Sep 18th, 2012
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  1. [17:21:52] <~Plutonis> *Opens up book* Now where were we? Oh yes! It is the dawn of the ninth day, as our heroes are properly rested after beating the living crap out of the Chosokabe Pirates. And now that the new Koketsuna fleet is ready, as well as many other important facilities, it is now clear that the time for a counterattack is nigh! We start as the boats are being loaded of course...
  2. [17:22:36] * Hiramasa is busily snoozin' on one of the boats, with Dogan hovering over his face.
  3. [17:23:32] * Notchedachi is busily being a sword! A SHINY sword! ... Notched and probably covered with dried blood nobody bothered cleany but at least SHINY on the inside!
  4. [17:28:23] * Hiramasa eventually wakes up, yawns, and pats vaguely at Dogan before heading over to prod at the sword with his foot. "Hope you don't rust easy."
  5. [17:29:23] <~Plutonis> The winds flow around and the sails rustle, much like the jimmies of the sailors themselves! Even though you just defeated the Chosokabe, it was on land, and it's well known that their prowess comes from marine battles.
  6. [17:31:11] <Hiramasa> (Borrowed a move IC btw V:)
  7. [17:31:37] <Hiramasa> "Heads and other sharp bits up, look lively, there's a good crew. Pirates can strike at any minute, you know!"
  8. [17:32:55] <Notchedachi> SHING. "My sharp bits are ALWAYS up! It's impossible to sleep when you're cursed, you know!"
  9. [17:33:09] <Notchedachi> "But it's really easy to get bored."
  10. [17:35:28] <Kokoro> Kokoro's busy meditating with Pitterpatter, the quirky Kirlia that's actually a dude. Go figure. She's borrowing Confuse Ray for use some time in the next day, at the moment. Her idea of meditating is sitting around mumbling haikus, of course.
  11. [17:35:44] <Hiramasa> (oh right I guess I should say what I'm borrowing - Will o' Wisp)
  12. [17:35:54] <Hiramasa> (Let's give these pirates some St. Elmo's Fire!)
  13. [17:36:14] <Hiramasa> "Kokoro-chan, heads up, wouldn't want to miss the fun, after all."
  14. [17:37:20] * Hiramasa keeps a sharp eye out for PIRATES.
  15. [17:37:23] <~Plutonis> And such, the ships leave the port! While the wind appears to not favor your direction, the rowers appear to be able to take them forward, even if on a leisurely pace.
  16. [17:37:47] <Kokoro> Kokoro's head remains down, of course, as she replies: "Who is Koko Rochan?"
  17. [17:38:10] <Hiramasa> "Charming, charming."
  18. [17:39:36] <Kokoro> "Ah, that reminds me of a tale I've heard." She pauses.
  19. [17:41:45] <Hiramasa> "Haiku and the sea air so rarely go well together. It's more of a Chinese poem sort of environment, don't you think? 'East of Jieshi Mountain', and so forth."
  20. [17:45:03] <~Plutonis> Norio feels a stinging sensation. C-could it be... Rust? This environment really doesn't help with that kind of stuff!
  21. [17:47:57] <Kokoro> "Hum. Haiku best suit the forest. Humor me. Yet, this is my dim memory:
  22. [17:48:27] <Kokoro> Prince Charming, charming,
  23. [17:48:27] <Kokoro> Of his tale, the people sing,
  24. [17:48:27] <Kokoro> He tried to seduce many a lady,
  25. [17:48:27] <Kokoro> And when he failed, he only got angry.
  26. [17:48:27] <Kokoro> He disguised himself a woman,
  27. [17:48:27] <Kokoro> Sought to seduce all girls of the clan,
  28. [17:48:27] <Kokoro> He failed, for hidden behind his fan,
  29. [17:48:27] <Kokoro> Was the kingdom's fattest man."
  30. [17:48:33] <Notchedachi> "H-Hey!" SHING SHING SHING. It's really hard to move around on a boat when you're a sword!
  31. [17:49:06] <Hiramasa> "It's impolite to speak of the dead in such a way, Kokoro-chan."
  32. [17:49:25] <Hiramasa> "Didn't your father teach you better? And such words about your former daiymo!"
  33. [17:49:51] <Hiramasa> "How fortunate that our leader is not hear to hear such things."
  34. [17:49:57] <Kokoro> "I apologize. I solely sought to repeat the words of the story as accurately as I might."
  35. [17:50:16] <Hiramasa> "Of course, of course. Forgive me."
  36. [17:50:29] <Kokoro> "It is already forgoten."
  37. [17:51:45] <Hiramasa> "Still, I am sure there are people who would take that as quite the slight against a dead man. Do remember that."
  38. [17:51:45] * Notchedachi finally rolls over to the other two. "Of course I didn't teach her against that! That's one of MY favorite stories! GWAHAHA- oh, right."
  39. [17:52:59] <~Plutonis> (perception, y'all)
  40. [17:53:09] <Notchedachi> 1d20+1 what's that
  41. [17:53:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, what's that: 18 [1d20=17]
  42. [17:53:19] <Hiramasa> 1d20+6 mhm?
  43. [17:53:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, mhm?: 19 [1d20=13]
  44. [17:53:53] <Ken> 1d20 Incase I get to make it to
  45. [17:53:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, Incase I get to make it to: 20 [1d20=20]
  46. [17:54:03] <Notchedachi> "I don't WANT to interrupt lady-talk when I don't have to, but Ko-tan, could you help me out with cleaning a bit? It's starting to feel CHILLY out here."
  47. [17:55:07] <Hiramasa> "Ah yes, loyalty to one's lord and to one's family. Our society is built upon such cornerstones."
  48. [17:56:12] <Hiramasa> "Best tend to them, Kokoro-chan."
  49. [17:56:43] <Kokoro> "I cannot remember that, for the incident itself is wiped from my memory. Perhaps prematurely. Yet, it is done. Ah. Yes."
  50. [17:56:54] <Kokoro> 1d20+4
  51. [17:56:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Kokoro, 1d20+4: 13 [1d20=9]
  52. [17:58:08] <Kokoro> Kokoro takes the sword and wipes him down in a relatively bored manner.
  53. [17:58:11] <~Plutonis> Everyone but the myopic sword-daughter see in a distance an unknown vessel. It flies on a blue and golden flag that isn't the symbol of any Ransei Clan, and it appears to be damaged. They appear to be fleeing from... The Chosokabe pirates! Six of their ships! And worse, the blue-and-gold flaghship appears to be driven in the direction of a rocky cluster!
  54. [17:59:19] <Hiramasa> "Cut them off, men!"
  55. [17:59:26] <Notchedachi> "Anyway, it's important! I can't clean my swords when I don't have hands anymore! Eeeugh, now I know how they felt when I got lazy and- ... errh? What's that over there?"
  56. [17:59:27] <Hiramasa> "Put your backs into it!"
  57. [18:00:15] <Notchedachi> "AhahaHAHA! Screwing over the pirates, are we? Then let's get to it! ... Hopefully before I rust."
  58. [18:01:19] <Kokoro> "I tire of drills."
  59. [18:01:27] <~Plutonis> The foreigners lift up a hastily scribbed banner on your direction when they notice you. "Aidez-moi, s'il vous plait!" is written on it, even though you don't even KNOW the alphabet it's written in.
  60. [18:01:44] <Notchedachi> But you didn't say the flag was white!
  61. [18:02:17] <Hiramasa> "Attention to the Chosokabe pirates! Surrender or die in obscurity! Ahahahahaha!" Oh dear, Hiramasa's been taking his cues from the sword.
  62. [18:02:51] <Ken> "Hah! They don't even know how to write.... That's funny." Ken hops up from one of the lower decks. "So... we going for two birds, one stone here?"
  63. [18:03:48] <Hiramasa> "Only in the sense that we're saving some illiterates and making sure those pirates don't bother us again."
  64. [18:04:04] * Kokorororo ( has joined #SengokuPTA
  65. [18:04:44] <~Plutonis> "Qu'est ce que fuck?" You can hear the foreigners yell from their boats. They are really desperate at that point!
  66. [18:04:59] <Ken> "...Oh." He crosses his arms. "You sure? They might have stuff we could use. For free. And half the work is done at this point."
  67. [18:05:11] <Ken> "See? Can't even speak."
  68. [18:05:19] <~Plutonis> ( y'all)
  69. [18:05:24] <Notchedachi> "HA! Are those even words? Maybe they're invaders?"
  70. [18:05:29] <Hiramasa> "Ah, but the favor of the outside world can make the difference in many things, Ken'ichi."
  71. [18:05:35] <Notchedachi> "... But they're probably not pirates so that's something. TO ARMS!"
  72. [18:05:39] <Hiramasa> "We will save them for now, and see what their story is later."
  73. [18:06:10] <Ken> "Oh. Yes. See if we can get anything else. Slap 'em while they're down. I like it. Alright then. Battle time."
  74. [18:06:18] * Ken cracks his knuckles.
  75. [18:07:00] <Hiramasa> (are we allowed to switch mans for this combat)
  76. [18:07:53] <~Plutonis> (Yep! Check the available mon list! You still are restricted to the four basic squad types though)
  77. [18:08:37] * Hiramasa ( has left #SengokuPTA
  78. [18:08:38] * Hiramasa ( has joined #SengokuPTA
  79. [18:08:44] <Hiramasa> (where's the available mon list)
  80. [18:09:51] <~Plutonis> (botherer's doc in the topic)
  81. [18:11:08] <Hiramasa> (god I hate this thing, it slows my computer to a crawl)
  82. [18:11:48] <Hiramasa> (>tentacool >psychic/water)
  83. [18:12:16] <~Plutonis> (botherer forgot to add poison, yep)
  84. [18:12:38] <Hiramasa> (anyway going with oddish, let's see how this goes)
  85. [18:19:48] <~Plutonis> "Holy mackerel! It's the same bastards that beat up the captain last week! Boys, it seems we got big luck! We kill them and take the Gaijin's merch!" The pirates appear to be rrrrriled up!
  86. [18:21:34] <Hiramasa> "Please tell me this battle will be conducted with a minimum of fish puns."
  87. [18:22:20] <Ken> "You really think that'd tip the scales of battle?"
  88. [18:22:53] <Notchedachi> "Ha ha! Their sense of humor just needs to be tunad up a bit!"
  89. [18:23:11] <Ken> "Come on guys. Stop squidding around."
  90. [18:23:40] <Hiramasa> "The indignities I suffer to find my place in this world..."
  91. [18:24:10] <Kokoro> "What is a pun?"
  92. [18:24:35] <Ken> "Oh come on Hira. Don't be koi. I know you want to join in to."
  93. [18:24:37] <Notchedachi> "Don't make me fish up an explanation, Ko-tan!"
  94. [18:24:41] * Ken GRIN
  95. [18:26:33] * Kokorororo ( Quit (Quit: Bye)
  96. [18:27:52] <Kokoro> "Is there a particular reason that you cannot?"
  97. [18:28:21] <Ken> "Because it'd be a pain in the bass."
  98. [18:28:22] <Notchedachi> 1d2 bidoof magikarp
  99. [18:28:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, bidoof magikarp: 1 [1d2=1]
  100. [18:28:43] <Hiramasa> "...My opinion of the matter, as one in charge of matters spiritual, is that you all have been possessed by the spirit of the sea. The sooner we get to land, the better."
  101. [18:28:52] <Kokoro> "The bass is not a part of the human body, to my knowledge."
  102. [18:29:22] <Kokoro> "I do not believe that I have been possessed. I am in complete possession of my own mental faculties."
  103. [18:30:48] * Notchedachi CACKLES through this as usual.
  104. [18:31:11] <~Plutonis> "Kill 'em all!" "Zut alors!" The briny air is filled with screams, and the wind appears to be against you, and so are the numbers... But it looks like you'll have to take these odds. The winds of battle start to blow! 4*ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! FIGHT VS. CHOSOKABE PIRATES! WIN CONDITION: DEFEAT ALL ENEMIES. SPECIAL: RESCUE GAIJIN BOAT!*
  105. [18:31:28] <~Plutonis>
  106. [18:32:11] <~Plutonis> PLAYER TURNS!
  107. [18:32:53] <Hiramasa> oh I guess I should have waited for initiatve
  108. [18:32:54] <~Plutonis> The wind appear to be going blowing east! You are thrown to that direction one tile by the end of your turns!
  109. [18:33:08] <~Plutonis> (No initiative, go whenever you want)
  110. [18:33:41] <Hiramasa> "Our first priority is to rescue that ship!"
  111. [18:33:52] * Hiramasa moves, but is promptly blown backwards again.
  112. [18:34:15] <Notchedachi> "Our second priority is to cut up some pirates! GWAAAHAHAHA!"
  113. [18:34:20] * Notchedachi does the same.
  114. [18:34:51] <Kokoro> "What are the third, fourth, and fifth priorities? Furthermore, where does self-preservation appear in this list?"
  115. [18:34:54] <Notchedachi> "Wait, why ISN'T that our first priority?!"
  116. [18:35:22] <~Plutonis> The Gaijins go in your direction! Fortunately the headwind does go in their favour there!
  117. [18:36:25] <Notchedachi> "Oh, speaking of preservation! MEN! Someone wipe me down with that cloth over there, Ko-tan's too stubborn to do it again today!"
  118. [18:36:31] * Notchedachi grumblegrumbles.
  119. [18:36:50] <Hiramasa> "A father's life is full of troubles..."
  120. [18:37:05] <Hiramasa> "Worry not, sir. I will see to it that you are taken care of once we return to land."
  121. [18:37:52] <Kokoro> "The life of a sword is a narrow path... One must seize life by the hilt and cut away excess, remaining sharp and vigilant, hard like metal."
  122. [18:38:14] <~Plutonis> The pirates move as well, as they try to manuever in the strong winds blowing.
  123. [18:38:23] <Hiramasa> "And how can one cut if one rusts?"
  124. [18:38:31] <Hiramasa> "You should be supporting your father in his old age!"
  125. [18:39:00] <Notchedachi> "Haha! Don't worry, my mind is sharp as ever!"
  126. [18:39:03] <Notchedachi> "... I think!"
  127. [18:39:23] <Kokoro> "It is my understanding that the sword was forged more recently than I."
  128. [18:39:46] <Kokoro> "Or, at the least, completed."
  129. [18:40:33] <~Plutonis> PLAYER TURNS!
  130. [18:41:16] <Notchedachi> Wind still the same?
  131. [18:42:41] <~Plutonis> (Yes for this turn~)
  132. [18:42:42] * Notchedachi steers forward and turns to make a path for the gaijins, but WIND gets in the way.
  133. [18:42:58] <~Plutonis> (Check wind direction, it will change from time to time)
  134. [18:43:58] <~Plutonis> They move on Daichi's direction as well. PIRATE TURNS!
  135. [18:43:59] * Hiramasa maneuvers behind Ken, heading for the boat!
  136. [18:46:11] <Notchedachi> "MEN! Say something to them! Maybe they'll give us some weapons or something, eh? ... Then again if they're running from those WIMPY PIRATES they might not have weapons."
  137. [18:48:05] <~Plutonis> All the pirates advance as well. One of the boats manage even to ram into Kenichi's as their occupants board him!
  138. [18:48:30] <~Plutonis> 12d10+250 fighting/sword attacking Ken's ship!
  139. [18:48:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, fighting/sword attacking Ken's ship!: 321 [12d10=1,7,7,9,6,3,7,2,10,9,9,1]
  140. [18:49:27] <Ken> 25d10+500
  141. [18:49:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, 25d10+500: 639 [25d10=10,2,9,10,10,2,7,7,4,8,6,9,2,10,2,9,5,6,5,2,2,3,3,1,5]
  142. [18:52:18] <~Plutonis> The pirates suffer heavy losses though, guess their numbers aren't really that good when they are divided! Meanwhile, the wind starts to shift southward...
  143. [18:52:21] <~Plutonis> Player Turns!
  144. [18:52:57] <Ken> Uuugh! Spearmen
  145. [18:53:01] <Hiramasa> opening fire on the swrordsdudes
  146. [18:53:06] <Hiramasa> with ODDISH POWER
  147. [18:53:06] * Notchedachi does a FUCKING CRAZY STUNT then and steers forward then TUUUUUURNS to ride the wind, before sending dudes out to attack the spearmen!
  148. [18:53:14] <Hiramasa> which is neutrally effective
  149. [18:53:29] <Hiramasa> 21d10+450
  150. [18:53:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, 21d10+450: 566 [21d10=4,8,9,9,1,8,5,1,1,9,1,2,3,3,3,10,6,5,9,9,10]
  151. [18:53:59] <Hiramasa> *2 for being weapon triangle effective right
  152. [18:55:39] <~Plutonis> (should have rolled 21d10+900 :< okay then, adding those)
  153. [18:55:53] <~Plutonis> The pirate ship is sunk by the HAIL OF ARROWS!
  154. [18:55:54] <Notchedachi> (Oh, is THAT how you're supposed to do it?)
  155. [18:56:00] * Honoo ( has joined #SengokuPTA
  156. [18:56:01] <Hiramasa> (ohhh)
  157. [18:56:13] <Notchedachi> (Because that wouldn't actually double the dice so it wouldn't be double damage, right?)
  158. [18:56:30] <~Plutonis> (No, dice aren't part of the AP you goof)
  159. [18:56:32] * Hiramasa is blown southwards!
  160. [18:56:33] <Ken> "Bwhahaha! Nice going Hira!"
  161. [18:56:36] <Notchedachi> (oh, I see)
  162. [18:56:37] <~Plutonis> (The ap stat that is)
  163. [18:56:51] * Hitomi ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  164. [18:57:02] <~Plutonis> (Anyway, go on~)
  165. [18:57:08] <Notchedachi> 21d10+990 NORMALSWORDS versus spearmen then!
  166. [18:57:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, NORMALSWORDS versus spearmen then!: 1130 [21d10=7,9,3,9,10,10,7,6,7,5,3,10,8,3,9,10,1,6,7,2,8]
  167. [18:57:41] <Ken> (And the rest of my movement to stay there)
  168. [18:58:20] <~Plutonis> Spearmen are well... Anhilated!
  169. [18:58:35] <~Plutonis> (You get blown south anyway, ken)
  170. [18:58:47] <Notchedachi> "GWAHAHAHA! How dare you lowly scum stand before my blade... no, I don't like it. MEN, give me a better victory taunt!"
  171. [18:59:15] <Hiramasa> "Perhaps you should suggest that their home is the Sea Dragon's Palace now."
  172. [18:59:21] <Ken> (Well alright. I use my movement to move one square above where I am. And get blown south.)
  173. [18:59:34] <Hiramasa> "Are you familiar with that story, perhaps?"
  174. [18:59:52] <Notchedachi> (Kochan didn't move this turn I think)
  175. [19:00:20] <~Plutonis> The gaijin meanwhile, start to turn their ship left as some strange metal tubes emerge from the sides of the vessel... "Preparez!"
  176. [19:00:42] <~Plutonis> (Kokoro moved?)
  177. [19:00:53] <Notchedachi> (I don't THINK so)
  178. [19:04:42] <~Plutonis> Now for the pirates...
  179. [19:06:18] <~Plutonis> They move their ships in a defensive formation, as they are on a CLEAR disadvantage.
  180. [19:06:39] <~Plutonis> The wind continues to go southward... PLAYER TURNS!
  181. [19:06:48] <Ken> "Bwahaha! Pansies! The lot of 'em!"
  182. [19:07:23] <Hiramasa> "Yes, do take the fight to them and such."
  183. [19:08:05] * Notchedachi just moves south once, leting the ship blow down a little farther. "Let the winds carry us to victory! Then we'll smash 'em! GWAHAHA!"
  184. [19:11:22] <Kokoro> "Ah, victory lies in the South, I see?"
  185. [19:15:41] <~Plutonis> The pirates all let loose a collective ARRRR! as they now go on the offensive! (Movement +1, AP +20%!)
  186. [19:16:53] <~Plutonis> First! One boat lines itself a bit near Ken! The pirates inside it grab smaller versions of the metal tubes used in the gaijin cannon and let loose a volley of lead!
  187. [19:17:29] <Ken> "Bwhaha! Too scared to charge there- WHAT THE FU-"
  188. [19:17:38] <Notchedachi> "Men! Lookit that! They're CHEATING!"
  189. [19:18:02] <~Plutonis> 12d10+300-242 neutral due to water versus electric it seems.
  190. [19:18:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, neutral due to water versus electric it seems.: 124 [12d10=8,6,2,3,7,9,8,6,4,3,8,2]
  191. [19:19:34] <~Plutonis> Meanwhile two archer boats go in to shoot at Norio and Kokoro!
  192. [19:20:04] <~Plutonis> 12d10+600-210 at Norio
  193. [19:20:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, at Norio: 458 [12d10=10,1,10,2,10,5,8,5,7,2,5,3]
  194. [19:20:26] <Notchedachi> (oh, thanks for applying defense, that's convenient)
  195. [19:20:40] <~Plutonis> 12d10+75-150 at Kokoro lol wingull versus electric
  196. [19:20:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, at Kokoro lol wingull versus electric: -28 [12d10=3,3,5,1,1,4,3,10,3,8,5,1]
  197. [19:21:01] <Kokoro> holy god
  198. [19:21:12] <Kokoro> did they just heal me
  199. [19:21:15] <Hiramasa> aha
  200. [19:21:26] <~Plutonis> (also wait, the gun blast should have taken 424 it seems)
  201. [19:21:38] <~Plutonis> (you lost that much, pork. and no, no cure.)
  202. [19:22:13] <~Plutonis> They then get sent west due to the changing wind.
  203. [19:22:49] <~Plutonis> Player turns~
  204. [19:23:05] <Kokoro> Going for the gunner
  205. [19:23:44] <Hiramasa> I can't reach any more :C
  206. [19:23:53] <Hiramasa> unless I can get blown by the wind before I attack?
  207. [19:24:11] <~Plutonis> (wind applies only at the end of the turn)
  208. [19:24:17] <Hiramasa> shitcocks
  209. [19:24:29] <Kokoro> 15d10+300 fuck gunners
  210. [19:24:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Kokoro, fuck gunners: 390 [15d10=4,9,2,10,10,2,4,9,9,2,9,9,1,9,1]
  211. [19:24:37] <Hiramasa> I guess I'll go for SORDS
  212. [19:24:54] <~Plutonis> (should be +600 you zoof)
  213. [19:25:07] <~Plutonis> (and no elemental advantage, lotad is neutral against elec)
  214. [19:25:22] <Hiramasa> 21d10+900 woo weapon triangle
  215. [19:25:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, woo weapon triangle: 1008 [21d10=3,8,2,3,1,1,5,3,8,5,8,8,10,2,6,2,8,4,5,10,6]
  216. [19:27:54] <Ken> "Stick it to them! BWAHAHAHA!"
  217. [19:28:19] <Ken> 20d10+3208
  218. [19:28:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, 20d10+3208: 3330 [20d10=8,6,10,6,8,2,3,10,5,4,4,8,9,9,10,2,4,1,3,10]
  219. [19:28:23] <Ken> :3
  220. [19:28:30] <Notchedachi> (jesus h christ)
  221. [19:29:00] <~Plutonis> How your cavalry even returns to the boat after such a slaughter i don't even know.
  222. [19:29:07] <Notchedachi> "ALLLLLLRIGHT men! Don't let those bows scare you, because THE SWORD IS MIGHTIER THAN THE- wait, that's not how that goes!"
  223. [19:29:26] <Notchedachi> "Whatever, ATTAAAAAAACK!" MIND OF STEEL ACTIVATED!
  224. [19:30:12] <Notchedachi> 17d10+351 normaltype on these archers, bow weakness negated for a few turns I think
  225. [19:30:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, normaltype on these archers, bow weakness negated for a few turns I think: 457 [17d10=6,8,4,5,3,6,6,10,6,7,8,6,6,9,8,4,4]
  226. [19:30:58] <Notchedachi> Three. Three turns.
  227. [19:32:36] <~Plutonis> The gaijin ship lines up a bit behind Norio and sends support fire!
  228. [19:32:42] <~Plutonis> At the pirates of course.
  229. [19:32:57] <Notchedachi> "GWAAAAHAHAHA! I LIKE these guys!"
  230. [19:33:03] <~Plutonis> 7d10+75-94
  231. [19:33:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 7d10+75-94: 21 [7d10=6,4,6,9,10,2,3]
  232. [19:33:18] <Hiramasa> "Again, they are more useful alive than dead, even if they are foreigners."
  233. [19:33:19] <~Plutonis> ...It just sends too much smoke though.
  234. [19:33:33] <Hiramasa> "Perhaps they came to us seeking the wisdom of these lands."
  235. [19:34:02] <Notchedachi> "Or maybe they just wanted to shoot pirates!"
  236. [19:34:13] <~Plutonis> "Merde!" They scream from their boats, obviously angry at their failure. PIRATE TURNS
  237. [19:34:14] <Kokoro> "Everyone is a foreigner until you meet them."
  238. [19:34:27] <Kokoro> "Then you learn whether they are a foreigner or a resident."
  239. [19:35:15] <~Plutonis> Norio's ship is pelted with arrows and bullets!
  240. [19:35:33] <~Plutonis> 7d10+142-170 gun's brast
  241. [19:35:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, gun's brast: 20 [7d10=6,4,10,10,4,6,8]
  242. [19:35:40] <Hiramasa> "They don't even speak the language..."
  243. [19:35:46] <Notchedachi> "At least they have GUTS!"
  244. [19:36:18] <~Plutonis> 9d10+388-170 arrow'd
  245. [19:36:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, arrow'd: 272 [9d10=4,2,9,5,3,1,10,10,10]
  246. [19:36:50] <~Plutonis> The remaining swordsmen meanwhile try a desperation charge at Kokoro!
  247. [19:37:09] <~Plutonis> 3d10+156-150
  248. [19:37:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 3d10+156-150: 22 [3d10=3,3,10]
  249. [19:38:30] <Notchedachi> "Well they... oh, come on, men, don't do that! Someone stop them from bleeding all over the ship- no no, don't come over here, you'll get it on ME too, I'm ALREADY rusting! Go bandage that up? No no don't fall over right next tDAMNIT!"
  250. [19:39:48] <~Plutonis> Then they are thrown back by the wind. Player turns <3
  251. [19:40:57] <Hiramasa> fucking hell I'm not far enough again :I
  252. [19:41:07] <Hiramasa> Activating my ability then I guess
  253. [19:41:20] <Hiramasa> and cruising on over
  254. [19:42:08] <~Plutonis> (oh huh. forgot something, wait)
  255. [19:42:17] <~Plutonis> (Bard, roll Kokoro's counter :B)
  256. [19:42:35] <Notchedachi> (ha, that happens when you have ALL THE ARCHERS)
  257. [19:42:37] <Kokoro> OH RIGHT
  258. [19:43:02] <Kokoro> 15d10+296
  259. [19:43:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Kokoro, 15d10+296: 383 [15d10=8,6,4,9,1,2,4,10,4,9,8,7,3,9,3]
  260. [19:43:17] <~Plutonis> (rangeds can counter rangeds though, except the cannon due to friggin range 3)
  261. [19:43:46] <~Plutonis> (also ap is reduced by half :<)
  262. [19:43:56] <Ken> 20d10+1604 Archers
  263. [19:43:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, Archers: 1707 [20d10=1,9,8,7,4,10,10,5,1,7,1,6,6,3,4,5,3,8,2,3]
  264. [19:44:17] <~Plutonis> (so it's 383-148)
  265. [19:45:16] <~Plutonis> (Swordsmen get whupped thoholyshit)
  266. [19:45:51] <~Plutonis> Well there goes more archers. How you can make horses on a boat INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVE i don't know.
  267. [19:45:56] <Notchedachi> (we should be able to just like, take them prisoner when their unit has THAT FEW guys)
  268. [19:46:12] <~Plutonis> (that's mount and blade shit.)
  269. [19:46:24] <Notchedachi> (WHO WOULD MAKE A BLADE OUT OF A MOUNTAIN)
  270. [19:46:31] <~Plutonis> (anyway, anyone other than mister cavalry??)
  271. [19:46:36] <Notchedachi> (ANYWAY I'M CALLING NINJAING THESE GUNNERS)
  272. [19:47:16] <Notchedachi> "We may have lose some good men but we still have good swords! CHAAAAAAAR- ... I really need to work on these." Cough. "CHAAAAAAAAARGE!"
  273. [19:47:56] <Notchedachi> 15d10+298-71 @ gunners
  274. [19:47:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, @ gunners: 314 [15d10=2,9,6,9,8,6,2,6,1,6,10,7,10,2,3]
  275. [19:50:57] <~Plutonis> Gunners are battered but still going!
  276. [19:53:40] * Hiramasa breaks out of his meditation and fills the air with arrows (and razor leaves)!
  277. [19:53:49] <Hiramasa> 21d10+900 pew pew bitches
  278. [19:53:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, pew pew bitches: 1008 [21d10=3,5,5,10,3,2,2,2,4,10,4,7,7,4,8,7,1,4,10,5,5]
  279. [19:53:59] <Hiramasa> (holy shit that's exactly what I rolled last time)
  280. [19:54:15] <Hiramasa> (do I like get a shiny for that)
  281. [19:54:28] <Kokoro> 15d10+692
  282. [19:54:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Kokoro, 15d10+692: 795 [15d10=8,5,8,9,8,10,4,10,2,7,2,9,5,8,8]
  283. [19:55:15] <Hiramasa> (wait, I did 1000 + damage and it was only enough to knock off 100 some pirates?)
  284. [19:55:22] <Hiramasa> (oh never mind herp)
  285. [19:55:24] <Hiramasa> (last turn)
  286. [19:56:15] <Hiramasa> "And that, gentlemen, is how battles such as these are won."
  287. [19:56:23] <~Plutonis> And so, the last pirates are taken out! Cheers erupt from the surviving boats, except for Kokoro's after her ship is thrown into a pointy rock by the wind. Corpses of sailors who fell from it fill the already bloody sea.
  288. [19:56:35] <Notchedachi> "Ha! But it was a boring victory. Pirates sure are wimps."
  289. [19:56:40] <Ken> "bwhahaha! What's that? Two times now?"
  290. [19:56:44] <~Plutonis> She'll now have to live with those people dead because of her tactical choice.
  291. [19:56:50] <Notchedachi> You're awful.
  292. [19:56:55] <Hiramasa> "We have not seen a certain pirate yet, my metallic friend."
  293. [19:57:01] <Hiramasa> "The battle is won, but not the war."
  294. [19:57:16] <Kokoro> "Oh. There were rocks there. Such a windy day."
  295. [19:57:50] <Notchedachi> "Maybe! But we kicked her arse once, we can do it again, yeah? Nothin' to worry about!"
  296. [19:58:02] <Notchedachi> "Now someone come clean this blood off me, it feels really icky."
  297. [19:58:17] <Hiramasa> "Arrogance and defeat are not strangers to each other."
  298. [19:58:36] <Notchedachi> "LISTEN UP everyone! Treat your swords nicer than you have been, because they feel like crap when they get all bloody and can't clean themselves! Got it?"
  299. [19:58:59] <Hiramasa> "Please, for our sakes, mind your father, Kokoro-chan."
  300. [19:59:35] <~Plutonis> The gaijin ship hails you with a few shots at the rocks. It appears they want to talk to with you!
  301. [19:59:37] <Notchedachi> "It's like rolling around in mud only the mud feels like death and you get to watch guys die while you roll in it."
  302. [19:59:57] <Kokoro> "How curious."
  303. [19:59:58] <Hiramasa> "Here, allow me to handle this."
  304. [20:00:01] * Hiramasa smiiiiiiiles.
  305. [20:00:50] <~Plutonis> "Q'est zis queer?" Some of the foreign sailors mumble to each other while pointing at Hiramasa.
  306. [20:01:32] <Hiramasa> "Hel-lo and welcome to our country, proud seekers of knowledge from lands far away!"
  307. [20:01:41] <Notchedachi> "LEMME HANDLE IT!" The swordboat floats up close. "HEY, those metal poles did a good job back there! ... Kind of!"
  308. [20:01:46] * Hiramasa speaks VERY SLOWLY and E-NUN-CI-ATES
  309. [20:05:15] * Ryuu ( has joined #SengokuPTA
  310. [20:05:37] <~Plutonis> "Mon capitain, ze Rainseinaise vant to talk to yoo!" They yell at a man who appears to be checking some of the surviving gaijin sailors. After noticing that he heads over to Hiramasa's ship. Strangely enough, him and some of the sailors are very much unlike any other men you saw before. They are mostly brown or white-skinned, with reddish hair and green eyes. The captain himself is a burly
  311. [20:05:37] <~Plutonis> black man on incredibly elaborate clothes, and a sleek black top hat. He swings around a golden cane with Poliwag details. "Bonjour! Ve appreciate your help!" He says in heavily accented Ranseian.
  312. [20:06:40] <~Plutonis> "In behalf of ze great nation of Paixe, your help is thanked after your help defeeting zese pirates."
  313. [20:06:47] <Notchedachi> (goddamnit)
  314. [20:06:48] * Ken tries hard to conceal his amusement at the accent.
  315. [20:07:13] <Hiramasa> (I don't get it ;_; )
  316. [20:07:27] <Notchedachi> (Didn't you play in Turf, which took place IN Paixe?)
  317. [20:07:37] <Hiramasa> (...yes but I don't remember this dude)
  318. [20:07:48] <~Plutonis> (Well, that's 300 years before turf)
  319. [20:07:52] <Notchedachi> (well no duh, turf happened like twenty thousand y- oh 300)
  320. [20:07:55] <Notchedachi> (I was close!)
  321. [20:08:04] <Hiramasa> (okay I thought you were making a specific reference)
  322. [20:08:17] <Notchedachi> (no it's just paixe being pokéfrance)
  323. [20:08:56] <~Plutonis> (Also no more ooc talk)
  324. [20:09:32] <Notchedachi> (yeah there's an ooc channel for that)
  325. [20:09:35] <Kokoro> Kokoro muses aloud, "Are they humans?"
  326. [20:10:02] <Notchedachi> "They definitely look weird! ... Well, maybe not weirder than me."
  327. [20:10:14] <Hiramasa> "Yes, well uh." Hiramasa tries not to stare too hard. "I am sorry that you suffered such indignities at the hands of the Chosokabe pirates. I am Seikanji no Hiramasa, spiritual advisor for the Imagawa family." He bows, only slightly though. "We, too, have suffered at their hands."
  328. [20:10:21] <Hiramasa> "But now, as they say, the tides have turned!"
  329. [20:11:51] <Kokoro> "Their manner of speech is odd."
  330. [20:15:01] <~Plutonis> "Haw haw haw! It appears our cargo of spices have aroused their curiosity, non? Ve are nothing but humble traders... And diplomats as well. It has been only but a few years before people on our land ever heard of zese islands, and the wonders in zem." He picks up a small bag with a red powder on it. "Unlike ze blasted Gennisians and ze Imperial ones, Paixe still didn't found a... Reliable
  331. [20:15:02] <~Plutonis> trade partner in Ransei."
  332. [20:16:23] <~Plutonis> "Gennis sells to ze Oda, und ze Cimeris' dogs to Otomo and Môri... Not to mention ozher nations who found warlord partners as well"
  333. [20:16:26] <Hiramasa> "These are unfortunate times, indeed."
  334. [20:16:41] <Hiramasa> "...Wait, what is it that they sell?"
  335. [20:16:53] <Hiramasa> "Certainly not spices in a time like this."
  336. [20:18:21] <~Plutonis> "Oh." He points to the large metal tubes that shot quite helplessly before. "Oui, ve do 'ave a veapon zhat your country just started to appreciate. Ze Chosokabe, as you call them, appear to own a good amount, oui?"
  337. [20:22:11] <Hiramasa> "I see."
  338. [20:22:15] * Hiramasa frowns.
  339. [20:23:26] * Mikaela ( Quit (Quit: )
  340. [20:23:52] * Mikaela ( has joined #SengokuPTA
  341. [20:24:35] <Notchedachi> "HEYYYYY!" A sword shouts across the ocean somehow. "Hurry up and say we'll kill more pirates for 'em if they give us some of those! They look really nifty, you know!"
  342. [20:24:45] <~Plutonis> "Ve call zis one for example, a Musket." He picks up a thin steel rod and loads it for about twenty seconds. He then points at one of the masts and shoots as a cloud of black smoke fills the air!
  343. [20:25:06] <~Plutonis> The bullet passes through the mast and almost hits Nodachi from where he is!
  344. [20:25:20] <Notchedachi> "WHOAHAHAHA! I LIKE it!"
  345. [20:25:23] <Ken> "...I-..."
  346. [20:25:35] * Hiramasa flinches at the sound.
  347. [20:25:41] * Notchedachi HAS NO EARS
  348. [20:25:54] * Ken rubs his hands together. A grin cracks its way across his face.
  349. [20:26:25] <Hiramasa> (but then how do you smell?)
  350. [20:26:30] <Hiramasa> (oh wait wrong hoary old joke)
  351. [20:32:30] <~Plutonis> "Haw haw! Much better zhan arrows, no? And zhere are even larger and better ones, custom-made!" He guffaws for a bit. "Now, i zhink i even forgot to introduce myself... Captain Jean François de la Paixe." He extends his hand to Hiramasa.
  352. [20:34:41] * Hiramasa stares at his hand for a moment, utterly baffled, then holds out his hand as well, H-h-high five?
  353. [20:37:05] <~Plutonis> "..." He just clutches the mystic's girly hands and gives it a BIG SHAKE. "All right! Please, gather your friends here as vell! Ve 'ave much to talk, Monsieur Hiromosa!"
  354. [20:38:30] <Hiramasa> "All right."
  356. [20:40:10] <Hiramasa> "Perhaps we should talk on land? I don't mean to sound rude, but I don't think the sea is the best place to hold such a discussion - especially since the leader of the pirates is not accounted for."
  357. [20:40:31] * Hiramasa flexes his hand until he gets feeling back
  358. [20:42:29] <Kokoro> "Oh. There are pirates here?"
  359. [20:42:46] <Hiramasa> "Were."
  360. [20:42:49] <Hiramasa> "Still might be."
  361. [20:43:02] <Hiramasa> "At the juncture of the past and the future, however, there are none."
  362. [20:44:06] <~Plutonis> "Oh, but zhere are only rocks around? Zhere are only a port where we came in... Before we noticed it was owned by ze pirates! Hohoho!"
  363. [20:44:10] <Kokoro> "Curious. When do we return home?"
  364. [20:45:12] <Notchedachi> "Hey, why don't we take 'em to see the daimyo?" The sword flops in on a golden fish. ... What color is the fish? Fuck it I like the sound of 'golden fish.'
  365. [20:45:17] <Notchedachi> Or perhaps 'shining fish.'
  366. [20:45:24] <Notchedachi> Boom, boom boom boom boom, shining fish.
  367. [20:46:04] <Hiramasa> "The Daimyo...uh."
  368. [20:46:11] <Hiramasa> "I suppose that is a thing that could be done."
  369. [20:48:47] <~Plutonis> "Oh, vell... It can be done, although our ship is too wrecked to actually go a distance like zat. Can ve use an escort to shore, sil vous plait?"
  370. [20:49:54] <Hiramasa> "Of course."
  371. [20:50:00] <Hiramasa> "Men, you heard him!"
  372. [20:50:09] * Hiramasa pounds his shakujo on the deck.
  373. [20:52:50] <~Plutonis> The sailors scurry around as the boat is led to the dry docks in the coast! "Hoho! Ve are indeed lucky to-" GRUMBLE
  374. [20:53:26] <~Plutonis> The flagship starts to shake as SOMETHING appears to have just hit it from the underside!
  375. [20:53:47] <Hiramasa> "...And now, we have moved to the future, have we not?"
  376. [20:53:55] <Notchedachi> "It's a tentacruel! Get ready to make sashimi, men!"
  377. [20:55:02] <~Plutonis> Well that's almost right. Two large white tentacle emerges from the water and envelops the ships that Hiramasa and Nodachi are in!
  378. [20:55:18] * Hiramasa swats at it. :I
  379. [20:55:25] <Notchedachi> "Alright, Matsu, swing me!"
  380. [20:55:30] <Notchedachi> Flop flop.
  381. [20:55:34] <Notchedachi> "... Come on!"
  382. [20:55:39] <Notchedachi> "..... Please?"
  383. [20:56:02] <~Plutonis> It's as thick as a tree trunk. I'm sorry for using the word large. I meant GARGANTUAN.
  384. [20:57:24] <Kokoro> "Hm."
  385. [20:57:35] <Hiramasa> thonk, thonk.
  386. [20:57:41] <Kokoro> "I suspect that sushi tonight will be extraordinarily hearty."
  387. [20:58:39] <~Plutonis> Emerging from the water is an enormous rocky shell full of spikes. Two yellow eyes poke out of it, along with a terrifying beaked mouth and a multitude of white tentacles. "SkhrEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
  388. [20:59:08] * Hiramasa retains his composure during all this - by which I mean he only screams a little.
  389. [20:59:13] <Notchedachi> "I'm gettin' HONGRY- wait no I'm not, I can't even eat anymore. WHATEVER! ATTAAAAAACK!"
  390. [20:59:24] <Ken> "Sonofa!"
  391. [20:59:51] <Notchedachi> "Matsu, you can't fight worth a crap; go get Irori for me, wouldjya?"
  392. [21:00:20] <Kokoro> Kokoro simply stares at Hiramasa. What an unrefined display.
  393. [21:02:18] <~Plutonis> "Zut alors! Are Calamari zis big on your country?!"
  394. [21:02:39] <Notchedachi> "THEY ARE NOW!"
  395. [21:02:41] <Hiramasa> "Clearly."
  396. [21:05:31] <~Plutonis> (DEX/SPEEDS)
  397. [21:06:04] <Notchedachi> (12 (x2) and IRORI, SPEED 2)
  398. [21:06:19] <Notchedachi> (you can call him Kotatsu too if you want)
  399. [21:06:31] <Kokoro> Pitterpatter speed 12, Kokoro speed 12
  400. [21:06:49] <Ken> Dex: 21 Speed:17
  401. [21:08:36] <Hiramasa> dex 10 speed 12 Dogan
  402. [21:08:51] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Ken - Tentacle - Kokoro - Nodachi - Hiramasa - Tentacle || Ken's Pokémon | GIGAMASTAR | Dogan | Pitterpatter | Irori'
  403. [21:09:35] <~Plutonis> (Ken'ichi starts! Also since the motherfucker is that big, you can choose your targets :B)
  404. [21:10:19] <Ken> Lesse...
  405. [21:11:18] <Notchedachi> (... hmm, if I were to hypothetically use a pass, could I hit all of them?)
  406. [21:12:09] <Ken> 1d20
  407. [21:12:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  408. [21:12:15] <Ken> Hits
  409. [21:12:30] <~Plutonis> (No because they are THAT big.)
  410. [21:12:46] <~Plutonis> (and who you attacking?)
  411. [21:12:56] <~Plutonis> (Tentacle or Gigamastar?)
  412. [21:12:57] <Ken> (Fastest tenticle)
  413. [21:13:06] <Ken> (I'll save megakick for gigamaster)
  414. [21:13:07] <Notchedachi> (Okay, good, I would've regretted it if I used that- what about a column though?)
  415. [21:13:58] <~Plutonis> (Can hit a tentacle and main body)
  416. [21:14:15] <Notchedachi> (okay thank you)
  417. [21:14:33] <Ken> 4d10+16+5+5+4
  418. [21:14:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, 4d10+16+5+5+4: 54 [4d10=9,4,6,5]
  419. [21:15:09] <Ken> (Dis many damages.)
  420. [21:15:36] <~Plutonis> The tentacle is wounded, spilling black blood everywhere! It wraps around Ken and starts choking him!
  421. [21:15:38] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Wrap
  422. [21:15:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Wrap: 2 [1d20=2]
  423. [21:15:50] <Hiramasa> I don't actually think it does 3:
  424. [21:15:56] <~Plutonis> Or it doesn't, and he probably slips out.
  425. [21:16:09] <~Plutonis> (Ko/No/Hi~)
  426. [21:16:13] <Notchedachi> "THAT'S the spirit! Don't let it get you! Just SLICE IT INTO RIBBONS!"
  427. [21:16:29] <Notchedachi> 1d20 "... Like so!" (cut)
  428. [21:16:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, "... Like so!" (cut): 7 [1d20=7]
  429. [21:16:37] <Ken> "Bwhaha! Look at it! So big it can't even hit anything!"
  430. [21:16:37] <Notchedachi> ac3 on a tentacle
  431. [21:17:01] <Notchedachi> The... same tentacle ken hit actually
  432. [21:17:10] <Kokoro> Holding til end of round in case I need to counter. If I don't get attacked and spend my turn intercepting, then it's going into swords dance.
  433. [21:17:37] <~Plutonis> (Hits)
  434. [21:17:45] <Notchedachi> 2d8+6+5 shing
  435. [21:17:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, shing: 14 [2d8=1,2]
  436. [21:17:49] <~Plutonis> (Hirathen i guess)
  437. [21:18:03] <~Plutonis> The sword barely scratches it though.
  438. [21:18:07] <Notchedachi> ... Yeah that's nothing. The sword HOLDS THE OTHER TURN for now.
  439. [21:18:22] <Notchedachi> "Ko-tan, come get me! Fish can't wield swords very well!"
  440. [21:19:18] <Kokoro> "Very well. Do not swing too much or you might vanish into the aquatic depths."
  441. [21:19:37] * Hiramasa swings his staff as it erupts into blue flame!
  442. [21:19:44] <Hiramasa> 1d20 will o' wisp on GIGAMASTAR
  443. [21:19:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, will o' wisp on GIGAMASTAR: 8 [1d20=8]
  444. [21:19:52] <Hiramasa> that should hit, I believe
  445. [21:20:05] <Notchedachi> "Ahaha! I trust YOUR swordsmanship enough! ... Maybe not these guys', though."
  446. [21:20:10] * Notchedachi eyes his own men with... no eyes.
  447. [21:20:44] <~Plutonis> The creature screeches as it's scorched. One of the tentacles then grabs Hiramasa and wrings the life out of him.
  448. [21:20:46] <~Plutonis> 1d20 wring out
  449. [21:20:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, wring out: 10 [1d20=10]
  450. [21:21:04] <~Plutonis> 5d12+18+17
  451. [21:21:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 5d12+18+17: 74 [5d12=11,9,2,10,7]
  452. [21:21:10] <Hiramasa> "Grk."
  453. [21:21:29] <~Plutonis> Ken's pokémon that he didn't named, what a goof!
  454. [21:21:49] <Ken> Tricksty. The sneasel
  455. [21:22:08] <Ken> Sword dance
  456. [21:24:48] <~Plutonis> The Gigamastar shoots various spiked missiles at Nodachi meanwhile!
  457. [21:24:50] <~Plutonis> 5#1d20
  458. [21:24:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 5#1d20: 15 [1d20=15], 10 [1d20=10], 14 [1d20=14], 11 [1d20=11], 16 [1d20=16]
  459. [21:25:04] <~Plutonis> (oh wow)
  460. [21:25:12] <Notchedachi> (oh jesus, I know exactly what I'm doing then)
  461. [21:25:24] <~Plutonis> 5#1d6+20
  462. [21:25:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 5#1d6+20: 21 [1d6=1], 24 [1d6=4], 26 [1d6=6], 22 [1d6=2], 23 [1d6=3]
  463. [21:25:40] <Hiramasa> (probably being knocked the fuck out jesus christ)
  464. [21:25:42] <Notchedachi> "Don't worry about those techniques I taught you, I'LL do this!"
  465. [21:26:00] <Notchedachi> HGWT: WEAPONS MASTER + HGWT: MASTER'S AEGIS!
  466. [21:27:24] <Kokoro> I don't think you apply attack on every single hit separately for one target
  467. [21:27:47] <Hiramasa> Dogan fires off a confuse ray at GIGAMASTAR!
  468. [21:27:57] <~Plutonis> (Spike Cannon does actually)
  469. [21:28:21] <~Plutonis> The monster flails about, bumping into the ships. Maybe this wasn't a very good idea...
  470. [21:28:46] <Notchedachi> (that's fair, I feel awesome about surviving that with 5 hp, by the way since ooc isn't going to be in logs, everyone reading should know that)
  471. [21:29:01] <Notchedachi> "Hnnk! It's good! But not good ENOUGH, GWAHAHA!"
  472. [21:29:12] * Honoo ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  473. [21:29:15] * Honoo ( has joined #SengokuPTA
  474. [21:32:10] <Kokoro> "It's time for... The unspeakable haiku."
  475. [21:33:37] <Kokoro> "...Change of plan. Shadow Ball."
  476. [21:33:41] <Kokoro> 1d20 @ gigastar
  477. [21:33:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Kokoro, @ gigastar: 3 [1d20=3]
  478. [21:33:51] <Hiramasa> (and the curse continues)
  479. [21:33:55] <Notchedachi> (what a feel)
  481. [21:34:23] <~Plutonis> It bounces off the creature's shell.
  482. [21:34:28] <Notchedachi> THE CONFUSE RAY DOES?
  483. [21:34:45] <~Plutonis> The tentacles tangle at each other! In fact... They get too tangled. (TANGLED TENTACLES ACTIVATE)
  484. [21:34:53] <Notchedachi> (hahaha oh fuck)
  485. [21:34:58] <~Plutonis> (Ken's turn~)
  486. [21:35:03] <Notchedachi> (NO IT ISN'T)
  487. [21:35:09] <Notchedachi> (mine's still held, ko's is too I think)
  488. [21:35:24] <Ken> 1d20
  489. [21:35:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  490. [21:35:26] <Notchedachi> 1d20+1 AHEM, NOW FOR AN AC2 ARMS HIT- tentacle again
  491. [21:35:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, AHEM, NOW FOR AN AC2 ARMS HIT- tentacle again: 4 [1d20=3]
  492. [21:35:31] <~Plutonis> (You swords danced)
  493. [21:35:38] <Notchedachi> (no I didn't)
  494. [21:36:02] <~Plutonis> The tentacle wriggles around in its confusion, dodging the shit out of those two.
  495. [21:36:03] <Notchedachi> (I asked what the bonus would be because I was going to do it but didn't)
  496. [21:36:27] <~Plutonis> Holy crap look at those moves! He's jigglin' around like a champ. "Shrhehheeehooo~!"
  497. [21:36:46] <Notchedachi> "Irori, what DID YOU DO?"
  498. [21:38:07] <~Plutonis> The bleeding tentacle starts flipping the shit out!
  499. [21:38:12] <~Plutonis> 1d20 confucheck
  500. [21:38:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, confucheck: 19 [1d20=19]
  501. [21:38:22] <Kokoro> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  502. [21:38:24] <~Plutonis> And slams right on Ken's head.
  503. [21:38:27] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Slam
  504. [21:38:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Slam: 2 [1d20=2]
  505. [21:38:34] <Kokoro> MORE LIKE RIGHT NEXT TO HIS HEAD
  506. [21:38:37] <~Plutonis> Missing him by inches!
  507. [21:39:19] <Kokoro> Same deal as last time. Hold.
  508. [21:39:46] <Notchedachi> "Okay, hold me upright... good, like that! Now watch me gather POWER!"
  509. [21:39:54] <Notchedachi> HGWT: Kiai Focus!
  510. [21:39:56] <Notchedachi> FOCUS ENERGY!
  511. [21:40:25] <Kokoro> "I'd rather not."
  512. [21:40:45] <Notchedachi> "Oh, well I got the power anyway, just swing me until it dies!"
  513. [21:40:46] * Hiramasa collapses on the deck as Dogan's eyes glow!
  514. [21:40:49] <Notchedachi> 1d20+1 NOW FUCKING ARMS AGAIN
  515. [21:40:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, NOW FUCKING ARMS AGAIN: 9 [1d20=8]
  516. [21:41:00] <Notchedachi> TENTACLE AGAIN, DOESN'T CRIT THOUGH WHAT A SHAME
  517. [21:41:06] <~Plutonis> (At who-oh well, hits)
  518. [21:41:12] <~Plutonis> (which tentacle?)
  519. [21:41:22] <Notchedachi> (fast one, let's say)
  520. [21:41:34] <Notchedachi> 2d8+6+5+3+2 that's a lot of mods
  521. [21:41:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Notchedachi, that's a lot of mods: 26 [2d8=3,7]
  522. [21:42:17] <~Plutonis> The tentacle is cut off, it wriggles around a bit. Nodachi gets JIGGLIN' GIANT WHITE TENTACLE MATERIAL.
  523. [21:42:21] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Ken - Kokoro - Nodachi - Hiramasa - Tentacle || Ken's Pokémon | GIGAMASTAR | Dogan | Pitterpatter | Irori'
  524. [21:42:35] <Notchedachi> (FUCK YEAH)
  525. [21:42:52] <Hiramasa> (fuck yeah indeed)
  526. [21:43:03] <Notchedachi> "Men, stop cowering! Someone take this tentacle so we can have a feast tonight!"
  527. [21:43:08] <Notchedachi> "GWAAAAHAHAHAHA!"
  528. [21:43:25] <Kokoro> <([{fuck yeah outdeed)]}>
  529. [21:43:32] <~Plutonis> The other tentacle goes for revenge though, grabbing the sword and trying to break it in half.
  530. [21:43:37] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Constrict
  531. [21:43:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Constrict: 7 [1d20=7]
  532. [21:43:54] <~Plutonis> 1d6+18 damage
  533. [21:43:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, damage: 21 [1d6=3]
  534. [21:43:55] <Notchedachi> 5 HP LEFT, CAN IT DO IT?
  535. [21:43:57] <Notchedachi> YES IT DID
  536. [21:44:16] <Notchedachi> "I'll do it when I wake u-"
  537. [21:44:29] <Hiramasa> (nooooooo)
  538. [21:44:30] <~Plutonis> (Tricksty's turn~)
  539. [21:44:48] <Ken> Dynamic punch on motherbrain
  540. [21:45:17] <Ken> 1d20
  541. [21:45:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Ken, 1d20: 10 [1d20=10]
  542. [21:45:18] <Notchedachi> (wait a second, is it too late to try to intercept?)
  543. [21:45:28] <~Plutonis> (Yes)
  544. [21:45:41] <Notchedachi> (goddamnit)
  545. [21:46:03] <~Plutonis> Ken feels like he broke something! Oh wait, that's his hand's bones.
  546. [21:46:21] <Ken> (Tricksty*)
  547. [21:46:59] <~Plutonis> The Omastar shoots a gallon of water at Pitterpatter as it gets slightly singed.
  548. [21:47:22] <~Plutonis> Gallon? I meant Galleon. As in ship size. Oh yes, it probably hits Kokoro as well
  549. [21:47:28] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Hydro Pump~
  550. [21:47:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Hydro Pump~: 20 [1d20=20]
  551. [21:47:32] <Notchedachi> (gg)
  552. [21:47:34] <Notchedachi> (no re)
  553. [21:47:48] <Kokoro> hit me faggot
  554. [21:48:55] <~Plutonis> 10d12+36+8+22
  555. [21:48:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 10d12+36+8+22: 131 [10d12=3,5,10,4,12,7,6,4,7,7]
  556. [21:49:20] <Kokoro> Hold it, now
  557. [21:49:27] <~Plutonis> The creature mouth's open as it sucks down twice its size in water...
  558. [21:50:05] <~Plutonis> It then expels it at the ship where Kokoro is. The sheer impact destroys the damaged boat and most of the sailors inside it.
  559. [21:50:05] <Kokoro> Pitterpatter uses 1,1Ally Switch.
  560. [21:50:43] <Kokoro> Hm
  561. [21:50:47] <Kokoro> I might just take it
  562. [21:51:04] <Kokoro> I don't want to actually get a DST, but teleport has a pretty good chance of saving
  563. [21:51:41] <~Plutonis> Like a... Gear RAY, the water cutter slices the ship in two as it approaches the girl AND the malerlia!
  564. [21:54:57] <Kokoro> At the last minute, Kokoro disappears, and in her place is a Kirlia! A tiny kirlia before a massivenormous wave of water--Kokoro isn't heartless, so she shares the struggle, shielding her mon of some of the damage! It's still enough that the Kirlia faints, though.
  565. [21:55:11] <Kokoro> 1d20 Pitterpatter does have Destiny Bond, though.
  566. [21:55:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Kokoro, Pitterpatter does have Destiny Bond, though.: 5 [1d20=5]
  567. [21:55:15] <Kokoro> booo
  568. [21:55:48] <Kokoro> Repel!
  569. [21:56:04] <Kokoro> 130 damage comes back.
  570. [21:56:10] <Kokoro> Kokoro just bitchslaps a wave right back.
  571. [21:56:40] <~Plutonis> Some of the water hits the creature's eyes as it shrieks!
  572. [21:56:47] * Notchedachi also gets cleaned off when the wave washes over, how cool!
  573. [21:58:08] <Hiramasa> Dogan manages to get his frills on one of Hiramasa's empty pokeballs and hurls it!
  574. [21:58:46] <Hiramasa> 1d100-15 DICEMAID GUIDE MY HAND
  575. [21:58:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, DICEMAID GUIDE MY HAND: -14 [1d100=1]
  576. [21:58:50] <Kokoro> holy
  577. [21:59:11] <Notchedachi> (I hope you can hear my applause through the internet)
  578. [21:59:41] <~Plutonis> ...
  579. [22:00:14] <~Plutonis> Bloop. Bloop. Bloop. BLEEP! Hiramasa just caught the DEADLIEST CATCH!
  580. [22:01:07] <Ken> "...I-..."
  581. [22:01:11] <Ken> "...Did you just..."
  582. [22:01:20] * Ken blink.
  583. [22:01:28] <Hiramasa> Dogan frills his way back to Hiramasa, looking ridiculously smug.
  584. [22:02:15] <~Plutonis> "Zis is a curious vay to deal with it i must say." Says Captain Jean. "Indeed it is."
  585. [22:03:05] * Notchedachi reactivates. "WHAT A NAP!"
  586. [22:03:29] <Kokoro> "...Hm. Dinner has vanished."
  587. [22:03:50] <Notchedachi> "WHAT?! The tentacle's gone? Who took it?!"
  588. [22:04:00] * Notchedachi swings Kokoro's arms around threateningly.
  589. [22:04:28] <Ken> "Do you even eat?"
  590. [22:04:48] <Notchedachi> "No."
  591. [22:04:53] * Notchedachi sniff.
  592. [22:05:15] <~Plutonis> The tentacle is still there, although you might feel a bit guilty about cutting it off before it was captured.
  593. [22:05:22] * Hiramasa sits up, pats Dogan, and looks around, grinning. "What did I miss?"
  594. [22:05:34] <Notchedachi> Nope! No guilt at all.
  595. [22:05:46] <Notchedachi> "Oh, there it is! Well where's the REST of the thing? Did you all already eat it?"
  596. [22:07:03] <Hiramasa> "Hmmmm?"
  597. [22:14:22] <Hiramasa> "So, gentlemen, shall we continue affter that rather unpleasant interlude?"
  598. [22:15:04] <Notchedachi> "I feel cleaner'n I've ever been! Let's get home already!"
  599. [22:18:04] <Hiramasa> "I agree entirely."
  600. [22:18:05] <~Plutonis> "Oh, i concur... Ze stink of octopus is incredibly wretched, zut alors!" Jean waves a napkin in front of his face.
  601. [22:20:55] <~Plutonis> As you reach the coast, you find Yadoyama waiting for you guys in the port! He appears to be staring absented-mindly at the sea...
  602. [22:21:54] <Hiramasa> "Hello, Yadoyama-san. We were successful, I think, in any number of ways."
  603. [22:22:14] <Notchedachi> "We brought dinner!"
  604. [22:25:19] <~Plutonis> "Oh, you did? I hope it's something sweet!" He gives a big grin while patting Hiramasa.
  605. [22:26:20] <~Plutonis> "Any news of the battle? Word from the forward ships say that half of Shikoku island is ripe for the taking after a third of the Chosokabe fleet was sunk."
  606. [22:26:39] <Notchedachi> "Well what else would it be?! It's some big tentacle monster tentacle, but we're just gonna use the stringy parts. I could MAKE something from the rest, I'm feeling INSPIRED! .. Oh and we killed some more pirates, yeah."
  607. [22:28:00] <Hiramasa> "Just a third?"
  608. [22:28:17] <Hiramasa> "We shall have to proceed carefully then - wouldn't want to end up in an ambush."
  609. [22:28:59] <~Plutonis> "Oh, Hira, m'boy, they ARE the strongest navy power in Ransei. But with half ot their island occupied, mopping them off will be easier than you think." He continues to pat pat.
  610. [22:29:23] <~Plutonis> Now, it seems you brought... Foreigners with you?"
  611. [22:29:45] <Hiramasa> "Of a sort, yes." Hira winces as the pat pat ends up hitting his poor bruises.
  612. [22:30:36] * Celeste ( has joined #SengokuPTA
  613. [22:30:51] <Hiramasa> "We rescued them from the Chosokabe. They are, shall we say, quite thankful."
  614. [22:30:52] * Kokoro ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  615. [22:31:42] <Notchedachi> "And they have some weapons that make smoke and are the most unique thing I've seen in a LONG while! Just think if they could shoot swords with them!"
  616. [22:33:40] <~Plutonis> Captain Jean coughs at the mention of that. "Ahem... To be honest i don't think it's a good idea to talk about those yet."
  617. [22:34:46] <Hiramasa> "I agree entirely."
  618. [22:34:51] <Notchedachi> "I agree too!"
  619. [22:34:51] * Hiramasa looks unusually serious.
  620. [22:35:03] <Notchedachi> "... Oh."
  621. [22:35:20] <~Plutonis> "Our Guns are as good as any other, but our King explicitely forbade us from selling them to those we haven't reached treaties of alliance." Jean clutches his cane. "In order to prevent them from being used against us and vice versa."
  622. [22:35:33] <Hiramasa> "Reasonable."
  623. [22:35:43] <Notchedachi> "So they can't shoot swords?"
  624. [22:36:46] <~Plutonis> "Those would most likely ruin the barrel... Not to mention that there are bayonet parts for that." He points at a musket that has a long sword on the point of it.
  625. [22:37:38] <~Plutonis> "That being said, we are more than happy to install a trading post with...?" He turns to Hiramasa. "Who is Sir Horamisa an envoy of again?"
  626. [22:38:00] <Notchedachi> "Oh! I see! That IS an interesting way to make weapons," the sword nods by bobbing Ko-tan's arms up and down.
  627. [22:38:07] <Kokoro> "The trees."
  628. [22:40:09] <Hiramasa> "Koketsuna Atsuko, our daimyo. He is off dealing with administrative matters, I believe."
  629. [22:41:47] <~Plutonis> (Undead slaying)
  630. [22:42:23] <Hiramasa> (yes but administrative duties sounds so much better)
  631. [22:42:29] <Honoo> (Yes, administrative matters. Undead slaying. Graveyard reclaiming. Same difference.)
  632. [22:43:25] <~Plutonis> "Ah, ou. Well, ve shall stay in zis village for a while, we do have zome leftover cargo that wasn't taken by ze bloody Pirates, so you vill most likely be interested on it, oui?"
  633. [22:44:08] <Hiramasa> "Of course, of course."
  634. [22:45:56] <Notchedachi> "HA HA! Come feast with us, we can share stories! I have more stories about swords than I can even count! My wife used to always tell me I talked about swords so much that I'd turn into one, and look at me now! GWAHAHAHAHA!"
  635. [22:49:17] <~Plutonis> "Oh, of course! I shall share ze Paixian vine as thanks for saving our bacon!" Jean gives Hiramasa a BEARLY EMBRACE and drags him and the others for some boozing. Now, what will happen that our friends have just conqured their first territories? Will Jean and the Paixians prove worthy allies? What is Motochika planning to do now that she got her OWN bacon grilled? These answers shall only
  636. [22:49:17] <~Plutonis> be answered next week, wait until then, for there will be fanservice as well!
  637. [22:49:20] <~Plutonis> [/session]
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