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  1. Congratulations, GV! You're the latest person to be accepted to WRITE! Please give us a time (even right now) when you're free to be added to the group, and we'll open it up so you can join.
  2. Our application reviewers found your application to be well above average. Your mechanics portion was quite good, earning you 23.5 out of a possible maximum of 33 points over there, where our average for applicants tends to be something like 16-18. On top of that, your open-ended answers were very much in line with the sorts of things we like to see, and demonstrated that you are knowledgeable and/or that you know how to find what knowledge you need—both very important. The review itself wasn't groundbreaking, but we felt a good part of that was probably the awful nature of the story itself. In the future, we’d like to see lengthier, more in-depth reviews, but for the story you were given, we found what you said to be very self-aware and fair—your style was spot on and just the sort that we encourage.
  3. From here on, feel free to review any fic you find under our name (if you so choose), with the author's permission, and to use our logo (found with alternates and links over in this thread).
  5. Be sure to visit this thread and choose your fancy new title. While you're at it, please revisit the Code of Conduct and make sure you know how we do things here.
  7. Also, be sure to indicate your reviewing preferences to us so you can be added to the assignment roster. Just complete the following form and PM it to me.
  9. My Strength (editing, storycraft, plot, characters, etc):
  10. My Genre Preferences (+ for you like it, - for you dislike it, blank for you'll generally read it, and feel free to indicate a strong like or dislike. Also feel free to add in specific details we should be aware of)
  11. Clop:
  12. Gore:
  13. Romance:
  14. Comedy:
  15. Random:
  16. Sad:
  17. Tragedy:
  18. Dark:
  19. Crossover:
  20. Adventure:
  21. Slice of Life:
  22. Alt Univ:
  23. HiE/BiE (that's human/brony in equestria fics):
  24. Anthro:
  26. As a final note, it's worth saying that WRITE has two Skype groups. One is for general chat and just hanging out with other members and friends of ours (almost invariably) from the site, and the other is more devoted to the group itself, with possibilities of discussing fics and reviews and such. If you have a Skype account, would you be at all interested in joining either/both?
  28. Congratulations again, and welcome to the team! We're looking forward to having you around.
  29. ~The Administration Team
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