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Nov 22nd, 2019
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  1. [2019-10-06 18:48:38] -->| YOU (NeonProdigy) have joined #AdultSheol3
  2. [2019-10-06 18:48:45] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *exists!*
  3. [2019-10-06 18:49:20] <The_Reptile_> So I'm not gonna bother asking for logs cause being honest I completely forgot what direction I was gonna go with going all fish friend :V
  4. [2019-10-06 18:49:33] <NeonProdigy> *Snrk*
  5. [2019-10-06 18:50:10] <The_Reptile_> So instead we can chalk that up to a weird fucking dream as Fred and Meg camp out, rest up, and move out of this disgusting cave :V
  6. [2019-10-06 18:50:31] <NeonProdigy> *Fair enough!*
  7. [2019-10-06 18:51:38] <The_Reptile_> Like for real it's slimy, moldy, the air is stagnant and it's actually managed to do the impossible and kill Meg's mood
  8. [2019-10-06 18:52:35] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is kind of impressed by that, but not more than she is disgusted by the dank cave*
  9. [2019-10-06 18:53:43] <The_Reptile_> Finally
  10. [2019-10-06 18:53:48] <The_Reptile_> /Finally/
  11. [2019-10-06 18:53:50] <The_Reptile_> You leave
  12. [2019-10-06 18:54:17] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Oh thank the gods. :| *A gunky piece of slime falls on her head*
  13. [2019-10-06 18:54:19] <The_Reptile_> Meg: ...
  14. [2019-10-06 18:54:26] <The_Reptile_> Meg: *Pulls it off*
  15. [2019-10-06 18:54:30] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *giggles*
  16. [2019-10-06 18:54:34] <The_Reptile_> Meg: *Sets it on fire* :|
  17. [2019-10-06 18:55:50] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Right so. *Checks the map* Our destination should be...
  18. [2019-10-06 18:56:04] <The_Reptile_> You continue rding, as you go through a clearing and... oh hey that's a mansion
  19. [2019-10-06 18:56:09] <The_Reptile_> Meg: ... Oh. Right here.
  20. [2019-10-06 18:57:10] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: What a mansion!
  21. [2019-10-06 18:58:10] <The_Reptile_> Classical stylings, though it seems a bit ill kept... not surprising, it's pretty out of the way
  22. [2019-10-06 18:58:20] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Right then. Let us approach!
  23. [2019-10-06 19:00:10] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Right!
  24. [2019-10-06 19:00:45] <The_Reptile_> With that, you ride up to the gate, as a little tick tock bird flutters on down and looks at you with mechanical, unblinking eyes.
  25. [2019-10-06 19:02:07] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Ahem. Yes. I have a contract with the lady of the house, one Mistress Shattersong. A delivery to be made by one Meghan.
  26. [2019-10-06 19:02:47] <The_Reptile_> Tick Tock:L *Looks over at Fred. She still all tall and busty or was the cave enough to actually the horny elf to shrink back down to normal with its nastiness? :P *
  27. [2019-10-06 19:03:21] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is her cute lil normal self, yes :P *
  28. [2019-10-06 19:04:27] <The_Reptile_> Meg: *Elbows her gently* Introduce yourself, love. :V
  29. [2019-10-06 19:05:35] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Oh, apologies. *she curtsies* Fredegund of the Noble House Bitterkalt, accompanying.
  30. [2019-10-06 19:06:13] <The_Reptile_> Tick Tock: *Cacows, and the gate opens, as Meg goes to get the box. Still curious to see what's in there, Fred?*
  31. [2019-10-06 19:07:25] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *only mildly. She's read stories, she knows that sort of thing can come to no good if you mess with it. If the receiver opens it in front of them and she gets a peek though, she wouldn't turn that down :P *
  32. [2019-10-06 19:08:31] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Now then, according to the handler who set up this deal, the lady of the house is a tad... mmm. Eccentric, though considering she lives out in the wilderness that is to be expected, I suppose.
  33. [2019-10-06 19:10:35] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: This /is/ quite out of the way, yes... Eccentricity comes with wealth and retreat from society though, so it's expected, yes.
  34. [2019-10-06 19:10:53] <The_Reptile_> Meg: I mean more the sex auras than that :V
  35. [2019-10-06 19:14:07] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: /Ah./ Yes, that does make sense too :P
  36. [2019-10-06 19:15:01] <The_Reptile_> The box is brought into the foyer, as a middle aged woman, about 40 years, is heading down the stairs to meet you. "Ah! You're here, wonderful, wonderful!"
  37. [2019-10-06 19:15:17] <The_Reptile_> Meg: *Places the box on a table and bows* Mistress Shattersong I presume?
  38. [2019-10-06 19:15:34] <The_Reptile_> "Oh please, call me Bev."
  39. [2019-10-06 19:15:38] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *bows as well*
  40. [2019-10-06 19:17:17] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Ooooh, a tiny elf! Not very often I see one so mini and scrumptious.
  41. [2019-10-06 19:20:35] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *awkward chuckle* Ah, I shall take that as a compliment. It's a pleasure to meet you!
  42. [2019-10-06 19:21:00] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Yes yes, I take it you have the package?
  43. [2019-10-06 19:21:14] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Indeed we do. *She slides the box on over, as Bev rushes over*
  44. [2019-10-06 19:21:43] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Ohhhhh. Hohohohoho- *She opens the box... and a faint green glow emanates from it* Hooooooooo. *She licks her lips as she reaches in*
  45. [2019-10-06 19:22:11] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *can't help but lean in to try and get a look :P *
  46. [2019-10-06 19:22:44] <The_Reptile_> And pulls out a /sizable/ draconic schlong carved out of emerald.
  47. [2019-10-06 19:22:48] <The_Reptile_> Meg: ...
  48. [2019-10-06 19:22:56] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: My goodness
  49. [2019-10-06 19:23:12] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Well now.
  50. [2019-10-06 19:23:21] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Oooooooooooh~
  51. [2019-10-06 19:23:21] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Is that Naughty Drake brand do you think...?
  52. [2019-10-06 19:24:07] <The_Reptile_> Meg: IIIII don't think that is a mass produced product, love. That thing is suffused in magic :V
  53. [2019-10-06 19:24:12] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Yeeeeeessss~
  54. [2019-10-06 19:24:51] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Well, some of them /are/ enchanted... but you're right, that's giving off such a lot of mana...!
  55. [2019-10-06 19:25:42] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Oh yessss~ *She starts nuzzling the fucking thing* Oh we are going to have such fun you and I~
  56. [2019-10-06 19:26:05] <The_Reptile_> Bev: *Looks at the other two* Ah, yes, payment.
  57. [2019-10-06 19:27:19] <The_Reptile_> Bev: *Waves them off* I shall have my seneschal make the arrangements.
  58. [2019-10-06 19:27:41] <The_Reptile_> Meg: With respect, a bath and a room for the night would also be appreciated. :V
  59. [2019-10-06 19:28:10] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: It was a bit of a long... gross... trip, yes.
  60. [2019-10-06 19:28:58] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Very well, very well. A room as well.
  61. [2019-10-06 19:29:16] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Now go, go, I have. *She licks her lips* /Preparations/ to make~
  62. [2019-10-06 19:33:46] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Thank you very much *she bows and keeps the amused look off her face at Bev's antics :P *
  63. [2019-10-06 19:34:28] <The_Reptile_> Meg: *Does not, as she is giggling rather heavily :V *
  64. [2019-10-06 19:37:41] <The_Reptile_> Meg: So I think someone is going to have a very good night tonight. Not sure what all that magic is going to do to her, but I expect she does.
  65. [2019-10-06 19:39:31] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Now then, I
  66. [2019-10-06 19:39:46] <The_Reptile_> Meg: *Strips down as they approach their room* Will be taking a bath, thank you. :|
  67. [2019-10-06 19:43:27] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Ah... I don't suppose you'd be willing to share or am I going to have to wait my turn? :P *she tugs on her own clammy dirty clothes to indicate it's not for lewd reasons- or at least not /just/ for lewds :P *
  68. [2019-10-06 19:44:11] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Oh I do suppose I could use someone to scrub my back.
  69. [2019-10-06 19:45:14] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *smiles* Always good to have someone for those hard to reach places~! ;P
  70. [2019-10-06 19:47:18] <The_Reptile_> At which point the two lovely ladies head on over to the nice hot baths. Unfortunately for Fred, Meg is actually predominantly focused on getting clean, at least for like
  71. [2019-10-06 19:47:20] <The_Reptile_> The first hour :V
  72. [2019-10-06 19:47:47] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is also focused on that given their level of dirtiness so that's fine :P *
  73. [2019-10-06 19:48:09] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *with maybe some longing gazes as Meg's nude body is on display, dohoho :V *
  74. [2019-10-06 19:49:14] <The_Reptile_> After that hour, however, as night falls there is a distinct
  75. [2019-10-06 19:49:16] <The_Reptile_> Musk
  76. [2019-10-06 19:49:20] <The_Reptile_> Of magic in the air :V
  77. [2019-10-06 19:49:27] <The_Reptile_> Meg: ... *Sniffsniff*
  78. [2019-10-06 19:49:38] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *also sniff* I think she's getting quite into it...
  79. [2019-10-06 19:50:42] <The_Reptile_> Quite curious smell, actually
  80. [2019-10-06 19:51:00] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Hoooo. Wanna see if we can catch her in the act? ;P
  81. [2019-10-06 19:51:22] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: I /do/ want to see her with that /monster/ of a toy~ *she giggles*
  82. [2019-10-06 19:53:00] <The_Reptile_> Meg: Hoho, very good~ *She steps out the bath, drying off before slipping into a bathrobe* Let's see who can find her first. ;P
  83. [2019-10-06 19:53:55] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: It's a game, is it~? Is there a prize for the winner? ;P *she does much the same. God, her bathrobe's /monogrammed/ the spoiled richgirl :V *
  84. [2019-10-06 19:54:50] <The_Reptile_> Meg: To be determined~ *And out she goes*
  85. [2019-10-06 19:55:42] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *chuckles and puts on some slippers before going out as well, heading in the opposite direction to explore the mansion*
  86. [2019-10-06 19:56:09] <The_Reptile_> As Fred explores
  87. [2019-10-06 19:56:13] <The_Reptile_> It become sapparent
  88. [2019-10-06 19:56:19] <The_Reptile_> This lad? Something of a dragon fixation
  89. [2019-10-06 19:56:24] <The_Reptile_> *lady
  90. [2019-10-06 19:57:00] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *can understand this, they /are/ majestic, powerful, and occasionally /erotic/ creatures... and it explains the magic dildo :V *
  91. [2019-10-06 19:58:15] <The_Reptile_> Erotic is definitley the taste in the air of that magic, I can tell you that much, and every passing minute it grows thicker
  92. [2019-10-06 19:59:17] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *quickly becomes very aware of her silken robes rubbing against her bare skin, and the spark of lust Meg lit off in her during their bath as that musky magic miasma fills the air*
  93. [2019-10-06 20:00:00] <The_Reptile_> Is Fred gonna be able to keep her wits about her? :P
  94. [2019-10-06 20:01:09] <The_Reptile_> Or is she gonna find that bathrobe getting a bit snug in places? :P
  95. [2019-10-06 20:01:47] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: * /is/ getting better at keeping her mind focused despite horniness overwhelming her! Sort of! Mostly through experiencing it so often :V Indeed, with her sensitive elven senses, she tries to figure out where it's thickest and heads for it... although yes, she /is/ starting to get a bit more /filled out/ as she goes, /especially/ as she gets closer...*
  96. [2019-10-06 20:03:32] <The_Reptile_> How rapid, or is it going slow so far? :P
  97. [2019-10-06 20:03:43] <NeonProdigy> *Slow going*
  98. [2019-10-06 20:04:23] <The_Reptile_> Then she probably doesn't realize as she gets closer... ooooh those are some /saucy/ moans coming through the air.
  99. [2019-10-06 20:04:57] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *moans softly herself as her thighs brush together with every step, biting her lip at the sweet, sexy sounds~*
  100. [2019-10-06 20:06:11] <The_Reptile_> Try to compose yourself Fred! No need to make a display here... oh that was has a bit of draconic rumble to it.
  101. [2019-10-06 20:12:30] <The_Reptile_> *that one
  102. [2019-10-06 20:13:03] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is curious about that and continues on towards the source of the sound, VERY curious- and eager!- to see what's going on...*
  103. [2019-10-06 20:14:14] <The_Reptile_> It is, conveniently, coming from well the smell is getting stronger. :V
  104. [2019-10-06 20:15:53] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *thought that might be the case :P Oh look her robe's open now and she's fondling a breast as she approaches, the heady smell really starting to get to her as her brain gets a bit fuzzy...*
  105. [2019-10-06 20:16:34] <The_Reptile_> She still relatively tinysmol, or she also started to get taller? :P
  106. [2019-10-06 20:16:44] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is getting taller :P *
  107. [2019-10-06 20:17:22] <The_Reptile_> Still fairly slow going, or is it picking up speed now? :P
  108. [2019-10-06 20:17:29] <NeonProdigy> *Speeding up now*
  109. [2019-10-06 20:18:10] <The_Reptile_> Mmmm, that tasty smell is just past this door!
  110. [2019-10-06 20:20:00] <The_Reptile_> A small peak shows it's some sort of master bedroom, looking out over the garden... and that it's empty, save for the dragon dildo, which is glowing a faint green and slick with juices~
  111. [2019-10-06 20:20:32] <The_Reptile_> Okay Fred, you can muster up the last of your willpower and turn away, or you can let instinct take over and go investigate.
  112. [2019-10-06 20:20:40] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *pfffffffffft*
  113. [2019-10-06 20:21:00] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *investigates, opening the door and looking around. Huh, no sign of Bev save for her juices all over the dildo :P *
  114. [2019-10-06 20:21:40] <The_Reptile_> Probably safe to say that at this point her bathrobe would barely even cover her. :P
  115. [2019-10-06 20:22:11] <The_Reptile_> How much of those delicious, delicious legs does it show? :P
  116. [2019-10-06 20:24:55] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *'s legs are on nearly full display, the robe coming to an end well above mid-thigh :P *
  117. [2019-10-06 20:26:12] <The_Reptile_> She approaches the dragon dildo. How fuzzy /is/ her head?
  118. [2019-10-06 20:27:40] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *very... she licks her lips looking at that dildo... her pussy is /aching/ to be /filled.../ *
  119. [2019-10-06 20:29:23] <The_Reptile_> Last chance, Fred, to pull away before Freddie take control. :P
  120. [2019-10-06 20:48:07] <The_Reptile_> Walk away, or stroke the dragon cock. :V
  121. [2019-10-06 20:48:18] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *strokes~ :V *
  122. [2019-10-06 20:49:24] <The_Reptile_> You grip it with both hands...
  123. [2019-10-06 20:49:32] <The_Reptile_> Now what shall you do with it, Freddie?
  124. [2019-10-06 20:49:48] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *licks~*
  125. [2019-10-06 20:50:07] <The_Reptile_> Ohhh that's a tingle on the tongue~
  126. [2019-10-06 20:50:27] <The_Reptile_> How aware is she of what she's doing? :P
  127. [2019-10-06 20:50:48] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Nhhh~ *about half-aware now :P *
  128. [2019-10-06 20:52:23] <The_Reptile_> You lick Bev's love juices, as your tongue hungrily strokes at the shlong... even at times seeming to coil around it in almost serpentine fashion~
  129. [2019-10-06 20:53:34] <The_Reptile_> Also she done growing, or she still have more to do? :P
  130. [2019-10-06 20:53:57] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Nmmm~ Huah~ *she laps up the juices whorishly, pressing kisses along the length, now fully in Slut Mode, a tall and shapely Freddie Elf :P *
  131. [2019-10-06 20:55:06] <The_Reptile_> She still remember being a tinysmol or she too far gone for that with all this ASSAULT ON THE SENSES going on?
  132. [2019-10-06 20:56:39] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *she never /forgets/ being a tinysmol, she just doesn't internalize that that's /her/ when she's like this :P But yeah she's pretty far gone with her head so stuffed full of the FUCK MIASMA filling up her nose to care :P *
  133. [2019-10-06 20:57:34] <The_Reptile_> Mmmm, this is tasty... but you know where it would taste even better~?
  134. [2019-10-06 21:00:19] <The_Reptile_> You have a quivering, eager snatch, are you going to keep it waiting for much longer?
  135. [2019-10-06 21:07:23] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *hell /no/ she won't. She eagerly shrugs her robe off and positions herself to take that fat fake dragon dick inside her!*
  136. [2019-10-06 21:10:31] <The_Reptile_> In it goes, as she licks her lips with a slick, serpentine tongue, slitted eyes half lidded with lust. It fills her up /all/ the way, as she feels that magic course through her.
  137. [2019-10-06 21:12:25] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: /Ooohf~/ *she moans and writhes as she's filled with that glowing green toy, a hand running over her taut, slender belly, gently rolling her hips to ride on it, her gooey twat mixing her juices with Bev's*
  138. [2019-10-06 21:15:09] <The_Reptile_> As she goes, more and more of her body changes, scales dotting her body at strategic points, as she feels a pleasant tingling on the top of her head, all while she rides that dragon dick, every angle, every gyration feeling better than the last~!
  139. [2019-10-06 21:18:51] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *'s eyes roll back, long sinuous tongue hanging out of her mouth as she lets the pleasure overtake her, humping and jerking her hips faster and harder to ride that dragon dildo, the pleasant tingling and itching atop her head barely noticeable to her :P *
  140. [2019-10-06 21:21:00] <The_Reptile_> That pleasant tingling leads to horns starting to just out, while her nails get long and clawlike - though thankfully retractable :V - before finally a reptillian tail shoots out from the base of her spine juuuust as she cums :P
  141. [2019-10-06 21:22:12] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: /Ahhhnnnn~!/ <3 *her wet snatch clamps down on the toy as she cums, back arching, tail stretching out... this would be a perfect time for wings to burst from her back if she gets those but if not that's cool too, as her now clawed toes curl against the carpet :P *
  142. [2019-10-06 21:23:13] <The_Reptile_> Oh right yes, the wings also come out :V
  143. [2019-10-06 21:23:48] <The_Reptile_> And with that, the schlong slides right out~
  144. [2019-10-06 21:23:56] <The_Reptile_> What color are her scales, by the by? :P
  145. [2019-10-06 21:24:18] <NeonProdigy> *White obviously :P *
  146. [2019-10-06 21:25:10] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *falls forward onto her belly, letting out pleased little moans as she writhes in post-orgasmic pleasure, still cumming and squirting a little bit* Huaah~ <3
  147. [2019-10-06 21:25:33] <The_Reptile_> Worth it? :P
  148. [2019-10-06 21:26:02] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *absolutely~ Gods, that thing was better than some cocks she's had!*
  149. [2019-10-06 21:28:45] <The_Reptile_> Of course it was, it was a /dragon/ dildo!
  150. [2019-10-06 21:30:37] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *can't help touching her clit and rubbing it as she enjoys the memory of like a minute ago of riding that thing. She can see why Bev was so... /eager~/ <3 *
  151. [2019-10-06 21:33:29] |<-- The_Reptile_ has left (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
  152. [2019-10-06 21:33:33] <--| YOU (NeonProdigy) have left #AdultSheol3
  153. [2019-11-20 20:50:25] -->| YOU (NeonProdigy) have joined #AdultSheol3
  154. [2019-11-20 20:50:34] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is a dragon now???*
  155. [2019-11-20 20:51:44] [INFO] Now logging to <file:///C:/Users/NeonProdigy/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/s1hncydv.default/chatzilla/logs/>.
  156. [2019-11-20 20:56:36] <The_Reptile_> Righto! Now that we're caught up, I expect Fred is still fingering herself stuck in a haze of pleasure :P
  157. [2019-11-20 20:57:26] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *shlick shlick shlick~ She's working her fingers away lazily, enjoying that haze, serpentine tongue hanging out lewdly. She's starting to consider going for another ride on that thing :P *
  158. [2019-11-20 20:58:40] <The_Reptile_> Has she realized what's actually ahppened to herself? :P
  159. [2019-11-20 20:59:34] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *it's kind of obvious, she can /feel/ the tail and wings. Not to mention being cognizant of her being in Freddie Mode again, but she just doesn't care all that much, lost in her lusts*
  160. [2019-11-20 20:59:57] <The_Reptile_> Well I meant more so distracted by the NEED TO FUCK she's a bit out of it :P
  161. [2019-11-20 21:00:01] <The_Reptile_> But fair enough :V
  162. [2019-11-20 21:00:46] <The_Reptile_> Even by her usual Slut Mode standards this one is WOOF
  163. [2019-11-20 21:02:18] <The_Reptile_> Dragons /are/ noted thirsty bitches
  164. [2019-11-20 21:03:58] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is indeed quite a thirsty bitch :V Speaking of which, she whines a little, her clawed fingers just /not enough/ as her horniness just doesn't abate... she can't decide if she wants to go another round with the magic naughty drake dildo, or go find someone to help her out :P *
  165. [2019-11-20 21:04:33] <The_Reptile_> What, not gonna admire herself in the mirror a bit? ;P
  166. [2019-11-20 21:06:26] <The_Reptile_> Anyway, the choice is up to her. ;P
  167. [2019-11-20 21:10:14] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *lets out a moan and gets up, thinking about going off to find someone to help- well hello there /gorgeous~/ She spies the mirror in the room and poses, admiring her new form, running claws along her body* Mmm~ That Bev woman has /great/ tastes~ <3
  168. [2019-11-20 21:12:07] <The_Reptile_> Ya know what's even better?
  169. [2019-11-20 21:12:18] <The_Reptile_> /You feel so coked up on magic right now it's unreal/ :V
  170. [2019-11-20 21:13:16] <The_Reptile_> It's a good thing she is an elf of good and rational judgement right now!
  171. [2019-11-20 21:13:19] <The_Reptile_> ... Right?
  172. [2019-11-20 21:13:53] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: * /Absolutely./ Now she needs to get her some dick or at least someone to eat her out.....*
  173. [2019-11-20 21:14:37] <The_Reptile_> Well first she needs to get dressppppffffhahahahaha nope couldn't finish that sentence
  174. [2019-11-20 21:24:41] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *Truly hilarious :P She strides outta there with nothing but the scales so elegantly glittering strategically on her flesh :P *
  175. [2019-11-20 21:26:05] <The_Reptile_> Now then, a nice good whiff of the air... ahhhh, the reptillian sense of smell. You can feel both magic and heat~!
  176. [2019-11-20 21:26:53] <The_Reptile_> Powerful magic source, but cold blooded wandering through the halls on the other side of the estate, another /super/ magically potent soaring out in the sky, and then several other warm blooded scents. What to choose, what to choose...
  177. [2019-11-20 21:27:38] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *can guess that the the former is Meg and the second is Bev, and the rest Bev's servants and staff... /hmm.../ *
  178. [2019-11-20 21:29:50] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *will go and meet her new fellow DARGON, spreading her wings luxuriously to fly out through the window*
  179. [2019-11-20 21:30:56] <The_Reptile_> Well see she says that but as she spreads her wings she looks out and oh hey dragon girl comi- oh god she's not stopping
  180. [2019-11-20 21:31:03] <The_Reptile_> "moooooooOOOOOOOOOVE!" *Crash*
  181. [2019-11-20 21:32:02] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Oof! *gets a dragon girl to the chest- which hurts, there's presently a lot of it to get hit! Though it probably softens the impact on Bev's end :P *
  182. [2019-11-20 21:32:54] <The_Reptile_> "Nnnnngh-" She carrens onto the floor, rolling onto her booty. Uh.
  183. [2019-11-20 21:33:08] <The_Reptile_> She ain't the middle aged matron of the manor. She's
  184. [2019-11-20 21:33:12] <The_Reptile_> Rather younger looking. :V
  185. [2019-11-20 21:33:47] <The_Reptile_> (Plus dem /tiddies/)
  186. [2019-11-20 21:34:35] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *understands well about... DEM TIDDAYS. But is it a reasonable assumption, going by her looks, that this is Bev, who benefited from the dragon dildo in other ways than just draconic extras? :P *
  187. [2019-11-20 21:35:18] <The_Reptile_> Well she has Bev's red hair so... :V
  188. [2019-11-20 21:36:01] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Owwww, who- *She looks up at Draco Fred* !!! *Points* YOU!!!
  189. [2019-11-20 21:37:09] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Me! *reasonable assumption then :P * Pleasure to see you again, Bev~! *she grins, hands on her hips, her own tall, full figure on display* Gotta say, you have /excellent/ taste in toys ;D
  190. [2019-11-20 21:38:34] <The_Reptile_> Bev: D: !!!! *She scambles over to the dragon cock* Nononononono you used it!? ;~;
  191. [2019-11-20 21:39:12] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Kinda got... /drawn/ to it... why, is it one of those limited use magic items or something?
  192. [2019-11-20 21:39:47] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Yes! And I need to drink so much more!
  193. [2019-11-20 21:40:26] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Oof... sorry... Lemme guess, repeat use makes you more draconic?
  194. [2019-11-20 21:40:32] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Get even bigger... and more powerful... and /sexier/...
  195. [2019-11-20 21:41:04] <The_Reptile_> Ya know maybe it's the new dragon in you but that all sounds /really fun/~
  196. [2019-11-20 21:45:31] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *can't help but think so, yeah~* That /does/ sound good... how much of the juice did I take, is it still enough for what you want...?
  197. [2019-11-20 21:47:24] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Ohhhhh I hope so-!
  198. [2019-11-20 21:48:11] <The_Reptile_> Bev scrambles over to the dildo, eyeing it hungrily.
  199. [2019-11-20 21:49:06] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *slinks over, her hips swinging with each step, watching. She's rather curious to see what happens next...*
  200. [2019-11-20 21:50:37] <The_Reptile_> Bev: *Grabs it, giggling, licking it eagerly, as the horns on her head sparkle and start to grow-!
  201. [2019-11-20 21:54:37] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *licks her lips at the sight and decides to play around with her as she's playing with the artifact, coming up behind her and grabbing those plump, fat tits, groping and squeezing them* It tastes so good doesn't it~? ;P
  202. [2019-11-20 21:57:42] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Fwuah~ *She licks that schlong, getting it nice and lubed up* Haaaah... still plentyyyyyy~! *She gives a surprised moan as Fred start to play with those tits, full and bouncy as they are. ;p *
  203. [2019-11-20 21:58:09] <The_Reptile_> Enough that she drops the dragon cock
  204. [2019-11-20 22:00:01] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *reaches around her and takes the dildo in her hand, and starts grinding it against Bev's pussy* Mm~ Good, good~ <3 *she nibbles on Bev's ear, her other hand still groping her full, bouncy tits, tweaking those nipples*
  205. [2019-11-20 22:01:41] <The_Reptile_> Bev: *Whines as she tries to slide that cock into herself* Mmmmmmnnngh~! *She gives a cute moan as her pointed ear gets nibbled. Does Fred grant her wish, or is that desire of more for herself too strong?*
  206. [2019-11-20 22:03:16] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *rolls a mental d10 :P *
  207. [2019-11-20 22:03:57] <The_Reptile_> What's she get? :P
  208. [2019-11-20 22:04:04] <NeonProdigy> *...a 1 :V *
  209. [2019-11-20 22:04:23] <The_Reptile_> Did you actually roll a 1 :V
  210. [2019-11-20 22:04:28] <NeonProdigy> *Yup*
  211. [2019-11-20 22:04:43] <The_Reptile_> Then Bev is going to end up disappointed. :P
  212. [2019-11-20 22:06:48] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *seems for a moment like she'll relent and fuck Bev with that marvelous dragon dong... the tapered tip slides against and slips away from her pussy lips several times... but ultimately, that allure... that /power/ and /lust/ just cannot be denied, and she pulls it away to fill her up with her own tail, pounding it in and out of her furiously as she gives the obscene cock a lick of...
  213. [2019-11-20 22:06:48] <NeonProdigy> ...her own to help get it ready~*
  214. [2019-11-20 22:10:00] <The_Reptile_> Oooooh, there's that tingle again~
  215. [2019-11-20 22:10:31] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Nnnngh... thise /feels/- *She makes a slightly confused dragon noise* D-different? What-?
  216. [2019-11-20 22:12:38] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *moans and adjusts the dick under her so she can ride it, sinking onto that delicious shaft as her tail pumps harder and faster, absolutely plowing away at Bev's twat as her now freed hands can return to those amazing tits, playing with her lewd body as she groans and growls, riding that massive dragon schlong~*
  217. [2019-11-20 22:14:09] <The_Reptile_> Bev: *Looks down and sees-* Bwah! W-w-what are you-! *And then she pauses, as she can feel those tits pressing against her back getting slightly larger :V *
  218. [2019-11-20 22:18:45] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Ohhh fuck~ *she moans out, clawed toes digging into the carpet, the wet, lewd sounds of her riding that dildo growing louder as it fills her up, not just her pussy, but her /body/ with that /draconic essence,/ a low, sexy growl rumbling in her throat as it changes her further. She grabs Bev's nipples and tugs hard on them as her tail keeps thrusting away greedily, speeding up even...
  219. [2019-11-20 22:18:45] <NeonProdigy> ...more, Bev's own pussy juices splattering against the floor as it pulls back fast enough that whatever ends up coating it drips off, only for her to hammer it back into her*
  220. [2019-11-20 22:20:08] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Nnng! Grrr- no you... *And with a surge of power she knocks Fred aside while her own tail grabs the cock Don't!
  221. [2019-11-20 22:21:34] <The_Reptile_> The changes on the Fred are comparatively minimal - more of the scales cover her body, her horns are more severe. She actually has the pointy teeth now. And she sees Bev caressing the dildo... /her/ dildo dammit!
  222. [2019-11-20 22:30:19] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Ah! /Grrrrrr.../ *she rams back into Bev, possibly literally locking horns with her as she grabs for the dildo herself :P *
  223. [2019-11-20 22:31:11] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Grrrrrrrrr it's... mine! *She knocks Fred aside and darts out into the night sky*
  224. [2019-11-20 22:32:37] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Get back here, I WANT it! *she flaps her wings a few times to test them, and takes off after her*
  225. [2019-11-20 22:34:49] <The_Reptile_> It's a bit shaky at first but she takes to the sky after the other dragon! But Bev's sillhouette is already changing, as her hair's grown to her waits and she seems larger... dammit, the thirsty bitch has already stuff it inside herself!
  226. [2019-11-20 22:36:05] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *shocked and offended elfdragon noises! Also /slightly/ impressed! It must be hard to fuck yourself on that thing /and/ fly around! She zooms off after her, roaring*
  227. [2019-11-20 22:37:11] <The_Reptile_> Tackle? :P
  228. [2019-11-20 22:37:47] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *used Tackle!*
  229. [2019-11-20 22:38:45] <The_Reptile_> Fred tackles the red haired doragon, as the sex toy gets knocked out of her! Too distracted to see what's changed about the other dragoness, however, cause there's an airbone dragon schlong to grab for yourself, mwahahahaha~
  230. [2019-11-20 22:39:27] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *makes a grab for it! It probably slips out of her grip once or twice, slick with spit and sex juices as it is, but she eventually gets a solid /grip/ on it~!*
  231. [2019-11-20 22:40:36] <The_Reptile_> A low, sultry yell comes out from behind her. "Give it!" And COUNTER-TACKLE!
  232. [2019-11-20 22:41:13] <The_Reptile_> I'd yell catfight but neither of them are felines so :V
  233. [2019-11-20 22:42:05] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is counter-tackled, the two probably headed groundwards as they fight over the dragon dildo... a shame it's not a double ended one, or this could be a non-issue :V *
  234. [2019-11-20 22:42:27] <The_Reptile_> Oh like either of them would want to share the POWAH!
  235. [2019-11-20 22:42:57] <NeonProdigy> *True :P *
  236. [2019-11-20 22:43:15] <The_Reptile_> The two of your careen towards the gardens. Is there an unsuspecting Meg there, or is this power only gonna be gotten by one of these two crazy bitches? :P
  237. [2019-11-20 22:44:38] <NeonProdigy> *Depends: How much do you want a DRAGON VAMPIRE Meg to be a thing? :P *
  238. [2019-11-20 22:45:25] <The_Reptile_> I think the real question is
  239. [2019-11-20 22:45:34] <The_Reptile_> How much do /you/ want a DRAGON VAMPIRE Meg to be a thing :P
  240. [2019-11-20 22:46:32] <NeonProdigy> *She already has plenty of vampire strongth, she doesn't need DORAGON strongth /too/ :P *
  241. [2019-11-20 22:47:36] <The_Reptile_> What, the idea of those blood red scales framing that fantastic body doesn't get the blood flowin'? ;P
  242. [2019-11-20 22:48:21] <NeonProdigy> *I mean it's /not bad/ but if it's a question of Who Gets Da POWAH then...... :V *
  243. [2019-11-20 22:49:42] <The_Reptile_> But anyway I take it Meg is conveniently absent ;P
  244. [2019-11-20 22:50:06] <NeonProdigy> *We'll go with that, ye. Into the gardens they goooo*
  245. [2019-11-20 22:50:24] <The_Reptile_> Crash
  246. [2019-11-20 22:50:25] <The_Reptile_> Bang
  247. [2019-11-20 22:50:27] <The_Reptile_> Boom
  248. [2019-11-20 22:50:36] <The_Reptile_> Roll a d10 ;P
  249. [2019-11-20 22:51:30] <NeonProdigy> *...2*
  250. [2019-11-20 22:51:42] <The_Reptile_> Hah, 3 :V
  251. [2019-11-20 22:52:05] <The_Reptile_> Fred winds up in a patch of vines and flowers... uggggggh...
  252. [2019-11-20 22:52:12] <The_Reptile_> ... Where's the dildo!?!?!?
  253. [2019-11-20 22:52:35] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: Oof... oh no, where is it...?? *she scrambles to free herself from the vines, tearing through them with her new claws*
  254. [2019-11-20 22:53:06] <The_Reptile_> Thing is, the harder the struggles, the harder the vines... mmmm
  255. [2019-11-20 22:53:11] <The_Reptile_> /Caress/ her body~
  256. [2019-11-20 22:53:42] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *'s sensitive body gets wrapped up in the foliage, practically bound up in them... oh dear...*
  257. [2019-11-20 22:57:40] <The_Reptile_> There's a bit of heavy panting as some footsteps approach the foliage. And up comes what you assume to be Bev... a much much more dragony Bev, legs long and powerful with green scales framing her body, nice plump ass and long, flowing crimson hair. Still on the short side compared to the elf but...
  258. [2019-11-20 22:58:05] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Ha... haaaaa. Hehehe, Venus Fuck Traps. Knew they'd come in handy~! *And she pulls out. The Dildo*
  259. [2019-11-20 22:58:11] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Mine~!
  260. [2019-11-20 22:58:37] <The_Reptile_> Is Fred gonna give one final desperate push to try and get it, or are the vines doing their job way too well for her to muster up the mental power? :P
  261. [2019-11-20 22:59:28] <The_Reptile_> Cause yes, Bev is about to schlick it out right in front of the draco-elf :P
  262. [2019-11-20 23:01:00] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *moans in the grip of those vines, enjoying it too much... plus, there's still a part of her that's chiding her for trying to take what they worked so hard to deliver to Bev in the first place :P Plus it's... kind of /hot,/ watching the woman fuck herself into a full-on dragon~ She pants and shakes her hips, wishing she was a bit more /full/ though~*
  263. [2019-11-20 23:03:16] <The_Reptile_> Speaking of butts! In goes a bud to the ass~
  264. [2019-11-20 23:04:20] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: /Hahhhh~/ *her eyes roll back and her long, sinful tongue hangs out of her open mouth, wiggling her hips as her anus gets violated~* Fuuuuck~ I-I may need, uhn, to get some of these when I s-settle dooown somedaaaay~
  265. [2019-11-20 23:06:22] <The_Reptile_> Bev: *Grins devilishly, as she teases the dildo along her slit. uggggh, even still part of you waaaaants iiiiiiiit...*
  266. [2019-11-20 23:06:57] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *groans and squirms, watching /hungrily/ as Bev teases herself*
  267. [2019-11-20 23:07:54] <The_Reptile_> Just for hahas, give /one/ final d10 roll :P
  268. [2019-11-20 23:08:43] <NeonProdigy> *.....*
  269. [2019-11-20 23:08:49] <NeonProdigy> *....10*
  270. [2019-11-20 23:10:22] <The_Reptile_> Well if her player wants, then Fred is in fact capable of mustering up enough willpower to cast a freezing spell before Bev shoves that beast inside herself. ;P
  271. [2019-11-20 23:10:57] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *remembers that: oh yeah she can cast spells! BLIZZAGA MOTHERFUCKER*
  272. [2019-11-20 23:11:32] <The_Reptile_> Bev: Eh- *Annnd frozen*
  273. [2019-11-20 23:11:34] <The_Reptile_> Deep :V
  274. [2019-11-20 23:12:02] <The_Reptile_> And there goes the dildo, rolling right towards you...
  275. [2019-11-20 23:12:11] <The_Reptile_> The cold also causes the vines to go slack
  276. [2019-11-20 23:16:17] <The_Reptile_> So final choice, claim final victory, or bow out gracefully? :P
  277. [2019-11-20 23:18:56] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *is a little disappointed as the vines seem to go limp on her because of a little cold, but gives off an excited grin as the dildo rolls within her reach, scooping it up with her tail and holding it up excitedly* Ah... it's not really right for me to do this... but gods dammit, this thing is so addicting! *she holds it in her arms, nibbling at her lip, before sighing and taking...
  278. [2019-11-20 23:18:56] <NeonProdigy> ...the dragon dick with her tail and teasing her slit with it herself now* I'm so sorry Bev! You should have just started fucking yourself rather than showing off! *and she slides it into herself, moaning and pressing up against Bev's icebound body, moaning sweetly as her tail pumps it in and out of her cunt, juices drooling out into the garden soil as she moans and grunts erotically*
  279. [2019-11-20 23:20:09] <The_Reptile_> Clarification, Fred's tail is pumping out of Bev? :P
  280. [2019-11-20 23:20:43] <NeonProdigy> *Sorry, her /own/ cunt, she's using her tail to fuck herself with the dildo*
  281. [2019-11-20 23:21:30] <The_Reptile_> Kay
  282. [2019-11-20 23:21:34] <The_Reptile_> In that case!
  283. [2019-11-20 23:23:20] <The_Reptile_> Mmmmmm, /so much magic/ stuffed in this thing, and it's aaaaaaallll flowing into you~! The scales start to cover more of her body, till she's as much scalie as she is fleshy, as the power courses all throughout her, starting from the bottom up as she feels her legs just grow longer and more powerful~
  284. [2019-11-20 23:23:31] <The_Reptile_> How tall is Fred when she's all Freddie? :P
  285. [2019-11-20 23:24:47] <NeonProdigy> *At Full Freddie, I think she was.... I can't remember but I'll say like ~7 foot? Big tol sexy ELPH*
  286. [2019-11-20 23:25:27] <The_Reptile_> Let's make her 8 now. How about her hair? :P
  287. [2019-11-20 23:26:17] <NeonProdigy> *Probably down to her ass so for the transformation...... :P *
  288. [2019-11-20 23:27:52] <The_Reptile_> All the way down to the ground, as it gets some flecks of light blue highlights. And as for the figure, well, she was also already /quite/ buxom and bootylicious, but now she's approaching something resembling absurd. Her knockers are as big as her head!*
  289. [2019-11-20 23:29:13] <The_Reptile_> Does she drain the cock of every last drop? ;P
  290. [2019-11-20 23:31:27] <NeonProdigy> Fredegund: *rubs her tits against Bev's frozen body as her tail makes that dildo /jackhammer/ her own pussy like she's getting /railed hard,/ eyes crossing a little as she pants and moans like a whore, her more draconic feet clenching more fearsomely clawed toes into the soil. Even if she might have wanted to save a bit more for Bev, she can't stop herself from fucking herself and pounding...
  291. [2019-11-20 23:31:27] <NeonProdigy> ...her twat with that massive obscene thing until it's spent, gripping Bev's shoulders and arching her back with a powerful roar as she finally cums herself silly, squirting as she orgasms*
  292. [2019-11-20 23:35:31] |<-- The_Reptile_ has left (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
  293. [2019-11-20 23:35:40] <--| YOU (NeonProdigy) have left #AdultSheol3
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