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Pastebin PRO Accounts with Bitcoin
Our Bitcoins address is: 19mhZ6NVW3Xbge1Zjkxy31VVEQ9LNWRwNr

We will upgrade your Pastebin account to a LIFETIME PRO account if you transfer $30 USD worth of bitcoin, or more.

1. Send $30 USD worth of bitcoins to: 19mhZ6NVW3Xbge1Zjkxy31VVEQ9LNWRwNr
2. Email, include your Pastebin username & the exact amount of bitcoins that you sent us.
3. We will manually upgrade your account to LIFETIME PRO, and email you back.

Need a quick USD / BTC converter? Check out Enter "30" or more in the USD field, and find out how much you need to send us.
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