full-on homo rpgs

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  1. Chapter 3: Full-On Homo RPGs
  3. Last time we met our heroes they had gotten freed from TLC's massive member, which their buttholes appreciated. After taken repeated fuckings in the ass neither Trop nor Pblur could sit down again. Everytime they sat down the pain in their buttholes from getting savagely penetrated exploded. To prevent their buttholes from taking any more abuse they would went to the doctor's office to get a transplant. Once they got to the Smogon Hospital they noticed it was being run by the sassy Blarajan. Extremely turned on by the sight of the hairy Indian, Trop began to seduce the curry eating Blara in hopes to get his spicy penis inside of him. Even in pain the thought of Blarajan's penis inside of his butthole seemed to him like one of the best feelings a man could experience. The force of his raging Indian member alongside the burning sensation in his butthole would provide Trop with an orgasm 10000000000000 times the usual. Absolutely delighted at the thought, Trop decided it would be time to start the seduction. By taking his masamune and sticking it up Blarajan's butthole over by the sauna, Trop was copying the myths of old from his Full-On Homo RPGs that he had played. Always being the bottom bitch, Trop decided that this time he would take control. Trop sticks his Guatamalan penis inside the sassy Indian hunk and thrusts with the desires he has held back for many years. Astounded by Trop's size Blarajan decides to pay him back and gets on his knees. Being a master at giving men blowjobs, Blara quickly got to work on Trop's hard penis. Not afraid of going ass to mouth, Blara sucks all of his anal fluid from Trop's penis and swallows every drop of his sperm. From the background stands Pblu, one of TLC's finest victims. Watching in jealousy Pblur decides to whip out his member and starts jacking off. The sight of Trop having sex with Blarajan was too much for the boy to handle. Blarajan sees the desperate Pblur and helps him out by giving him the treatment of his mouth.
  4. Handling two cocks at one time, Blarajan gets both Pblur and Trop off at the same time. As if by destiny both Pblur and Trop jizz at the same time. Their jizz get into each other's mouth and they decide to finish the orgy by savoring every last drop of their cum.
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