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  1. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Yatogari Clan: This character is a member of the Yatogari Clan. Their line of people produce eager samurais, those who follow the code of the Bushido. The Yatogari Clan is filled with eccentric swordsmen, who speak in the same format as the Edo Period Samurais once did.
  3. (Add +1 to Tier of Katana Proficiency)
  4. (Roll D6. Add the calculation to Damage Calculation of a Successful Hit.) A Tier 1 perk.
  5. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Enhanced Sight: This character can spot a hidden enemy so long as they are in their field of vision, and they make a move, so long as there isn't solid cover in between the two such as a wall. A Tier 2 perk.
  6. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Sixth Sense: This character is an amazing sensor. They can sense with no effort at all, and it comes completely natural to them. They gain full benefits of sensing as someone who is focusing is, without the need to focus. A Tier 3 perk.
  7. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Attack Speed 3: This character's attacking speed has now reached the point at which their limbs are difficult to follow with the naked eye, making each attack appear to blur. Not only can they completely alter the direction of any physical attack at will, they're capable of switching between attacks multiple times in a short space of time making it that much harder to follow. A Tier 3 perk.
  8. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Super Strength: This person's level of strength is nigh on unbelievable. They are able to induce a great bit of knockback with each and every blow, causing their enemies to be thrown off balance with their strikes. A Tier 3 perk.
  9. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Lightning Reflex: This character's reaction speed is impeccable. They can contend with a gate user within the first four gates and dodge a number of their strikes. They can dodge large projectiles at close range, though they are incapable of dodging consecutive weapons; and fighting a gate user of the fifth gate forces them to block a number of strikes, as dodging becomes harder consecutively. A Tier 3 perk.
  10. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Enhanced Stamina: This character has a deal more stamina than one with the stamina perk. They are able to last for quite a long time in battle without running low on steam. A Tier 2 perk.
  11. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Studious 2: This individual has, through trial and error, become a learned mind head and shoulders above those around them. Sleepless nights and arduous journeys has granted them an insight into the world that few possess - a powerful tool in its own right. A Tier 2 perk.
  12. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Prodigy: This character is a prodigy and has increased learning skills. A Tier 1 perk.
  13. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Shikki Clan: This character is apart of the Shikki Clan. They are able to transform into one weapon of their choosing and are able to diverge into becoming a Rinki or a Shinki upon their evolution call at C+. A Tier 1 perk.
  14. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Super Body: This character's body is a work of art. They have increased their physical defense to a point that is just short of the Defense granted by Domu, though it doesn't offer up much Defense against jutsu. A Tier 3 perk.
  15. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Adrenaline Focus 3: This character's focus is downright amazing. They completely block out the world around them, focusing on their target. They rarely lose their target, and they never lose their target without some kind of item, jutsu, or distraction that interferes. Their aim is deadly, as they hone in with such focus, that their target is all they can see. Anything not in front of the character, in-between them and their target, does not exist. Therefore, while they are oblivious to any other dangers, their target is at their mercy.
  17. (If used on a target, select a person. The user's Reflex and Attack Speed will increase by +10 during combat against that target only. This boost does not apply to any others involved in the fight regardless of Transitionist. Designation of a target may only be done once per turn.)
  18. (If this effect is in play, the user's Reflex to all others around them, is lowered by 5 Points.) A Tier 3 perk.
  19. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Massive Essence: This character's essence pools are impressive. An untrained student with massive essence has the reserves of a fully trained Genin, and a trained student will have the reserves to rival a fresh chuunin character. Massive Essence ups the reserve of the character to that of a trained character exactly one rank up, and if the character is trained, then it ups their reserves to two ranks up, however not trained. A Tier 2 perk.
  20. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Enhanced Speed: This character's speed is beyond amazing. They are able to outrun some of the quickest shinobi, though, they suffer from tunnel vision at high speeds. A Tier 2 perk.
  21. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Extraordinary Hearing: This character's ears are tuned in to hear the slightest movements without focus. When focusing, this character can hear another character breathing in close proximity to them. A Tier 2 perk.
  22. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Dual Wielding Sword Art: This character is proficient with dual wielding average sized swords. They remove the dangers of the weapons from themselves, and can utilize off-handed weapons efficiently, even in conjunction with a regular sword. A Tier 2 perk.
  23. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Katana Proficiency 4: This character's ability with a katana is frightening. They are on the precipice of utilizing Iaido on a masterful scale, and they can handle small platoons of soldiers with relative ease. Their strikes threaten to bifurcate opponents just from the power of the swing, as well as the cut's termination. Their attacks are blurred flashes of metal, seeking only to rend their opponent and remove them of their mortal coil.
  25. (Lower Damage Dealt to the User's Blade by 40 Points) A Tier 4 perk.
  26. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Expert Marksman: The user has invested some time into the training of their skill with weapons, now being able to throw up to three weapons at once with clearer accuracy. They're able to create a cluster of sorts when it comes to throwing multiple weapons, but they still suffer from a lack of precision in such cases. When throwing a single weapon such as a senbon or kunai, they can pinpoint a spot and generally hit it with considerable accuracy, especially on a still target.
  28. (Add +6 to Damage Calculation of a Thrown Projectile)
  29. (Speed of User's Projectiles increase by 6) A Tier 2 perk.
  30. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Enhanced Smell: This individual's olfaction is a remarkable thing indeed. Hormones and pheromones are now distinct smells to their nose, and their sensitivity is such that they can easily pick up on odors that would otherwise elude the average human - such as that of blood. Masking one's scent from this person would now require trained medical assistance. A Tier 2 perk.
  31. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Knife Spinner: This warrior has attained a certain strong degree of competence in knife handling. They are aware of the various ways to throw knives at different angles, and how the spin of a knife tossed by handle or blade effects it's arc of movement. They can thusly accurately throw several small knives in consecutive order. A Tier 2 perk.
  32. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Wanderer of the North: This character has furthered their skills in taekwondo by incorporating philosophical traditions into their training. Their kicking has increased in speed and their ability to cause destructive damage to enemies has increased exponentially. Quick flurries of rapidized leg motions can be executed at this level with fair ease. They are also able to use the basics of hapkido, meaning engaging with their fists is a welcome challenge to the stereotyped kicker. A Tier 2 perk.
  33. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Solid Feet: The character with solid feet has a great deal of balance, and has a hard time being knocked down.
  35. (Is not affected by jutsu that knock down the user. Can resist Mud Flow River effects by craterizing ground beneath them in an effort to stabilize self.)
  36. (Does not work against Judoka above T2.) A Tier 2 perk.
  37. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Midair Combat 2: This character has trained further in the art of mid-air combat. By channeling their essence, the user is able to actually shift their body left and right, changing the direction of their movement freely. They can accelerate in the air, decelerate, and change their direction on a horizontal plane. They can move up to five tiles in the air. A Tier 2 perk.
  38. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Transitionist: The transitionist is capable of quickly switching between their techniques. They suffer no delay when switching between targets for the sake of jutsu usage, allowing for them to transition from target to target, and from jutsu to jutsu with ease. A Tier 2 perk.
  39. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Toe Fighter: The Toe Fighter fights on his toes, keeping agile and quick in his battle. They focus on quick strikes with less power, and is capable of laying numerous hits on his opponents. He is notably more fragile in combat, and is much more susceptible to knockdowns.
  41. (Each turn, the user is able to sacrifice Durability/Spirit Defense by Skill Rank Points, to increase their Reflex and Speed by Skill Rank Point)
  42. (D-Rank = 2 Points. Each Rank afterwards is +2 per. A is 10 Points. S is 15 Points.) A Tier 2 perk.
  43. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated BFSW Adept: This character has furthered their skill in BFSW, and can now swing a BFSW akin to a katana. The heavy weight of the BFSW no longer affects them as much. Their swings are heavy, as well as quick. A Tier 2 perk.
  44. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Flexibility: This character can adjust to a number of fighting styles with ease. If it a fighting style they've not seen before, they can likely adjust to it quickly, and are capable of combatting the moves of the style so long as they've seen it at least twice.
  46. (If the user has fought a style once, their Reflex/Attack Speed against them is increased by 5 Points)
  47. (If the user has fought a style of combat twice, their Reflex / Attack Speed against them is increased by 10)
  48. (After 5 rounds of combat against an opponent, the user gains 5 Reflex against them, predicting their moves, stacking on their sparring experience) A Tier 2 perk.
  49. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Notecharmer: Notes have become a past time as this character has moved onto creating tunes and melodies capable of dealing lasting effects on targets. They have become accustomed to their sound enough to charm targets and possibly put them in a trance, or cause internal bleeding by creating an overwhelming amount of sound in a small area. By training in this method, this character has gotten used to the sound themselves, coming up with different ways to prevent it from affecting them and possibly their allies as well. A Tier 2 perk.
  50. Yatogari, Tsukime just activated Ironbreeder: Fittingly attuned to the metallic sheen within, this character has pursued the development of their skills with their Steel Kekkei Genkai. Beyond steeling themselves or bolstering their weapons, this character has also taken to making more offensive uses out of their element as well. Between launching projectiles made of steel or forming a steeled weapon with the proper training, this character has become proficient enough to be considered skilled. A Tier 2 perk.
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