The Quest Of REG: Player Sheets

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  2. >Nano-Mesh Clothing (Armor Traits: 1/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Custom-Fit, Lightweight, Nano-Technology, Offworlder-Forged, Unique): This light armor is actually a nanoweave embedded standard camo clothing to provide maximum mobility while also providing a modicum of protection. Upon being struck, the weave reacts via localized hardening to dampen or deflect the force of the blow. The nano-mesh also contains a light distortion technology that helps Jim 'blend' in with static back rounds as long as he doesn't move too fast.
  3. -Armor Value: 1DR from feet to neck.
  4. -Armor Class: Light, Full Body.
  5. -Lightened Armor Class: adds +1 to all Sprint and Evasion rolls.
  6. -Utility Modification: adds +1 to all non-combat and in-combat Stealth rolls, and converts all rolls to Auto-Stealthy so long as Jim does does not utilize Block/Evade/Reaction Speed/Sprint. Takes 1 turn to acclimate to a new environment.
  8. >Offworlder Tacti-Goggles (Armor Traits: 1/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Custom-Fit, Offworlder-Forged, Unarmored, Unique): A pair of Tacti-Goggles well-beloved by Offworlders the galaxy over. This pattern features Night-vision capabilities as well as a minor zoom function, but only one function can be utilized per turn.
  9. -Modification #1: grants a single [1d6+3] <NVG function.
  10. -Modification #2: grants a single [1d6+4] <Zoom Sight.
  11. -Modification #3: Heads Up Automated Display, grants +1 to all Ranged rolls when in use by utilizing a minor visual tracking-based A.I. capable of focusing upon a selected target within 200m.
  14. *****
  16. Tri-Blade Vibroknife (Weapon Traits: 0/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Offworlder-Forged, Personal, Unique): while appearing to be an ordinary knife on the outside, it actually has a set of three thin blades that mesh to give off the appearance of being a single blade. A servo in the hilt synchronizes the blades and rapidly pushes them back and forth, giving off the look that the knife is 'vibrating'. While done with other weapons, this pattern is intended for combat; rather than a neat set piece or potentially being used to hack whatever is on hand for a vid on the Galactic Holo Net™ (GHN™ is in no way owned by the scribe writing this synopsis).
  17. -Melee Weapon Class: Light One-Handed.
  18. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls
  19. -Armor Pierce 2: ignores 2DR on a successful hit.
  20. -Utility Enchantmarent: Ice Elemarental Cooling, prevents the Vibroblade from overheating and extends the service of the blades by several hundred times.
  23. *****
  25. AKM-47: (Weapon Traits: Personal): a modern revision of the classic AK-47 improves on its predecessor in weight reduction, accuracy, and a wider range of modifications. It's Outerworldy origins are subtle, but noticeable. Of course, one can guess the AK platform transcends numerous dimensions!
  26. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Combat Rifle rolls.
  27. -Ammunition: 7.62x39mm.
  28. -Magazine Capacity: 30/30 rounds. 5 Standard steel magazines.
  29. -Maximum Optimal Range: 400M with a -1 penalty per 200M beyond this range
  30. -Maximum Effective Range: 1,000M.
  31. -Attachment #1: GP-34 Grenade Launcher
  32. -Ammunition: 40mm caseless grenades
  33. -Magazine Capacity: 1 round, single-shot.
  34. -Maximum Optimal Range: 200M with a -1 penalty per 50M beyond this range.
  35. -Maximum Effective Range: 400M
  36. -DAMAGE: causes an additional +4 damage per roll.
  37. -RADIUS: 5M.
  38. -ADDITIONAL EFFECTS: inflicts Shock on a max critical.
  41. *****
  42. -EXPLOSIVES: 3x GP-34 Frag, 3x GP-34 High Explosive, 3x GP-34 Smoke
  45. *****
  47. -Pacifist Signet of Snootdia: a circular pendant etched with a pony in a (possibly impossible) crossed back legged Lotus meditation position, visibly appealing to... who knows what, exactly. While out of combat, Jim must roll [1d6] <Regeneration until fully healed, however this enchantmarent does NOT treat or cure afflictions.
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