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  3. Scotland’s Hidden Scandal {part 1} Child Trafficking
  5. Scotland’s Hidden Scandal {part 2} Human trafficking
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  8. 31 January 2017
  9. 1. Vietnamese boy found in Dumbarton 'escaped human traffickers'
  12. 2. Gillian Anderson takes lead in campaigning film on ‘abomination’ of Child Trafficking
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  18. 11 Jan 2017
  19. Traffickers bring child sex slaves from Africa to Scotland  
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  22. 1. Children found in Scotland-wide trafficking crackdown 19 Oct 2016
  24. 2. Vulnerable children vanishing as child trafficking in Scotland grows 4 Oct 2016
  26. 3. Threefold rise in child trafficking into Scotland – BBC News 23 Sep 2016
  28. 4. Child trafficking in Scotland more than trebles in 4 years  sept 2016
  30. 5. Scotland declares war on human traffickers as tough new law means  31 May 2016
  32. 6. A slave in Scotland: ‘I fell into a trap – and I couldn’t get out’  28 May 2016
  34. 7. Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland | Equality and Human 9 May 2016
  36. 8. Man arrested in connection with Glasgow brothel keeping as police raid four properties in human trafficking probe   9 APR 2016
  38. 9. Anti Trafficking Consultants » Ann’s Story – human trafficking victim  
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  41. 2015
  42. 1. Slaves in Scotland: Human trafficking victims reveal hell in Highlands 26 Jul 2015
  44. 2. 3,000 children enslaved in Britain after being trafficked from Vietnam 23 May 2015
  46. 3. PDF Human Trafficking And Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015
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  49. 2014
  50. Three cases of human trafficking discovered in Scotland every week amid concerns many more are going undetected   20 AUG 2014
  51. 1.
  52. 2.
  53. 3. 36 cases were uncovered in Scotland in the period from January to March this year
  55. 4.
  56. 5. Child trafficking in Scotland is hidden scandal, says report 13 Mar 2011
  58. 6. Action to combat human trafficking – The Scottish Government
  60. 7.Human trafficking – Daily Record
  63. 9. Potential Signs of Human Trafficking  police scotland
  65. 10.
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  67. STATS
  68. Human Trafficking: National Referral Mechanism Statistics January to March 2016
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  74. Scotland’s Hidden Scandal {part 1} Child Trafficking
  76. Scotland’s Hidden Scandal {part 2} Human trafficking
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  80. Feb 16th 2017 Four more human trafficking suspects have been held in Slovakia amid a major probe after raids took place in Scotland.
  82. The four men arrested in Slovakia this week were aged 40, 30, 26 and 23 and are due to appear at Glasgow Sheriff Court.
  83. Police Scotland detective inspector Stevie McMillan said: “This forms part of what is still very much a live and ongoing enquiry and we will continue to work with other law enforcement agencies, both in the UK and across Europe, to ensure anyone else who has been involved in this crime will be brought to justice.
  84. “This is a significant development to ensure the individuals involved in this crime group cannot inflict the same misery and suffering upon other vulnerable victims.”
  85. A statement from Europol said: “As a result of coordinated and joint operational activities, authorities from Slovakia and the United Kingdom, supported by Europol and Eurojust, have dismantled an organised criminal group involved in trafficking Slovak victims for the purposes of sham marriages and sexual exploitation. Last week, house searches were performed in Glasgow by Police Scotland. Europol specialists were deployed on the spot to support the national authorities. As a result, five suspects were arrested and detained in police custody. Sixteen women – potential victims of trafficking – were also identified and were offered care and assistance by a specialised NGO.”
  86. It added: “A significant amount of evidence – numerous travel documents, computer equipment, mobile phones and cash – was seized during the operation and will be used for further investigation. Two days ago, the second phase of this coordinated operation took place in Trebisov, Slovakia, where four search warrants and four arrests were executed. The modus operandi of this organised criminal group was to recruit vulnerable women from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds by deception, promising them attractive and well-paid jobs abroad and then forcing them into sham marriages and prostitution.”  
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  90. 1. Four more arrested following Govanhill sex trafficking raid
  91. 2. Four more people arrested over alleged human trafficking
  93. 3. Four more human trafficking suspects busted after cops smash
  95. 4. UPDATE – More arrests made in southside human trafficking case
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  98. FEB 15th 2017  Police in Slovakia have made a series of arrests in connection with an alleged human trafficking ring in Glasgow
  100. Four people have been held in the eastern town of Trebišov following a major international investigation, according to Europol. The intergovernmental policing body said it had “dismantled” what it described as an organised criminal group involved in trafficking Slovak victims for sham marriages and sexual exploitation. The arrests in Slovakia on Monday followed series of raids last week in the Govanhill area of Glasgow, in which five people were arrested by Police Scotland in an operation which also involved officers from Europol, Glasgow City Council and Immigration Enforcement.
  101. Europol, which described the investigation as “extensive and complex,” said 16 women were identified as potential victims of trafficking, adding that a “significant amount” of evidence had been seized.
  102. In a statement, Europol, which provided operational and analytical support to police in both Scotland and Slovakia, said:
  103. “The modus operandi of this organised criminal group was to recruit vulnerable women from challenging socio-economic backgrounds by deception, promising them attractive and well-paid jobs abroad, and then forcing them into sham marriages and prostitution.” It added: “Europol actively supported this human trafficking operation and provided operational and analytical support to Slovakia and the United Kingdom throughout the investigation. Europol specialists in trafficking human beings delivered real-time cross-checks of the data gathered using a mobile office and data extraction device during the actions.”  The five arrested last week in Glasgow –
  104. Vojtech Gombar, 58
  105. Anil Wagle, 35
  106. Jana Sandorova, 25
  107. Sylvia Racova, 40
  108. Adam Ratislav, 28
  109. – all made private appearances at Glasgow Sheriff Court earlier this week on human trafficking charges. All five, from Glasgow, made no plea or declaration and were remanded in custody. They have been charged under the Asylum and Immigration Act for allegedly arranging for people to come to the UK with the intention of exploiting them. All of the accused, except Sandorova, also face charges of arranging travel to the country for the purposes of forcing people into prostitution. Gombar, Sandorova, Rocova and Ratislav have also been charged with keeping or managing or assisting in the management of a brothel.
  110. SOURCE
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  112. Feb 14th 2017
  113. Hundreds of sex trafficking victims helped in Glasgow  Glasgow Evening Times
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  116. Feb 13th 2017
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  119. Feb 10th 2017
  120. 1.
  122. 2.
  124. THREE women found in Govanhill human trafficking op (Glasgow)
  125. That's NICOLA STURGEON'S constituency imagine that!
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  127. 2.
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  129. 1. Five suspected human trafficking ring members held in Glasgow
  131. 2. Human trafficking ring busted as cops arrest five suspects during
  133. 3  Three women found in Glasgow human trafficking operation
  135. 4. Five detained in raids as cops smash people-trafficking ring
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  138. Feb 5th 2017
  139. 1.
  140. 2. Boy found cowering escaped from traffickers
  142. 3. Vietnamese boy found in Dumbarton ‘escaped human traffickers’
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  145. 31st Jan 2017 Sold into slavery at age of six, the Vietnamese boy freed after he was arrested on a hash farm in Lanarkshire
  147. A Vietnamese human trafficking victim forced to work in a Scottish cannabis farm has given a searing insight into the hell of being enslaved.
  148. He was one of an estimated 3000 Vietnamese children in forced labour in the UK, a number of which end up in nail bars and illegal cannabis farms across Scotland.
  149. Yesterday, it emerged that a Vietnamese teenager had been found cowering in bushes in Dumbarton after fleeing human traffickers. The 16-year-old had been smuggled through Russia to Scotland, where police believe he was to be used by a crime gang, possibly in a cannabis farm.
  150. His experiences reflect those of Dinh, who was trafficked from the age of six, brutalised, locked in a house and used as slave labour before he was arrested and imprisoned at Polmont Young Offenders Institution.
  151. The youngster was forced to work on a hash farm
  152. Like many trafficked children, Dinh was reared in slavery and told by his captors he would die if he escaped.
  153. He said: “They told me if I were to be captured by the police, the police would imprison me in dark rooms and give me very little food. And the room would be very cold and over time I might die from starvation.”
  154. His earliest memory of Vietnam is a vague recollection of hugging a woman, possibly his mother, in his home village before being taken by a man he calls his uncle and trafficked to Europe.
  155. Dinh said: “We arrived at a place where there was snow and white people. Later, I knew it was Europe.”
  156. Like most smuggled children, he didn’t even know which country he was in. They were picked up at the airport and joined a group of other Vietnamese who were being smuggled. They were taken to a different house each day where, despite being only a small child, he was used as a household slave. Sometimes they slept rough in forests and covered great distances, climbing mountains and hiding in lorries.
  157. He said: “Once, when I was walking too slowly because I was too small and weak, someone pointed a gun at me and made me fall off the mountain. I broke my leg and someone took care of my wound. I was taken to a doctor to get treated.”
  158. When his leg healed, his nomadic life resumed and he often saw a number of other children who told him they were being forced to work to pay off the debt to the smugglers.
  159. He said: “I had to do chores such as cooking, carrying buckets of water or finding firewood to keep us warm. I was made by adults to go into shops to steal food or anything that they wanted.”
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  162. 20 Oct 2016  Nail bar slaves found in biggest trafficking swoop
  163. ONE of the biggest single crackdowns on human traffickers operating in Scotland has seen police identify 11 potential victims – including six children – working in nail bars.
  164. Around 430 police officers raided hundreds of firms including farms, car washes, beauty bars and food production factories as part of a national day of action to coincide with World Anti-Slavery Day.
  165. A teenage boy was discovered working in one nail bar in Edinburgh and an illegal immigrant was also found working in another within the Capital.
  166. Several minors – including a teenage girl – were identified in premises in Livingston and received care from social workers after the operation.
  167. One person has been detained for human trafficking offences and two others arrested for immigration offences by Police Scotland, with an additional 12 arrested by Immigration Enforcement.
  168. Also in Edinburgh a Latvian man was arrested for drugs offences under an International Arrest Warrant. The alleged human traffickers are believed to originate from Iran, Vietnam, Albania, Turkey and Iraq.
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  171. 1. Children among 11 potential trafficking cases in Scot
  173. 2. Cops visit 16 addresses in major human-trafficking
  175. 3. Dark Web gunrunner jailed for exporting Glocks and Uzis to the UK
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  178. Scottish tax haven firms behind child abuse website
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  181. Scotland’s Hidden Scandal {part 1} Child Trafficking
  183. Scotland’s Hidden Scandal {part 2} Human trafficking  
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