Transformation Plate TG

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  1. I ran my fingers along the leather steering wheel, waiting for the employee to finish putting my new license plate in place. After some time, the employee knocked on my window and gestured for me to roll down the window. “Alright, William, you are all set to go.” I nodded and pulled a twenty dollar bill out of my pocket, handing it to the employee, telling him to keep the change.
  3. I backed out of the parking lot and started driving off down the road, turning on the music to a country station. It wasn’t my favorite genre, but I didn’t mind listening to it, plus I was too focused on the road to search through stations right now.
  5. My home was an hour away and across the state border, so I was glad that I was in a new, comfortable car on the way back. About fifteen minutes into my drive, I felt a cold sensation on my legs along with a new feeling around my feet. At the next stoplight, I looked down at my legs and cocked my head at the jeans ripped midway up my thighs and the leather boots around my feet and half of my calves. I shrugged it off, thinking of it as normal.
  7. My vision of the road was suddenly blocked by my long, blonde hair. Before the light turned green, I quickly flicked my hair out of my eyes and sighed in relief to find that the light was still red. For some reason, I looked out the window at the car next to me and saw a group of five college boys staring at me. I rolled down my window and glared at them, hoping that they would stop staring at me. After finding that they weren’t going to turn away, I snapped at them, “Stop staring at me you dumb homosexuals!”
  9. The boys chuckled as I rolled the window back up, stepping on the gas as soon as the light turned green. I found the boys were just following me, so I took a few sharp turns, losing the boys, but also getting lost in the process. I didn’t think I had gone that far in that short of time, but apparently I had.
  11. While I searched for the highway, I only seemed to get more and more lost, finding myself in the country, nothing for miles. That wasn’t my only problem though. My whole body was starting to itch and I thought that I was having an allergic reaction to who knows what. I pulled off to the side and started frantically scratching my body. Little did I know that I was scratching all the body hair off of myself.
  13. The itches subsided, but at the cost of my body hair. Before I got back on the road, I had to adjust the seat slightly as I noticed that the car seem to have gotten bigger, while it was actually me who had shrunk. As adjusted the mirrors, I also noticed that my body seemed off, but as I needed to get home, so I ignored it and drove back onto the road.
  15. As I drove, I felt my jeans getting tighter, even though it was just my hips widening, followed by my hind expanding. This then cause me to feel some uncomfortable pressure on my crotch, and I moved my hand down there to try to fix the problem. I succeeded, at the cost my manhood, now causing me to sit in womanhood. I didn’t know that though, so I continued on my way to finding the highway. Finally, after half an hour of searching, I was back on the highway and speeding my way back home.
  17. Once again, I started feeling cool breezes on my body and I had to pull off to the side to see what was going on again. I looked down and found a plaid crop top shirt replacing my old t-shirt. This time, I noticed something odd, but I couldn’t seem to place my finger on what it was. After rubbing my thinned down abdomen a bit, because it was aching, I looked at the time, gasping that it would be night soon. So, I broke the speed limit, swerving past drivers.
  19. The sky was turning pink soon after and I was worried that I wouldn’t get back to my house by night. I was a horrible night driver, and I was scared that I would get into a crash if I was out too late. I thought that if worse came to worse, I could act like my car broke down and I could get a ride home from someone. The fact that I was actually considering it just so I could get in a car with cute boy didn’t bother me, but felt normal.
  21. Night did arrive before I got back home and I was forced to go to plan B. As I pulled my purse next to me and grabbed some lipstick and eyeliner it, starting to apply it, my breasts started to push against my new shirt. They swelled to an enormous size, which I was glad that they were, considering every female in my family had large melons.
  23. As I got out of the car with my purse, some more changes occurred, including my facial features feminizing and my height and proportions slimming down. I felt a cowgirl hat form atop my head and fit snuggly into place.
  25. Once I was stopped at the ground, my large breasts jiggled because of the lack of support from a bra. I crawled onto the roof of my car and sat down, holding out my thumb and hoping someone would see me. Almost immediately, a college boy drove up and parked beside my car, getting out. “Miss, are you stranded out here?”
  27. I jumped off the car, once again, my boobs bouncing, and causing the boy to look down to my chest. Slowly, I walked over to him and tilted his head up to my eyes. “Eyes up, sweet thing,” my voice was much more feminine and country. “Yeah, my car broke down and I really need to get back to the farm.”
  29. The boy smirked and chuckled, walking me to the driver’s seat and lying a hand on one of my breasts for a moment before getting in. “Come on, girl, get in. I know this trick and I would be glad to drive you home. So long as you repay me.”
  31. I rolled my eyes and hopped into the passenger side, sticking my feet up onto the dashboard and nodding, agreeing that I would repay him. “By the way, my name is Waverly.”
  33. “Scott,” he replied, turning on the ignition and driving off. “And just to let you know, I love your license plate.” He smirked to me and I winked to him.
  35. “So, is it true?” Scott snickered and nodded as he turned the music up louder. I didn’t know, nor would I ever know that the employee back at the car dealership had purposely placed an enchanted license plate that said “BIGTITS” on the back of my car.
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