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  1. SlowpokaTano the shiny galarian slowpoke likes to sleep inside a moonball and is brave natured with IV's 31/31/31/1/31/0.  Since she is very glutenous she loves eating all the berries that Rautha finds on their adventures.  Her breeder Rautha chose very slow physical oriented parents for optimal performance under trick room battles for a surprise belly drum sweep. By a happy accident SlowpokaTano also has minimal special attack points at level 50 (1 IV is the same stat value as zero IV at level 50) so she makes a great partner for steam engine Coalossal with her surf ability in doubles so as not to hurt her partner Coalossal too badly. SlowpokaTano would gladly eat an Adamant mint to hurt her partner with her surf even less for these kinds of battles.
  3. Adventures with SlowpokaTano:  SlowpokaTano the shiny galarian Slowpoke since hatching from her egg has become great friends with Dranakin the shiny Drampa.  They love to jump around berry trees in the wild area while Rautha rides her bike and eat whatever extra berries Rautha can find.  SlowpokaTano is very ticklish and will laugh till she cries whenever Dranakin the shiny Drampa uses the move tickle on her.  When Rautha isn't looking sometimes Slowpoka will belly drum so she can eat more berries faster and try to take Drobiwan's berries when he is asleep!
  5.  Dranakin has warned Slowpoka that there is a big meany poo shiny Duraludon named Durvage who tried to steal all their berries and curry.  Dranakin scared off Durvage with the help of a shiny charmander named Charsajj.  Durvage the shiny duraludon swore he would find his missing older brother who is an even bigger meany poo and come back to steal all the berries for themselves.  SlowpokaTano the shiny galarian slowpoke was scared to hear this story but she really loves her berries so together her and Dranakin started training, and Dranakin is helping her to learn to use her move Bellydrum so that together, if their enemies ever do come back, she will be ready to take them on and save Rautha's berry stash from the big meany poos!
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