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  14. File: 1372893306733.gif (3.65 MB, 364x244, WhitePride.gif)
  16. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 19:15:07 No.1148135
  17. So robots, I'll be going to University in a few months, when ever I hear anyone talk about it they always say how it was the best time of their life and they drunk so much and went out all the time. But that just isn't me, and I'm guessing that isn't a lot of you as well. So I want to know what I'm in for as a robot. What are your experiences at University? Good and bad.
  19. University stories general.
  21. Anonymous!!LVyyLJ1KVU 07/03/13 (Wed) 19:41:55 No.1148147
  22. Just stick with the other robots. When I was filling out the papers to live in the dorms I applied to live in the "engineering community" or something like that. Everybody pretty much just sat at their computers every day with their doors open and over the year we had lots of fun. You never even had to go anywhere alone if you didn't want to because if you asked around someone (or a group of people) would always want to go where you're going too (food, activities, walking around). There was lots of vidya and sci-fi movies. There was even a "study room" with a locking door where you could go and jerk off. Every time I think about it I want to go back, but know it just would not be the same.
  24. Protip: If you live on campus and have a hard time finding a place to fap, head to the upper floor bathrooms of libraries during off-peak hours.
  26. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 19:53:28 No.1148151>>1148173
  28. File: 1372895608687.jpg (110.71 KB, 500x375, 1, 2, 3 izzle baby.jpg)
  29. Well in my experience, making friends was easy-er than I thought.
  30. There are so many people at Uni, so many interests.
  31. I go to a party school, and it's pretty damn outgoing, but yet there are still people who just sit in all day and do nothing.
  32. You just have to find those people, or your new friends can do nothing with you, then you go out with them one night.
  35. Going out really isn't bad. No one cares about you and your assbergs when you're at a party. No one will remember your face, it's dark.
  37. Just try and practice your social skills, use single-serving friends, it might pay back in the long-run.
  39. Here's a short grayble about one guy I met.
  41. >Go out looking for parties with 2 friends
  42. >Not finding shit, not getting into shit, should have brought girls along
  43. >Small talk at a bus stop, make fun of overly drunk girls
  44. >Dude stands near us, cracks a joke
  45. >asks what year we were, majors, etc.
  46. >Says "y'all are pretty damn chill, you want some whiskey?"
  47. >Passes me a small bottle of Jack, take a swig, say thanks.
  48. >Don't see him for months
  49. >see him at another party, says I look familiar
  50. >tell him where he knows me, turns out he's in the same major I am in.
  51. >gets all excited and keeps handing me his personal liquor
  53. You meet random cool people all the time, and can hear all sorts of stories.
  55. Blazer!2VCyAsN/1I 07/03/13 (Wed) 20:42:34 No.1148173
  56. Dat gif
  58. If your used to doing nothing, and not putting in any effort you'll get dicked on
  59. This is true for friends too. You dont have to be friends with anyone at uni, so if you want friends you have to put in the effort, unlike highschool where a 6 hours a day makes you friends with those people.
  61. My uni life had a lot of ups and down, usually being the center of attention and liking my classes at the start and then hating it all and not talking to people enough to become mates.
  63. >>1148151
  64. >posts stories about meeting dudes
  65. Well fucking done brah.
  67. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 20:51:13 No.1148176
  68. Just drink when things happen. Like if your roommate(s) day they are going somewhere and invite you along drink then. Don't make it a social crutch. The best thing ypu can do is use it as a way to train your social skills. Force yourself to talk to people. Everyone there that is your age is trying to "find themselves." You can talk to anyone because they are trying to learn social skills just like you.
  70. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 20:51:27 No.1148177>>1148183
  71. I don't really have a story, and I dropped out of university (for the better I would argue, but that's not the point) but here's one tip that I will offer you:
  72. Do not feel the need to be a social butterfly. I know that it's real exciting because there's lots of new faces and everybody is probably having fun, but don't try to make friends with everybody. Little to none of the relationships will stick. And believe you me, it is not fun to have to see those people that you "made friends" with at the party that you don't really want to talk to anymore at the dining hall or whatever.
  74. Also, meal plans are a socialist scam. The food is shit
  76. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 20:57:45 No.1148182
  77. Everything you hear about University is either a) bullshit b) stories from dropouts.
  79. What's University like? Studies, academic clubs, internships, and work. That's going to be University if you 1) are majoring in something useful 2) intend to get a good job when you're out 3) network with the correct people (department heads, other hard working students).
  81. Of course you'll procrastinate on the *Chon or vidya and what-not. Maybe get into a party or two. But for the most part you'll be stressed as fuck. This is the reality of University.
  83. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 20:59:25 No.1148183>>1148187>>1148212
  84. >>1148177
  85. Dropping out of University is good idea for some of us. I dropped out for a while, worked and got my shit straight, went back with a new frame of mind. Dropping out was the best decision I made in years.
  87. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 21:11:16 No.1148187
  88. >>1148183
  89. Eh, I just don't really believe in what's going on here. There are many reasons I guess I could name but above all, I just don't think I would be happy with my decision to get a degree in the long run.
  90. When I was going, though (music major, don't laugh I've already kicked myself enough), I was definitely not ready for a commitment like university. Someone like me or how I was, being in an institution away from home. Be careful with drugs:
  92. >frosh week
  93. >hang out with people from my floor
  94. >we all go party hopping
  95. >friend sells me 6 adderall
  96. >take them all at once
  97. >separate from friends
  98. >smoke a joint as it hits me
  99. >almost die
  100. >friend thought i was going to die
  101. >yolo
  103. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 21:11:36 No.1148188
  104. Learn how to save your intellectual side for the right audience. Build a "say what people want to hear" side for random normal people. Those random norms could introduce you to someone you actually bond with.
  106. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 21:18:25 No.1148191>>1148462
  107. >>1148135 (OP)
  108. It was the second best time of my life. Nothing beats being 12. But university was indeed brilliant.
  110. What's happening in your picture OP? Video link?
  112. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 21:51:01 No.1148212
  113. >>1148183
  114. This is a good post for a mindset going into it. Don't fuck around and just "go to college." Go for something that matters and put effort into it. So many people get into college and they can't handle the degree they are going for because they are too worried about social things. If you get in a whole don;t give up on a degree that will pay. Take a break and jump back in after you get away from the "college life" and realize how important it is after delivering pizzas for while or something. Don't just transition into some shit degree just because you don't want to leave. Like a previous poster said… most of the people you meet will be "rent-a-friends" and you'll lost ouch with most of them anyways.
  116. Anonymous 07/03/13 (Wed) 22:04:40 No.1148218>>1148248
  117. I haven't been in uni since I was 11.
  119. >Be in science class
  120. >Be near top of my class because I'm gifted in Science and Maths
  121. >Have chance to go to local uni after school for some science thing but only a select few can attend because we only have 1 school bus
  122. >see teacher after school ask to go
  123. >sure anon I was thinking of putting you on the list because of your interest in cosmonauts and rocketry
  124. >fast foward
  125. >be riding on bus with loli classmate
  126. >she is excited to see me and talks about human sexual reproduction being as techical about it as possible
  127. >probably wanted the D but I hadn't really got into sex and porn so didn't notice
  128. >attend event at uni and play with fans and strobes and attend some lectures
  130. twas a good tiem
  132. caps 07/03/13 (Wed) 23:00:34 No.1148248
  133. >>1148218
  134. wow bruv sounds p. wild
  136. Anonymous 07/04/13 (Thu) 03:59:02 No.1148351
  137. >>1148135 (OP)
  139. Uni was the worst time of my life. Unexpectedly, the drunken parties were the highlight. You just gotta find the right crowd. To avoid milquetoast mufuggas, & find the right parties, it helps to live off-campus. People going to community college tend to be more sound than university students, and there's alot of overlap in the respective social circles.
  141. Find people with similar interests, even if you have to dig deep (vs. high school, you probably will).
  143. Also, don't be sophomoric. Know the limits of your wisdom & knowledge. Know other peoples' limits as well, and call them on their bullshit.
  145. No extraordinary stories, just general stuff:
  146. >underage drunk as a skunk going out to talk to police on noise complaint
  147. >stealing beer from kegger when hosts are asleep
  148. >being good at beer pong & an encouraging teammate
  149. >practicing parkour on campus
  151. Anonymous 07/04/13 (Thu) 04:06:42 No.1148352
  152. >and they drunk so much
  153. yes university is not for you.
  155. just bustin your chops. a good piece of advice is to make friends. friends enable you to have a good time in college. its not really that hard either. when youre waiting for class to start just start chatting with the guy/girl next to you. "hey did you do that homework last night? yeah it was so blah blah blah". dont worry about getting laid all the time either. its the kinda thing that just happens. when the opportunity does arise though, make it happen.
  157. HW 07/04/13 (Thu) 04:09:42 No.1148353>>1148354
  159. File: 1372925381985.png (73.09 KB, 351x241, 1371360010288.png)
  160. Find people you can get along with if you want.
  162. They can be good acquaintances if that's what you want.
  166. Anonymous 07/04/13 (Thu) 04:15:08 No.1148354>>1148357
  167. >>1148353
  169. oh yeah this is good advice. just go to the library right after class and get that shit over with. that way you can get high and play vidya all weekend :D
  171. HW 07/04/13 (Thu) 04:36:23 No.1148357>>1148359
  172. >>1148354
  173. Hell you don't even have to go to the library.
  175. Just buckle down and do that shit. DONT TAKE NO DRUG PILLS TO MAKE YOU CONCENTRATE.
  177. That shit is bad fo' yo' bodies n shiet.
  179. Seriously get your shit done.
  181. chemfag!g/molUkIAE 07/04/13 (Thu) 04:39:02 No.1148359>>1148411
  183. File: 1372927141875.jpg (339.66 KB, 850x1041, No....Dear god NO..jpg)
  184. >>1148357
  185. Meet me at my place later. I'm still waiting for you.
  186. I wanna "get shit done" wiv u.
  188. Anonymous 07/04/13 (Thu) 05:15:47 No.1148368>>1148486
  189. >the best time of their life
  190. lol, another one bites the ruse
  192. It will be the worst time of your life.
  194. HW 07/04/13 (Thu) 06:45:51 No.1148411>>1148415
  196. File: 1372934751546.jpg (76.44 KB, 782x784, 1370052506981.jpg)
  197. >>1148359
  198. HOmo pls go
  200. chemfag!g/molUkIAE 07/04/13 (Thu) 07:01:18 No.1148415
  202. File: 1372935678568.jpg (16.14 KB, 344x280, m54620_1261027154122.jpg)
  203. >>1148411
  204. Aw naw. That lil blanda ass needs a taste of my automatic fire.
  205. J-J-J-JAM IT IN!
  206. And I don't mean AR jamming.
  208. Anonymous 07/04/13 (Thu) 07:26:20 No.1148425
  209. Don't forget that people like to dramatise things to make their dull pointless lives seem more meaningful, they'll exaggerate to no end too.
  211. Anonymous 07/04/13 (Thu) 09:23:15 No.1148462
  212. >>1148191
  213. Just some good old fashioned white family fun.
  214. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmCQYWTQ4LU
  216. Anonymous 07/04/13 (Thu) 10:49:38 No.1148486
  217. >>1148368
  218. >It will be the worst time of your life.
  219. I love how all you pathetic losers project your shitty subjective experience to everybody else in the world.
  221. Anonymous 07/04/13 (Thu) 12:21:11 No.1148503
  222. What's your major OP?
  224. Neurosci/Biooogy masterrace here, enjoying my booming field and last great frontier of biological scientific exploration
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