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  1. P_O_GToday at 6:37 PM
  2. want to explain this?
  3. [09:40:34] ✪ LK steam:1100001150378d2 Gave User Mr. Bidness $150000
  5. using alt accounts to give yourself money is not allowed.
  6. mrbidnessToday at 7:12 PM
  7. thats not an alternate account
  8. thats my friend and he was investing into our business, i can give you his steam ID
  9. P_O_GToday at 7:13 PM
  10. with all of his money?
  11. mrbidnessToday at 7:14 PM
  12. Yes, I front him opium to help him get his money back. If it's an issue I understand and it won't happen again.
  13. But I assure you it is a real person.
  14. Am I good?
  15. Is your in game name vinny?
  16. P_O_GToday at 7:27 PM
  17. its just very sus because he joins for the first time yesterday spends less then 20 min in the city gives you all his money then disconnects.
  18. did you meet him in the city?
  19. and nope thats not my name in the city
  20. mrbidnessToday at 7:32 PM
  21. It's a friend of mine, I told him to come check out this city and give RP a chance he hopped on I told him  I was running a cartel and that I could use some money to help fund my operation. He said he would help me fund it but if he comes back to the city that he would want some of it back.
  22. If that's not okay, just let me know.
  23. P_O_GToday at 7:39 PM
  24. we may remove the 150k today or tomorrow but for now its fine. Ill let you know. Just dont spend the 150k
  25. mrbidnessToday at 7:39 PM
  26. I already bought a house in Paleto with it. That was the cartel operation I was talking about to hold all my opium
  27. So just let me know before hand what happens so I can figure something out
  28. I can give you the guys discord name if you want to talk to him
  29. P_O_GToday at 7:41 PM
  30. okay just continue with what your doing and ill let you know if we will take the 150k or not
  31. sure whats his discord?
  32. mrbidnessToday at 7:42 PM
  33. LK#2643
  34. Did I break any rules?
  35. P_O_GToday at 7:48 PM
  36. if your friend never plays again then yes, but im not going to ban you or anything. im going to talk with the other admins/owner and see what they think the best option is. worst case we reset your character but most likely we will just remove the 150k.
  37. is Myles#8644 your friend?
  38. mrbidnessToday at 7:49 PM
  39. Yeah hes also in our little cartel that we been Rping
  40. The money was strictly just to help fund the operation (buying a house) for us to use to put our drugs in and stuff.
  41. Including Lk to put his stuff in. I'm sure he will come back in the city.
  42. P_O_GToday at 7:52 PM
  43. yeah I understand that but if everyone told all their friends who dont normally play fiveM to join the server and give all there money that would be unfair to everyone and it would fuck the economy.  its gunna be almost impossible to RP with $1200.
  44. The main reason I asked you about it is because some ppl will make alt accounts to give themselves money
  45. mrbidnessToday at 7:53 PM
  46. Lol yeah I completely understand that. I won't let it happen again I assure you.
  47. Yeah I don't even know how to make an ALT account.
  48. I have really been enjoying the sever and I understand where you are coming from and I wouldn't exploit the system nor would appreciate if other people exploited it either.
  49. P_O_GToday at 7:56 PM
  50. yeah I gotchu. you have been honest with me so your not getting banned or anything
  51. mrbidnessToday at 7:56 PM
  52. I could give half back if it came down to it.
  53. P_O_GToday at 7:57 PM
  54. ill let you know tomorrow what the plan is, for not just continue with your rp
  55. mrbidnessToday at 7:57 PM
  56. Alright sounds good, just let me know what happens so we can fix it.
  57. mrbidnessToday at 8:09 PM
  58. Do we get better Queue times if I donate?
  59. P_O_GToday at 8:12 PM
  60. that would be against fiveM TOS so nope. you just get a tag on discord and you help keep the city growing
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