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  5. 04:57:37< Cloudchaser> *waves* Don't tell Pez I'm sneaking in to say hi. =)
  6. 04:57:45< Firemoth> oi
  7. 05:00:32< Cloudchaser> so, anyone still playing this Firefall I hear about? I'm gonna need to get Pez to remove the dev flag from my character before I can jump in game again.
  8. 05:00:39< Firemoth> yes
  9. 05:01:27<@thiconZ> it's a wild Cloudchaser
  10. 05:02:23< Cloudchaser> Yeah, I haven't been in here in awhile. It was too much of a distraction. :P
  11. 05:02:59< Cloudchaser> Now I've got a couple weeks' vacation before I start on the new job. Hopefully I'll have a chance to pop in to Firefall now and then.
  12. 05:05:35< Syna> suddenly:)
  13. 05:07:31< Syna> what about your new job, its gamedev again?
  14. 05:08:14< Cloudchaser> Yup. I'm pretty excited about it, but unfortunately can't talk about it, as it's on an unannounced project.
  15. 05:08:45< Cloudchaser> But it'll be nice to work on something brand new, rather than come into an MMO many years in.
  16. 05:09:13< Syna> i hope at least it would be something sci-fi
  17. 05:09:28< Lomgren_> I thought about game dev... it's just a bit too unstable for me.  I like stability in jobs.  ^^
  18. 05:09:35< Lomgren_> Good luck though!
  19. 05:09:57< Syna> apply for senior janitor at blizzard. there's always some floors to clean
  20. 05:10:13< Syna> (and you could tell you working in gamedev)
  21. 05:10:16< Cloudchaser> No thanks. I wouldn't want to work at Blizzard, in any capacity.
  22. 05:10:32< Lomgren_> Nah, java developer here, web-based application development
  23. 05:11:00< Pio> bliz does frequent layoffs
  24. 05:11:38< Cloudchaser> I'm not sure that's true. Last I know of was over two years ago, though it was 600 people. O_O
  25. 05:12:04< Syna> 600 out of how much, a few thousands?
  26. 05:12:32< Cloudchaser> Blizzard's huge. I don't know how huge, though. We've got a number of ex-R5'ers there now, however.
  27. 05:13:25< Cloudchaser> Actually, given how small R5 is now, we've got ex-R5'ers everywhere. =)
  28. 05:13:31< Firemoth> :(
  29. 05:14:07< Firemoth> is it selfish of me to with they were still with r5?
  30. 05:15:01< Cloudchaser> Yes. They've gone to a better place. Wish them well.
  31. 05:16:05< Tenosis> Canada?
  32. 05:16:22< AgripaE99> Detroit?
  33. 05:16:24< Cloudchaser> I'm still waiting for my final paycheck. They couldn't get it to me last week when I quit, due to having no money in the bank to pay me with. I was told they'll give me a call next week when they have the finances sorted out so that I can pick up my check, haha.
  34. 05:16:58< Firemoth> :(
  35. 05:17:24< Pio> i worked for a small company that had that problem. they had to take out a loan to pay people
  36. 05:18:02< Lomgren_> ouch
  37. 05:18:53< Cloudchaser> Well, needless to say, I couldn't stay there much longer in that sort of situation. A dev's gotta be able to pay rent and eat. :/ I'll miss working on Firefall, for sure.
  38. 05:20:04< Cloudchaser> hm, now that I can speak more freely about things: some douche on the forums posted that I shat on the game and ran away. Actually, the only thing I did recently was Assault, Firecat, and Tigerclaw. And frankly, I think they came out well.
  39. 05:20:23< Syna> probably total coincidence, but i was browsing through sdb tonight and found your personal(?) armor set
  40. 05:20:33< Cloudchaser> the other archetypes were done primarily by other designers. I just did bugfixing later.
  41. 05:20:58< Firemoth> i like firecat.
  42. 05:21:07< Cloudchaser> no coincidence. I made all the items. That was going to become the Tigerclaw class set in 1.7
  43. 05:21:26< Cloudchaser> I had set up item sets with set bonuses, like in the Diablo games.
  44. 05:21:38< Syna> coincidence on timing :)
  45. 05:22:03< Cloudchaser> Never finished them though. There wasn't much reason to do so in the past few weeks.
  46. 05:22:05<@thiconZ>
  47. 05:22:06< Firemoth> ive never liked set bonuses, namely because i never had a full set of anything
  48. 05:22:20< Syna> also so many cool weapon models that probably wont get used anywhere
  49. 05:22:41< Pio> void rifle looks cool
  50. 05:22:48< Syna> i prefer the Range Finder
  51. 05:22:49< Pio> dont know how it works though
  52. 05:23:04< Firemoth> even in guildwars2, i'll have maybe 20%...40 tops, of any given set
  53. 05:23:13< Cloudchaser> I was doing fun things with them. For example: Assault 4-piece set bonus - "When you activate Afterburner, the cooldown on Meteor Strike is refreshed." <- The sets were all going to have ability interactions, with different flavors and abilities for each class.
  54. 05:23:39<@thiconZ> that sounds pretty fun
  55. 05:23:43< Syna> hm, sounds more interesting than what we had on pts
  56. 05:24:03<@thiconZ> and Firemoth just buy all the cultural armor sets, easy way to get a ton of completed set armors \o/
  57. 05:24:12< Firemoth> too much gold.
  58. 05:24:24< Firemoth> its like 200$ in real money
  59. 05:24:25<@thiconZ> use larauls
  60. 05:24:25< Cloudchaser> There are some new weapons in 1.7: the Baneclaw raid will have five new guns, unless someone pulls them out. Problem is, they'll probably be broken as all heck.
  61. 05:24:48<@thiconZ> daily login for a month get's you ~50% of the way to buying a full T3 set
  62. 05:25:04< Cloudchaser> we made them many moons ago, and they didn't get re-polished and rebalanced after the recent total combat balance/ability pass
  63. 05:25:14< Cloudchaser> so the numbers will be all wrong. >.>
  64. 05:25:18< Syna> void rifle/nanomissile?
  65. 05:25:28< Cloudchaser> Yes
  66. 05:26:09<@thiconZ> Firemoth:  Use Laurels and buy Heavy Crafting Bags then sell everything in them on the auction house, you'll get the 119Gold for each completed T3 Cultural armor set in no time
  67. 05:26:14< Pio> yea i noticed a few weapons still underpowered
  68. 05:26:41<@thiconZ> Cloudchaser no one cares about balance when things are cool
  69. 05:26:47<@thiconZ> ;)
  70. 05:26:50< Cloudchaser> There's still one guy at Red 5 with some basic knowledge of how to make guns/abilities. I wish him luck. Unfortunately, I don't have high regard for his technical capability at implementing them. He's pretty junior.
  71. 05:27:16< Cloudchaser> So if he sticks around, who knows how much will get done, and how buggy it'll be.
  72. 05:27:28< Syna> so apart from pez, lutz and maybe a few more its a totally new team?
  73. 05:27:44< Cloudchaser> Not at all.
  74. 05:27:58< Cloudchaser> first, you guys only know those few of us who ever poked our heads on the forums.
  75. 05:28:25< Cloudchaser> There were around thirty designers, yet as far as you guys were concerned, there were only a handful of us, since that's all you interacted with.
  76. 05:28:25< Syna> yeah, im more about of perceived side of this
  77. 05:28:56< Cloudchaser> The remaining guy who knows some weapon/ability stuff has been at R5 more than two years.
  78. 05:29:16< Xuerian> Tangentially related, I sortof tuned out of firefall when Cowboy started his changes. I heard they actually became pretty good near the end. What happened around that, without naming or shaming?
  79. 05:30:04< Cloudchaser> C0wb0y was laid off, and the company directors asked me to un-cowboy things a bit.
  80. 05:30:32< Cloudchaser> I was asked to lower the skill requirement, for example. That's why gun base damage was increased, but headshot bonus damage was lowered.
  81. 05:30:41< Cloudchaser> Makes the game more accessible.
  82. 05:30:53< Syna> makes a bit more sense too
  83. 05:31:57< Cloudchaser> The current combat stuff was done by five designers, including myself. One per archetype.
  84. 05:32:26< Cloudchaser> One of them is sticking around at R5 still, to my knowledge. That's the guy who did the current Dread stuff.
  85. 05:32:44< Xuerian> :\
  86. 05:33:16< Pio> gravity pull needs to be on rhino, why is it on mammoth? D:
  87. 05:33:51< Cloudchaser> No comment. The only involvement I had with the Dread abilities was to go in afterward and bugfix everything so that it actually worked the way he tried to make it work, hehe.
  88. 05:33:52< Pio> thats one thing that never made sense to me
  89. 05:34:17< Xuerian> Well, hopefully the new guy has a good vision and there's someone that can fix it up afterwords
  90. 05:34:17< Syna> it would be good on any dread, even accord
  91. 05:34:55< Cloudchaser> by the way: Tigerclaw is Master Race because I like Tigerclaw best. :P
  92. 05:35:10<@thiconZ> lol
  93. 05:35:12< Pio> i wish tigerclaws fusion cannon alt fire could have been like the Arsenals beam cannon
  94. 05:35:25< Pio> but.. thinking that now might be too sniperlike
  95. 05:35:51< Cloudchaser> oh hey. And to anyone wondering: Alt fires were generally removed in favor of Aim Down Sights because the lead PvP designer (who is no longer at R5) wanted that.
  96. 05:36:04< Syna> *tactical facepalm*
  97. 05:36:08< Cloudchaser> He wanted to standardize what happens when the player right-clicks. :P
  98. 05:36:18< Xuerian> so
  99. 05:36:19< Cloudchaser> There's a reason why I never defended that on the forums.
  100. 05:36:25< Cloudchaser> Never spoke about it at all.
  101. 05:36:26< Xuerian> what you're saying is
  102. 05:36:31< Cloudchaser> It's because I think it was retarded.
  103. 05:36:32< Xuerian> it _could_ go back >_>
  104. 05:36:33< Pio> that's fine and all for PVP ONLY! :/
  105. 05:37:13< Cloudchaser> Haha. Well, I wouldn't expect many changes at all, ever again.
  106. 05:37:17< Pio> at least there's alt fires on the unique weapons..
  107. 05:37:23< Xuerian> Sigh, owch.
  108. 05:37:24< Cloudchaser> I think the time for changes is pretty much past.
  109. 05:37:26< Syna> there's none on them too, pio
  110. 05:37:37< Cloudchaser> You'll get some new content and level 45.
  111. 05:37:43< Syna> just item cards wrong, except for underpowered prison break gear
  112. 05:38:13<@thiconZ> Cloudchaser have you ever worked with Agora Hydra before?
  113. 05:38:43< Pio> the rotary autocannon drops shields and the weird medigun i forgot its name has autofire... i still have hope
  114. 05:38:49< Cloudchaser> Nope. I've only worked on PC MMO's using custom tools.
  115. 05:39:38< Syna> rotary autocannon is broken totally on live, i guess, even though i had a convo with some other dev here who said it was ok on internal
  116. 05:40:02< Cloudchaser> Syna: it wasn't supposed to be in the game. That's why it sucks so much.
  117. 05:40:29< Syna> for it to suck it should do at least some damage, but it just doesnt do any:)
  118. 05:40:54< Syna> best use for it so far was to cover Pez in shields entirely
  119. 05:41:03< Pio> yea its bugged to hell, one of the prefixes prevents it from firing until its completely charged up
  120. 05:41:11< Pio> still has potential
  121. 05:42:05< Cloudchaser> The bug fix will probably be to make it unusable and just a salvage item
  122. 05:42:22< Cloudchaser> and stop dropping
  123. 05:42:24< Xuerian> Oh, maybe another thing you can chime in on, though probably not directly. Is the engine a help or hinderance?
  124. 05:42:29< Pio> boo :(
  125. 05:42:52< Pio> game had so much potential, but i guess too much work for so little time
  126. 05:43:46< Cloudchaser> Xuerian: No idea. Can't say I've had any problems working in it, aside from vehicle physics not playing nice with any other physics
  127. 05:44:34< Cloudchaser> (can't transfer momentum when mounting a vehicle or when a vehicle accellerates, for example)
  128. 05:45:20< Xuerian> Oh, so that's why the new mounting mechanic is fucking stupid
  129. 05:45:27 * Syna always wanted only 2 things, manual gearbox and parking brake
  130. 05:45:40< Xuerian> used to have a parking break
  131. 05:45:44< Xuerian> brake, even. shift-space
  132. 05:45:50< Xuerian> I think?
  133. 05:47:00< Firemoth> not that i recall, no
  134. 05:47:11< Xuerian> I really, really remember a brake.
  135. 05:47:25< Firemoth> there's a handbrake, but you gotta hold the button
  136. 05:47:32< Xuerian> Not that.
  137. 05:47:37< Pio> we're stuck with an infinitely shifting automatic :P
  138. 05:47:58< Syna> yup, and shift just kicks Turbo or jump if its there
  139. 05:48:08< Xuerian> Now it definitely does
  140. 05:48:46< Xuerian>
  141. 05:48:50< Xuerian> ctrl-f brake
  142. 05:49:07< Xuerian> ctrl-space incidentally
  143. 05:49:14< Cloudchaser> Poor Arsenal. =(
  144. 05:49:36< Syna> im still in mixed feeling about him
  145. 05:49:37< Xuerian> So yeah, what happened there <_<
  146. 05:49:54< Xuerian> Don't care so much about the class, personally, but the LMG was the tits
  147. 05:50:07< Syna> yeah, i wanted lmg as well
  148. 05:50:39< Syna> ctrl-spc apparently works...but as stupid as possible, now you dont roll, you SLIDE down
  149. 05:51:25< Syna> thanks for digging it up anyway
  150. 05:51:32< Cloudchaser> I don't really know why Arsenal was removed, aside from creating symmetry with two advanced frames per archetype.
  151. 05:51:54< Lomgren_> I still miss the tier days.
  152. 05:52:04< Lomgren_> Haven't played Firefall in a year now, I think
  153. 05:52:07< Firemoth> i think the argument was it didnt really fit in with the other dread frames, or didnt bring anything special to the table
  154. 05:52:19< Cloudchaser> No version of Firefall has ever been viable, unfortunately.
  155. 05:52:35< Lomgren_> Not fully... but too much throwing out the baby with the bathwater.
  156. 05:52:36< Syna> it -did- bring special, but more like bunch of stuff tied together with duct tape
  157. 05:53:03< Syna> each of arsenal's things was good on its own, but as a total it was strange, to me at least
  158. 06:01:59< Firemoth> what the arsenal shouldve been
  159. 06:02:24< Xuerian> s/arsenal/firefall/
  160. 06:02:28< Xuerian> rip the tribes dream
  161. 06:02:44 * Xuerian holds a moment of silence.
  162. 06:03:27< Firemoth> i sleep now
  163. 06:18:00-!- Cloudchaser [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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