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Jun 30th, 2015
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  1. Soleil/Mamui C: PCM3
  2. Kamui: Soleil. Are you sighing like that because something’s on your mind?
  3. Soleil: Kinda. But I don’t think it’s something you could even hope to understand.
  4. Kamui: Something even I couldn’t understand? What could it possibly be, I wonder…
  5. Soleil: … If you’re going to be that full of yourself, I guess I’ll tell you. I’m aiming to become a strong, cool woman. I plan to work hard to reach that goal. … But, hard as I try, there’s a weak point I just can’t overcome.
  6. Kamui: A weakpoint?
  7. Soleil: Right. Because of that weakpoint… the path to becoming a strong, smooth girl looks to be a long, steep road paved with obstacles…
  8. Kamui: Seems pretty serious. Just what exactly is it?
  9. Soleil: ……… My weakness is, cute girls.
  10. Kamui: Yeah, I knew that already. But, what about it?
  11. Soleil: Around the type that I like, I end up fainting if I even get near them. It’s not very impressive.
  12. Kamui: … Eh?
  13. Soleil: Do you remember that one time? On the way home from a sortie, I collapsed.
  14. Kamui: Yeah, that’s right. I thought you might have been injured somewhere.
  15. Soleil: That’s not it. It wasn’t because of the battle. The truth is… a cute townie greeted me… and after that I got lightheaded…
  16. Kamui: I-Is that what happened…
  17. Soleil: With that kind of weakness… it’s impossible for me to become smooth.
  18. Kamui: …….. I can’t believe Soleil worries about things like this…
  20. Soleil/Mamui B PCM3:
  21. Kamui: Soleil.
  22. Soleil: ……. … Y-You… who are you again?
  23. Kamui: It’s me. Kamui.
  24. Soleil: E-Ehhhhhh!? B-But… those eyes, they could only belong to a girl!?
  25. Kamui: Seems it was a great success.
  26. Soleil: Success… uh… I have no clue what you’re talking about…
  27. Kamui: Right now you’re seeing me as a girl. Isn’t that right?
  28. Soleil: Y-Yes. Completely.
  29. Kamui: I managed to get my hands on a kind of magic powder… I’m really sorry, but a little while ago, I poured some of it into your drink. The person who drinks that powder… somehow becomes able to see other people as the gender opposite what they actually are!
  30. Soleil: H-Huh!? So I can see you as a girl!!?
  31. Kamui: Yes. After what you said, I wanted to resolve your concerns, so I thought it over a little. And it led me to a conclusion. Seeing me as a girl, you can use me to overcome your issues. From now on I’ll get closer to you until you can tolerate being around me without fainting.
  32. Soleil: E-Ehhhh!? I-I’m glad you feel that way but… I have a very specific type… and besides, I mean, you’re Kamui…
  33. Kamui: Please move closer to me. Look deeeeep into my eyes.
  34. Soleil: …….. … Huh!? W-What… this feeling, it’s… kind of uncomfortable… but I’m also getting a little… excited… … Hey, Kamui. Could you try saying my name…
  35. Kamui: Soleil.
  36. Soleil: … C-Can you do it in a higher voice? F-For… realism’s sake…
  37. Kamui: … Understood. Soleil.
  38. Soleil: Ugh!
  39. Kamui: Thank you for saving our city! You were so strong and cool!
  40. Soleil: Hauu!
  41. Kamui: How was that? I tried to be like that girl from the town…
  42. Soleil: It was superb. I was on the brink of fainting.
  43. Kamui: Then let’s use this method as a special training. Let’s do it again at once.
  44. Soleil: Yeah. Please do… but before that, can we take a little break?
  45. Kamui: Of course.
  46. Soleil: Yes! Then while the magic powder is still in effect, I think I’ll go take a peek at the other male soldiers in the army! Alright! I wonder what kinds of cute girls that ugly lot will become!
  47. Kamui: Eeeh!? P-Please wait, Soleil! You aren’t supposed to use it like that! Soleil——!!
  49. Soleil/Mamui A PCM3:
  50. Kamui: Soleil, I was looking for you.
  51. Soleil: Kamui…
  52. Kamui: How were the results of our special training?
  53. Soleil: It was no good, not much has changed. At the village we stopped in on the way back from the last battle, I tried to surround myself with the cute village girls. I immediately got dizzy… once they noticed, the girls looked after me. Even though you went to the trouble of using that magic powder to train me…
  54. Kamui: I see…
  55. Soleil: I’m sorry, Kamui…
  56. Kamui: No, there’s no need to apologize. Good results won’t come about that quickly. So please don’t get too down about it.
  57. Soleil: … You’re right. It doesn’t solve anything to put on a sad face. In the past, I was a timid crybaby you know. But, my Dad said this to me: “Soleil, just smile. When you smile, good things are bound to happen.” Because of that, I decided to put on a cheerful face no matter what happens. Alright, let’s turn that frown upside down!
  58. Kamui: Soleil… you don’t have to force yourself to smile if it’s impossible, alright?
  59. Soleil: No, it’s not that hard. Obviously our special training didn’t bring out the results we wanted, but… you tried your hardest for me, Kamui. That makes me really happy. So, this smile isn’t forced. It’s a real one.
  60. Kamui: Is that so? In that case I’m happy too. Soleil, you’re my precious friend. From this day on if you have any problems, I want to offer my strength to you.
  61. Soleil: Really? Thanks! Then let’s continue our special training once more. The girl version of Kamui is of course very appealing but… whether or not you’re using the magic powder, it’s fun being with you Kamui!
  62. Kamui: Thank you. Then from now on let’s think up more ways to train you.
  63. Soleil: Yeah. I’m looking forward to it!
  65. Soleil/Mamui S PCM3:
  66. Soleil: Ah, he’s here. Kamuiii!
  67. Kamui: Soleil. So you came.
  68. Soleil: What’s up? Why’d you call me out to this place, there’s nothing here…
  69. Kamui: There is something. Please, look up at the sky.
  70. Soleil: The sky…? Ah…
  71. Kamui: Right here is the best place to see the sun so big and clear.
  72. Soleil: Uwah…! It’s so pretty!
  73. Kamui: It is. It’s almost as if I were looking at you.
  74. Soleil: Huh?
  75. Kamui: Your smile is like the sun. I want to look at that smile beside me… forever.
  76. Soleil: ………. Kamui… what’s wrong? Did you hit your head?
  77. Kamui: T-That’s not it! I’m quite serious! … Soleil. I want you to have this.
  78. Soleil: This is… a ring?
  79. Kamui: Yes. I called you here today to ask you to marry me.
  80. Soleil: … Marry…? Eeh!? EEEEEEHHHHHH!?
  81. Kamui: I made this ring shaped like the sun in order to match you, Soleil… I would be happy if you would accept it.
  82. Soleil: ………. … I’m sorry!
  83. Kamui: … I see…
  84. Soleil: Ah, not like that! That wasn’t a refusal just now… that was me apologizing for asking if you hit your head despite trying so hard to confess…
  85. Kamui: Ah, was that it? You surprised me…
  86. Soleil: My reply is… of course it’s okay. There’s no other man that could make my heart tighten like this. I’ve loved you since the day I saw you as a girl.
  87. Kamui: Uh. Since the day you saw me as a girl? You couldn’t possibly mean… that you fell in love with the female me!?
  88. Soleil: Yep!
  89. Kamui: Oh God…
  90. Soleil: But it’s okay. Right now, I also love the male Kamui. I mean, when I drank that magic powder, I saw countless people as women… but the only one to make my heart throb was you, Kamui. Even now… my heart is beating fast. … Hey, want to try touching my chest?
  91. Kamui: Waaaaah! No, no! That’s not happening!!
  92. Soleil: Eh, why not?
  93. Kamui: Why… because before marriage, I can’t thoughtlessly touch a woman’s body. I understand your feelings… but please treasure yourself more.
  94. Soleil: Okay… I get it.
  95. Kamui: Good girl. Thank you for accepting my proposal. I’ll definitely make you happy. On that note… you can’t flirt with other guys, okay? Though I don’t think I have to worry about that with you.
  96. Soleil: Ehehe… Okay. I won’t cheat. From now on until forever, I belong only to Kamui!
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