sunset's reward (sunsetXanon)

Sep 24th, 2016
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  1. >"Come on sunset, you know what I want to hear, now say it"
  2. >"P-please anon, fuck me." sunset moaned, desperate for release.
  3. >"Not until you tell me what you've done today."
  4. >"I-I've helped out fluttershy at the animal hospital and helped the CMC repair their tree house." her enlarged breasts bounced slightly as she spoke eager for me to reward her.
  5. Our relationship started out a strange one. After all the crazy shit that went down at the fall formal, she went around the school looking for ways to repent for what she had done.
  6. Even with all she was doing, she still felt that she hadn't been punished enough. Which is why she came to me and brought out a piece of my past I really hoped she forgot.
  7. A year ago she had gotten her hands on my private journal. The one with all my darkest fantasies, of making pinkie lap up cum from the floor, making principal celestia act like a dog and beg for my cock or most damning of all at the time, making sunset simmer into my personal bimbo cumdump.
  8. She had threaten to tell everyone about it and held it over my head ever since, getting me to do odd jobs for her that she couldn't trust snips and snails.
  9. Now she was asking me if I wanted to live my fantasy.
  10. Two hours a day to do whatever I wanted to her and to sweeten the deal, she even had potions that could make her into the bimbo slut I wanted her to be.
  11. I was sceptical at first, but once she drunk that potion and those once small breasts turned into jaw dropping tiddies that put even fluttershy's to shame, how could a guy say no?
  12. I did some stuff I'm not too proud off back then. I was angry back then, but that's no excuse for leaving her there in the gym locker room covered in cum, grasping for air after I had shoved my cock in her throat for a full hour.
  13. But still she came back for more and each time I gave it to her. Pouring hot wax on her nipples one day, cleaning my dick after two days of not washing the next.
  14. Eventually I began to grow regretful, feeling like the punishment had long exceeded the crime.
  15. So instead of punishing her for bad deeds...
  16. >"Good girl. Now let me give you a kiss." I said as I kneed in front of her, lifting her miniskirt to expose her bare womanhood, the heat coming off of it in waves.
  17. ...I would reward her for the good.
  18. >Taking my time, I snake my hands around her ass and start playing with it. The softness of her cheeks letting my fingers melt into the flesh, all the while I start peppering her pussy with kisses.
  19. >The wetness that meets my lips tells me I'm doing a great job as sunset quivers uncontrollably, arms pinned to her sides as she tries to resist the urge to pin my head and force me to skip the foreplay.
  20. The "bimbo" potion was a bit of a misnomer. Rather then make someone stupid; it merely made drinkers uninhibited and open to suggestion as well as upping their hormones, giving them the exaggerated sexual features common in bimbos. It also made them extremely sensitive to all forms of pleasure, which made this a lot easier.
  21. >"Harder!" her screams for more fall on deaf ears. This may be her reward, but that doesn't mean I can't have my fun now does it?
  22. >Her slit was gushing with juices by the time I start licking her labia, taking care not to touch her clit.
  23. >By this time she had started playing with her breasts, suckling on her left breast and tugging on the nipple of the other; doing whatever she could to send herself over the edge.
  24. >I could feel that she was nearing her climax, her breath hitching as her gasps of pleasure began to quicken.
  25. >Now it's time for my favourite part.
  26. >"Sunset..." I say, ceasing my teasing of her pussy and rising up to meet her in the eye. "What are you?"
  27. >"What?" She said, confused and a tiny bit annoyed that I had stopped.
  28. > "What are you?"
  29. >"I-I'm a bad gi-" she starts to say before I slap her behind. That had nearly sent her over the edge, as I could feel a small burst of girl cum spray on my leg.
  30. >"No," I say firmly "what are you?
  31. >"I-I'm a good girl"
  32. >"That's right, and do you know what good girls get?" I question her.
  33. >"They get rewarded." sunset says, her loins quivering for the pleasure they know will come.
  34. >Letting my actions speak for me, I give her a long kiss on the lips as I grab her by the thighs and raise her up to meet my cock.
  35. >I tease her just a second more by having the head of my dick rest on her opening of her clit, at this point better resembling a waterfall then a part of the human anatomy, and then I plunge right in.
  36. >Getting in is the easy part, the wetness allowing me to slide on in. it was getting out that was the problem, her insides gripping my cock.
  37. >As temping as it was to just stay there, buried nuts deeps in a warm and squirming girl who smelled of sex and sunshine, I still had a job to do.
  38. >Slowly I start to rock my hips back and forth, picking up speed as I did so.
  39. >By the time I hit full speed, sunset's eyes had rolled back into her skull and her tongue was hanging out. She was completely lost in euphoria.
  40. >Soon I feel my seed building up and my own self-control fading.
  41. >With one final push I release, painting her insides white as she has her own orgasm, her inner muscles griping my penis almost painfully as she screams in ecstasy.
  42. >My legs give in and we collapse on the floor, sunset on top of me.
  43. >As sunset rides the waves of her orgasm, I give her pat on the head and hug her.
  44. >Then I whisper in her ear. "That was great wasn't it, and just think...
  45. >"...We still have a hour and a half for the rest of your reward."
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