Spear Hero #006 - Pitfall

Nov 18th, 2014
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  1. *************************************************
  2. 【Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi】
  4. 『Chapter 6 / 415 - Pitfall』
  5. === Loop 4 - Schild Welt Arc ===
  6. *************************************************
  8. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. TLNOTE:
  10. Reminder #1, pure-fumi's word selection is gentle and very considerate. Imagine kind male kindergarten teacher, you got pure-fumi. It apply to previous loop.
  11. Reminder #2, Motoyasu is insane. Sometimes he use "watashi", "jibun", refer himself in 3rd person like Firo, use noble and gentleman word, next time swearing curse, etc.
  12. No matter how insane Motoyasu is, he only speak truth and he never lie in every loop. If he speak bizarre thing, expect Naofumi really done that, he make it sounds horrible (without malice), mistaken the situation, or everything.
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Editors note:
  16. original translator SILVERTONGUE00 (
  18. edited only for better grammar with no consideration to actual japanese source (since I don't understand japanese)
  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. I'm thinking.
  22. First thing I should do is arrange things which should be done.
  24. I want to see Firo-tan.
  25. I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see。 I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see。 I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see。 I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see I want to see。
  27. "Excuse me, are you okay?" (Naofumi)
  28. "Yes? What?" (Motoyasu)
  30. Dear father's voice returns me to reality.
  32. "You keep spacing out and it bothers me. ……Look, everyone already left." (Naofumi)
  33. "Thank you. We should go as well." (Motoyasu)
  34. "Yep." (Naofumi)
  36. He walks behind me when we go to throne.
  37. Now, return to my to-do-list.
  38. First loop happened when one of the Four Divine Heroes died, me.
  39. Then I want to meet Firo-tan again.
  41. When I saved dear father from rape accusation, I really thought he could live his life to the fullest and let him go to Schild Welt.
  42. Because my goal is to become Firo-tan's master.
  43. However, loop happened before I could be her master.
  44. The loop happened because he died during his journey to Schild Welt.
  46. It's necessary to prevent him from dying.
  47. Even if I become her master, it'll be meaningless if time keeps looping.
  48. What should I do?
  50. "Hey……" (Naofumi)
  52. Dear father pokes me with his elbow.
  53. I didn't know what happened because I was immersed in my deep thought.
  55. "Eh? Something wrong?" (Motoyasu)
  56. "Your turn, self introduction." (Naofumi)
  57. "My name Motoyasu Kitamura, age――" (Motoyasu)
  59. Same conversation.
  60. 'It' will happen once again.
  61. ……when I say 'it', I mean Trash will feign forgetfulness and didn't mention dear father's name.
  64. "Wha!?" (Trash)
  66. Dear father startled at my sudden yelling.
  68. "Dear father!?" (Naofumi)
  70. I will explain it later.
  72. "Come with me dear father. We should leave this place right now." (Motoyasu)
  74. They will frame him again if he stays here.
  75. Me, this Motoyasu don't want to see his suffering face anymore.
  77. "Dear father you said, you mean me?" (Naofumi)
  78. "That's right." (Motoyasu)
  79. "Why? And please explain why you got angry out of nowhere." (Naofumi)
  80. "I will. I came from future." (Motoyasu)
  81. "Eh!?" (Itsuki)
  82. "I wondered what would you say, but this……" (Ren)
  84. Ren and Itsuki mutter something in exasperated way.
  85. Seems like Ren and Itsuki will never believe me no matter what I say.
  86. Both of you should be aware that VRMMO and ESP doesn't make any sense to me and stop thinking that I spit bullshit.
  88. "From the future? That's unbelievable" (Naofumi)
  89. "Let me proof it. This country, Melromarc hates you the Shield Hero and those people are conspiring to persecute you! If you stay here they will frame you and…… you will experience very painful things." (Motoyasu)
  91. I try to convince him desperately.
  92. History will repeat if he stays here.
  93. He should never experience that cruel thing again.
  95. "They framing you will happen in this timeline too, I'm telling you that I'm in a loop!" (Motoyasu)
  97. I change my spear to Dragon Clock's Extension.
  99. "Please tell me. ……Is that true you plan to frame me?" (Naofumi)
  101. Dear father moves his gaze to Trash and ask him.
  102. Trash regains his calm, makes a friendly face and replys calmly.
  104. "What should I say…… that is unthinkable. Our country never is discriminating heroes and always treats heroes as special existence. Spear Hero-dono, please calm down. Your memory is in disarray because of the summoning aftereffect." (Trash)
  105. "……i see." (Ren)
  106. "Maybe that's what happened to him." (Itsuki)
  107. "Motoyasu, seems like you're mistaken." (Naofumi)
  109. Dear father, of all people, did not believe in me.
  111. "I'm not lying." (Motoyasu)
  112. "Hmm…… We shall talk about this again after Spear Hero regains his calm." (Trash)
  114. Everyone accepted Trash's proposal.
  115. Fortunately, all heroes still not believe in him completely.
  116. Think logically, even between 4 heroes here we don't know each other's true character because we just met. Except me.
  117. I'll find a chance where I can convince them to believe in me.
  119. "For what reason did you bring us here……" (Itsuki)
  120. "He took us to this place to explain everything." (Naofumi)
  121. "I will explain everything to you." (Motoyasu)
  122. "'kay, okay." (Ren)
  123. "First, Ren-kun came from japan where VRMMO exist. Itsuki-kun…… I remember! You are summoned from japan where ESP exist." (Motoyasu)
  124. "My world?" (Naofumi)
  126. Huh? Now he ask about it, what is dear father's world distinctive characteristic?
  128. "I don't know. Ren-kun and Itsuki-kun's japan is quite unique, probably a normal japan like mine." (Motoyasu)
  130. At least his world isn't much different from my world.
  131. Ren makes an sigh and exasperated expression.
  133. "Hee~, Ren, is that VRMMO really existing in your place?" (Naofumi)
  134. "Now you ask obvious things. There's no need to explain general knowledge like that." (Ren)
  135. "Tell me again!?" (Naofumi)
  136. "Haaa!?" (Itsuki)
  138. Dear father and Itsuki show their disbelief at Ren's word.
  139. First time I heard that I made the same expression you know.
  141. "No way that thing exists!"(Naofumi)
  142. "I Agree, no such thing like that." (Itsuki)
  143. "T-then Itsuki, your world's ESP is?" (Naofumi)
  144. "Do you mean extra-ability? Some people can use it." (Itsuki)
  145. "There's nothing like that!" (Naofumi)
  146. "No way!" (Ren)
  147. "O-our heroes, please calm down!" (Trash's Aide / Melromarc's Minister)
  149. Trash and his aide intervene us.
  151. "Hmmm…… Motoyasu's word is credible to a certain extent." (Naofumi) (editors note: Ren?)
  152. "About I'm being framed?" (Naofumi)
  153. "Yes. Your comrade will accuse you off raping her after taking everything you have while you sleep." (Motoyasu)
  154. "……seriously?" (Naofumi)
  156. I give him a nod.
  157. His face becomes pale and look at Trash.
  159. "Buー!" (Red Pig)
  161.  Suddenly…… A well dressed Red Pig came out from behind the throne.
  162. This never happened before.
  164. "Bubububuー, bubu? Bububububu." (Red Pig)
  165. "I-I see……" (Melromarc's Minister)
  166. "T-thank you for your generousity." (Naofumi)
  167. "Bububububububu." (Red Pig)
  169. Dear father bows his head and shows his gratitude.
  170. Red Pig…… There's no doubt, it's her.
  172. "She is the one who frames you!" (Motoyasu)
  174. When I point my finger to Red Pig she makes teary eyes and hold her hand on chest while barking something incomprehensible.
  176. "Say what you want but I don't understand anything you said." (Motoyasu)
  177. "Eh? Motoyasu, you don't understand her word?" (Naofumi)
  178. "I only hear pig barking over there, dear father. Please tell me what that pig said." (Motoyasu)
  179. "Pig…… For now, could you stop calling me dear father? Ehem, she said: 'It seems like Spear Hero-sama possess precognition ability. To prevent that future, our country will use everything we have to backup Shield Hero-sama'" (Naofumi)
  181. That Red Pig is fucking Witch!
  182. I don't even want to think about that pig!
  184. "Bubububububu" (Red Pig)
  185. "What? I see, alright…… I understand." (Naofumi)
  186. "Maybe that's for the best." (Naofumi)
  187. "What did that pig say?" (Motoyasu)
  189. I put my power in the spear and am ready for a fight that might start any time.
  190. However…… This situation is very disadvantageous.
  191. The Heroes other than me are still level 1. If I fight here they will die.
  193. "To prevent me being persecuted, they will send me to Schild Welt where the Shield Hero is hold in high regard." (Naofumi)
  195. Hemm…… Their attitude completely changed.
  196. What's with this sudden change of mind?
  198. "She is a good princess. Compared to her, Motoyasu-san should calm down and learn to be an adult. I believe you have precognition ability but it's accuracy is very bad." (Itsuki)
  199. "ESP exists in Itsuki's world. Now I understand…… Motoyasu is one of those esper." (Naofumi)
  200. "Perhaps his ability is future calculation. Many unstable persons have this ability. Most time it hits the mark, but there's time where it is wrong." (Itsuki)
  202. Dear father agreed with Itsuki's analysis arbitrarily.
  204. "I'm not lying!" (Motoyasu)
  205. "Calm down Motoyasu. I'm not doubting you, please put down your spear." (Naofumi)
  207. Urgh…… Because he asks me I will lower my spear.
  208. I keep my guard though and put down my spear.
  210. "Anyway, first thing we should do is familiarize ourselves to this world." (Ren)
  211. "Even if you say that…… I will leave this country soon." (Naofumi)
  213. Dear father looks exhausted.
  215. "Bubububububububu." (Red Pig)
  217. After that Red Pig start barking nonsense 'oink oink'. Looks like she explaining something.
  218. Apparently she barking about status magic.
  220. "Excuse me, what should I do to see that?" (Naofumi)
  221. "What's wrong with all of you, didn't you notice that when you summoned to this world?" (Ren)
  223. Ren makes a prideful face and begins his explanation.
  225. "Don't you see some kind of icon in the corner your field of vision? Please concentrate on that." (Motoyasu)
  227. I interrupt him and explain it before he do.
  228. I ignore Ren's dumbfounded expression, then dear father and Itsuki are checking their status.
  230. "Level 1…… This is makes me anxious." (Naofumi)
  231. "But hey, what is this?" (Ren)
  232. "Bubububububububububuuuuuubuhi" (Red Pig)
  234. This Red Pig! I can't understand what are you saying!
  235. Speak human words!
  237. "Is that so?" (Itsuki)
  238. "So then, what should we do now? Our current situation seems rather troubling." (Naofumi)
  239. "Bububububububububububu." (Red Pig)
  240. "Reinforcing? Does that mean our starting weapon isn't strong enough?" (Ren)
  241. "Yes. summoned hero's legendary weapons have different methods of reinforcement. By doing so they can become very powerful." (Melromarc's Minister)
  243. Apparently…… This time it's about reinforcement method.
  244. However, there is a secret in reinforcing.
  245. It can only show its effect if they trust in me, I will only teach it to dear father.
  247. "You kept saying legendary weapon, but all I got is a shield. Is this okay if I use sword?" (Naofumi)
  249. Now's the time! This is the main subject, if I speak here I can gain his trust!
  250. Itsuki's crap ESP talk made them believe I had low accuracy precognition and that's very troublesome.
  252. "Unfortunately, legendary weapon wielders can't equip another weapon." (Motoyasu)
  253. "Geh!? Are you sure? But if Motoyasu says soo……" (Naofumi)
  254. "Yes, so…… Dear father should rely on comrades." (Motoyasu)
  255. "It means that we will go to together as a party?" (Naofumi)
  256. "We can't do that." (Motoyasu)
  257. "Eh?" (Naofumi)
  258. "Legendary weapons will reject each other and interfer with the growth. But we can share the material for unlocking the weapon." (Motoyasu)
  259. "That's quite inconvenient…… But if Motoyasu says sooー……" (Naofumi)
  260. "You have it hard. The only thing he does is denying others…… Is he really okay?" (Itsuki)
  262. [TLNOTE: Naofumi talk to Motoyasu like a parent / older people talk to children. e.g: "I see, I see. good boy." *pat pat*, "Wow you got it right. That's ma' boy." *pat pat*]
  264. Then, dear father keeps asking Red Pig for confirmation whenever I explain something.
  265. I got a feeling that I haven't earned his trust yet.
  266. At this rate, it will be dangerous for me. I got this instinct after the long time I spent with philorial-sama running in the wild.
  268. "It seems you say the truth. Which mean, when it comes to find comrades I should do it in Schild Welt……" (Naofumi)
  269. "This country is dangerous from my standpoint. That is a good decision." (Motoyasu)
  270. "Bububububuhi!" (Red Pig)
  271. "O-okay, I understand. Well, Motoyasu." (Naofumi)
  272. "Yes?" (Motoyasu)
  274. Dear father is getting embarassed whenever Red Pig approach him so he starts talking to me.
  276. "Even at this time, they were preparing a wagon for tomorrow's trip to Schild Welt. They said they want us to take a rest for now." (Naofumi)
  277. "And it seems they're in the middle of arrangements for our comrades as well."
  278. "Urgh……"
  280. I will go with the flow for now.
  281. Just in case something happens…… I won't hesitate to kill everyone who impede me.
  283. "Okay, I'll do that." (Motoyasu)
  284. "Please follow them, they will guide to your own room." (Melromarc's Minister)
  286. What? Hadn't they always give us same room……?
  287. They must be planning something if they separate our room.
  289. "I will never leave dear father's side." (Motoyasu)
  290. "Wait, for mercy's sake please don't follow me, please? Somehow, the thought of you attacking me is scaring me……" (Naofumi)
  292. Dear father makes a frightened face that is as clear as a sunny day.
  293. Did I say something strange?
  294. Maybe that, about over-familiar he said in previous loop.
  295. Think about it, this dear father just met me few hours ago.
  296. This is not about trust or distrust.
  298. "I will hear your story later, okay?" (Naofumi)
  300. ……if that is his order, it can't be helped.
  301. It'll be okay if I rush to him if something happens.
  303. "I understand. Best compromise I can make is my room is right beside yours." (Motoyasu)
  304. "U-understood. We will prepare it." (Trash)
  306. Thus it's decided, my room is right behind dear father's.
  307. The sun set…… To make sure I can rush over when something happened I keep mye ears open from inside my room. Soldiers came when nights come close.
  309. "Spear Hero-sama, your dinner." (Soldier)
  311. Yeah! Now's the time to talk to dear father.
  312. Dear father has a lot of things to do if he wants to get stronger, teaching him over and over is beyond my wildest dreams.
  313. But I must save his life first.
  314. Few soldiers patiently wait for me to open the door.
  316. "The other heroes already went to dinner. We really hope Spear Hero will not make other people waiting." (Soldier)
  317. "I'll go right now." (Motoyasu)
  319. I hurriedly run toward the dining room.
  321. "Ah! Please wait!" (Soldier)
  322. "Anything else?" (Motoyasu)
  323. "That's not where we prepared your dinner. Please come with us." (Soldier)
  325. Oh my? They changed the dining room too?
  326. I stop my feet and turn around.
  328. "Show me the way." (Motoyasu)
  330. Sometimes I played in this castle before the loop happened and I'm quite familiar with this castle's interior.
  331. Actually I don't need any guide, telling me where we dine is more than enough.
  333. "This way." (Soldier)
  335. The soldiers didn't say anything after that.
  336. Bah…… Their attitude is very annoying.
  337. The soldiers take me to castle hall. Man, now we're in front of the castle gate.
  339. "Please wait here for a while." (Soldier)
  340. "Where's dear father?" (Motoyasu)
  341. "*inhale*……" (Soldier)
  343. Hm? Something feels off and I instinctively ready my spear right away, I feel my body floating.
  344. Then I notice the floor below me is now a hole, I fell.
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