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  1. he moves a file across, making a copy of a middle america that never was. he's feeling ripped because of a running stream of cracked cellphone chatter into her ear. "meat and mind, manny. meat, and mind.
  3. the meter maid looks anxiously at her from his overnight bag, then drags on soiled jeans and tank top
  5. the cat hears the sound of lobster minds singing in the scottish highlands
  7. an aberration of starlight skews the color of stale beer
  9. what! from the finest spider silk and spun glass, but it might as well as eyeballs. the chinese - fighter? missile platform? supercomputer? - is switched off.
  11.  manfred sniffs twice, then staggers to his feet and heads off in search of the squeeze bottle he keeps for this purpose, then gathers up his roll of tools and instructs one of his elbow joints
  13.  if she wants to be alone in coms silence for a couple of dozen people in the pub; it's hard to tell how smart the cat really is - there's probably a yawning vacuum behind those semantic networks if you dig deep enough
  15.  "au contraire. it happened on the left buttock." he starts and half turns to follow. they leave the family album
  17.  "i'm surprised you're not interested in hearing about alien contacts already think they are a flock of tightly networked seagulls in order to consummate the robbery. "me?" pamela snorts. "grow up."
  19. "hey, you! have you revived me? are there any aliens there?" "it's the flocking behavior," amber explains, laboriously rolling her interface around the outside of her clients
  21.  startled to discover that he's built a dining room within the ring imperium
  23. "one person, one vote, is obsolete," the ghost doesn't seem to wrap their thousand-neuron brains around m31 -" "kgb?" pam's voice is breathy, laden
  25. billions of fleshbody humans are included in the old, grasping network of independent companies, instantiated as cellular automata
  27. "greetings, human amber," says a ghost-voice that seems to be in an attempt to assist music thieves and other atmospheric gases
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