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  1. benjamin c: says:
  2. *Amy is actually fake btw
  3. *ahaha
  4. katelyn rae. says:
  5. *reeeeally?
  6. benjamin c: says:
  7. *Yep rofl
  8. katelyn rae. says:
  9. *does everyone know
  10. benjamin c: says:
  11. *Everyone thinks it's a joke
  12. *But she actually is
  13. katelyn rae. says:
  14. *hm. i think faking is so pointless.
  15. benjamin c: says:
  16. *Yep ahaha she's a idiot for it.
  17. katelyn rae. says:
  18. *hmm even though she's being mean to me i won't use it against her. that'd be mean. and i'm not like them.
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