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Letter from Negrin to Occupy Philly

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  3. October 11, 2011
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  7. Re: Public Safety Risks
  9. Dear Ms. Dodd:
  11. We write to request a meeting to discuss the various issues noted in this letter. As the birthplace of Free Speech, Philadelphia holds a special place in our Constitutional history. Occupy Philly has chosen Philadelphia as one of the cities to express solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protest. Per our ongoing conversations with various event organizers, the ACLU and attorneys representing Occupy Philly, we are all in agreement that this event can be conducted in a safe and organized way that does not impact public safety and allows Occupy Philly to forward its agenda while also allowing city residents to continue with their lives. Consistent with these principles, the first six (6) days have held true to those promises. The relationship between organizers and the city is being heralded as a national model on how to celebrate Free Speech in an effective manner.
  13. On the morning of October 10, 2011, a number of city officials took a tour of the facility as a follow up to a few complaints that we think can be easily solved with your help and support. We want to minimize any undue harm to the general public and to anyone who visits City Hall to participate in the protest.
  14. The City's intent is to establish the minimum requirements to safeguard the public's health, safety and welfare. Below are the Department of License and Inspections concerns noticed at the 10-10-11 inspection of the west side of City Hall. Please immediately address these risks so as to ensure public safety.
  16. 1. The removal of all combustibles close to the building. [All wood structures, pallets, platforms.] The requested amount of clearance from the building is approximately 20 feet.
  17. 2. The removal of all tents on any stairs, landings, walkways. [Removal of all papers, handouts, books, etc.] You can relocate them to tables and the stairs can remain safe and pedestrian friendly.
  18. 3. All tents and structures should be self supporting. [Not attached to any rails, trees, etc.]
  19. 4. The Tech Tent should have an additional covering as to not expose any of the electrical outlets, computers, phones, etc. to the elements that could trip the circuit and jeopardize your equipment or create a hazardous condition of mixing electricity with water.
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