Celestia Greentexts: Sun Appreciation

Dec 14th, 2014
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  1. >The rays of the sun hit you hard, but thanks to sunblock, there was nothing to worry about.
  2. >On the towel next to you, Celestia soaked up the warmth of her sun as she stretched out on her back.
  3. >The waves of the ocean calmly hit the shore every minute or so as ponies played in the water.
  4. >The beach itself was fairly populated with ponies frolicking in the sand or relaxing in the sun.
  5. >"A vacation on the beach was exactly what I needed. Thank you for the suggestion, Anonymous," Celestia tells you with a pleasant smile.
  6. "It was my pleasure, considering you brought me along for the ride."
  7. >Setting her hooves on her belly, she sighed contently, continuing to lap up her sun's warmth.
  8. >"It is WAY too hot out today!" you hear a mare shout as she tries keeping her hooves off of the sand, making herself look like a tap-dancer.
  9. >"You're telling me," commented a stallion, "I got a huge sunburn today! The sun can be a real bummer sometimes."
  10. >Idiot forgot his sunblock.
  11. >Serves him right, really.
  12. >"You want to come here in the night? The beach is so much better during the day time," argues another stallion.
  13. >"Actually, a beach at night is romantic, and can never be too cold. I think nighttime beach is better then daytime beach," the mare said, raising her nose high into the air and walking off in a snooty manner.
  14. >"Dude, she's totally right. The beach during the day can be way too intense with the heat."
  15. >The surfer-bro stallion walks off himself, though slowly, so as not to agitate his sunburned body.
  16. >What crybabies those two came off as.
  17. "Hey, Celestia," you began, nudging the lounging princess.
  18. >"Yes, Anonymous?"
  19. "You ever think your subjects take your sun for granted?"
  20. >She slowly opened her eyes and looked at you quizzically. "I'm sorry?"
  21. "I mean, you have to raise and lower the sun every day, and I think most ponies consider you some kind of sun goddess, right? Do you think these ponies appreciate the hard work you put into the sun?"
  22. >She stares at you for a moment, then blinks.
  23. >"Anonymous, working to raise and lower the sun isn't nearly the backbreaking labor you'd think it is. I manage it quite easily."
  24. "Well, I guess if you say it's easy..."
  25. >"As for your other question, I'd say my subjects are free to have whatever opinion they want on the sun. It doesn't bother me if there are some who complain or take advantage of it too often."
  26. "So you don't think they take it for granted?"
  27. >"Of course not. For as many ponies who dislike the sun, I'm sure there are just as many who appreciate it. Farmers, for example, are one of the most sun-dependent groups. I've received several letters of thanks from them."
  28. >The thought of Applejack writing a thank you letter to Celestia crosses your mind.
  29. >"Luna receives her fair share of both criticism and appreciation, too. We're both at peace with what our subjects say."
  30. >She closes her eyes yet again.
  31. >"Did a pony say something that bothered you, Anonymous?"
  32. "Just a couple that complained about the beach at day time. They kinda trash-talked the sun."
  33. >"I'm sure they enjoy the sun in other places. The beach is obviously not one of them."
  34. >Her relaxed attitude was certainly something you liked in this princess.
  35. >"Now," she said, telekinetically grabbing a bottle of sunblock, "would you mind applying some of this to me, Anonymous? I'd rather not get burned myself."
  36. >You grab the bottle.
  37. "Of course, princess."
  40. Bonus Sunblock Scene:
  41. >You squeeze out some of the lotion into your palm and rub your hands together, letting the lotion become more of a spread than a dollop.
  42. >Your hands reach out towards her belly, and when they make contact, the cool touch of your hands makes her gasp lightly, her body jumping a little.
  43. >You begin your work, lathering her soft coat and the skin underneath with the lotion while she smiles, letting out a relaxed sigh.
  44. >Her belly was one of the softest things you've ever felt, and her slow breaths made it easy to work with.
  45. >Though her navel was hidden under her coat, you were able to feel it as your hands traveled around her belly.
  46. >You decided to add a small drop of lotion to your finger and poke around in her belly button, moreso as an excuse to touch it then to protect her belly button from the sun's rays.
  47. >She giggled slightly as you poke around in there, the sight of her belly rising and lowering in laughter causing you to smile.
  48. >Now that her stomach was nice and protected, you moved on to her long, slender legs.
  49. >Squirting more lotion into your palm, you again lather your hands before touching her legs.
  50. >She hums in pleasure as you work on her legs, the firm muscles hidden under her coat betraying her dainty appearance.
  51. >You next massage her flanks, humoring yourself into thinking the sunblock would make her cutie-mark disappear.
  52. >Her supple flanks are cushy in your hands as you rub more sunblock into them.
  53. >You move down to her lower legs, massaging her thighs with the cool cream and eliciting more pleasured hums from the princess.
  54. >Next come her hooves, which are as firm as her leg muscles.
  55. >You rub them extra just to be sure the lotion sinks in, your thumbs making circles on the surface of her hooves.
  56. >Her legs slightly twitch as your fingers caress the hooves.
  57. >You finish the job with a quick pat on both hooves, and move on to her wings.
  58. >More lotion, more lathering, and your hands are on those wings in no time.
  59. >The lotion does no damage to the feathers in her wings, and you decide that this is the green light to give her wings little squeezes in between the rubbing.
  60. >The sun princess doesn't mind the little squeezes, and her wings practically melt in your hands.
  61. >The top of her wings are just as firm as the rest of her body, and it makes you appreciate just how much work she likely does.
  62. >Her wings didn't require much work, and you're on her shoulders in no time.
  63. >She relaxes the muscles in her shoulders to your touch, a big, goofy grin spreading on her face.
  64. >Eventually, the area of interest becomes her neck.
  65. >Her nice, soft, long neck.
  66. >...get a hold of yourself, now.
  67. >As your hands caress her neck, it cranes towards your touch, as if the princess is a pet asking for more.
  68. >Who are you to deny a princess her request?
  69. >Your hands softly glide around her neck, the lotion adding a nice, cool touch to the massage.
  70. >Once her neck is finished, you dab a bit of lotion behind her ears, and rub a bit across her muzzle, too, being sure not to get any in her nose.
  71. >Once her face is finished, you step back and look at your work.
  72. >She is perfectly protected from the sun's rays now.
  73. >"Finished?" she asks.
  74. "I think so."
  75. >She chuckles. "Not quite," she tells you before flipping onto her belly.
  76. >Her back.
  77. >And her butt.
  78. >You swallow a lump in your throat, and find it's hard to hide the erection forming in your swim trunks.
  79. >More lotion, more lathering again, and you set to work getting her back covered in lotion.
  80. >Your fingers rub her back gently, and her muscles can't help but relax under their touch.
  81. >Her body has become clay to your hands, and you fully enjoy being able to play with her in the way you have for the past several minutes.
  82. >The soft mumbles of content coming from Celestia only serve to motivate you to rub more.
  83. >Her hooves had gone limp long ago, having surrendered to the glorious feel of your hands.
  84. >Her back was now adequately covered in lotion, and you look towards your last target.
  85. >Her rump.
  86. >Having already gotten her flanks, all you had to do was cover the tops of her buns and be done with it.
  87. >Simple enough.
  88. >Keep your cool, Anon.
  89. >Lotion, lather, work.
  90. >Her big bottom was as soft as a pillow in your hands.
  91. >Would sleeping on this heavenly body part be too much to ask?
  92. >You squeeze extra hard as you spread the lotion on her bottom, which doesn't bother her in the slightest.
  93. >Her rump, now doused in sunblock lotion, glistened in the sun.
  94. >A couple pats is all you give to it once you finish, despite wanting to do so much more to it.
  95. >Your hardened member now has the chance to soften, having completed the task at hand.
  96. >"Thank you, Anonymous," Celestia says, eyes still closed. "That was quite relaxing, and you managed to cover my entire body. I don't think I'll be getting any sunburn."
  97. "Y-yeah, no problem."
  98. >You sit down with crossed legs, trying to hide your obvious arousal from the public.
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