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  1. Artificial Academy 2 FAQ
  2. Updated for AAUnlimited (henceforth referred to as AAU)
  4. -I'm new, how do I play the game?
  5. +Get AA2Mini and follow this guide:
  7. -My game crashes after pressing the Launch option in the AAU launcher
  8. +Browser crash. Close your browsers and then run the game. If it's still crashing, restart your computer.
  10. -How do I download and use characters?
  11. +Characters are stored as .png files and go into your data\save\Female or Data\save\Male folder. Some cards you download will be AAU mod cards. To extract said mods, open your editor, select the card in question, and click "Display". AAU will extract the mod card's override and eye texture files to the correct places for you.
  13. -How do I use skirt/underwear textures?
  14. +Get the hard linker:!BElS0JQS!fUHAV3X0uUO5A7TBNyO91w
  15. +To use it, download the hard_linker.7z and the hardlinker_date.7z, extract both to your date/texture directory, and run hard_linker.bat. If you want to update textures, the texture .7z has the date it was updated in its name. You'll have to search the MEGA for any textures uploaded after that date, or wait until the texture .7z file gets an update.
  17. -I downloaded a card and it looks wrong
  18. +If you don't have the pre-install, get the pre-install. If you have the pre-install, make sure you have all the required mods. The mods most likely to cause issues are the HEXA packs, the DoLLs hair pack, and the tot hair pack.
  20. -I tried to use one of the extra face slots and I get "some weird horseface thing"
  21. +Get HEXAOC, FaceParts, and Misc Male Faces.
  23. -How do I use/where do I find [sclera textures/hair textures/body textures/etc...]
  24. +Read the Google Docs
  25. +AAU Guide:
  26. +Data Reserve :
  27. +"Personal Backups" (most of this is not particularly important but it has card MEGA's and some useful bookmarks):
  28. +AA2Mini Install Guide:
  30. -AAU doesn't work! I get something about vcredist!
  31. +Install Visual C++ Redistributable x86 if you're on a 32-bit system, and Visual C++ Redistributable x86 AND x64 if you're on a 64-bit system. They're included in the pre-install, in the "extra" folder.
  33. -Interactions give me a 0%
  34. +You didn't install nodim properly. If you used the AA2Install version, you need the .pp2 version.
  36. -I'm trying to play this game on Windows 10 and I'm getting really low FPS/the game doesn't work! What do?
  37. +Enable the "win10fix" script in the launcher (scripts tab). Exit out of the game and launcher, and restart. [win10fix standard, no SVP]
  38. +If that fails, enable "Software vertex processing" (SVP) in the Graphics tab, and launch the game. [win10fix standard, SVP]
  39. +If that fails, disable SVP. Then go into the "win10fix" script settings, and switch to "dgvoodoo2" in the "Select d3d9 variant (needs restart)" drop-down. Restart the launcher and game as above. [win10fix dgvoodoo2, no SVP]
  40. +If that fails, enable "Software vertex processing" (SVP) and launch the game. [win10fix dgvoodoo2, SVP]
  41. +If that fails, disable SVP, then disable the "win10fix" script and enable "wined3d", and restart the launcher and game. [wined3d, no SVP]
  42. +If that fails, enable "Software vertex processing" (SVP) and launch the game. [wined3d, SVP]
  43. +If none of those combinations work, you're out of luck.
  45. -AppLocale doesn't work on Windows 10
  46. +You do not need any applocale programs, as AAU comes with its own fixlocale script. To enable it, run the game so the AAU launcher shows up, go to the "Scripts" tab and enable the "fixlocale" script. Scripts with check marks next to them are enabled.
  48. -I did the above and I'm getting weird things in the Maker/u and v in Play/etc...
  49. +The fixlocale script has a settings menu. To open it, click on the fixlocale script entry (DO NOT DISABLE IT), and click "Settings". Set "Force jp system langid" to "Always" and click OK. Then launch the game and you'll be set.
  51. -I tried to use AA2Install to install-
  52. +Don't. AA2Install will not work with .pp2 mods and is intended for people who have legacy installs, not AA2Mini. If you want to use that mod, first check in the PP2 repositories and see if it's there:
  55. +pp2 versions of JMCP can be found here:!FRxQAQYZ!bZpX1ypNZW_Kii61GA-_Xg
  56. +If the mod in question isn't there, you'll have to make it a shadow set, or convert it into pp2. Read the AAU guide for more information. Clothing mods that come as .pp files can be used out of the box with Mini.
  58. -How do I get the subtitle overlay to work with AAU?
  59. +AAU has it's own subtitle overlay. Make sure "Enable Overlays" in the Graphics section of the AAU launcher is enabled, and activate the subtitles script in the "Scripts" tab.
  61. -How do I make my game look as good as [insert post here]?
  62. +Turn off blur in the AAU launcher, set the mipmap setting to Normal or Best, turn on anti-aliasing, follow the Visual Tweak Guide <>.
  64. -I wanted to use the hair highlighter/sclera changer to change my default sclera/hair highlight. How do I do that with AAU?
  65. +You don't. Those scripts are deprecated. Copy the texture you want to your data\override\global folder and rename it as follows:
  66.     +A00_10_00_00_02.bmp = female sclera texture
  67.     +S00_10_00_00_02.bmp = male sclera texture
  68.     +Asp00_20_00_00_00.bmp = hair highlight
  69.     +lsp00_20_00_00_00.bmp = low-poly hair highlight
  71. -I didn't play since X, what is ne-
  72. +EVERYTHING. Read all of the necessary documentation in the OP. The Google docs tend to be the most up-to-date sources of information.
  74. -Is there gay sex? Futas? Traps?
  75. +Gay sex can be activated by changing the "unlocks" script settings. To do that, run the game, go to the Scripts tab in the AAU launcher, click the "unlocks" script, and click "Settings". If you want to make a futa, there's an AAU pack just for that purpose.
  77. -How do I get to the classroom/beach/bathhouse/etc...?
  78. +Load them via the AAU poser and/or grab the 3D Rooms mod. 3D Rooms replaces chairs, tables, and assorted generic backgrounds with 3D environments when you initiate an H-scene and/or enter dialogue in an area. If you use More Cumming Positions with this mod, don't forget to grab the patch. There are two, one for unlocked and one for normal. Use only one at a time. If you use JMCP, read the readme on JMCP's MEGA to set that mod up properly with 3D Rooms. P.S. NEVER use the alex versions. Those are shit.
  80. -What are some must-have mods?
  81. +AA2Mini already has several essential mods, such as HEXAOC, HEXAHP, FaceParts. The PP2 MEGA has many other major mods that you're likely to use in pp2 form, as well as the latest versions of the pp2 mods included in AA2Mini. The tsukiyo link serves as a partial backup. Other mods can be found in the Google docs linked earlier in the FAQ.
  83. -I'm trying to use one of the uncensors and it still has a mosaic on it!
  84. +If you're using the MkIII, EX2 or EX-S II uncensor, you have to go into the AA2Unlimited tab of the AAU launcher and check the option labeled "MkIII (chinpo .bmp -> .tga texture)
  85. +If you're using the SVII uncensor or no uncensor at all, you have to go into the AA2Unlimited tab of the AAU launcher and un-check the option labeled "MkIII (chinpo .bmp -> .tga texture)
  87. -I've set the game resolution to my native resolution, but then when I launch the game I get an error message in Japanese saying that "Since the selected screen size exceeds the screen area of the desktop, it is automatically corrected."
  88. +Disable display scaling for AA2Edit.exe and AA2Play.exe - right-click the executable, click on "Properties". Then go to the "Compatibility" tab. If you have a check box labeled "disable display scaling on high DPI settings", check it. If you have a check box called "Override high DPI scaling behavior", check it and pick "Scaling performed by application" from the dropdown menu. Click "OK" when you're done and then try running the game.
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