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  1. The paint surged down Navi's throat, her chest immediately billowing out to twice it's size.
  2. SUCK
  3. Her hips widened and thickened, utterly impossible to shove through any doorway now.
  4. She grinned widely, paws resting on her lap dwarfing chest, beachball-esqe rump wiggling self-assuredly behind her. She knew exactly what would be growing next.
  5. All of her.
  6. SUCK
  7. Must've miscalculated. NOW she would grow and steal her chocolates back with giant fingers.
  8. SUCK
  9. Pfft, Flame is smiling at her. Probably thinks she doesn't know what she's doing. She's seen his tail do it's magic to her; it wasn't hard to figure out. Apparently you had to swallow a bunch of it before it could really pump you up, but it's fine. She had it now.
  10. SUCK
  11. Why is he still smiling? Why is nothing happening!? Okay, absolutely for real this time. She'd scrunch her eyes up in concentration. His cocky little smirk was distracting her. It was part of why she loved it so much, but not now. For now, all her attention was on-
  12. SUCK
  13. SUCK
  14. SUCK
  15. SUCK
  16. SUCK
  17. Did
  18. Did this tail always fill up so much of her mouth like this? A gentle tug pulled it away, and she opened her eyes to see a gigantic paintbrush lift away from her. Equally gigantic sneakers appeared before her.
  19. Uh oh.
  20. Paws gathered up beneath her "vast" curves, lifting her into the air. She struggled, but the paint had worked it's magic. Her chest were unliftable weights. Her thighs so wide and creamy her feet couldn't possibly push their levels of squish off the ground.
  21. The ground being her boyfriend's paws. He brought her tiny lips to his own, making her blush for a reason besides humiliation. She burrowed her snout into her immobilizing cleavage, cheeks pink. He nuzzled his snout against her, cool against her steamingly embarassed curves.
  22. "This tail's been on me a while, darling. I know what to do when someone bites it." He said, not unkindly.
  23. She felt him walking, then settle his hips that once weren't bigger than her whole body, onto the couch. She was plopped into the plush warmth of his lap not long afterwards. His finger stroked soothingly down her back a few times, but she refused to look at him. He sighed, but there was a ghost of a laugh in it.
  24. "Fine, 'sorry for shrinking you.' I can fix it now, if you want."
  25. She nodded in silent resolution, staring fixedly at his middle.
  26. "Or..."
  27. A rustling.
  28. She looked up to see paws lift a truffle from a heart shaped container, then lower it down to her.
  29. Black. Round. If it was softer and a little smaller, two could've been her bust's twins.
  30. She considered it might be a trick.
  31. She eyed the grinning benefactor suspiciously.
  33. Thirty seconds later, she had a new spherical bulge on her body. Her belly was stuffed into a truffle-sized ball of chocolate. Navi crooned, half from cocoa delight, half from her tummy being filled beyond satisfaction.
  34. Paws rolled her over onto her back, breasts snuggling up against her face, rounded stomach high and mighty. Fingers lovingly stroked the slightly taut flesh as she wriggled about in bliss.
  35. "Okay, I'll put your greedy little girth back to normal n-"
  36. "No."
  37. "...what?"
  38. "More."
  39. "I-"
  40. "Darling," Navi squeaked, hands stroking her distended tummy in anticipation. "You made me what, less than a foot tall? I think I get to say how you make it up to me."
  41. "Dear, just because your chest is usually beach ball sized, doesn't mean you can stretch as big as one."
  42. "Chocolate." She demanded, opening her maw wide and jabbing a finger towards it. "Now."
  43. The second truffle went no slower than the first, cocoa urges still passionate and yearning. Flame could only watch as the chunk of candy slowly broke down, the little vixen's tummy puffing out even further.
  44. "More."
  45. "You look like female mouse Cecil after the cheezwhiz, i'm no-"
  46. "MORE."
  47. Another truffle was placed on her cleavage. He couldn't tell if she ate it all, her stomach was so bloated with chocolate temptation he'd need to lean over to see her face.
  48. "M-more."
  49. He didn't even bother to protest this time, just dropped another behind the slowly swelling orb and awaited the chewing. He reached for the fifth in guilty predetermination, but felt nothing. He checked the box, empty, a slow realization dawning on him.
  50. He loomed over the fleshy collection of swollen spheres on the cushion beside him, suspicious.
  51. "You just acted mad so I'd feed you the rest, didn't you, you bloated little rat of a fox~?"
  52. A stifled giggle confirmed his suspicions. He gave her chocolate-swollen middle an authorative poke.
  53. "Maybe I should call everyone over, show them how clever the fat little She is."
  54. "No!" She laughed, tummy warbling. "No, I'm sorry."
  55. He leaned down, silencing her protests with the second miniature smooch of the night.
  56. "Mmm, maybe you're right. After all, a squishy, round, chocolate-stuffed snack is something I should keep all to myself..."
  57. Navi's entire, tiny, round body wobbled with her mirth.
  58. "Okay, I'm ready to be big again, quit teasing."
  59. A tongue slid across her stretched out orb of a belly.
  60. "Flame?"
  61. What would the pumpkin girl say? He tricked her, she tricked him. She got her treat, now here was his...
  62. Of course, the paint-y fluids wouldn't hurt her. But he'd tell her that after she'd gotten her second trick of the night-
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