Zard Analysis

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  1. Charizard is regularly not used over Ho-oh. Ho-oh has a stronger Ability and better stats, and it may seem like there's no reason to use Charizard. However, this is actually incorrect, as Charizard has one niche that stands out from Ho-oh and makes it viable.
  3. Set: Anti-Lead
  4. Move 1: Substitute
  5. Move 2: Sacred Fire
  6. Move 3: Thunderbolt / Volt Tackle
  7. Move 4: Tail Glow
  8. Item: Lum Berry
  9. Ability: Blaze
  10. EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe
  11. Nature: Timid
  13. Charizard's niche is that it is faster than Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza, which is actually a big deal. This allows it to be an effective anti-lead against them. Ho-oh, meanwhile, is outsped by Rayquaza and speed ties with Kyogre and Groudon. Band Rayquaza can smack it hard with an Aeroblast (though it is threatened by Will-o-Wisp) and Kyogre and Groudon can both easily abuse it with Water- and Rock-type moves.
  15. Substitute is definitely a required move. Lum Berry is common on leads, as fast Spore leads are powerful without interruption. As such, this Charizard does not carry a sleep-inducing move, because giving the opponent a free turn against it can be disastrous. Substitute is much better due to its niche of outspeeding the weather trio, who will probably use a moveset revolving around either Taunt or Baton Pass.
  17. Sacred Fire is Charizard's main STAB move. The 50% burn chance makes it worthwhile vs Rayquaza and especially Groudon as its power is boosted by the Sun, allowing it to OHKO Groudon at +2 after small chip. Behind a Substitute it will get a good chance to launch a Sacred Fire vs the opponent. This also works well vs Pokemon like Ninjask who are reliant on fast Spores, and it's also great against Slaking, since getting a burn off means chip making Belly Drum more risky or even canceling it and also making its Extreme Speeds weaker.
  18. Thunderbolt is a move used to hit Kyogre, which otherwise walls the fiery Pokemon. At +2, Thunderbolt 2HKOs. Volt Tackle can be used to OHKO after one Substitute, but beware of the recoil: Charizard can't afford a recovery move.
  20. Tail Glow is necessary, as otherwise Charizard's power is weak. After a Tail Glow, it can do huge damage to Groudon, maybe even OHKOing, and also consistently 2HKO Kyogre. Make sure to play wisely, because Charizard can't really sweep due to its Speed; several foes such as Lugia, Deoxys-Attack, Mewtwo, and Lati@s can easily stop Charizard due to their higher Speed.
  22. Lum Berry is used to stop fast Spores from connecting as Charizard sets up a Substitute. A Timid nature is used to outspeed positive Speed natured Groudon Kyogre, and Rayquaza.
  24. Tomorrow, Blastoise!
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