkenski: Implies that Russians have vodka in place of blood.
  269. * What Measure Is a Mook?: Implies that Faceless Masses are not truly people, and killing them is a free action.
  270. * What Measure Is A Non Cute: Implies that scary, ugly, or uncool animals or people are all evil.
  271. * What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Implies that only humans deserve rights and safety.
  272. * Where Da White Women At: Sorry, black ladies, black guys want white women more than you.
  273. * White Man's Burden: Implies that the only hope for disadvantaged minorities is for a kind-hearted white person to rescue them.
  274. * Wild Samoan: Implies that Pacific Islanders are all brutal stone-age savages.
  275. * Women Drivers: Implies women are terrible drivers because they're implied to be so emotional and easily distracted.
  276. * Working Class People Are Morons: Implies that working class and lower-middle-class people are stupid, uneducated, and unworthy of respect or opportunities.
  277. * Yaoi Fangirl: If handled poorly one way, implies that finding gay or bisexual men as anything but squick or finding gay sex hot is a sign of stupidity, immaturity, stunted sexual development, or unattractiveness. If handled poorly the opposite way, can invoke Het Is Ew and Magical Queer. Also sometimes used as a form of discount homophobia implying that gay equals disgusting and hetero mature and cool.
  278. * Yellowface: Implies that Asians cannot play Asians in any media - even media originally created by Asians.
  279. * Yellow Peril: Often combined with Wicked Cultured and a few other tropes on this list. This trope implies that Chinese (or Japanese) are weird and scary and a danger to everyone.
  280. * You Are A Credit To Your Race: You filthy savages aren't all bad!
  281. * You Have To Have Jews: Jews are the most overrepresented minority in the media. A very sensitive one for obvious reasons.
  282. * You No Take Candle: If you English not so good, iz plied u no as good as those races that speak it good.
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