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DF Game Club: Costume Quest (part 3 plus dev chat)

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Oct 26th, 2013
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  1. (06:55:32 AM) Cheeseness: Hey DF_Gabe!
  2. (06:55:32 AM) Permafry_42: hi Gabe!
  3. (06:55:34 AM) Syd: Hi DF_Gabe!
  4. (06:55:40 AM) DF_Gabe: hello!
  5. (06:55:46 AM) SirSlade: Hello Gabe
  6. (06:56:06 AM) Syd: We'll be starting fairly soon. :)
  7. (06:56:06 AM) Cheeseness: Gabe Miller, senior producer and designer on Costume Quest :D
  8. (06:57:27 AM) tashaCQ [] entered the room.
  9. (06:57:35 AM) Permafry_42: Hey Tasha!
  10. (06:57:36 AM) Cheeseness: Hey tashaCQ!
  11. (06:57:41 AM) Syd: Hi Tasha!
  12. (06:57:50 AM) Bronsky: Hi Gabe
  13. (06:57:50 AM) tashaCQ: hello everyone!
  14. (06:57:51 AM) Cheeseness: Tasha Harris, project lead and designer on Costume Quest
  15. (06:57:55 AM) DF_Gabe: tasha!
  16. (06:58:04 AM) Bronsky: Hi Tasha
  17. (06:58:14 AM) tashaCQ: hey Gabe
  18. (06:58:22 AM) DoubleH [] entered the room.
  19. (06:58:32 AM) Permafry_42: k I'll be starting in about 5 min or so
  20. (06:59:08 AM) Fireflower left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  21. (06:59:08 AM) DF_Gabe: good that gives me time to grab some chips n' dip!
  22. (06:59:09 AM) Cheeseness: Hey DoubleH
  23. (06:59:13 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  24. (06:59:16 AM) DoubleH: hello
  25. (06:59:30 AM) tashaCQ: I wish I had chips n' dip
  26. (06:59:48 AM) Bronsky: Hi DoubleH
  27. (06:59:50 AM) WrenIsAwesome [] entered the room.
  28. (07:00:17 AM) Syd: While we wait, here's that gif of a kid dancing with a flailing windsock guy again
  29. (07:00:22 AM) Cheeseness: Yay :D
  30. (07:00:29 AM) Permafry_42: lol
  31. (07:00:30 AM) Cheeseness: Hey WrenIsAwesome :D
  32. (07:00:37 AM) WrenIsAwesome: ahoy
  33. (07:01:00 AM) Permafry_42: also for those who want some halloween music
  34. (07:02:37 AM) Cheeseness: So, last week, we'd rescued Reynold, but had gotten captured
  35. (07:02:51 AM) Cheeseness: Some of the mean things we'd said about him came back to haunt us as well
  36. (07:03:07 AM) GameClubFan_646491 [] entered the room.
  37. (07:03:15 AM) DF_Gabe: chipzendip procured
  38. (07:03:28 AM) GameClubFan_646491 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  39. (07:03:39 AM) Permafry_42: K I think I'm ready to start
  40. (07:05:10 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty!
  41. (07:05:19 AM) Syd: It's starting! If it's not playing for you, try hitting the pause/play button on the Twitch player.
  42. (07:05:21 AM) Cheeseness: What flavour, DF_Gabe?
  43. (07:05:33 AM) DF_Gabe: salsa
  44. (07:05:34 AM) Cheeseness: Aww, I missed the handsome intro
  45. (07:05:36 AM) Cheeseness: Nice
  46. (07:05:42 AM) Fireflower [] entered the room.
  47. (07:05:43 AM) DF_Gabe: chipzensalsa
  48. (07:05:46 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Fireflower
  49. (07:05:49 AM) SirSlade left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  50. (07:05:52 AM) SirSlade [] entered the room.
  51. (07:05:55 AM) Cheeseness: So, we're all candycorns again
  52. (07:05:57 AM) Fireflower left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  53. (07:05:59 AM) DF_Gabe: feel free to steal that as a gamerhandle anyone
  54. (07:06:13 AM) Fireflower [] entered the room.
  55. (07:06:18 AM) Fireflower: Hey
  56. (07:06:19 AM) Cheeseness: Our beautiful costumes, nooooo
  57. (07:07:02 AM) Syd: Wheeeee
  58. (07:07:10 AM) DF_Gabe: btw, peter mcconnell unearthed some awesome CQ music that i didn't remember him even doing and we'll have a CQ original soundtrack on our DF bandcamp soon ;)
  59. (07:07:19 AM) WrenIsAwesome: i'm just here for the arrested development reference
  60. (07:07:20 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: Oh, neat
  61. (07:07:47 AM) Cheeseness: Ha ha, what's the story with the guys?
  62. (07:08:28 AM) DF_Gabe: guys? those crows?
  63. (07:08:37 AM) Power46 [] entered the room.
  64. (07:08:47 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah. tjey
  65. (07:08:52 AM) Cheeseness: they're pretty amusing
  66. (07:08:54 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Power46
  67. (07:09:01 AM) tashaCQ: There was kid Nathan...named after Nathan Stapley
  68. (07:09:01 AM) Power46: Hello.
  69. (07:09:04 AM) DF_Gabe: i think elliott wrote that bit
  70. (07:09:30 AM) tashaCQ: Fry costume!
  71. (07:09:35 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  72. (07:09:39 AM) Bronsky: LoL
  73. (07:09:41 AM) DF_Gabe: hey, chip!
  74. (07:09:50 AM) DF_Gabe: * eats a chip *
  75. (07:10:00 AM) DF_Gabe: i love that fry sizzle
  76. (07:10:10 AM) tashaCQ: I really like how this area ended up looking just like Raz's concept art
  77. (07:10:24 AM) Cheeseness: That costume is great
  78. (07:10:41 AM) Power46: A bug was here after the update to Costume Quest on the XBox 360 with old saves, I believe.
  79. (07:10:46 AM) tashaCQ: I love the sound effect of the lure ability
  80. (07:10:49 AM) Fireflower: what genre is this?
  81. (07:10:57 AM) Cheeseness: An RPG
  82. (07:11:02 AM) Syd: French fries costume, yeah. :)
  83. (07:11:03 AM) DF_Gabe: yeah, that gave us headaches
  84. (07:11:05 AM) Fireflower: ok
  85. (07:11:11 AM) Power46: RPG. You will see relatively soon.
  86. (07:11:18 AM) Cheeseness: It's got JRPG style combat
  87. (07:11:23 AM) tashaCQ: Yeah that bug was annoying because we fixed it internally but couldn't do the patch because it was so expensive
  88. (07:11:41 AM) Cheeseness: That's a good reason to avoid consoles :(
  89. (07:11:48 AM) DF_Gabe: true dat
  90. (07:11:52 AM) Fireflower: looks a bit like an adventure RPG :)
  91. (07:11:57 AM) Cheeseness: But I guess you guys wouldn't have had as much success at that time on PCs
  92. (07:12:03 AM) Power46: That's unfortunate. I ran into a couple of time, as a result of back patching it after the first time.
  93. (07:12:08 AM) tashaCQ: There's Tasha
  94. (07:12:10 AM) yama: Oh yeah, I think it was Ron Gilbert who talked about the cost of doing updates on consoles when he came here.
  95. (07:12:11 AM) Cheeseness: Yay
  96. (07:12:17 AM) Bronsky: Fez developer had the same issue
  97. (07:12:25 AM) Cheeseness: Everybody has the same issue
  98. (07:12:34 AM) tashaCQ: She's wearing a devil costume that is very similar to a costume I wore as a kid
  99. (07:12:43 AM) Cheeseness: Even Valve have been grumpy about the costs of updating their games on consoles
  100. (07:12:43 AM) DF_Gabe: i think they used it to try to get developers to make sure their stuff was bug free instead up patching left and right
  101. (07:12:59 AM) Cheeseness: I've always viewed it as a blatant moneygrab :D
  102. (07:13:09 AM) DF_Gabe: but as long as your system handles patches well, who gives a flip?
  103. (07:13:15 AM) StarDogChampion [] entered the room.
  104. (07:13:35 AM) StarDogChampion left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  105. (07:13:40 AM) DF_Gabe: we patched spacebase 3 times in our first 2 weeks and the game is better for it ;)
  106. (07:13:57 AM) Cheeseness: I can't recall who it was, but I read an article recently about a dev who included a self-patcher in their EULA and were able to fix a day zero bug without jumping through the hoobs
  107. (07:14:04 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: For sure :D
  108. (07:14:12 AM) Cheeseness: hoops^
  109. (07:14:37 AM) Syd: "Plot twist!"
  110. (07:14:40 AM) Power46: That is definitely a big advantage to PC. If only people didn't view it as a death sentence in the industry.
  111. (07:15:03 AM) DF_Gabe: steam box will hopefully change that a bit
  112. (07:15:18 AM) Power46: That would be a very good thing.
  113. (07:15:18 AM) Cheeseness: Power46: lol, people see games being on PC as a death sentence?
  114. (07:15:40 AM) tashaCQ: the dragon costume was in the original prototype
  115. (07:15:44 AM) Cheeseness: Oh wow, chipmonster!!!
  116. (07:15:55 AM) GameClubFan_017363 [] entered the room.
  117. (07:15:55 AM) Fireflower: ah, this looks cool
  118. (07:15:55 AM) Bronsky: I Lol'd
  119. (07:16:24 AM) Cheeseness: This is a bit farther than I'd had time to play to on my own :(
  120. (07:16:52 AM) Power46: Unfortunately, they aren't usually as profitable on PC-some lose money on PC versions.
  121. (07:16:52 AM) tashaCQ: love the victory dance for the fries also...castinets
  122. (07:17:48 AM) DF_Gabe: PC has been profitable for us. Consoles were much worse for us...
  123. (07:18:00 AM) Fireflower: cool fight
  124. (07:18:05 AM) tashaCQ: there it is hahaha
  125. (07:18:16 AM) GameClubFan_017363 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  126. (07:18:22 AM) Cheeseness: Power46: That's only for games that aren't any good and titles which don't have decent PC versions
  127. (07:18:27 AM) DF_Gabe: remember to pail bash those balloons!
  128. (07:18:29 AM) Cheeseness: (ie: games that don't deserve to do well)
  129. (07:18:58 AM) SirSlade: Shoddy pc ports make me cry...
  130. (07:19:03 AM) Syd: Some PC ports are just messes, and then they go and blame the poor sales of the port on piracy or something.
  131. (07:19:25 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ. DF_Gabe: What sort of feedback on difficulty did the game receive?
  132. (07:19:38 AM) Cheeseness: Was it viewed as being too hard, too easy or just right?
  133. (07:19:42 AM) Power46: From what I have gathered, it is viewed as the minority that actually make money on PC. It isn't really true, and that is the whole "death sentence" thing.
  134. (07:19:50 AM) DF_Gabe: i remember it not being mentioned much, but that it was viewed as balanced
  135. (07:20:12 AM) tashaCQ: i think from too easy to just right
  136. (07:20:12 AM) Cheeseness: Power46: I don't really encounter that attitude at all
  137. (07:20:35 AM) Bronsky: I found it easy
  138. (07:20:41 AM) tashaCQ: the achievements are all pretty easy to get which i think people liked
  139. (07:20:42 AM) Cheeseness: But I also don't use consoles, so perhaps I just don't move in the right circles ^_^
  140. (07:21:05 AM) Syd: The PC seems to be particularly profitable for indie devs. It seems to mostly be big AAA publishers that still think the PC is risky.
  141. (07:21:27 AM) frogg: There is talk, is it tat time again?
  142. (07:21:39 AM) DF_Gabe: making money comes from a lot of factors. the platform is just one of many (deal structure, cost of development, quality of the game, marketing, etc)
  143. (07:21:40 AM) SirWolfgang: ^ Piracy is only issue if you see it as sales lost
  144. (07:21:44 AM) Power46: Cheeseness: I suppose I see more of the game industry complaints in the news. I view a fairly large variety of stuff, whether it's indie, AAA, console, and PC.
  145. (07:21:50 AM) tashaCQ: my baby is watching CQ for the first time right now
  146. (07:22:07 AM) SirWolfgang: TBH, It seems like not selling on a platform is more of a lost then selling the platform including piracy
  147. (07:22:09 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Say hi to him from us! :D
  148. (07:22:13 AM) DF_Gabe: we don't worry about piracy much. anyone who steals games probably wouldn't buy it anyway. at least they're playing!
  149. (07:22:28 AM) yama: Gamer babies! :D
  150. (07:22:39 AM) Cheeseness: Power46: Ah. I find most game journalists to have poor taste and opinions. I prefer to write my own comments and critiques :D
  151. (07:22:48 AM) Cheeseness: And talk to developers directly
  152. (07:23:01 AM) dsi1 [dsi1@9FF72EF8.3227CCAD.98FF1417.IP] entered the room.
  153. (07:23:48 AM) tashaCQ: hah apparently he just almost peed on daddy
  154. (07:24:03 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: I think there's some merit to that outlook (from a creative's perspectives, having people appreciate your works is the most important thing anyway). I like to believe that if you make a good enough game, anybody who pirates it has a higher chance of buying it than people who wouldn't have bought it and never played it
  155. (07:24:07 AM) Fireflower: are the fights hard or easy?
  156. (07:24:15 AM) Power46: I feel that that is a good attitude towards piracy. There is a study that says that a litlle bit of piracy makes games sell better.
  157. (07:24:23 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: It's an intense battle
  158. (07:24:50 AM) tashaCQ: i wanted to make it easy enough that kids could play
  159. (07:24:59 AM) DF_Gabe: yeah, pirates could be college kids with no money. when they graduate and get a job, they may buy your future games
  160. (07:25:05 AM) Cheeseness: And a pirate's word-of-mouth recommendation may lead to someone considering buying the game
  161. (07:25:08 AM) Power46: The fights vary from slightly difficult to extremely easy with the right strategy.
  162. (07:25:22 AM) Fireflower: ok
  163. (07:25:23 AM) DF_Gabe: plus, the harder you fight it, the better they get. it's a waste of time
  164. (07:25:37 AM) Permafry_42: love this part
  165. (07:25:43 AM) SirSlade: DF_Gabe Cheeseness I would agree wholly. TBH I didn't purchase Psychonauts the first time I played it (Being broke and working through college), but now I've bought it like 6 times if you include all the humblebundle/kickstarter bonuses
  166. (07:25:49 AM) Fireflower: just make all games DRM-free
  167. (07:26:05 AM) SirWolfgang: Cheeseness: Relevant:
  168. (07:26:07 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: The amount of resources you can spend on DRM and copy protection seems wasteful when that effort's usually circumvented at day one
  169. (07:26:08 AM) SirSlade: So yeah. THat point DF_Gabe just made, only without the "Graduation" part.
  170. (07:26:11 AM) Bronsky: me too, I ended buying it 3 times
  171. (07:26:16 AM) Power46: The word of mouth makes a small amount of piracy sell the games better. Sounds counter intuitive.
  172. (07:26:18 AM) tashaCQ: lol they just ended up at the bottom
  173. (07:26:32 AM) Bronsky: my physical copy is in one of my ex houses :'(
  174. (07:26:37 AM) Cheeseness: ;_;
  175. (07:26:37 AM) tashaCQ: meat cones!
  176. (07:26:42 AM) Cheeseness: Mmm, meat cones
  177. (07:27:03 AM) Syd: I had a (I think) 5 CD copy of the PC version of Psychonauts, but the first disc disappeared. :(
  178. (07:27:15 AM) Cheeseness: Do you guys who celebrate halloween see many banana costumes like that?
  179. (07:27:16 AM) Syd: It was either 4 or 5 CDs. I'm not certain.
  180. (07:27:24 AM) DF_Gabe: we had one in the office
  181. (07:27:31 AM) SirWolfgang: The more you invest in DRM, the more copies you must sell to profit. If you consider the default ammount of buyers as a constant, then DRM is only useful if it offsets its cost through conversion. Which I dont think is possible
  182. (07:27:40 AM) Power46: I did have a bit of issues with finding the 5 CDs on occasion. and yes, it was 5.
  183. (07:27:45 AM) tashaCQ: Raymond kid I think...Named after Ray Crook, animator at DF
  184. (07:28:06 AM) tashaCQ: There is a happy accident on this level
  185. (07:28:12 AM) Danaroth [] entered the room.
  186. (07:28:21 AM) tashaCQ: an adult male answers the door and has a line about his husband
  187. (07:28:21 AM) Cheeseness: Hey Danaroth
  188. (07:28:30 AM) Danaroth: hi cheese and everyone
  189. (07:28:30 AM) Bronsky: I couldn't play my legal copy of Psychonauts on wine becasue DRM
  190. (07:28:33 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: ^_^
  191. (07:28:38 AM) tashaCQ: It wasn't on purpose but I was kind of glad it happened
  192. (07:29:00 AM) DF_Gabe: fall valley is progressive
  193. (07:29:09 AM) Danaroth: tasha will we ever see you directing another game? I loved CQ =P
  194. (07:29:30 AM) GameClubFan_582472 [] entered the room.
  195. (07:29:32 AM) tashaCQ: It was because all the adults accessories & lines were randomized
  196. (07:29:36 AM) Power46: If your DRM on your games is more extreme, more people will pirate it. Some pirate games if they have too much DRM, partially as a statement against said DRM.
  197. (07:29:37 AM) flesk [] entered the room.
  198. (07:29:54 AM) tashaCQ: Danaroth I don't know! It would be really difficult for me to do right now with the new baby
  199. (07:30:03 AM) tashaCQ: but maybe in the future
  200. (07:30:06 AM) GameClubFan_582472 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  201. (07:30:07 AM) SirWolfgang: Power46: the study was actually a breakdown of . They stated tracking downloads on piratebay, then using it to see if they could get conversions. They found that piratebay was good adversiting.
  202. (07:30:12 AM) Power46: Go random dialog making progressive statements!
  203. (07:30:25 AM) Danaroth: ah awesome, at least there is hope =P
  204. (07:30:38 AM) Power46: Piracy is advertising, really.
  205. (07:30:38 AM) Cheeseness: Danaroth: Did you catch the interview from the first session?
  206. (07:30:47 AM) flesk: @SirWolfgang: Which game was that?
  207. (07:30:50 AM) Syd: I remember hearing about developers talking to people in the comments for torrents of their games, and convincing some of the would-be pirates to buy it instead.
  208. (07:30:52 AM) flesk: Sorry I'm late.
  209. (07:30:56 AM) Danaroth: nope I am superlate D=
  210. (07:31:03 AM) Cheeseness: Power46: Would it be better to say marketing? It's not quite advertising in my book
  211. (07:31:05 AM) tashaCQ left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  212. (07:31:45 AM) SirWolfgang: flesk: I dont remember, it was based on the older games. So different target, these were games you couldnt get anymore, unless pirated. Its points in the dirction of piracy being a service issues.
  213. (07:31:49 AM) Cheeseness: Danaroth: I put the hours in to get a transcript together that you're welcome to read through
  214. (07:31:59 AM) Cheeseness: And the stream archive is available too
  215. (07:32:05 AM) SirWolfgang: flesk: much like Gabe Newell showed with steam in russia
  216. (07:32:09 AM) Cheeseness: Hey flesk
  217. (07:32:42 AM) Fireflower: Hey Flesk
  218. (07:33:13 AM) Power46: Marketing is probably more accurate. It gets more people marketing it, unintentionally.
  219. (07:33:17 AM) yama: I personally find that the games I'm interested in are so cheap nowadays that it's not worth the hassle to pirate said games over buying them.
  220. (07:33:19 AM) Power46: Hello flesk.
  221. (07:33:19 AM) DF_Gabe: if you guys could add anything to CQ what would it be?
  222. (07:33:33 AM) Fireflower: another costume
  223. (07:33:38 AM) DF_Gabe: haha
  224. (07:33:40 AM) SirSlade: More cowbell
  225. (07:33:42 AM) DF_Gabe: of a fireflower?
  226. (07:33:42 AM) Fireflower: :)
  227. (07:33:50 AM) Fireflower: yeah, that would be nice :)
  228. (07:34:09 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: That hippy costume that tasha talked about during the interview sounded pretty neat :D
  229. (07:34:12 AM) Power46: Stuns by default not being disabled by the burn effect. :P
  230. (07:34:27 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: I'd like to see that windsock guy have a larger role
  231. (07:34:47 AM) DF_Gabe: windsock boss?
  232. (07:34:49 AM) Power46: It made it a litlle hard to justify the robot with how I played.
  233. (07:34:57 AM) Cheeseness: The destructable environment stuff that was mentioned last week sounded pretty awesome
  234. (07:35:09 AM) Cheeseness: I can't think of anything to add which wasn't already on the wishlist during development :D
  235. (07:35:45 AM) flesk: @SirWolfgang: Yeah, I can understand that about games that are impossible to acquire anymore.
  236. (07:36:03 AM) yama: DF_Gabe, I think Cheeseness meant the windsock guy that's in the background of one of the battle stages.
  237. (07:36:17 AM) DF_Gabe: oh yeah. i'm down with windsock guy
  238. (07:36:24 AM) DF_Gabe: we might need to do a spinoff game
  239. (07:36:27 AM) flesk: What was that about Steam in Russia? Piracy decreased when people started using Steam there?
  240. (07:36:31 AM) yama: Heheh.
  241. (07:36:47 AM) Cheeseness: When I grow up, I want to be that windsock guy
  242. (07:36:58 AM) Cheeseness: With his lovely purple and black stripes
  243. (07:37:00 AM) Syd: Windsock DLC: All costumes are windsock guys, all enemies are windsock guys, they battle by flailing on each other.
  244. (07:37:11 AM) SirWolfgang: flesk: Corps would not loclize to russia, based on the idea it was too heavly pirated.(Which is more less the same idea of not putting out on PC, due to piracy)
  245. (07:37:16 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Genius. I could kiss your mind.
  246. (07:37:28 AM) SirWolfgang: flesk: Steam came out in russia, Locilze faster and provied a better service then the pirates did
  247. (07:37:58 AM) flesk: @DF Gabe: More portable versions (3DS, Android, Vita).
  248. (07:38:10 AM) SirWolfgang: flesk: Steam became like #1 country in the region on sales numbers on steam
  249. (07:38:24 AM) SirWolfgang: Russia*
  250. (07:38:30 AM) DF_Gabe: flesk: portable would be nice
  251. (07:38:36 AM) flesk: Didn't know about that. That's pretty neat.
  252. (07:38:41 AM) WrenIsAwesome left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  253. (07:38:41 AM) DF_Gabe: we have ios now... android wouldn't be a stretch
  254. (07:38:49 AM) Fireflower: think that article about Steam in Russia was a bit self-promoting :)
  255. (07:39:13 AM) DF_Gabe: we haven't done any 3ds, but that system is starting pick up steam in the office. everyone is trading pokemans
  256. (07:39:23 AM) SirWolfgang: flesk: Newell the whole time kept saying that piracy is a service problem, and has been showing it with steam. And double proved it in russia
  257. (07:39:37 AM) Syd: I heard Nintendo is pretty indie-friendly on the 3DS and Wii-U
  258. (07:39:46 AM) tashaCQ [] entered the room.
  259. (07:39:55 AM) Syd: Welcome back, Tasha!
  260. (07:39:58 AM) yama: Welcome back, tashaCQ.
  261. (07:40:04 AM) flesk: Syd: Yeah, I mentioned 3DS being very indie friendly last week in chat too.
  262. (07:40:04 AM) Power46: A lot of piracy is a service problem. For awhile I never had a stable internet connection, so I have avoided stuff like UPlay, especially the ones that kick you out of a game just for losing your internet connection for a few minutes.
  263. (07:40:10 AM) Cheeseness: Welcome back tashaCQ ^_^
  264. (07:40:11 AM) flesk: I read an article about it somewhere.
  265. (07:40:13 AM) tashaCQ: don't know what happened there
  266. (07:40:22 AM) DF_Gabe: all this talk of piracy is good foreshadowing for grubbins
  267. (07:40:24 AM) Cheeseness: Gabe just asked us what we would add to the game if we could add anything
  268. (07:40:40 AM) tashaCQ: oh man i want to know.
  269. (07:40:41 AM) Cheeseness: Much love for Windsock Guy ensued
  270. (07:41:04 AM) DF_Gabe: we've decided to steer the company in the direction of windsock based games
  271. (07:41:09 AM) tashaCQ: more windsocks. noted.
  272. (07:41:23 AM) Power46: Foreshadowing for Grubbins, huh? Are you planning something, secretly?
  273. (07:41:25 AM) yama: Windsocks in Space!
  274. (07:41:31 AM) SirSlade: So, windsock alien in Spacebase DF-9?
  275. (07:41:33 AM) Cheeseness: Did you think when you were making the game that Windsock Guy would be such a breakout character?
  276. (07:41:37 AM) yama: Hahaha. Yes!
  277. (07:41:44 AM) Syd: Isn't there a pirate costume in Grubbins? Might be what he was referencing
  278. (07:42:02 AM) Syd: It's been a while since I played through Grubbins, so I don't really remember
  279. (07:42:06 AM) DF_Gabe: the genesis of the idea began with the windsock and tasha worked out out from there to include halloween and candy,e tc
  280. (07:42:14 AM) Power46: Oh, that is possible. I was hoping they were planning something new.
  281. (07:42:18 AM) flesk: It could be cool with some kind of platformer with windsock guy, where you don't control windsock guy directly, but instead you have to change the direction of the wind to help him cross obstacles.
  282. (07:42:38 AM) Power46: Grubbins does have a pirate costume.
  283. (07:42:44 AM) DF_Gabe: confirmed
  284. (07:42:47 AM) flesk: He'd have to be on a skateboard or something to be able to move I guess.
  285. (07:43:01 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Also mentioned (though obviously less important than windsock guy) was stuns not being disabled by the burn effect, more costumes, 3DS, Android and Vita versions
  286. (07:43:19 AM) DF_Gabe: stuns are currently disabled or should be?
  287. (07:43:30 AM) DF_Gabe: like burning turns off the stun?
  288. (07:43:41 AM) flesk: And then you have to do some really fiddly wind controlling on just his arms to make him punch enemies.
  289. (07:43:43 AM) Power46: Stuns are currently disabling stuns when they hurt.
  290. (07:43:55 AM) DF_Gabe: oh man. that text isn't vertically centered! bug!
  291. (07:44:09 AM) tashaCQ: haha
  292. (07:44:24 AM) DF_Gabe: i should login and fix that right now
  293. (07:44:35 AM) Power46: They unstun an opponent when they take damage from the burn, if it is a stun that is disabled on attack.
  294. (07:45:00 AM) DF_Gabe: i think that's by design
  295. (07:45:11 AM) DF_Gabe: it wakes them up in a sense
  296. (07:45:33 AM) Power46: I mentioned it jokingly. It was just a little obnoxious, but it was probably intentionally.
  297. (07:45:41 AM) SirSlade: You mean that fire is not a warm blanket?
  298. (07:45:52 AM) Cheeseness: A warm blanket of flames
  299. (07:46:24 AM) Syd: Warm is relative. I'm sure if you were on the sun that a regular old fire would be pretty comfortable in comparison. :P
  300. (07:46:42 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Psst, I think it's additive
  301. (07:46:44 AM) Power46: As a side effect, I rarely used the robot-burn effect on missile barrage and all that.
  302. (07:47:21 AM) Power46: Oh well.
  303. (07:47:45 AM) DF_Gabe: i hear you Power46
  304. (07:47:48 AM) Power46: The burn would break the stuns applied that turn.
  305. (07:48:10 AM) Power46: Oh well. It is an excellent game anyway.
  306. (07:49:15 AM) Power46: So what is your stance on Psychonauts being named "The Most Excellent Game Psychonauts" when crashing?
  307. (07:49:27 AM) tashaCQ: The new costume animation played twice
  308. (07:49:30 AM) tashaCQ: bug!
  309. (07:49:31 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: I also mentioned that destructible environments during battles, and the costumes you'd mentioned during the interview as things which would be nice additions (to me, it feels like you guys had everything on your dev wishlist anyway)
  310. (07:49:37 AM) Syd: Cat costume! The first Halloween that I remember, I was a cat.
  311. (07:50:09 AM) tashaCQ: We had a lot of thing on our wishlist
  312. (07:50:11 AM) Power46: (I am sure that it is the window called that, but it is amusing that you mostly see it when it is crashing under Windows 7 or 8.
  313. (07:50:12 AM) DF_Gabe: power46... i don't understand the question
  314. (07:50:41 AM) DF_Gabe: oh. that was a Tim thing. He did that with Brutal too. The Excellent Game Brutal Legend
  315. (07:50:48 AM) Danaroth: I've noticed a lot of DF games have adventure elements, like using costumes to solve little puzzles in CQ, mixed with other genres; is it a coincidence or a stylistic choice of the company?
  316. (07:50:55 AM) DF_Gabe: keeps you thinking positive ;)
  317. (07:50:57 AM) Cheeseness: I have had a number of people in the Linux community asking when Steam Cloud support for DF games under Linux will be fixed
  318. (07:51:14 AM) Power46: Yeah, I figured it was something like that. I just found it amusing.
  319. (07:51:25 AM) tashaCQ: Did you know...when you get the last candy pail upgrade you can go back to the 1st level and hit something and a skeleton comes out
  320. (07:51:27 AM) DF_Gabe: @Danaroth, I think we were all attracted to DF by the games Tim made, so we all have a little of that in us ;)
  321. (07:51:44 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: :O
  322. (07:51:57 AM) Danaroth: not that I complain, I love those feats =P
  323. (07:51:58 AM) DF_Gabe: oh that skeleton thing! so random!
  324. (07:52:05 AM) Power46: I did not know that, tashaCQ.
  325. (07:52:11 AM) DF_Gabe: kjeld put that in under our noses right?
  326. (07:52:17 AM) tashaCQ: yeah haha
  327. (07:52:25 AM) tashaCQ: one of our environment artists put it in
  328. (07:52:43 AM) Cheeseness: This village needs more windsocks
  329. (07:52:44 AM) tashaCQ: The epic black cat is a re-use of the laser panther from Brutal Legend
  330. (07:53:14 AM) flesk: Steam Cloud in Linux would be awesome, but I kind of like that it isn't now, since I have a bunch of different Psychonauts profiles across Windows and Linux. Should probably make a backup in case it gets fixed.
  331. (07:53:46 AM) tashaCQ: more simplified modeling and texturing
  332. (07:54:05 AM) Power46: Now, the question is, are we going to go to look at the first level ourselves not knowing where it is?
  333. (07:54:25 AM) tashaCQ: I love the special attack name for the vampire "There's a Bat in my Hair!"
  334. (07:54:27 AM) tashaCQ: haha
  335. (07:54:32 AM) Power46: You can turn off steam cloud in the properties of each game.
  336. (07:54:40 AM) tashaCQ: I actually forgot where it is
  337. (07:54:45 AM) DF_Gabe: i think it's a mailbox near the graveyard
  338. (07:54:46 AM) tashaCQ: I think it's a coffin somewhere
  339. (07:54:46 AM) Cheeseness: flesk: It's not bothering my personally either, but it feels like I get asked about it at least once a week in #steamlug >_<
  340. (07:54:54 AM) DF_Gabe: oh yeah. coffin
  341. (07:54:56 AM) DF_Gabe: opens up
  342. (07:55:02 AM) DF_Gabe: but it's near the graveyard
  343. (07:55:29 AM) Syd: The way that one guy launched himself up with the cannon was great
  344. (07:55:32 AM) Cheeseness: Don't suppose you're in a position to comment on that at all, DF_Gabe?
  345. (07:55:34 AM) Power46: And if I remember correctly the Linux versions of the games have a different file save format. Am I remembering correctly?
  346. (07:55:40 AM) DF_Gabe: which?
  347. (07:55:48 AM) Cheeseness: Steam Cloud support for DF games in Linux
  348. (07:56:06 AM) DF_Gabe: linux is newish for us
  349. (07:56:15 AM) DF_Gabe: but we're starting to get a handle on it now
  350. (07:56:32 AM) DF_Gabe: i'll bring it up. i didn't actually know we skipped cloud saves for linux
  351. (07:56:37 AM) tashaCQ: The Pumpkin victory dance is based on a dance this animator at Pixar always used to do that I thought was so funny
  352. (07:56:59 AM) tashaCQ: I ended up animating it myself because it was so specific
  353. (07:57:13 AM) DF_Gabe: who did that dance?
  354. (07:57:17 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: I think I've reported it before and I'm certain that others have. If you hear anything, let us know :D
  355. (07:57:31 AM) tashaCQ: Shawn Krause
  356. (07:57:34 AM) Power46: If the file saves are in fact different, Steam cloud support for Linux may be a bit tough. This coming from someone who doesn't design games.
  357. (07:57:43 AM) tashaCQ: he still works there. he's an old timer :D
  358. (07:57:44 AM) DF_Gabe: it's probably known. i'm not omniscient ;)
  359. (07:57:46 AM) Cheeseness: It's hard to see the dance behind the score text
  360. (07:58:00 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: It's cool ^_^
  361. (07:58:11 AM) tashaCQ: had to get a corn maze in the game
  362. (07:58:12 AM) Lanas left the room (Saliendo).
  363. (07:58:17 AM) DF_Gabe: we try to keep all our platforms as similar as possible to make it easier to port
  364. (07:58:25 AM) DF_Gabe: so it may just be an overlooked thing
  365. (07:58:26 AM) Cheeseness: Also, on behalf of my fellow Linux gamers, thanks to you guys for taking Linux support seriously <3
  366. (07:58:43 AM) Cheeseness: I'd love to do another inteview sometime to finish off the one I had to cut short with Greg
  367. (07:58:43 AM) Bronsky: yep ^_^
  368. (07:58:51 AM) DF_Gabe: we have linux gamers in the company, so you have representatives inside!
  369. (07:59:01 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: Who aside from JP?
  370. (07:59:04 AM) flesk: Power46: I don't think so. If I remember correctly I shared a Linux profile of mine with a Windows user on the Steam forums because he'd had a story achievement bug out on him.
  371. (07:59:22 AM) DF_Gabe: oh. spoilers. JP was my answer.
  372. (07:59:35 AM) DF_Gabe: ben burbank dabbles
  373. (07:59:42 AM) Cheeseness: Oh? I hadn't realised ^_^
  374. (07:59:46 AM) DF_Gabe: he's the one that got spacebase up and running in a weekend or so
  375. (07:59:51 AM) Cheeseness: Oh, nice
  376. (07:59:52 AM) flesk: Could be that I remember that wrong though.
  377. (08:00:32 AM) yama: Oh yeah! Spacebase! I totally need to throw some money at that game now that I've been paid. :D
  378. (08:00:53 AM) DF_Gabe: yay!
  379. (08:00:57 AM) flesk: Steam on Linux has really started picking up... (dare I?) Steam.
  380. (08:01:05 AM) Cheeseness: I've been holding off till I hear whether supporter tiers can be upgraded (needs to be sorted out with Humble from what I understand)
  381. (08:01:11 AM) DF_Gabe: that's one of my current gigs
  382. (08:01:40 AM) Syd: Spacebase DF-9 can be bought here for anyone that's interested
  383. (08:01:47 AM) DF_Gabe: supporter tiers?
  384. (08:01:49 AM) Power46: Is it hard to add Steam Cloud support?
  385. (08:02:20 AM) DF_Gabe: if you buy on DF site, you get the steam version
  386. (08:02:36 AM) DF_Gabe: Steam Cloud isn't hard, it just has to be next on teh priority list
  387. (08:03:12 AM) SirSlade: I think Cheeseness means going from a 50$ tier to 100$+
  388. (08:03:19 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: Yeah, I'd like to get in at the Extradimensional Entity or Stargazer levels, but I'm a bit broke at the moment (huzzah for dying hot water systems, car repairs and vet bills). If I can hop in at the $10 level and upgrade, I'll do that later, otherwise I'll just hold off
  389. (08:03:28 AM) Cheeseness: Err, $25^
  390. (08:03:29 AM) DF_Gabe: i honestly think it's just a checkbox you flip on from the Steam side. you just have to make sure your game handles it gracefully on the game side.
  391. (08:03:33 AM) flesk: Cloud support for MMoJ on Android would also be awesome while we're on the subject.
  392. (08:04:30 AM) DF_Gabe: i'll mention it to kee (project lead)
  393. (08:04:45 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: Yeah, it's not a big deal from what I understand. I don't have anything published on Steam personally, so I don't know for sure though ^_^
  394. (08:04:52 AM) flesk: Thanks, Gabe.
  395. (08:05:00 AM) tashaCQ: nice use of ninja costume
  396. (08:05:44 AM) DF_Gabe: yeah. some things seem small, but even a 5 minute fix needs to be tested for days to make sure you didn't introduce new bugs. and save games could REALLY bone some people, so we have to be extra careful :)
  397. (08:06:21 AM) Cheeseness: Yeah
  398. (08:06:38 AM) Power46: Just a random, almost completely unrelated thought, I find it a little annoying that when you defocus a Steam Window if a video happened to be playing, the video becomes choppy.
  399. (08:06:42 AM) SirSlade: I'm a little envious. I wish I had days to test bugs...
  400. (08:06:52 AM) Power46: Has not a ton to do with it.
  401. SirSlade SirWolfgang
  402. (08:07:24 AM) DF_Gabe: we luckily have an internal test team banging on our games at all times
  403. (08:07:39 AM) Cheeseness: SirSlade: I know the feeling. I would love to help out with testing. I barely have time to play games for myself these days :(
  404. (08:07:47 AM) tashaCQ: yeah, you can't use the grubbin costume in battle :c
  405. (08:08:00 AM) Power46: Yeah, with the Steam Cloud thing I figured bugs would be the hardest thing.
  406. (08:08:09 AM) SirSlade: Nice. I'm a qa tester too for a mobile app, but the lack of structure and demanding boss means sometimes I have to go "Sure, put it out, but I still don't feel comfortable with it".
  407. (08:08:27 AM) tashaCQ: gotta switch my laundry real quick, brb
  408. (08:08:44 AM) DF_Gabe: i remember drawing that maze in photoshop and kjeld just extruded my photoshop in maya and was done in 2 minutes
  409. (08:09:21 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  410. (08:09:21 AM) DF_Gabe: it's nice when things happen fast. that is SUPER rare in game development :)
  411. (08:09:22 AM) Power46: From what I have heard, bug testing is bashing your head against a wall 30 times to see if it breaks. Even then, it is hard to find bugs.
  412. (08:09:28 AM) yama: Is there a reason for why it's a *corn* maze?
  413. (08:09:33 AM) Cheeseness: Nah, bug testing is fun ^_^
  414. (08:09:46 AM) DF_Gabe: corn fields arecreepy
  415. (08:09:48 AM) Cheeseness: ANd getting to see/partake in a game's evolution is pretty rewarding too :)
  416. (08:09:54 AM) yama: Just thinking that since corn is also called "maize" depending on where you live. :)
  417. (08:09:58 AM) yama: Maize maze!
  418. (08:10:11 AM) Cheeseness: (although I prefer making stuff, personally :D )
  419. (08:10:17 AM) flesk: Another thing that would be great is proper controller button prompts in Psychonauts. I imagine that's a lot of work though. And there's a guy on the Steam forums who has a fan made mod that adds it, so maybe not a high priority.
  420. (08:10:32 AM) Syd: I use that fan-made mod on my own Psychonauts copy
  421. (08:10:44 AM) DF_Gabe: interesting
  422. (08:10:51 AM) SirSlade: It's alright. I think a lot of it is the people you work with as well as what you're working on. I'd love to move into game testing, cause right now my heart isn't in the product. But it can be rough trying to explain how to reproduce something or having a glitch happen for you once, then never again after 4 hours of testing the same sequence over and over
  423. (08:10:58 AM) DF_Gabe: i'll bring that up too. i have a list of work now!
  424. (08:11:28 AM) Power46: From what I have heard of programming, it quite often is a case of when you find a bug it is because the computer followed exactly what you told it to do, but not what you wanted it to do.
  425. (08:11:40 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: Woo! If you let me know, I'm happy to relay any outcomes to the game club community
  426. (08:11:45 AM) DF_Gabe: psychonauts is the hardest game for us to update. it uses an old engine with old processes that we don't use any more
  427. (08:11:51 AM) Power46: Or you don't know why it happend.
  428. (08:12:06 AM) DF_Gabe: but if some dude modded it easy enough, it can't be too hard :)
  429. (08:12:25 AM) Power46: Not too surprising that a team without experience with an old engine might have problems.
  430. (08:12:28 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: Was a Psychonauts HD, bringing it up to the latest Buddha and a texture upres, ever considered?
  431. (08:12:47 AM) Power46: It didn't use Buddha, I believe.
  432. (08:12:53 AM) Cheeseness: Power46: Right
  433. (08:12:59 AM) SirSlade: I can't honestly speak much to that Power46, I'm not actually a programmer, but yes computers follow exact instructions and cant extrapolate information. So sometimes you get weirdnesses where things happen even though therei sn't a clear spot to say something happened.
  434. (08:13:01 AM) Power46: Buddha was made originally from Brutal Legend.
  435. (08:13:03 AM) Cheeseness: That was developed for BL from what I understand
  436. (08:13:05 AM) Syd: Psychonauts ran on its own engine that wasn't used for anything else, right?
  437. (08:13:10 AM) tashaCQ: I like that animation there on Dorsilla
  438. (08:13:19 AM) Bronsky: Psychonauts HD would be awesome
  439. (08:13:23 AM) Cheeseness: Unfortunate!
  440. (08:13:57 AM) SirSlade: +1 Psychonauts HD. It still looks good for its age though!
  441. (08:13:57 AM) yama: Is any of the animation for CQ done with motion capture or is it all animated by hand?
  442. (08:14:01 AM) Power46: As a result, if you tried putting it through Buddha you would have to rebuild it from scratch.
  443. (08:14:06 AM) DF_Gabe: psychonauts HD would be an enormous undertaking, though we'd love to do it. the stars just have to align properly
  444. (08:14:18 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: For sure
  445. (08:14:20 AM) DF_Gabe: all hand animated!
  446. (08:14:35 AM) GameClubFan_326253 [] entered the room.
  447. (08:14:36 AM) flesk: Here's the thread for the PsychoPad mod if anyone's interested:
  448. (08:14:38 AM) Danaroth: would have be fun to put all those ball sensors on a horse tho
  449. (08:14:39 AM) DF_Gabe: our animators are awesome. tasha is amazing at it!
  450. (08:14:39 AM) Cheeseness: yama: I think Anna said during the first session "NO MOCAP!!!"
  451. (08:14:44 AM) yama: It all looks so smooth. You've got awesome animators.
  452. (08:15:02 AM) tashaCQ: yeah we had a really good team of animators on this game
  453. (08:15:03 AM) yama: Cheeseness, ahah. I wasn't here that session. ;_;
  454. (08:15:16 AM) Cheeseness: I super envy the animating skills that DF has access to. I'm never able to recreate the types of movements I have in my mind ;_;
  455. (08:15:38 AM) flesk: He was also working on a mod for better textures, but I think he gave that up after he lost a lot of work with a Psychonauts update:
  456. (08:16:04 AM) Cheeseness: yama: It's cool - did you read the interview transcript? We talked about it a tiny bit in that too
  457. (08:16:30 AM) yama: Yeah... I haven't got around to that yet. >.<; I still have the tab open, too.
  458. (08:16:32 AM) Power46: I am sure it took awhile to get them right though. 8 hours a week of animating for months would give a lot of fine tuning time.
  459. (08:16:43 AM) Cheeseness: So many projects, so little time. We need to get more people together to get the Game Club fan game off the ground
  460. (08:17:07 AM) DF_Gabe: we had 4 or 5 animators on CQ at one poknt
  461. (08:17:11 AM) DF_Gabe: point*
  462. (08:17:15 AM) Cheeseness: Wow
  463. (08:17:33 AM) DF_Gabe: we stole half of the stacking team to help for a couple of months
  464. (08:17:35 AM) Cheeseness: Woah, big boned
  465. (08:17:44 AM) Power46: 4 or 5 animator 8 or more hours a day for months. Lots of time to get it perfect.
  466. (08:17:46 AM) Cheeseness: Ha, the eyes!
  467. (08:17:52 AM) DF_Gabe: lots of animations
  468. (08:17:53 AM) Cheeseness: And the flowers!
  469. (08:17:57 AM) tashaCQ: Big Bones is great
  470. (08:18:03 AM) Syd: Swirly hypnotic peppermint candy eyes
  471. (08:18:14 AM) tashaCQ: notice the Hawaiian shirt texture on his robe - that was from an early Bagel concept piece
  472. (08:18:14 AM) DF_Gabe: we had 1 or 2 guys working on cutscenes, 1 or 2 working on combat and 1 or 2 working on in-game stuff
  473. (08:18:28 AM) Power46: I have never actually seen this battle without having gotten the speaker. I heard that it is significantly harder.
  474. (08:18:35 AM) Cheeseness: His candycane scythe is pretty awesome as well
  475. (08:18:43 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: It's brilliant
  476. (08:19:13 AM) Permafry_42: i did it and it wasn't that hard
  477. (08:19:15 AM) Syd: I hadn't noticed the texture on his robe before. I love it. :D
  478. (08:19:42 AM) SirSlade: Hawaiian shirts are the way to go.
  479. (08:19:50 AM) Cheeseness: He's got a lot of health for someone who looks like he's meant to be dead
  480. (08:19:53 AM) Power46: I didn't even notice the Hawaiian shirt either. Lots of little details, which is great.
  481. (08:20:04 AM) Cheeseness: Dark Hawaiian is the new black
  482. (08:20:18 AM) tashaCQ: we were like, " how are we gonna fit his whole body on screen? Oh, let's just have him coming out of a portal"
  483. (08:20:21 AM) Power46: Maybe the thought of Gameplay and Story Segregation.
  484. (08:21:20 AM) Power46: Someone is close to death, hardest boss fight of the game. Interesting phenomenon.
  485. (08:21:36 AM) frogg: Im too sleepy
  486. (08:21:40 AM) frogg: but have fun
  487. (08:21:43 AM) frogg: o/
  488. (08:21:45 AM) Cheeseness: Hey frogg
  489. (08:21:48 AM) Cheeseness: Sleep well
  490. (08:22:06 AM) tashaCQ: haha the amped up animation on Big Bones is funny
  491. (08:22:34 AM) Power46: Suddenly, extreme animation detail increase!
  492. (08:22:37 AM) Cheeseness: Victory
  493. (08:22:40 AM) yama: I saw the dance! :D
  494. (08:22:40 AM) Bronsky: LoL, yes it is
  495. (08:22:48 AM) Permafry_42: alright and thats the end of cq (besides dlc) =D
  496. (08:22:51 AM) Syd: Haha, all those bags of candy
  497. (08:23:02 AM) Cheeseness: We'll be coming back to do the DLC at the end of the year
  498. (08:23:04 AM) Permafry_42: thanks again for everyone that joined us!
  499. (08:23:26 AM) DF_Gabe: thanks, guys, for putting this together!
  500. (08:23:41 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: What's your favourite DF game (aside from Costume Quest)?
  501. (08:23:47 AM) Permafry_42: Yup and next time I was planning to play as reynold to change things up
  502. (08:23:50 AM) Power46: And so does the game end (except for the DLC, you can't forget the DLC) (Which is included in the PC version free of charge).
  503. (08:23:57 AM) tashaCQ: sitting on floor, trading candy
  504. (08:24:17 AM) tashaCQ: my favorite is probably Psychonauts
  505. (08:24:17 AM) Permafry_42: Yeah i love the dlc stuff
  506. (08:24:48 AM) Cheeseness: Yay!
  507. (08:24:51 AM) Cheeseness: What a fun game! :D
  508. (08:25:00 AM) Syd: Yay, pictures. :D
  509. (08:25:02 AM) Cheeseness: I love the photos
  510. (08:25:04 AM) flesk: I love the credits.
  511. (08:25:08 AM) Permafry_42: oh yeah i love all the kids costumes for the credits
  512. (08:25:11 AM) flesk: So awesome photos.
  513. (08:25:15 AM) tashaCQ: oh our old pics
  514. (08:25:16 AM) tashaCQ: yeah
  515. (08:25:19 AM) Power46: Psychonatus is amazing. One of my favorites, and I don't take the word "favorite" lightly.
  516. (08:25:22 AM) tashaCQ: I really wanted to do that!!
  517. (08:25:27 AM) GameClubFan_326253 left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  518. (08:25:36 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: If *you* could add anything to Costume Quest, what would it be?
  519. (08:26:05 AM) Permafry_42: I love the credits music
  520. (08:26:15 AM) DF_Gabe: i'd like to see the story wrap up from the DLC and maybe deepen combat a little more
  521. (08:26:24 AM) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: The Grubbins credis play on the end of the normal credits, I think, so we can save those for when we do Grubbins On Ice
  522. (08:26:25 AM) tashaCQ: +1
  523. (08:26:39 AM) Permafry_42: k
  524. (08:27:00 AM) Cheeseness: Did you work on The Cave at all, DF_Gabe?
  525. (08:27:17 AM) DF_Gabe: no. one of few games i didn't work on ;)
  526. (08:27:25 AM) Cheeseness: :D
  527. (08:27:31 AM) Cheeseness: What did you think of it as somebody who didn't work on it?
  528. (08:27:37 AM) tashaCQ: I worked on a Cave prototype. that was right before i left
  529. (08:27:42 AM) Syd: Thanks for joining us, everyone! :D
  530. (08:27:42 AM) DF_Gabe: i enjoyed it!
  531. (08:27:44 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Oh, neat
  532. (08:27:45 AM) yama: Yays! This game looked like so much fun. I need to get it installed already so I can play it myself.
  533. (08:28:01 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks so much for joining us, tashaCQ and DF_Gabe. You guys are always welcome to hang out with us
  534. (08:28:08 AM) DF_Gabe: some of the puzzles were really cool and it had some unexpected moments that I liked
  535. (08:28:08 AM) Cheeseness: And I hope we'll be able to get you back when we play the DLC :D
  536. (08:28:25 AM) tashaCQ: yes, hopefully!
  537. (08:28:28 AM) Permafry_42: @DF have you ever considered doing a christmass themed costume quest dlc?
  538. (08:28:28 AM) Cheeseness: I'm working on some fan art of The Cave that's been outstanding for months :(
  539. (08:28:39 AM) Power46: Christmas time for the DLC?
  540. (08:28:45 AM) Cheeseness: Power46: That's the plan
  541. (08:28:46 AM) DF_Gabe: fo sho. i was even more involved on grubbins, so i'd love to hear what you thought of it
  542. (08:28:51 AM) Cheeseness: Yay
  543. (08:28:52 AM) Power46: Permafry, isn't that what the DLC was?
  544. (08:29:07 AM) DF_Gabe: the grubbins dlc had some christmasy elements
  545. (08:29:15 AM) Permafry_42: it was wintery, but wasn't really christmasy IMO
  546. (08:29:23 AM) tashaCQ: we ended up making it more wintery than christmasy
  547. (08:29:35 AM) Permafry_42: then again my image of christmas is based on nightmare before christmas
  548. (08:29:38 AM) DF_Gabe: yeah, repugians don't know from xmas
  549. (08:30:26 AM) Permafry_42: what i always wanted to see was an elf and reindeer costume amoung others
  550. (08:30:29 AM) Power46: Ah, okay. It feels a bit like it was the Christmas DLC. Maybe it started as that, but made more wintery than Christmasy. I do not know.
  551. (08:30:31 AM) Bronsky: I'm of those kind of persons that hate xmas, so more wintery is ok :P
  552. (08:31:03 AM) Permafry_42: I love christmas, even though halloween is still my favourite holliday
  553. (08:31:20 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: If you worked on another game, what sort of game would you like it be?
  554. (08:31:28 AM) DoubleH left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  555. (08:31:36 AM) tashaCQ: yeah we've thought about doing other holidays but costumes go so well with halloween
  556. (08:31:49 AM) tashaCQ: maybe in the future tho!
  557. (08:31:51 AM) tashaCQ: haha
  558. (08:31:52 AM) DF_Gabe: yeah, most of hte mechanics are centered around halloween
  559. (08:32:17 AM) yama: Christmas CQ with going around and singing carols. ;)
  560. (08:32:20 AM) tashaCQ: well I love RPG's
  561. (08:32:43 AM) tashaCQ: so probably another RPG
  562. (08:32:46 AM) Permafry_42: yeah i really would love to see another rpg from df since its my favourite df game
  563. (08:32:56 AM) Power46: Costume Quest except with Christmas Caroling?
  564. (08:33:20 AM) Permafry_42: kids dress in costumes for christmas for christmas plays through
  565. (08:33:26 AM) Power46: yama beat me to it.
  566. (08:33:27 AM) Cheeseness: Would anybody like to see my The Cave fan art? (in the hopes that shaming myself by sharing a WIP will motivate me to finish it >_< )
  567. (08:33:35 AM) yama: Gingerbread man costume. :D
  568. (08:33:43 AM) Permafry_42: sure cheese!
  569. (08:33:57 AM) Power46: Sure, why not!
  570. (08:33:57 AM) Bronsky: show it to us!
  571. (08:34:02 AM) Permafry_42: every costume in Charlie brown christmas
  572. (08:34:13 AM) SirSlade: Yeah, show us Cheese!
  573. (08:34:27 AM) Cheeseness: Alrighty, let me upload it
  574. (08:34:29 AM) Permafry_42: besides jesus possibly since it might offend some people
  575. (08:34:48 AM) tashaCQ: hah
  576. (08:34:53 AM) yama: Yeah, you just get a sheep costume instead.
  577. (08:35:01 AM) tashaCQ: epic sheep
  578. (08:35:02 AM) Cheeseness: It was inspired by something that Ron said about the impact that the other leads on the project had on the game. That they fleshed out his vision and brought it character and substance that he hadn't envisaged at the moment
  579. (08:35:09 AM) Permafry_42: The angel costume =D
  580. (08:35:27 AM) Power46: Yeah, Christmas would be a bit tough to pull off with more of a religious subtext permiates though it.
  581. (08:35:29 AM) yama: Ooh, angels! :D
  582. (08:35:37 AM) tashaCQ: Angel & Devil were on my original huge costume list
  583. (08:35:39 AM) Cheeseness: My thought that was in exploring Ron's game idea, their journey reflected in some ways that of the characters, exploring themselves and their own creativity along the way
  584. (08:36:47 AM) Power46: There were some characters in the game wearing the devil costume, I believe. No Angels though.
  585. (08:36:58 AM) flesk: If you could set up some excuse for Wren and Reynold having moved to a Scandinavian country costumes would fit well with Christmas:
  586. (08:37:20 AM) Cheeseness:
  587. (08:37:23 AM) Cheeseness: There we go
  588. (08:37:50 AM) Power46: Awesome. It looks good so far.
  589. (08:37:50 AM) Permafry_42: Snowman costume could work, though the abomidible snowman is already a costume
  590. (08:38:00 AM) yama: That's actually pretty cool, Cheeseness.
  591. (08:38:04 AM) Cheeseness: Still has a ton of work left ;_;
  592. (08:38:14 AM) Bronsky: yep
  593. (08:38:18 AM) yama: I think I recognise the faces!
  594. (08:38:20 AM) flesk: Nice, Cheese. I've seen it before, but I think that was at an earlier stage.
  595. (08:38:21 AM) Cheeseness: I'd be sad if it wasn't as polished as my last piece of Double Fine fan art
  596. (08:38:23 AM) SirSlade: Looking good!
  597. (08:38:27 AM) DF_Gabe: i just found an old doc with CQ XBLA codes if anyone wants one...
  598. (08:38:31 AM) Permafry_42: oh wow that's great cheese
  599. (08:38:37 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks guys ^_^
  600. (08:38:44 AM) yama: Haha. All these documentaries and teamstreams and stuff makes it feel like I've been to the DF offices countless times.
  601. (08:38:47 AM) Permafry_42: I already have a pc and ps3 copy so I'm good
  602. (08:38:52 AM) Cheeseness: I had wanted to finish it before the end of July and give a print to Ron when I met him at PAX
  603. (08:39:04 AM) Cheeseness: But that didn't quite work out >_<
  604. (08:39:18 AM) Syd: I don't have a 360, and I've already got Costume Quest on the PC, so I'm good. :)
  605. (08:40:03 AM) yama: CQ is totally worth paying for, though. :D
  606. (08:40:04 AM) flesk: I kind of wish I'd had a 360, only for the 3D platformers on it.
  607. (08:40:14 AM) Cheeseness: tashaCQ: Are there any changes between The Cave's prototype and the finished game (if you've played it) that stand out to you?
  608. (08:40:24 AM) DF_Gabe: here's a spacebase code: RN6FN-6TEE5-8RAGQ
  609. (08:40:28 AM) Power46: I have Costume Quest on 360, PC, and the Humble Bundle, so I'm good too.
  610. (08:40:33 AM) DF_Gabe: (steam)
  611. (08:40:49 AM) Cheeseness: Oh gosh. I'd take that, but I'd really like to give some money for it, so I'll let somebody else grab it ^_^
  612. (08:40:53 AM) Cheeseness: (is that the opposite of piracy?)
  613. (08:41:01 AM) Power46: Thank you, Gabe. I took it.
  614. (08:41:04 AM) flesk: Me too, Cheese.
  615. (08:41:11 AM) DF_Gabe: np
  616. (08:41:15 AM) DF_Gabe: anyone else?
  617. (08:41:18 AM) flesk: Even if it's not exactly my kind of game.
  618. (08:41:19 AM) SirSlade: I already got one, but thanks Gabe!
  619. (08:41:19 AM) yama: Cheeseness, I just thought the same thing, too. ^^
  620. (08:41:40 AM) tashaCQ: The prototype was pretty close to the finished game, gameplay wise
  621. (08:41:42 AM) SirSlade: P.s. Is there a deadline to put your names in for the famous citizen level of naming someone and name in credits?
  622. (08:41:44 AM) Syd: I bought Spacebase the day it came out, so I'm already set
  623. (08:41:46 AM) DF_Gabe: we appreciate the sentiment!
  624. (08:41:58 AM) Permafry_42: Looks like someone already activated it
  625. (08:42:09 AM) Cheeseness: Permafry_42: Power46 yoinked it
  626. (08:42:10 AM) Bronsky: not me :/
  627. (08:42:18 AM) Bronsky: :P
  628. (08:42:20 AM) Power46: I did. And I thank you, once more.
  629. (08:42:21 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: You can /msg people directly if you want to hand stuff out to specific people
  630. (08:42:25 AM) DF_Gabe: we haven't said anything publicly on that, but i'm personally doing it for our alpha 2 update
  631. (08:42:27 AM) Permafry_42: I'd love a copy of the game since I've been running low on money every since ace attorney 5 came out
  632. (08:42:36 AM) Syd: Ooh, the Cartoon Art Museum is going to have a Sam & Max exhibit
  633. (08:42:55 AM) Permafry_42: really? sweet!
  634. (08:42:55 AM) flesk: You live close to SF, Syd?
  635. (08:42:56 AM) DF_Gabe: MRPBM-WWFPN-DBHY6
  636. (08:43:11 AM) flesk: That looks awesome, but way too far away for me.
  637. (08:43:14 AM) Syd: Nope, on the opposite side of the US. :P
  638. (08:43:18 AM) Syd: Still neat that it's happening, though
  639. (08:43:20 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: That's something I'd like to not miss out on (the naming thing). Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a high tier soon
  640. (08:43:27 AM) tashaCQ: all right guys I'm gonna take off. Thanks for organizing this and see ya later!
  641. (08:43:27 AM) flesk: Yeah, it sure is.
  642. (08:43:35 AM) DF_Gabe: it's not over then. we'll do more
  643. (08:43:38 AM) Cheeseness: Syd: Aww, I'd totally invite you on a road trip if I lived in the US
  644. (08:43:39 AM) SirSlade: Ooh, I didn't know about the cartoon art museum. I'll have to check it out when I'm in SF next
  645. (08:43:40 AM) Power46: See ya tashaCQ
  646. (08:43:48 AM) Cheeseness: Thanks again, tashaCQ! :D
  647. (08:43:49 AM) Syd: Bye, Tasha! Thanks for joining us!
  648. (08:43:51 AM) Permafry_42: awesome got the code =D thanks so much!
  649. (08:43:55 AM) SirSlade: Thanks tashaCQ
  650. (08:43:55 AM) Permafry_42: cya Tasha!
  651. (08:44:04 AM) DF_Gabe: thanks for playing our games!
  652. (08:44:05 AM) tashaCQ left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  653. (08:44:08 AM) Bronsky: cya Thasa
  654. (08:44:10 AM) Bronsky: agh
  655. (08:44:11 AM) Bronsky: :P
  656. (08:44:14 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: The pleasure is, of course, ours
  657. (08:44:16 AM) DF_Gabe: bye tash!
  658. (08:44:20 AM) Cheeseness: I'll get a chat log up soon
  659. (08:44:26 AM) Bronsky: it's always a pleasure, Gabe
  660. (08:44:32 AM) Cheeseness: And make a new thread for the next game we'll be playing: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  661. (08:44:50 AM) DF_Gabe: lemme know when you do grubbins. that's when i started getting more heavily into writing at DF, so that has a special place for me ;)
  662. (08:45:04 AM) flesk: Yeah, I don't think we'd be playing your games if we didn't like them.
  663. (08:45:20 AM) Cheeseness: DF_Gabe: I'll definitely get in touch and let you know
  664. (08:45:54 AM) DF_Gabe: sweet. here's one more spacebase code. if no one needs it, give it to someone who can't afford it: A5RQB-LDFAE-BDI49
  665. (08:45:55 AM) DF_Gabe: ;)
  666. (08:45:59 AM) DF_Gabe: talk to you guys later
  667. (08:46:06 AM) Syd: Bye Gabe!
  668. (08:46:07 AM) flesk: Nice talking to you, Gabe.
  669. (08:46:07 AM) yama: See you around, DF_Gabe!
  670. (08:46:09 AM) flesk: Bye.
  671. (08:46:10 AM) Power46: See ya DF_Gabe.
  672. (08:46:11 AM) SirSlade: Thanks DF_Gabe !
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