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  1. Special Ammunition/Upgrades by book
  2. Black Crusade Core Rulebook
  3. Stalker Rounds (Rare)
  5. Deathwatch Core Rulebook
  6. Dragonfire Rounds (Extremely Rare)
  7. Implosion Rounds (Extremely Rare)
  8. Kraken Rounds (Very Rare)
  9. Hellfire Rounds (N/A, they do not exist yet)
  10. Witchbolts (Very Rare)
  12. Deathwatch Rites of Battle
  13. Breaching Rounds (Rare) (Note: Shotgun Ammo Only)
  14. Ignis Rounds (Rare) (Note: Autogun/Auto Pistol/Shotgun ammo)
  15. Penetrator Rounds (Rare) (Note: Autogun/Auto Pistol/Shotgun ammo)
  16. Shredder Rounds (Rare) (Note: Shotgun Ammo Only)
  17. Slug Rounds (Rare) (Note: Shotgun Ammo Only)
  19. Deathwatch Outer Reach
  20. Singularity Rounds (Near Unique) Pg. 37
  22. Dark Heresy Ascension
  23. Psybolts (Extremely Rare)
  25. Rogue Trader Core
  26. Tempest Shells (Near Unique/Extremely Rare when able to receive Dark Mechanicus support aka Chargen Extremely Rare)
  28. Rogue Trader Into the Storm
  29. Acid Shells (Very Rare)
  30. Airtorch Canister (Very Rare)
  31. Microburst Flask (Very Rare)
  32. Organgrinder Rounds (Extremely Rare)
  33. Snare Shells (Rare)
  34. Toxic Shot (Scarce)
  35. Tracer Shells (Average)
  36. Void Rounds (Rare)
  38. Only War
  39. Inferno Shell (Rare)
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