Dark Goddess

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  1. Anon’s feet yelled at him as he plodded along the uneven slabs of cracked concrete that made up Barley Avenue’s sidewalk, painted golden red by the now setting sun. Another long day at the Knotfaecatal Box Company had come to an end. The throbbing spreading up his calves urging him to stop but Anon paid no mind to it. He enjoyed these slow leisurely walks back home. A sense of completion warmed him and the promise of sweet satisfaction that came from relaxing those sore muscles on his comfy sofa carried him forward. He relaxed letting his mind drain of all thoughts and cares as he weaved to and fro through the churning river of people moving past in a hurry to get on with their lives, darkened figures blurring in to one another devoid of warmth and compassion. He started to feel a bit odd, but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. He hoped he wasn’t coming down with something. Arriving at a street corner he came to a stop and waited for the light to turn.
  3. The feeling was now growing… into a tingling sensation only he couldn’t place where it was coming from. It was in some vague place deep down inside him, in his core. Gods was he having a stroke or something? The tingling grew and grew. As it did he noticed it seemed to be focused on his right side. Anon looked down at himself patting and feeling, trying to find or connect with the source of the tingling. It was then his eye snared on a patch of brown skin next to him.
  5. It was right between a glossy black high-heeled knee-high leather boot that clung tight to a shapely calve and a gray skirt that ended just far enough above the knee to tease her soft mocha thighs. Curving his eyes up, her skirt hugged close to her legs showing off their thickness as they transitioned into her womanly hips and gorgeous ass. A cream colored sweater muffled her lithe waist but could not dream of hiding her tremendous breasts, straining against her otherwise loose fitting garment. Out of it returned that luscious smooth chocolate skin that seemed to invite you to taste it with your eyes. A feminine jaw laid the foundation for a pair of big beautiful lips the same color as her sweater. Those lips… without thought anon turned towards the woman. As he did the immense tingling suddenly swept around to his front. Looking down for a moment, astonished, he returned his gaze back to the source of the feeling. Sweeping his eyes back up the woman once more a warm need filled him. A new tingling sensation began at the back of his balls, a slight swell beginning. Looking up now, upon her face which was pointed across the street, his mouth almost dropped open. She possessed a beauty not of this world. A sudden twitch of her pointed… ear… she turned to him noticing his burning gaze, red eyes locking tight to his own. A blank expression soon melted into a warm, sweet smile. An angelic expression framed with long lavish blue hair and crowned with thick lilac colored… horns?
  7. ‘Oh Gods!’ Anon’s mind shrieked. She was a demon, a succubus, her tail and wings hidden under her clothes most likely. Anon’s heart was now revving up. His crotch began to grow uncomfortable as his member swelled even more now, the tingling a touch deeper now. His face flushed bright red. ‘Shit! She must’ve cast some charm on me!’ Anon panicked. As the people around them started off on the crosswalk Anon dashed across the street ignoring the complaints from his already sore legs as the tingling at his back urged him faster and faster.
  9. Closing the apartment door behind Anon with a huff he walked over to the kitchen counter and set his bag down breathing heavily. He hadn’t felt that tingling feeling for at least a few blocks but that didn’t stop him from running with whatever energy he had left in him. Wasting no time he made a bee-line into the bedroom then bathroom. He was eager for a cold shower to wash off the day and more importantly clear his mind of these thoughts he had much trouble shaking.
  11. A shock of cold water hit Anon’s face. Sweeping his hair back he let the sensation push all thoughts from his head. He winced as the freezing water ran down his back and stomach, reaching down to his groin causing his balls to shrivel. This was just what he needed, to cool his head and start the evening off fresh.
  13. Milking out the last bit of shampoo from the bottle Anon set to work lathering. Running his fingers through his hair, massaging, feeling that soft blue hair twirling around his fingers digging deeper into her lovely locks- He shook his head whipping suds all over the stall. Plunging his head back into the cold, rinsing his hair out Anon once again purged her image. Picking up the soap he began scrubbing his face vigorously. Working down around the neck, across his shoulders switching hands, down his arms switching back, across his chest… chest… those tremendous breasts, working down around her petit waist, down the side like a wave cresting over those wide hips, reaching back to dig in to that big juicy ass, running down her thigh, circling around to her silky inner thigh creeping up slowly, up, up, closer and closer to her warm, wet, throb-
  15. “Damn it!” He snarled through clenched teeth slapping himself across the face.
  17. ‘Come on! What the hell is wrong with you?’ Anon thought, knocking his head against the wall, chastising himself as cold water ran down his back.
  19. Finally relenting he shut off the freezing shower and stepped out. Grabbing the towel off the counter Anon proceeded to dry himself. He opened the door, naked save for the towel wrapped around his head as he worked the excess water out of his hair. He made for the dresser across the room for something clean to wear. About half way there he stopped, freezing in place. He could feel it, that same tingle deep down. But that’s impossible. There’s no way she could’ve followed him here. Was it his mind playing tricks on him again? Anon gradually pulled the towel off his head, turning ever so slowly towards that tingle. His jaw went slack and his eyes cranked open as wide as they could go. There, standing in front of his doorway was that very same woman, one hand perched on her generously wide hip, not a thread of clothing on her.
  21. “Hi~” She purred.
  23. Down and up, up and down his eyes flailed across her nubile form his mind desperately trying to comprehend the sight he was beholding. Bits of her well rounded body flitted through his head round and round he didn’t know for how long. From her still figure suddenly movement catches his eye. Just to her left side something pokes out from behind her waist. As more of it comes into view he notice its lilac colored spade shaped head sitting upon a thin long body. It gently sways out then back behind her again only to appear on her right side. Back and forth, slowly undulating like a snake.
  25. Anon snapped out of his trance, his face contorted in horror. He dropped the towel backing away from her as quickly as he could, not letting her out of his sight. Suddenly his leg hit the back of the bed followed quickly by the other as he desperately tried to keep his balance flinging his arms outwards. It was to no avail, his back bounced against the mattress as he brought his arms back to prop himself up.
  27. “Mmmm, my thoughts exactly.” She cooed taking one step towards him, then another.
  29. He scrambled across the bed putting whatever distance he could between us. His head connected hard with the headboard
  31. Taking that as her cue she leapt into the air, a pair of lilac bat-like wings shot out from behind her and with a mighty flap they propelled her towards him at a speed he could barely keep up with.
  33. “Ahhh!” He screamed, instinctually crossing his arms in front of himself to protect him. Those same arms were flung back, too fast for him to possibly understand, he felt a firm grip take hold of each of his wrists as his hips settled deeper into the mattress, weighed down on either side by the succubus now on her knees, straddling him. Raising his legs to try and get a footing, he felt something touch the back of his knees. Suddenly his legs clapped together as what he now assumed was her tail coiled around them, forcing them down against the bed with surprising strength for such a thin tail. He writhed and squirmed under her trying to throw her off him, work an arm or leg loose, shift his position, anything. But her hands held tight to his wrists, legs wrapped snuggly in her tail and her legs clamped firm to his sides as he futilely struggled for his freedom. She didn’t budge. After a few minutes he sagged back into the soft pillows defeated, panting heavily, his muscles burned.
  35. Anon cursed himself for being so stupid. Falling back onto the bed like that? Gods he had practically served himself on a platter for this monster. But what could he possibly do against such a foe as strong and as fast as her, nothing that’s what. And now she would have her way with him. Enslaving his libido with her dark magic, filling his mind with lust, lust for that deliciously lewd body of hers. He would ravish her in every way he could possibly dream of, pumping cum over and over into every warm, welcoming orifice, glazing her beautiful brown body in his-
  37. Shaking his head he fought to regain his composure, his penis that had begun to fill with blood now calming. ‘That charm magic again’ He thought. ‘Stay strong Anon. Don’t give in to her. You don’t want to end up like those poor sobs on the TV do you?’ He stiffened recalling them, ‘Monster girls, not even once’, the PSA’s on the TV would say. Men sleeping with monster girls had become such an epidemic at one point that the Ministry had seen fit to broadcast them, stigmatizing intimate monster girl and human relations. Yet soon he would be left with no choice in the matter. Clamping his eyes shut he braced for the worst.
  39. But he didn’t feel anything.
  41. A minute passed, then two… nothing. What was she doing? He dared a peek to see what devious and lewd exploits she had committed. But there was no change in her posture. She remained straddling him. Now for the first time he got an up close view of his captor. The first thing that caught his eye as before was her gorgeous brown skin. It gave off a sheen like sweat with glitter sprinkled over it. He couldn’t help but stroke his eyes over every inch of it, tracing the form of her soft round thighs hugging his sides injecting them with her warmth. His eyes draw further up her thighs to her big fertile hips until he notices an even brighter shimmer deep down between her thighs. Cresting over her thick thighs rubbing his eyes over them down into her nether he sought across her smooth hairless skin. Her pussy is perched above Anon’s crotch not touching it. Her creamy lips puffed out and glistening in an obvious show of arousal, he finds the source of the shimmer. A drop of her love juice hangs precariously off her exposed engorged clit. Anon’s cock begins to rise now puffing up closer and closer to her pussy as if seeking to taste that sweet nectar.
  43. Shaking his head he take slow deep breathes to quickly calm himself again. He knows the dangers of giving in and cumming inside a monster girl. He won’t be seduced that easily he thought to himself as he steeled his gaze. It was then Anon noticed he was staring at her midriff, supple yet it still hinted at the powerful muscles underneath waiting for a stroke to fan the flames within. Following the shadows cast across her stomach he came face to face with a pair of pert nipples seated atop massive mounds of mocha flesh. Each nipple was swollen as if reaching out to him, begging him to lick them, tease them, suck them deep into his mouth until they burst with sweet milk. His eyes now slipped down deep into her dark cleavage, falling, falling, deeper and deeper as her big beautiful soft breasts squeeze around him not willing to let go, until… Lost in her cleavage he shuddered and moaned as his member now brushed along her taint driving what he could only describe as an electric buzz down his cock. She hadn’t moved a muscle yet his member was now fondling her.
  45. Shutting his eyes briefly he again sucked in deep slow breathes urging his dick to settle down. It was much harder this time, even just the tip touching, her skin was unlike anything he had ever felt before. Her silky texture was perfect at commanding pleasure from him wherever it touched. As expected from a succubus she could use almost any part of her body on him. Having gotten the smallest taste of her flesh now his cock now hungered for more. Biting down on his lower lip he racked his brain for any sort of distraction to the hot entice of her skin. Eventually it passed and he finally breathed a sigh of relief opening his eyes, this time gazing further up, upon her face, further away from her lewd body.
  47. She pursed her cream color lips at him. That got Anon’s attention. Sucked in to those big juicy lips he adored every little wrinkle, every fold of those soft pillows. Soon he could think of nothing but how those would feel on his own lips, on his neck, on his chest, on his nipples, on his stomach, on his balls and wrapped firm around his cock. The electric buzz returned as his cock began again across her taint crawling closer and closer to her honeyed trap. Her tongue slid out from between her lips gliding over them, savoring their satiny texture, leaving a glistening coat in its wake. This goaded Anon’s imagination even further.
  49. Her tongue was now licking his body, slowly traveling down, down, helping herself to a small appetizer, his scrotum, anticipating the scrumptious feast to come, compelling his balls to work hard for her. Tracing up the bottom of his cock she stopped just shy of the tip, tracing just behind the head all the way around, round and round she loops. Finally those velvet lips flow over engulfing him, down, down they slide, sucking him deeper and deeper, no stopping it, her tongue curling around him, deeper and deeper, he crashes into the back of her throat, can’t stop it, she takes him deeper and deeper, into her throat, his girth now stretching her throat around him, deeper, as she moans in lustful need the vibrations causing the walls of her throat to buzz around him in wantonness, deeper, those pillowy lips crash into him as they reach the base, deep, tongue rhythmically squeezing in a milking motion starting from the bottom working its way up. Her lips sliding back up Anon’s shaft, clamped tight to ensure no escape, all the way up until they’re just around his head then back down again all the way, deep, up and down, up and down, buzzing, sucking, squeezing, licking, up and down, as she worships his cock. Anon starts to feel something now, a faint heat near the tip of his penis. Up and down, she grows faster and more intense; she’s desperate for his cum. Up and down, faster and faster, buzzing, sucking, squeezing, licking. The heat grows stronger now. Up and down, faster and faster, working him like a piston she grows even more intense now never pausing for even an instant she’s so committed to driving him over the edge and milking his delicious dick without mercy. The heat so strong now he can almost-
  51. Anon gasped, his mind snapped back to reality as the tip of his cock was suddenly met with a warm feeling the likes of which he had never experienced before. With the angle of her hips his cock was now nestling in between her pussy lips, soaking in its sweet, warm, wet embrace. He strained to reposition himself but once again failed to exact even the slightest change in their positions, the stroking of her luscious silken thighs on his sides only spurning his arousal on more. His member continuing to grow was now gently began easing its head inside of her.
  53. “W-w-wait, wait p-please, don’t d-do this.” He pleaded, his voice shaking.
  55. “Don’t do what honey?” She replied cocking her head. Obviously she was playing dumb while her dark charms worked their magic on him he thought.
  57. He became motionless shutting his eyes once again, trying to manage slow deep breathes. However this only brought greater focus to his cock as it delighted in her delicate folds stroking and caressing him despite not bit of movement on her part, her wet furnace drawing out even greater reactions to each tiny rub of her pussy’s flesh as he passed along her walls. As hard as he tried he couldn’t stop it now. It just felt too damn good, no doubt the work of her magic he thought. Anon’s cock continued its journey upwards into her depths. The buzzing was growing greater now as her lips closed around his head.
  59. “Mmmm” She moaned, savoring his slow build up.
  61. Her voice causing his dick to pick up steam plowing ever onwards wanting only to partake more of this joy. At last his cock had reached full size, almost half of it now inside her.
  63. ‘Okay, okay good. You made it to the end. Now all we need to do is just focus, keep our head and we’ll just slowly ease out of her.’ He thought. His breathing now more under control, he focused, letting the burning lust quell. Starting to feel the tension in his cock ease and begin to deflate a great feeling of relief washed over him. Tension began to bleed from his body, that is, until he started to feel the plucking.
  65. It started out light, only the occasional stray lick from her pussy folds’ reluctant release of his cock as it moved back out, her folds sticking to him, catching on the lip of his head. However the closer his dick got to freedom, the more her folds began to bunch together applying more pressure and sensation. Unable to withstand her pussy’s punishment for trying to escape he soon felt a new erection building.
  67. ‘Gods damn it!’ Anon cursed. ‘Alright, don’t panic! You just have to focus more and hang in there. Next time you’ll get it.’ Anon tried reassuring himself.
  69. His cock burrowed uncontrollably back inside, stroking past those difficult folds, as they spread back out alleviating the pressure from him now that they had gotten their way. He reached full mast again and again he focused on calming the roiling seas of lust. It seemed to take slightly longer this time but he was still able to and again he started losing tension in his groin. But like before her pussy had no intention of letting go without a fight. Lick, lick, lick, the farther he pulled out the more her walls squeezed and licked him. And once again it proved too much as his member began that slow march back into her depths. She hadn’t so much as twitched a muscle. She didn’t have to. Her pussy was like some sort of lewd Chinese finger trap the more you fought to get out the tighter it squeezed, never letting you out, until you’re done cumming that is.
  71. “Haah!” Anon gasped.
  73. That thought caused Anon’s cock to twitch. With that twitch it felt as if her walls had suddenly come to life for a brief moment. It was… amazing. Anon shook his head pushing any lewd thoughts from it for fear of inviting another twitch.
  75. Again and again the cycle repeated, in and out, stroke, lick, squeeze. Each time he seemed to get a new erection sooner and it lasted longer. Stuck inside her heavenly prison her hot silken vice was very slowly grinding down his resistance.
  77. Anon sobbed inside ‘What do I do? I can’t cum in her, I just… can’t. But gods it feels so good. It’s just not fair. Her magic makes even this feel amazing… What if I gave in? Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe she’d let me do what I want to her… any which way….. what I need to do to her…… kiss… stroke… lick...... suck…….. fuck………. cum………and cum………….and cum……….. all over……….. and inside…….. deep inside her hot slippery-‘
  79. “Ahhahhh!” Anon moaned.
  81. Another twitch rocked his dick, her walls stroking him, massaging him, licking him up and down as he spasms within her bringing on another twitch, more rubbing, stroking, twitch, rub, stroke, it begins building now, one after another after another within her delicate caress. Pleasure unmatched assails him as he realizes this is it. His balls begin to contract ready to dump their massive load after all that teasing. Cock engorging even bigger as it pushes harder into her flesh tripling the sensation, her heat and slippery walls urging him to rage wilder inside her. Electric pleasure surging deeper now into his pelvis radiating up his spine and threatening to blast away his sanity with white hot pleasure. His perineum bulges outward, he can feel the enormous burning hot pressure building up deep in his root as it feels like he will literally burst if he doesn’t release now. Relinquishing the last of his resistance the electrical cacophony of pleasure quickly charges his cock with raw bliss, all their nerves firing at once. Mind lost in the sea of pleasure he feels his urethra stretch as his seed erupts in what he can only assume are enormous jets of cum into her ravenous flower.
  83. “Uhhahhhh mmmm~” Salaciously moaning she threw her head back delighting in the semen that was now painting her lotus white.
  85. On and on it lasts, spurt after spurt until finally the waves subside and he is left lying limply back against the soft pillows panting heavily.
  87. Euphoric delirium clouds Anon’s mind as he lay there huffing. He feels himself sinking deeper into his cozy bed, consciousness beginning to slip away.
  89. “Unnn.” Anon jerked upward back to reality as his overly sensitive head popped free of her pussy lips. He looked down to see his limp member flop down against him in defeat gleaming with her juices. True to a succubus there wasn’t a sign of semen anywhere on him nor a single drop from her lips despite pumping what felt like enough cum to fill up a bucket into her.
  91. “Ohhh baby that was wonderful~” She sighed, a happy smirk stretching over her face.
  93. "Why must you drag this on? Just use the rest of your charm magic and finish me off already!" He spat.
  95. Her smirk vanished and her eyes suddenly widened a bit in surprise.
  97. "But sweetie, I haven't done anything to you." She said.
  99. “Wuh… what?” He stammered pausing for a moment dumbfounded. “Don’t lie to me succubus, I know what I felt. You’ve been stuck in my thoughts since we met, driving me mad with lust just like all your kind do.”
  101. “Have I now?” She preened. Her eyes turning sultry moved in a little closer now. “And just what were we doing in those dreams of yours, love?”
  103. Anon blushed furiously, turning his head from her. He stayed silent.
  105. Giggling she leaned back relaxing her thighs around him, Anon suddenly felt her tail loosen around his legs then pull away completely. Taken by surprise he turned back to her with a puzzled face. "Believe it or not, everything that has happened until now has all been your own doing. Not that I mind, of course. I've never met a man quite so hmmmm... willing and eager, as you are. You really are something sugar." She said, her smirk growing the tiniest bit. So small it would go unnoticed, but not to him.
  107. Suddenly she let go of his wrists. Too stunned to react they limply fell forward, elbows bouncing into soft cloth of the comforter, hands whipping forward slapping down. Only, those hands, they felt different. Something warm and silky smooth caused his hands to grip involuntarily, sinking deeper into this wondrous feeling catching a hint of something firmer underneath. His hands loosened and squeezed again reveling in the softness. Breathing deeper she voiced her satisfaction in a low "mmmmh". 'Gods he could do this all day' he thought as down below a certain something began to stir back to-
  109. "No!" he shouted loosening his grip and pulling his hands away. At least that was what he had intended. As his hands drew back they ran down something and were overcome with a sensation of silky delight. Her thighs. His hands must be lying, charmed by her dark magic. She couldn't possibly have thighs so warm, so soft, so smooth, so delicious to tou-
  111. Shaking his head he tried desperately to regain composure. She must be lying. There's no way he would ever give in like that without some magic charm.
  113. Meeting her gaze again she had not moved an inch save for her arms which now held on to the headboard on either side of him, her face once again that same gentle alluring smirk.
  115. "You're lying." he uttered, his voice shaking.
  117. "Hmhmhmm stay in your safe little fantasy if you must my love." She giggled leaning her head in close next to mine. "But you know what the beautiful thing is about cocks?" She whispered her hot breath lapping across his ear. His own member tingling as it continued to stir back to life. "They only know truth. Proudly pointing toward their wants. They never... ever... lie... about what they truly desire."
  119. He shook as his tip began to nuzzle in to her lower lips once again.
  121. With a yelp Anon pushed his ass deeper into the bed pulling away from her lips for a moment. But his erection didn’t stop growing. It pushed on ever upwards like Icarus towards her sun of ecstasy, warmth radiating from her enticing him closer and closer, betraying Anon’s words. He strained further lifting his legs up in an attempt to push himself further down into the bed. Warm wet lips soon kissed his tip. He jerked his legs up more in response bumping into something smooth and soft. Her ass was now caressing the tops of his thighs pouring more of her heat into him as his struggle stopped for a moment captivated by the wondrous texture. The excitement quickly completing his erection, his head pushed into her now drooling pussy lips stopping just shy of having his whole head inside her. His hands squeezed down in reflex and were rewarded with the soft give of her supple thighs which he now realized he’d forgotten to let go of... or maybe he didn’t want to let go.
  123. Heat from her pussy seeping into his head teasing him just enough to keep him diamond hard, the veins on his cock bulging, skin pulled taught still sensitive from the last time as it strained with all its might to push inside her and feel her petals caress it again.
  125. “See? You may spin whatever tale you like honey but this one right here knows exactly what it wants.” She grinned seductively. Her warmth and silky texture filling Anon with need, need to explore her further.
  127. ”Your eyes didn’t lie either you know.” She said pulling her head back looking straight at him, Anon jerked in response. She continued, “When you were standing there on that street corner, your eyes, I could see the burning lust in them.”
  129. “Shut up!”, Anon shouted, his body growing hotter as her naked flesh flashed through his mind.
  131. But she continued, “You wanted me, wanted this body, needed it.”
  133. “Stop it!” he sobbed. Images of the succubus porn he jerked off to filling his head. He always told himself it was just a thing for cosplayers, it was just something to shake up the monotony, he always would switch back to a regular human girl as he came so it didn’t count right?
  135. “And when you realized what I was…” Her voice now soft and gentle.
  137. “Stop.”, he said weakly. He had tried to suppress it all these years, he knew it wasn’t accepted, he knew he’d be ridiculed, he was so afraid.
  139. “…it wasn’t fear I saw…” Her face moved in closer to his.
  141. “Please...”, Anon barely audible now. His vision filled with her deep ruby eyes. Deep within his core a warm glow began to push back all his fears, all his tensions, all his inhibitions as his layers were peeled back one by one until he was truly naked.
  143. “…it was joy.” She cooed her face nearly touching his.
  145. He now lay bare to her, he could no longer hide what he was, no longer fight himself. In an instant he closed the gap his lips meeting hers. He remained still as electric sparks danced across his lips, savoring the sweet marshmallow lips. Eventually it was not enough and his tongue soon slipped out tasting her sweet lips, gradually pushing deeper into her mouth. The more he tasted of her, the more his hunger grew and nothing now stood in its way.
  147. His hands slid up her thighs, forearms followed suit as they tingled delighted by her silky skin. Drawing back up her thighs then down again stroking them more and more, it still wasn’t enough. Hands reaching up to her hips fingers digging deep he slowly began easing his hips upwards her labia finally slipping down over the rim of his head causing a happy twitch. He pushed himself deeper and deeper into her welcoming cunt. The deeper he went the hotter she got. He reached balls deep twitching inside her as her butt made contact with his pelvis, a wonderful sensation. He also felt his tip press firmly against a wall, her womb. She yelped and moaned and her pussy clutched around him as he rammed into her womb. His cock began to dance in joy inside her twitching and jerking, unable to contain itself. As it moved about and ground against her womb her snatch grew hotter and hotter, the heat turbo charging Anon’s sensations. His cock buzzed with electric delight. More… more… he needed to feel more of her.
  149. Reaching out with his hands he placed them on her back breaking from his passionate kiss and pulling her body to him. As her body pressed up against his own his arms immediately clamped around her, involuntarily, holding her tight to him. A warm silky heaven, her enormous super soft breasts stroked Anon’s chest as they heaved from her lustful panting which was growing stronger. Her erect nipples digging into his, her warmth now poured directly into Anon’s heart. He dared not move, not even his hips, he didn’t want to be without this feeling for even an instant. Crushing his hips closer against hers his cock throbbed rapidly with a cascade of sparks of pleasure inside amongst the onslaught of her satin walls stroking, rubbing, licking, squeezing, caressing him far more than ever before due to his own twitching.
  151. The electric sparks surged forth, licking through his pelvis, radiating outwards once again, the time had come. From deep within his core he could feel it, some tingling presence that wasn't actually there, something reaching out into her. The pleasure was so vibrant, he could truly feel coalesce as a wave rippling down his cock and through his pelvis outwards. It rolled, slowly up his stomach growing bigger and stronger, eroding all feeling leaving bliss in its wake. Higher and higher it climbed. His arms spasmed squeezing tighter, pulling her closer against Anon as he drank in her sweet warmth, nipples burrowing through him now, her silky skin now screaming at him to feel more of it. As the root of his cock bulged with sweet surrender the pleasure overflowed washing deep down into his mind. Tears now running down his face he strained his thoughts managing only to sputter out two words out of his mouth before he was lost.
  153. "Th-T-thank you"
  155. Something soft pressed against his forehead and in an instant his world was gone, all that he was, his being, blasted away in bliss.
  157. He hung now in this void, drifting through nothingness. A sudden touch of leathery warmth now spread along his upper arms and back, drawing him back, back into a world where only she existed. His mistress, his savior, his dark goddess.
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