PSN Jacking Method Leak

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  1. Step 1: Go to live chat:!/contact-us
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Step 2: Fill info, first name can be anything in the email section just put 'i forgot sorry' then put the PSN in.
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Step 3: So once your in Live chat just say you need help recovering your old psn account (feel free to change things up for example before asking, ask them if they are having a good day) They will then ask you for the email, your phone number, 1st and last name. Tell them you have lost the email, don't own a phone and give them a random them. Now they will possibly tell you they cant make modifications to acc because its locked. If they say that just end chat and keep a note that the psn is locked. If it isn't locked they will ask you questions 'What's the PS4 seriel number what you made the account on' you MUST say this: 'i made the account on the website' OR 'my ps3 got yellow light and broke but I believe I made the account on the website!' I personally only say i made it on the website. They will then ask for the STATE/COUNRY the acc was made in. This is the lucky part and a FLAW in the PSN SYSTEM. So EVERY SINGLE TIME for USA accounts I say 'Houston Texas' and for canada I say 'Toronto Canada' Even though the account was NOT made in that state it will allow you through (makes no sense but its a flaw in the system) then they will ask you for purchases made on the account you just say you have made none. They will now ask for you an email to get the psn swapped onto OR tell you the info you have gave them isn't right (if they say that note down the psn IS jackable and try agin tomorrow and change the state to Newyork. The major flaw in their system is the STATE.
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