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Apr 21st, 2014
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  1. [b][center][size=150]The American Knights April 21st 2013 ~ April 21st 2014[/size][/center][/b]
  2. [spoiler][center][img][/img][/center]
  3. A mainly social AoS clan, the American Knights are all about having fun and playing with friends. Currently we have a team in the official B&S League, but we still play clan matches and do other events as well. We also hold clan matches from time to time. The American Knights' main goal is to give a community to anyone who fits the requirements but does not want to deal with some of the issues that can come with being in a competitive clan. We also strive to provide our members with a mature and unique setting where anyone is welcome to join.[/spoiler]
  5. [b][size=150]Meetings(practices),Matches, and Mumble:[/size][/b]
  6. [spoiler]Meetings are an event where members get together on the mumble and join a server. During a meeting players work together to achieve the goal of that particular meeting while also discussing the future and present of the clan. Practices are held every few weeks or so around 5PM EST. We also have league and clan matches a few times a week. Mumble is required for all events but you do not need a mic. There is a guide [url=]here[/url] if you do not know how to use it. In matches Warlords are picked first to be in matches and then the rest of the members.[/spoiler]
  8. [b][size=150]Chivalry:[/size] [/b] The rules of the American Knights
  9. [spoiler]1) Members will be respectful to others
  10. 2) Members will not cause or start fights
  11. 3) Members will not hack
  12. 4) Members will not join other clans while part of the American knights
  13. 5) Members will always speak English when with other members[/spoiler]
  15. [b][size=150]Signature: [/size][/b] An image you can put in your sig that links to this thread. It helps advertise and spread the world of the clan(Image is not centered by default but can be changed if you wish).
  16. [spoiler][center][url=][img][/img][/url][/center]
  17. [code][url=][img][/img][/url][/code][/spoiler]
  19. [b][size=150]Recruitment:[/size][/b]
  20. [spoiler]If you are interested in joining you have a few options. First fill out this application. Now you can ether post it in this thread or by PMing it to Jdrew. Remember to reapply in a week if you get denied and don't give up if you get denied the first time. Here is the application:
  21. [code]player name:
  22. timezone:
  23. do you have a mic:
  24. how active can you be:
  25. play style:
  26. why you want to join:
  27. [/code]
  28. A good application:
  29. [quote="H@nkthet@nk"]player name: H@nktheT@nk
  30. timezone: American Central
  31. do you have a mic: No
  32. how active can you be: This depends heavily on what my work load is like. I am a college student currently and it can get hectic sometimes which means I wont have hours to devote to this. I would guess about maybe 3 hours a week, depending on what else goes on in my life
  33. play style: Well it depends on what you want me to do, I can dig trenches, build, tunnel, snipe, shotgun... I do what ever the situation calls for and then some.
  34. why you want to join: If your outfit is legitimate it would be nice to have some competent wing men to help me from time to time[/quote]
  36. The American Knights only accept members in the following timezones due to time conflicts, you don't have to be American just have to be in the timezone. We also require that you use mumble, you do not need a mic but you do need to be on it and listening during matches and all events.
  37. [code]GMT -8
  38. GMT -7
  39. GMT -6
  40. GMT -5
  41. GMT -4[/code][/spoiler]
  43. [b][size=150]American Knights member list:[/size][/b]
  44. [spoiler][b]Leaders[/b]
  45. Jdrew
  47. [b]Admins & Moderators[/b]
  48. Gingerninjaperson
  49. Howdydo11
  50. scrawl
  52. [b]Members[/b]
  53. Celtic_Fiddler
  54. Dead_Spy
  55. Deleterious
  56. H@nkthet@nk
  57. Helljumpr
  58. NinjaMafia3
  59. ProBoy
  60. Thorean
  61. ZEB 99
  63. [b]Inactive[/b]
  64. [i]none[/i][/spoiler]
  67. [u]Total members:[/u] [i]13[/i] members
  69. [spoiler][b]Communication platforms:[/b]
  70. website:
  71. forums:
  72. server: aos://3933974341:32887:0.75
  73. steam group:[/spoiler]
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