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  1. This is a really interesting                    This is also really interesting!
  2. part of the paper! It goes on                   It talks about something else,
  3. for a few lines, each ending                    but it is organized differently so
  4. around the same place.                          it looks fresh and neat.
  6.                 It is pretty impressive that I can think of
  7.                 so many interesting things. I am good at this!
  8.                 Hooray for me.
  10. [This is a really pretty        Blah blah blah blah     How is this so interesting?
  11. mini-drawing! And if you        Blah blah blah          Nobody will ever know! Except
  12. disagree, it is only            blah!! Blah. Blah       for me (you know, because I
  13. because you are wrong]          blahblahblah            wrote it).
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