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  1. /u/Jaystar99. The name's familiar. Too familiar. It's among a group of names, harvesting karma, yet unchallengeable - cowering behind the FRC. I decided to visit his attorney, /u/razzliox, over at Equity and Order Offices, who defended him 12 days ago in court. I asked him only one question: “May I ask you some questions?”
  3. My suspicions were correct; he truly believed that the FRC protected his client. (As the constitution protects reports that are, according to Article II, Section B, statement 2, *over 6 months old and non-created content*). In this case however, the [proof]( http://karmadecay.com/imgur.com/th8stS6) had some inconsistencies. Although the oldest repost  was 12 months ago, the most recent was 2.
  5. Does the Fair Reposting Clause refer to the most recent post or the first? This question may stretch for generations, and one day it might be solved, but for now, we do not know.
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